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Messege To Humanity

Adam Dubbin,  Jim Petruzzi

and their

Save Florida Waters Now


And it’s Connection to S.O.T.E.M.

It is that time again. That time when I find myself having to talk about the corruption in this world. What I just found is not from within our government, as we know it, but from the very same community that claims to be helping out the environmental movement. It’s great to have people setting up web sites and bringing people together to get the job done.  However, if they are unclear of what the job at hand is, then all they will do is get in the way of those who do. Of course, the players in this conspiracy are too smart not to know. No.  With these players the end game is a little more personal than bringing activists together to get arrested for a “cause”.  I am sorry that I am the one who brings this to you, but it is my job. (I am the Ed Snowden, the Chelsea Manning, the “Deep Throat”, of the activist world.)

Following my return to Florida, after having been away for two and a half years and after my visit at Standing Rock for the month of September, I met up with an old friend from my Occupy Wall Street days. She had been trying for some two years now to stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline, slated to go from Alabama, through Georgia and into Florida.  She was the first to start a direct action against the pipeline with a light brigade. We had been in touch since September and she was voicing her frustrations of how no one knows about this pipeline, one of who was I.  However, when I returned in December, I started to learn more about the frustrations of this group she helped to start, the Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline group, as seen here on facebook, and in particularly, 40-year-old Adam Dubbin.

Adam Dubbin was nobody in the world of environmental protection or any forms of activism before he learned about Standing Rock. His life has been one of privilege.  He earned three degrees; one in botany, one in audiology and one for some kind of Archeology, like a helper or something like that. Even with those degrees from the United State’s higher learning institutions, he really doesn’t have employment in any of those fields. He either works for, or used to work for, Synergy, in their athletic department. See linkedin page here. Recently, however, he has begun to reinvent himself.  He is trying to go from baseball photographer (view his Instagram or twitter accounts and here, or his youtube channels also here, his profile pic must have been taken 15 years ago) to an environmental (waters of Florida really) documentarian.  His claim to any fame is the “publishing company” (more like a web publishing web site.) I don’t see how they make any money. So… However, if you go over the web site, you will find no mentions of activism in any forms whatsoever. In fact, I don’t even think Adam has much to do with this site any more other then writing up interviews that he passes off as literature, since he owns the site. As far as being involved with OWS or any other causes, that, he admits he never did. So he is very “green” when it comes to being an activist.

One day, another friend and myself took a drive to inspect the Sabal Trail Pipeline construction. We also went scouting around for a place to set up a Stop Sabal Trail camp.  After he had dropped me off at my place he went to get some food from his favorite place. Wanna hear how the power of kismet works? At that barbecue pit my friend met up with Adam Dubbin.  My, how the world works in mysterious ways. Or did Adam plan this?

Adam walked up to my buddy and not knowing who he was asked him if he knew anything about the Sabal Trail Pipeline in that area.  Wow. My friend told him what we had just done and that I was at Standing Rock and looking to maybe work with activists/revolutionaries. Adam became excited.  He called me and we sort of met over the phone.

It was all about business. We exchanged pleasantries and stories of what each had done that day observing the pipeline in that particular area.  I hadn’t put two and two together yet, as I had mentioned I was good friends with Carolina Griffith and asked him if he knew her.  He responded with a soft, “I think I’ve heard her.” That was an understatement to me. I told him how I have a surefire way of winning this battle and ending all fossil fuel extractions and transportation, and expressed my disdain with lawyers and how I refuse to work with them.  He assured me that there would be no lawyers involved. I knew he had been raising bail money for the 14 people who were arrested at an illegal action in Gillchrist County, Florida, so that is why I told him this. Since I like to stay anonymous, I never told him I was with this web site.  It was later reported to me that while Adam was talking, his hand began to shake almost like a nervous twitch.  Adam told me of his web site, and asked me to check it out. I told him I would and I did. He gave me his E-mail address, but not his phone number and I offered neither as I wanted to check him out first, having been in this business for over 25 years and especially since I know of Mark Kennedy.

I contacted Carolina and asked her if she ever heard Adam Dubbin.  See started with the, “he is the one with the save Florida Waters Now group and he is trying to take over [the group she had been an admin on]”.   And after looking his web site over and googling his name, I learned he had no experience with what he was attempting do, nor any idea of who he was going up against, so I decided to offer my services as a mentor.  Not right away, he has an extensive criminal record going back 20 years. That is probably why he doesn’t have a “real” job. I would have trouble hiring someone arrested for burglary, weapons violations, three domestic (one or two that I  know about) violence arrests and a dozen traffic tickets (what I found so far) from all over the state. I never checked London. I can live with the drug charges since I know those laws are bullshit, but the rest would give me pause to trust him. I chewed over if I would write him to offer my 25 years of service.

The next week after the phone call, some unknown entity set up a “statewide” Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline protest. Five cities accepted; Miami, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Orlando.  I decided to go. My buddy wanted to accompany.

We showed up in Orlando a little late and found parking right outside the city hall maybe 70 feet from the action. There were only around twenty people there mostly holding signs and yelling, “mni waconi”, Lakota for “water is life”.  Covering my chest was a USA Takeover T-shirt. We, parked and my buddy got dressed up in his Guy Fawkes costume.  I waked to the corner to check out the scene as a retired activist interested in mentoring someone working very hard to make things happen - someone brand new to the activist scene. I noticed Adam, from his picture.  He was busy giving an interview in front of a camera.  There were no mainstream news outlets there that I saw.  I walked around the sauté on the corner where everyone was, then walked back to the car.  I was ready to go home.

My buddy asked me if I met Adam. I told him not yet, as he was giving an interview looking very important, like Didi at Standing Rock.  A big to-do he seemed.  We walked back to the corner and the crowd gathered around Guy Fawkes. Later, Guy told me he talked to Adam.  I asked him why he didn’t introduce us and he stated that Adam had said he was busy and maybe after the action.  About ten minutes later I lost track of Adam in that very small crowd then the group decided to go on a march.  We stayed behind, as my buddy could never go on that march with all the stents in him. Another sister stayed behind because of her disability as well.  The three of us got to talking.

This girl was a trip.  She wouldn’t shut up.  She kept yelling about her disability and how she was a Native American and was at Standing Rock, and giving a, “mni waconi”, shout out every now and then while beating a tom-tom. She was a professional activist now.  I just sat there listening to her. She was very proud that she had been to Standing Rock. I asked her about it but never mentioned that I was there. I may have mentioned it at one point but she kept talking right over me, never questioning it, so I let it drop.  She was very angry, but she too, as old as she was (my age), never did any activism.  She has a medal from Congress for her charitable work she did as a surfer girl (, but volunteer charitable work is not the same as taking on the United States government.  They like you and give you medals when you are doing charity because that frees up money they can spend on weapons of war, but when you take on their business, oil, they’re not too fond of you.  She kept saying we had to stop the pipeline. I thought that rather small and said we had to stop all fossil fuel extractions.  She agreed, but when I asked her if she knew how to accomplish that, she was like, “we protest.” She kept preaching like a newbee to quitting smoking would preach to those still smoking. Every time I would try to tell her the answer she would run me over with her loud voice never hearing anything I said. My buddy got her to calm down and listen, once, but she wasn’t too interested. People just want to hold signs and march and as soon as the threat of jail is introduced, quit. We need real warriors on the front lines, not posers. She gave me her card and I gave her mine. I told her to go to it; she just might learn something.  I don’t think she ever did though.  She left, and someone from my Occupy Orlando days I hadn’t seen in a long time walked up and finished the conversation.

A couple of people walked up while we were there holding down the fort. They wondered were everyone was.  We told them that they just left for a march maybe ten minutes ago and they got back in their car to go look for them. They came back ten minutes later and said they drove all over downtown but could not find them. This march was ridiculous. They left no one behind with any information to pass out. If this march had left just twenty minutes earlier, then we would have driven by the corner, saw no one, and left. Not too well organized. My buddy’s legs started to hurt, so he wanted to leave. It was by now 5:15, 5:20 and they had been gone twenty-five or thirty minutes with no signs of where they were. When we left, we left my other friend sitting there alone, I believe.  My buddy told me on the ride home that Adam’s hands were shaking when he was talking to him. Hum, I wonder why? I think it’s time his handler in Naples pulls him out.

Over the New Years holiday I spoke with Carolina, did more research on just who Adam Dubbin was and thought of what to do about this new “activist” trying to come on to the scene and take over.  I made the final decision to offer my services as a mentor to him, since he seems to be involved in trying to take over and I could tell if he did it would be disastrous for those who have other plans their groups have been working on long before Adam showed up.  He needs to be schooled.  I figured I would overlook his short comings, but I would never trust him as he was arrested for burglary. Not all liars are thieves, but all thieves are liars.  So…

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, I wrote Mr. Dubbin what I thought was a cordial letter.  He didn’t think so.  I sent the following letter via e-mail, under the subject, Who Are You:

    Dear Mr. Dubbin,

    Who are you?  We talked over the phone that afternoon after my recon at the pipeline, when you met my friend.  You were at city hall for that pathetic showing, met up with my friend, but never took the time to come meet me. My friend is disabled and we had to leave, like you did, leaving the corner unattended. So I did a dox. You should know what I found.

    I don't know who you are. It says on your linked in page that you currently work for Synenergy and your goal is to work for a nonprofit. (My memory was incorrect. His goal was to be on the board of a nonprofit.) You think being an activist is prelude to working for a nonprofit? Do you even know whom the enemy is you are going up against? (Simple questions.)  You would think it is the energy companies, but you would be wrong. Each and every pipeline is a threat to national security and must be stopped. You have go after those who allow the lines to be built; the government.  Do you know how to accomplish that? I don't think you do. You have no experience as a community organizer and definitely no experience as an activist. You may need a mentor like me. I'd like to know what you did during the Occupy Movement.  No mentions of your involvement anywhere in any of your social sites I was directed to. It is quite clear you are very new to the scene. First and foremost, you are dealing with lawyers.  In order to understand what this cabal of crooks do, read here:  This is a truth that must be accepted by every activist looking for justice. It cannot be found resorting to lawyers, for it is they that brought us the law and allow this to happen. Who was it you guys owe that six grand to for putting up the bail?  Who is your old man?  You have to accept who the enemy is. And after reviewing the bail amounts and impound fees, your six grand would not have mad a dent. (That is a truth that probably got him thinking.) So what is up with this bail scam? (He had to know, I wanted to know.)  At Occupy Wall Street, I walked in on a banking committee meeting in Zuccotti Park, only to learn that this putting up bail was just a scam. How? Giving money for bail, all of it, gives the person making it, the bail money, back to them after the case is closed.  Get it? I'm sure you do. (He had to know I would not put up with any scammers.)  My revolutionary method for winning in court is incomplete, but here:  See, I've been doing this since 1991. When you click here: you will learn what it is like to be an activist. You are saying you need people to get arrested. Why is that? Is it the necessity defense? Do you even understand what that is? I have a method for using this defense I wrote about here:  Have you even heard of the CDC or Tim DeChristopher? You should, but my guess is you don't. Now you will. That last link will explain it all.

    (He never clicked on any of the links. I hope he did a search on Tim and the CDC.)

    I don't trust a thief and I know about your burglary and weapons conviction. Not all lairs are thieves, but all thieves are liars, so you lose in points there.  I will not let some wanna be nonprofit employee ask people to get locked up with no intentions of bringing each case to jury trial and without using a lair...I mean a lawyer.  (This was true and he needed to learn this. Our business is an untrusting one.)  That is irresponsible So what will you do? If I were you I'd make some time to read what I took the time to write.  (That was a little arrogant of me.) Then you get back to me by next week. I will tell you this, if you blow me off, I will expose you. (And I meant it.) (  Yes, extortion, but it will be public knowledge.  (I’ll just report what I find on the public world wide web.)

    So what's it gonna be? You going to read the links, explore all the links on the pages, learn and ally with a revolutionary (because revolution is the only solution), or will you blow me off and try to make a resume for that nonprofit job in today's fucked up world that if I have my way will change dramatically? (Anyone with no activist experience and no personal end game would have no problem with this question.) You have set yourself up with a position to do the right thing. Don't be a deceiver. Don't let me find out that is is all about you and your long-term goals. I'll be awaiting your response for just the next week.  (I never proofed this.)


    Lou (Gnome) Levite

I didn’t think that was threatening. It was just saying that I wanted to shadow him and if he don’t let me I will find out what he is up to and expose him.  Not blackmail - a promise.  I told him to take a week. Adam responded in 45 minutes with the following:

    Hey Lou, a few quick things:

    Blackmail will get you nowhere with me. (Okay, I can stop reading now. Nah, l’ll continue. He took the time to write it, I should at least read it.) Also know that the donation sites on my page are not run by me—except for the link that goes directly to my PayPal—they’re all run by someone else. (Okay, but he is still soliciting for them and his PayPal account he shut down just after reading my letter.) A few other things:

    I work for “Synergy” (at very least you could spell it correctly) (What an arrogant little prick, not even a real word. You know what is a real word, Association. And you say you’re an editor for Empty Sink Publishing? What does Susan have to say about that?) nowhere does it say it is my goal to work for a non-profit. I currently sit on a board of a non-profit, but that is not a paid position. (Again, he points out that I didn’t remember what I read correctly, or he changed it, and had to be an arrogant prick once more. We will discuss the board he is on later down the page.) I had nothing to do with Occupy Wall Street, and I am “new on the scene” as I began this as a documentary project. I’m an activist, not whatever you claim to be. (I guess he means my claiming to be a revolutionary. See, not all activists are revolutionaries, but all revolutionaries are activists. He has this a little wrong.) Also, take a closer look at my charges—most of them were dropped, and it wasn’t because I had a high-priced lawyers. (He means a high-priced lawyer.  At least he can spell Synergy.)

    You can try and fuck me over, but you’ll find that not only is there nothing behind the curtain, but that you’re actually causing harm to the clean water movement. (I got thrown out of Standing Rock for putting my finger tips on a woman, this guy has been arrested three times for beating women, I believe this sentence to be incorrect, for I have found a lot behind his curtain. The so-called water movement would do much better if he quit now.) The choice is yours. (I choose to raise the curtain.)

    I’d apologize for missing you at the rally—you must have arrived late because we spent an hour and a half marching around downtown and I spent the whole time walking backwards broadcasting it to the world—but I’m not friendly with people who threaten me.  (Bullshit. He knew I was there, but chose to march for an hour and a half. I wonder who lead that march? That means they marched till six, thus leaving the action empty for all that time. Smart.)

    I owe you nothing, and you best move it to just let this go.

    And stop threatening people.  (He doesn’t know me.)


What a fucking prick. I come to him with 25 years of knowledge and experience he definitely needed (logistical experience as well) and he doesn’t have the decency to learn my work. I took the time out to learn about him, why is he refusing to learn about me and what I have to offer his cause? He should if he is serious about winning. But I seem to think that he may already know who I am at this point and that is why his hands shook each time he talked to me or saw me walk by with my T-shirt on. He knows I can and will expose him.

I was quite insulted that he didn’t take the week to mull over what I had to offer. I was upset because I figured that either he is just an arrogant prick, or corrupt and didn’t want me to find out. Either way, you water protectors are fucked if you follow him and his group that is just trying to waist your time by keeping your eyes off the prize. CoIntelPro.  I got the response to my letter ten minutes after it was sent.   With slight anger, I decided to give him another chance to work amicably with me by sending him the following response:

    You need to read what I sent you...then get back in touch with me...

Again, how can anyone as busy as him have read all I have to offer? Half an hour later the following was in my inbox:

    Lou, I’m not looking to be a revolutionary or a career non-profiteer. (Back to the incorrectness of writing “working for” and not “board member”. And he doesn’t have to look, he’s on the list now.  That is exactly how the government views him, if his is not CoIntellPro already.) I’m a documentarian--who also runs a publishing firm and works a “day job”--working on a project surveying all of Florida’s water issues (not just pipelines) and using what I find to bring Floridians together. (So you’re not getting paid? Is that what this sentence means? Do you work for “Synergy”? If so, I’d like to confirm that with them. If your “day job” is “working on a project surveying all of Florida’s water issues”, then what happened to documenting them? Just who do you sell or intend to sell that video to? And if you want to bring Floridians together do you mean “all”, because you don’t care about what I have to say?) So far, save for a few bucks in gas money donated to me recently, (Then why did you suspend the PayPal account? Aren’t they the ones paying you for this “day job”? It’s not on his linked in page.) absolutely every penny of expense came out of my wallet.  (Again, how else, besides these three donations that you admit to, do you get your money? Just asking.) My role is to observe, sometimes immersed, and document what I see; I’m not the one usually holding a sign, I’m holding a camera. From the work I have published recently, that should be pretty clear. (It is not clear. You seem to be associated with the Water is Life camp. What is clear is that you are soliciting donations for many groups of people with questionable intents. I also question the “why” he is soliciting for his friend Manny Rodriguez, who Adam claims bailed out the 14 arrested in Gillchrist County? Makes me wonder what the hell is really going on. He calls this donation a legal defense fund, but that is just to make you believe it will go for a legal fund; lawyers, and not for bail. The bait and switch.) All I asked of you was if you knew somewhere a camp could be set up—I’m not setting up the camp or funding it, I’m facilitating a greater process. (His is just to find the land, not set it up. I get it.) I do not want you as a mentor as our interests do not overlap significantly enough, (Yeah, he’s a pussy, or CoIntelPro.) as well as the fact that I already have an extremely legitimate mentor who doesn’t threaten me and has taken the more socially acceptable path of getting to know me on a personal level. (Who is that? Graywolf? Have you ever met him in person? Does he know that you have three domestic violence arrests, a burglary and weapons charge, charges for drugs and many traffic tickets throughout the state? I know you are on his board and you don’t get paid, but have you ever given him a hug? I doubt it.) My connection to the Standing Rock movement is through him, and I serve merely as a liaison from Florida. (A liaison? What does that mean? How are you exactly connected to Standing Rock? You obviously were not there. Sound like a lot of double speak to me. So Orwellian.)

    So despite your extremely coarse delivery, (Okay, I’ll give him that.) I appreciate you trying to bring me up to speed on the “revolutionary” process, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. (He can be nice if he has to.) If you’re serious about “exposing” me, please get started on that today. (I took his advise and did just that.) I might as well test and see how well I can weather that right away, since you won’t be the last person to try it (So there are others out there that feel about you as I do? You must be a prick. Things that make you go hmm.) as I gain a larger audience. Don’t be surprised if I take legal recourse in return (Who is this guy going to call, his ex-partner in his corporation SEQUITUR MEDIA, LLC, Mr. Justin Hemlepp, an already disgraced lawyer.)—I wonder myself why you’re so worried about the American Bar Assiciation. (First off, it’s spelled “Association”. Ha. I can be a prick too.  Second, go ahead, take legal action. I’ve been trying to get my old boss, Donald Trump to sue me for 25 years now after I wrote a book about our relationship at, but he wont. He’ll probably kill me in the next few weeks because he is too much of a pussy to sue me, since I beat him when I sued him for wrongful termination. So have at it, you never learn what I can do.) That struck me as shady then, and it still strikes me shady. (It strikes you shady because again you didn’t read what I had to say about the lawyers. He really shouldn’t ponder when the answer was provided to him. That’s just disrespectful. Some leader you got there. This guy should know how shady lawyers are. His partner, Justin S. Hemlepp, is a disgraced lair mean lawyer. Just read what people have to say about him here. This is his business partner. And judging from his arrest records he’s not too far behind. I wanna know who Denise Metts is. She say he runs 9 scam businesses, I wonder if Sequiter Media is/was one of them.) His dad (I think) sues countries for Holocaust victims, so maybe he will help you.

    So thanks, but no thanks. But you might want to use your sleuthing skills to look a little deeper than just court records. I mean seriously, you couldn’t figure out who my “old man” is and couldn’t even spell the name of the company I work for correctly? (So what. I wasn’t really interested and at least I can spell “Association”. Thanks for the heads up, I will check deeper.  Oops, I did.) You made a lot of accusations in your first email that you have no evidence to support, your dox was extremely shallow and if you looked a bit further into it, you’d see that there’s a great deal of disconnect. (Then you may explain yourself to all. This page should give you the “evidence to support” what I am writing.) Not that there aren’t scam artists out there—we catch them all the time. (We? Just who the hell is we? You mean feds, right? This man is CoIntelPro to the max.) In fact, we came across one last night. (No idea what that means, but I’d like to.)

    It’s your call, it’s your conscience. Or maybe you’d still sleep well even if you knew that you brought a good man down. (Trust me, a good man doesn’t get arrested for beating up women three times, nor two times, nor one. Adam is a bully and a women hater and needs to be kept out of any camps you might be in. He  must be fired. He is nothing but an inferior twit and I swear to you he is a fed. Or, if he got another charge he may be working for them to get a get out of jail free card. Either way, we don’t need nor want him.) Because you’re correct, I have set up myself in a position to do the right thing, and part of that is going to be dealing with folks who want to keep me from doing what I need to do. (Really? What exactly are you trying to do without ever having done anything like this before? You sure it’s not just to sell pot? Maybe you get it from Graywolf? Not so hard to believe. You set up a network and bring in the customers. I can tell you all this. If anyone there has ever bought any amount of pot from this guy, and you all know he can supply the pot, you know he is not CoIntelPro, but another Didi, trying to set himself up with FRNs which will be null and void in the very near future. Oh, the minds of the sheeple.)

That was how he ended it. Yes folks, I know, he is either a Pot Dealer or CoIntelPro. Either way, we don’t need to get involved with him. I’ve seen this during Occupy and busted a few other cop infiltrators, so I know one when I see one and this is one.  Let’s take a look at his web site, the Save Florida Waters Now dot com site.

This web site was created on September 8, 2016, just five days after Amy Goodman was able to record the dog attacks on September 3rd and two days after Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate was at an action that got her an arrested warrant. I remember those dates because the dog attack involving Miss Goodman was my second day in camp and I had gone to the same action shortly after Dr. Stein had left. This must have gotten Adam thinking how he could profit off this movement we were trying to build at Standing Rock.  I say trying because there were and probably still are CoIntelPro agents (Feds) all over the place. So here comes Adam to save the day with the Sabal Trail Pipeline. “Follow me; give me your donations; give me your lists”, is all he is saying. But as far as his web site is concerned, I would like to explore the pages.

The web site is a simple design. It is a wordpress template, easily built by any of today’s 12-year-olds in less than a day. Maybe one plug-in. It appears to have six pages, but upon closer examination we will discover there is really only  two or three. The VIDEOS page is the same thing as the HOME page. The ANNOUNCEMENTS page is two paragraphs, one a Welcome rant that should be on the home page and a the other for donating to Adam which is (was) disabled and should be on the DONATIONS page (no link will be given). No announcements. The BLOG page has the same Welcome paragraph as the ANNOUNCEMENTS page, so like the that page, the Blog page is nonexistent. The RADIO/PODCAST page is also a joke. You would think that this would be a page for Adam’s podcasts, but it is not. There are three links to a Pasco County podcast and one video of a podcast from the United Kingdom. (We will discuss the latter in a few more paragraphs.) Even though there are four podcasts listed, they are just interviews with Adam telling his lies.  So this page is not Adam’s “work”, nor the work of anyone at the Save Florida Waters Now [foundation?] at all, unless his work is to just promote himself. I know there is no one else at that foundation.  The last page is the DONATE page. When you click on that tab you are redirected to Adams own personal PayPal account. I was going to donate a buck, but PayPal wanted to charge me 33% to do it, so I didn’t.  And there you have it, a web site with really only one page, 2 paragraphs of content and a lot of videos of Adam. And you guys think he is for real. Adam, as my old boss Donald Trump used to say, “you’re fired!”

Next I would like to discuss Adam’s solicitations on the right hand margin of the site.

  1. Donate to Save Florida Waters Now: Link which brings you to his one of two paragraphs with a link to a PayPal account that is (was) broken. Clicking on the tab at the top right will bring you to his personal PayPal account.
  2. Coalition of Florida’s Water Protectors: Link which brings you to a GoFundMe Account for Jim Petruzzi of Bellview Colorado. This was created on December 7th, 2016. This man is not from Florida, has probably never been to Florida and yet is hoping to see $91,100 in free money and for what? Quote: “We need funding to establish this protest now! We need money to build camps: gather supplies; travel around to connect all Florida groups; and document, once again, what is being done to our Earth. Our We are the Media campaign will once again fill the gap the lack of response mainstream media has shown has created.” This has been taking place in Florida for some time now and all without any GoFundMe accounts. All of these things have been gathered and created, so the need for over 91 grand is for Adam to, “...document, once again, what is being done to our Earth.”  It’s for him personally.
  3. Standing Rock & Sabal Trail Pipeline: This link is misleading. This link has nothing to do with Florida. It brings you to another Jim Petruzzi GoFundMe. One where his is soliciting $71,800 and has nothing to do with Sabal Trail. It is so Jim can get from Colorado to Standing Rock back in September, which I presume he did for at least, a weekend. He never gives the dates he was present.  It was updated to include Sabal Trail, but that update was made  on December 22 or 23rd, the same date an anonymous web site of two pictures and a statewide action was created.  Things that make you go hmm.
  4. Sabal Trail Pipeline Legal Fund: Discussed above so we can skip this one.
  5. Blue Trees Symphony for Florida: Must have been someone he met. This group was for real and from what I hear they have made their pay outs, whatever that means.
  6. Water Is Life Camp: This link brings you to this page, which at the last time I looked was blank. There are six camps set up in Florida, why are there no solicitations for the other five?

Adam Dubbin and Jim “Graywolf” Petruzzi are nothing but a couple of conmen.  There have been people working on the Florida leg of the Sabal Trail Pipeline for over 2 years now. Then Standing Rock gets some attention and these two are now coming in saying they know what they are doing when they clearly are taking advantage of people who have never done any protesting before; playing on their sympahies. Their entire scam for collecting nearly $168,900 is to make a documentary which they claim will be on PBS in six months (if we live that long). Their intent is to create something so they can film it. They may also be CoIntelPro by the way they are running the actions. For instance, they have one on January 14th, where they instruct people to park in a state park while they get arrested. Meanwhile, the park closes at dark and the cops will be there to impound the vehicles. Then they have one planed for January 20, inauguration day. Amateurs, or working for the Feds to distract you from #J20? Again, hmm. I would seriously not follow these two, they just want to create content for their film.

The hash tag #WaterIsLife, is what Petruzzi and Dubbin are trying to brand into their own movement in order to create content for a film when things along the Sabal Trail where going fine before they came into the groups and started dictating what would be what.  If they want to make a film, fine. Just film those already writing up violations. If they want to play water protectors, fine, but the Stop Sabal Trail protest is more than just water. They are thinking of the bigger picture.  Adam could not even tell Grandma Allayah why the pipeline ends in Kissimmi or what those compressors are really for.  If this group wants to do their own thing at water crossings, then by all means do it. Don’t get involved with a movement that has been working on a strategy for over two years now.  And do not follow Adam, his call for the necessity defense will not work and especially with a public defender. I already wrote about that here.

Now I would like to point out how these two men are playing both sides of the fence. They claim to be, and rightly so, that they are not activist, yet they are planing actions, collecting money and setting up camps. That is what activists do. Above in his e-mail he said his is just to document the goings on (yeah, for the government and PBS). But they are creating the actions just to document the goings on. They do not have your personal safety at hand. (You wanna learn how to play arrest? Go here.) All actions end up violent when the government “forces” force you to go to jail. Don’t believe me, try walking away from them during the arrest and see your nonviolence at work.

On the SaveFlordiaWatersNow web site is a videos/podcasts page. I want to tell you all what I heard very early on, on one of the videos he has posted on that page. This is with a host from the UK. The host is around Adams age and is also Jewish. Perhaps an old friend from his college days they forgot to mention as not to seem so close, or maybe from synagogue?

Adam is introduced at the 20-minute mark and by the end of the minute there is a lot said. First off, the host pronounced his name wrong when he said Adam Dubbing, not Dubbin. He wasn’t corrected.  Then Adam starts rattling off his numerous degrees but does it quietly and never mentions that he got one of his degrees in the UK, and I’m wondering if they knew each other from school? Then he ends the introduction with the following statement:

    “…I represent, ah, both, you know, the ah, Dakota Access Pipeline activists and also activism around the rest of the country.”

Nuff said. So you “represent” me, huh? Trust me, Adam does not represent any activists from Standing Rock nor the rest of the country.

This  con man is pulling the wool over your eyes. I have already fired him in another email I sent him a week later, but he can’t take the hint. You all have to fire him, or it is for sure you will all lose. I have seen this with OWS. Espically from a person, Cal Simmone (from Occupy Oakland), who came in like Adam is doing and tricked everyone into believe his shit. He ruined our third annual Occupy National Gathering which would have been much greater if no one had listened to him. So I am getting in here from the start, to nip this in the bud before these people appear to be legit and you would never believe me by then. 

At the 34:30 minute mark, Jim Petruzzi is asked how long the Dakota Access protest has been going on and “Graywolf”, who admitted he is not a real Native American, says that that is a good question. As he searches for an answer he gives the wrong one and says August and that they were talking about it before that, but that it was the month of August.  He didn’t know it was April because he was never there. This is the end of November and he is soliciting for trips there? He has no clue.  He then says that he got a call telling him about it. So really, August was the first time Jim had heard of Standing Rock, that is why he said it started in August, not in April as it did. Is this guy CoIntelPro or another con man like Adam? I think, and I’m sure Adam views this as well, the Jim is just an oppertunist that is being used by Adam and his government pals.  I think he’s a con man trying to con good people out of 168 grand for personal gain which includes a PBS (or is that POS) video project which will give them glory from both PBS fans and the feds. Fuck those two. Sorry about the language, but if you’re not pissed your’re not paying attention.

Last night I watched a video interview with the owners of the land at the “Water Is Life Camp”.  I really hope the name of this camp didn’t come from either Adam or Jim. It would just go to reinforce what I am saying about this being all about them.  Again, people who never stood for any cause in their life. The only reason this couple is doing this is because the pipeline makes a river crossing either up or down stream of their land, which backs to the river. So, newbees for the feds to go in, trick, and lead astray. Please wake up. But in this video, Cindy, one of the owners and a realestate agent who know the value of land near a pipeline, said something that got me to investigate. She said that Adam made a great page on his SaveFloridaWatersNow web site for teaching people how to report pipeline construction violations. This has been the current strategy for the past two years, so I just had to look, knowing how fake this man really is, and I found the link contained on the margin of his page under the heading Resources as show to the right. Let’s look at his “resources”.

  1. Endorsements: None listed, but he has four entries. The first one says he’s a member of the  That’s not an endorsement. Second, it states that he is a board member for the Sanctuaries of the Mother Earth, a Mickey mouse 501c(3) run by Jim Petruzzi. Here is Adam’s bio on that site. They pad it very well. Third, he states he signed a petition. Ooo. And last, he just says he donates to NPR, like that is a big deal. This guy is a joke and needs to go away.
  2. Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline Official Site: This link is correct, but not done by him.
  3. Sabal Trail - The Suwannee River Crossing: This is a link to a camp set up by the Suwannee River crossing, but that will be done in a few weeks, so...
  4. Report Pipeline Violations: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. I can’t wait to see some real content actually written by Adam. Click on it though, and you go to was created on October 20, 2013, so that was not written by Adam and has been there for over three years now. This has been the main plan of the Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline groups and their reason for setting up camps. Not to get arrested.
  5. Sign the Now or Neverglades Petition: This is more bullshit just to deceive you into thinking that this is a real resource you can use in this fight. The link is a site created back in July by who knows who. A petition, wow. That will work.
  6. Water Protector Alliance: WARNING, this site was set up anonymously on the day of, or before the day they created a state wide action. More like, they created content for their film.

Above I connected the Water Protector Alliance with the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother. Funny, that name reminds me of a real Hollywood  film a love interest of mine made. Many stars, but I don’t name drop.  I forget the name of the alien group, but it was close to that. I would like to now take a quick look at this charitable corporation from Colorado and show you how they and Adam are just using Standing Rock to make a film in Florida. And I have since found out who the owner of that last URL is and it’s not Adam or Jim, but it is their actions that have me questioning everything I find.

The Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother is another story. Jim came up with the idea and started the site around 7 years ago. According to their mission statement, the purpose of this new non profit is to:

    “The primary work of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM) is to develop a healthier, more peaceful and sustainable legacy to pass on to our children and our children’s children to the seventh generation. The Earth is the primary Sanctuary teacher – providing environmental and spiritual grounding.

    Based on the principles drawn from ancient wisdom, the teachings of nature and modern, sustainable science, the Sanctuaries will serve as places where people of all walks and ways come together to share knowledge and work with each other and the children to provide the basis of a healthier future. Old skills will be rediscovered and new skills explored.”

Nowhere, anywhere, is there a mention of the need to protect the water, just to respect the Earth, gather and exchange knowledge about the Earth Mother.  And, I believe like most people  do that when he says “Earth”, he means the land masses. Further examination of this organization will probably prove me correct. Not until Standing Rock made the news with their “water protectors” did Jim realize that he had been ignoring a major part of life on the Earth Mother. So he rips off the #WaterIsLife hash tag and invents the Water Is Life Movement.  Let’s exam what he wrote on the page and tie it into his soliciting $77,800 plus another $91,100.

In the first paragraph he says he arrived at Standing Rock in October 2016. Jim didn’t even know when this all started, which was in April, but told the Brit, after saying that was a good question, that it started in August. On Grandma Allayah’s show he stated that when he got there, there was no one there and that he was the only one there with a camera. I wanna kill (not physically) this mother-fucker. I’m done here, but I will force myself to spit out this story. He also writes in that paragraph that “I had a wonderful meeting with LaDonna Allard (who began the protest there) and her husband...” I don’t think he was there more than the weekend. When I was there in September, I learned LaDonna didn’t have a husband, so I wonder if she got married in the few week I had left or got her a boyfriend, which I heard she was looking for and he didn’t know the difference. Hmm. (Actually, I knew after first publication that I had pictured Miss Winona LaDuke in my head and had a brain fart, but haven’t made mention of that until now.  I know it drove Jim crazy as this sentence is probably the only one I had incorrect and I’ll bet that was all he screamed about when trying to defend himself from these charges.  Too bad.)

In the next paragraph Jim states, “I remember LaDonna saying to my wife Sue and I, ‘Do whatever you need to do to bring in as many people as you can, let people know, get people energized, get them to be part of this’”. She and the others there told this to every weekend warrior who were not staying for the protest. This was a request for help with the reservation’s plight, not instructions to steal the hash tag and start a movement. Remember, he didn’t arrive at Standing Rock until October, so after his one minute meeting with LaDonna he returned home to start this Standing Rock Protectors facebook group; a bunch of talking heads. He didn’t even start raising money to go to Standing Rock until September 16th and then he asked for over almost 78 grand to make the trip, which he made for $7,700. By the time he arrived they had over a million or two dollars already donated to the cause. Their GoFundMe account is now down and replaced with a PayPal account, but the last I saw there were over 2.9 million dollars in it. Why then did Jim not give a link to this donation page? Why did he have to start his own GoFundMe account?  There are literally thousands of GoFundMe Me accounts set up that are all bullshit. Jim had no camp in North Dakota, nor plans for one and therefor no need for all that money. He just wanted a new RV and asked for that much because the more he had the bigger RV he could buy. As far as the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother collecting tax-deductible donations, they have an official donations page here, which connects directly with the SOTEM PayPal account. (Check out what they actually sell to raise moneys with under their PRODUCTS page.) The donations listed to the left of the SaveFloridaWatersNow page that lists SOTEM as the beneficiary has no real connection to it and that is why those donations are not tax deductible. It cannot be associated with SOTEM because it is not in their articles of incorporation? If it were, he would have that linked it to SOTEM’s Donate page.

Jim Petruzzi (I refuse to use his Native American “nickname”) makes his pitch for the the $91,100 he is asking for, for the Sabal Trail Protest, but doesn’t mention their GoFundMe account slated for the Florida protest (or did he?), nor that these donations are tax deductible, which their not. SOTEM is just his ruse. Instead, he mentions Adam, when he says, “There are efforts all over this planet similar to Standing Rock. The effort in Iowa, which is the other piece to the same snake that attacks Standing Rock, and where people are being arrested. And Florida where we now have a good friend who is leading efforts with a huge pipeline coming from Georgia and down through Florida.” First off, the pipeline, which is not a black snake but a clear snake, is soming from Albama, going through Gerogia and into Florida. Get it right.  Adam is his golden boy. How else can a guy from Colorado get his money exploiting Florida?

These two were on another radio show this past Sunday with a lady name Grandma Allayah, who knows nothing about the Standing Rock protests.  But she had these two, one who claims he was at Standing Rock, both who claim they have been working on the water issue, for months. Yeah, like only four or five and really the past two. This lady was taken for a ride. There is so much bullshit between these two that I could do a show on my youtube channel and spend a couple of hours picking it apart.  When I do that, I’ll post a link here. Strange also, because this radio show is a call in show, but they never even mention to people to call in. I’ll bet my life it is because of the email I sent the pair telling them I would be calling in. They’re hiding folks.

The radio show with Grandma Allayah this past weekend was very informative. If you take the time to listen you will understand more clearly. Again, like with the their interview with the duel-citizen (he’s also American) British host, these two blow their horns not really knowing what they are talking about. There was so much making me angry, that when a friend called I was yelling at them over it. Even though it was not their fault, I was pacing the floors yelling how we needed to expose these con artists and before January 15th, 2017.

The interview was filled with so many lies after lie that there is not enough time to go over them all. One was Adam giving his deceptive credentials for his water knowledge, another at the 47 minute mark when Jim talks about their plans to film all this for PBS.  But I wondered if this PBS thing is a new con because the pair knows that I am on to them being CoIntelPro con men. So... This should give everyone credence that what I am painting is true. That is all I had to hear to conclude that these two men have ulterior motives. And one other lie was when Jim tells Allayah that when he first got to Standing Rock there was hardly anyone there and he was the only person walking around with a camera.  I am not going to get in how patently false that statement is. It pissed me off.  By the time I had left, many documentaries were already made. To see the reporting on Standing Rock from the real start of the protest click here to be brought to the Unicorn Riot page. I’ll bet my life that neither of these men have ever heard of Unicorn Riot. I’ve been watching the Standing Rock protest since June.  These guys need to catch up.

I hope everyone out there is catching on. You don’t need a trial to know the truth. Intuition is good enough. If these two want to have a trial then lets have it. I can prosecute, you can decide.  I did write the pair over the weekend and told them that I would like them to come on my show for an interview, but they never responded. For now, we can all let PBS know what we think of their decision to hire these two for a documentary by clicking here.

This pair has an event planed on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. This is a physical meeting in Colorado and a call in show for the rest of the country. I hope you all register here so you can ask them the tough questions. I will.

A personal message for Cindy, Mike and those at the Water is Life camp: If you want to stop fossil fuel production you have to stop capitalism. I know you guys are young when it comes to this game and are willing to believe anyone who says they know what they are doing and can show you a web site, but these two guys have no experience whatsoever. It is what those men do to people like you that has had me on my life long mission.  My conclusions of these two men are that they are CoIntellPro trying to get the lists of names of those that have been working on this for years, while selling pot to hippie types, a video to the PBS geek types and bullshit to the ignorant types. They are setting up actions just to get the content they promised PBS. You follow their advice and you will lose. Good luck with your decision.

One final note. I do not believe our world will be like it is today, next month. I feel impending doom of Biblical proportions coming because of our apathy with the ruling elite, but I do this just in case I am totally crazy and have to live in a world where every thing continues spinning as it is. I really hope I’m crazy...maybe I don’t.

Update: January 12, 2017

SOTEM board member, Tasha Hannah, has a wordpress blog called gypsyyears. She made no blogs since June of 2016. A couple of days ago she reinvented her blog to SOTEM, water is life movement, site. Jim Petruzzi left a comment and I left a reply, which I will bet you is never posted.

Another Update: 15 minutes later.

I just received an email from SOTEM board member, Tracy Urban. You all should real this here: Her bio is also padded. She knows that this group is just a front. She is too scared to read and talk.

Another Update: A few hours later.

Last night, after Adam clicked on this page and saw what is here, he uploaded some written content for the first time. Just like his attempt at literature with that stupid interview on the Empty Sink Publishing site, he up loaded another written interview. It was with Chaffin Mitchell, someone starting out in her field. She just graduated last year so she can’t be more than 23 or 24. Who knows? Anyway, I wrote here and told her of her faux pas. You can all do the same by clicking here.

One other thing for your information. Adam’s girl, Nicole, also has a Domestic Violence Battery arrest just like Adam, only in Lee county. She too is in with Adam and could also be CoIntelPro. You can tell that she is if she has been yelling louder as she learns this page, which she has.  That is a CoIntelPro trick. You know, he who yells loudest is right. Has she been flying off the handle?

Update: January 13, 2017, before 9am.

Last night I sent an email to Cindy Noel. This morning I got a reply. This email can be viewed by clicking here. I wrote her back saying:

    Then please, by all means, point them out to me....

I then sent the following email as well.

    Plus, I understand, you paid 260 grand for a double wide that is now not worth half of what you got ripped off for in 2006. I can just imagine what it will be worth being so close to the blast site... You're attitude, just like Adam gave me, makes me go hmm.

Cindy never pointed out these “inaccuracies” in her eamil and never responded to my request for such information. Nothing like a greedy real estate agent who believes they are entitled to buy and sell God’s green earth to use people for their own personal gain. This couple has lost a lot. They are paying on a $260,000 note, for a house not worth half that amount once the pipeline is operational. I believe today it is assessed at 170 grand. So while all of you there are “fighting” for a cleaner world, know now that Cindy and Mike are fighting for their wallets. You do this action this weekend and you will only go to jail. That is MY legal advice.

Update: January 16, 2017

Congratulations to all the activists who showed up to participate in this weekend’s Suwannee River action. Many showed up to get arrested, but didn’t fall for the bait and get arrested. That would have sucked being in a holding cell all weekend. As I write this it is MLK day and another action is currently taking place where they are taking arrests. We should all just hope they have the trials planed out.

From what I understand, there was no real plan for after the arrests. I hear they said there were lawyers ready to go, but further examination of the event page, posted on Saturday, shows them asking those who get arrested to get a public pretender...sorry, defender. That is not a necessity defense. Perhaps everyone wanting to be arrested for “the cause” figured out that they wouldn’t have seen a judge until tomorrow, Tuesday, since today is a government holiday. Good for them. I spoke to someone who was at one of the training classes (really me in disguise) and they told me (realy first hand knowledge) that the man giving the ”training” didn’t have any real answers when it came to the charges or the trials. He told them that the current 14 under arrest are awaiting charges to be dropped, but all the courts are doing is trying to delay these cases until the pipeline has been completed. Plus the judge violates your rights to gather with your friends for redress of grievances.  If you look up the cases on the clerk’s web site, you will find they have all made not guilty please and are awaiting trial. Why they would want to say different is something that should make everyone say “hmm.”

I see where Melissa Nicole Williams showed up for the action. In the pic she is wearing a bandana over her face. The judge told her she was not allowed to be in that area with those people, but she doesn’t give a shit what the courts say. And she has had a lot of interaction with the courts. When she was 20 years old she was arrested and convicted of fraud, a felony, and as part of her sentence ordered to pay restitution of $455 to two separate parties. Although this happened 2 decades ago, it goes to show, early on, her propensity to defraud people. Today, she has stepped it up. First, back to Adam.

Adam found out about this page during this email exchange.  Two days after the above email exchange, I sent a letter hinting to him that I’ve done my homework when I say, “We’ll talk later. Say on Sunday around 2.”  That was in reference to the Grandma Alayah show on mentioned above.  He didn’t take the hint and replied with,

    “No, we won't be talking. I've already forwarded this to my attorney. I'm telling you right now to cease and desist communications with me.”

Ooo, an attempt at unsettling my mind, only not knowing that I know the law as good as, if not better than, most attorneys. Wow, I can’t write him.  Any “attorney” he might talk to will just tell him to block me. What a pompous ass. A bluff. A threat with no substance. He really thinks I do not know what I am doing. That is a shame. Okay, his demand for me to “cease and desist communications with...”, him was met with another quick response which simply said: “Not on your life...”  Three minutes later he responds to all this with, “Say hello to my spam folder.” (So he does get it.) I had to send him this page before he made that happen. I quickly responded with, “Say hello to your new page,”  What he did next was very interesting.

Adam clicked on the link. He was at home. He then sent a facebook message to either one or two people whom clicked on the link (first may have been a mobile device) in Naples or Gainesville (checking will cost me a few bucks) and North Naples, which also clicked on it. The page was up for an hour when I really believe I wrote him, so anyone clicking on the page would have had to be either Adam, or someone he told. I think that if it is two people he told, then the first was his handler, while the second, or the one in another location in town, was Nicole. No doubt. I tagged these two, so I know each and every time they visit the site. At least when they’re at home. Adam and his friends knew this page was coming.

The only reason why I did any research on Adam Dubbin or Melissa “Nicole” Williams, was because I was talking to my dear old friend, Carolina, who has been working on this “project” for two years now. Recently, a couple of months ago, Adam and Nicole, along with another which will be discussed further down, started coming into the stop Sabal Trail facebook group, under the guise of being “water protectors” and started taking over. They began to dictate how things were now going to run. This is work that had been going on for two or three years, but now these two, along with their pals at S.O.T.E.M., were in essence trying to highjack the facebook group. Don’t let them folks. I found out a lot about them.

Nicole has an arrest record going back 20 years. Remember that her first collar was for a felony count of fraud. Twenty years later, Nicole is still trying to defraud people. Let’s examine.

First off, she is loud. I hear she is always the loudest in the group. As stated above, this is a CoIntelPro trick to throw of suspicion to the others. So when you think of her you don’t think she should be watching you because she is loud and obnoxious. This may be a character flaw, but I doubt it. I can say this, that after doing some research on her criminal history, and by the way she has been described to me, makes me realize that she is just like an ex that wouldn’t leave me alone. This ex would start to drink early, everyday, took perquisites, was very voicetrous as she deceived everyone of her selfish motives. Although this ex of mine has a record far exceeding Nicole’s, Nicole’s traffic stops read just like the ex’s, only she has ten times more. I found two or three arrests involving violence or violence related.  I found no DUIs, but she was held in Orange County, at a time, for a warrant which I could not find, so what that was all about would take the truth from her or further investigation on our part.

This story continued here.

Update: January 17, 2017

I was going to do more work on Nicole’s angle next, but I received something in my mail today that just had to have me investigating it. What it was, was a recording of a radio show called The Red Pill Hour (it was actually two hours), with our very own, Adam Dubbin.  This show can be listened to by clicking the link on the photo to the right or by clicking here. Let’s give it a rundown.

3:30 Adam introduces himself as a Documentarian who is an activist to “embed” him self to a social movement, only not so much in those terms.

4:15 Adam says he’s all about the truth…lol…

4:40 Of Adam’s three degrees he claims to have, one is in audiology and has nothing to do with water sciences.  (This here describes an audiology degree from the school listed).  The second is degree in “Earth” archeology. These are the archeology classes offered (no Earth click here for school and core info) at the school that he claims he attended. At least he is very knowledgeable about the landmasses on Earth. The last he says and is listed as, a degree in “Classical Studies”. Really that means Botany. 

4:50 The real credentials for his great water knowledge is told at this point.  He says that he is a fifth generation Floridian that has played water polo.  One of his twitter account handle’s is @h20polopunk.  So, this experience of swimming in the oceans, lakes and rivers of Florida, as well as being a fifth generation water polo player, is what he is establishing as his credentials for what he is about to speak about, is just a bunch of bullpucky. 

5:00 He says his “main thing” is to go out to talk to people about water issues. I guess the water protectors have an issue or two as well.  Adam, if that is your job, then why put/insert your opinions in to groups to discuss strategy?  You should observe and document as you say you do. No need to insert yourself as a leader unless you are.  It is very hard for me to trust anyone who says, “…and you know…” when giving an answer. Like Ted Cruz, Mr. Butt Cha’ Know.

9:07 Adam then switches his mission goal and now has a new one. Rather than his “main thing” stated first above being to go out and talk to people, the purpose for him now is “…my biggest focus is, um, big oil and big petroleum.” So he has an Internet water group site that is just interested in big oil water issues?  Err?  His web site and documentary should be on one called, that seems more suiting.  So is he about Florida waters or big oil companies?  He could be bipolar.

9:15 Name drops the Dakota Access Pipeline, but doesn’t tell us all that he represents all of the activists from Standing Rock. Hmm. Wonder why?  Not! 

12:00 The host stops Adam and praises him for his use of the word cronyism and Adam feels proud for being praised.

17:30 who can get money for what..

20:15 He plugs the water is life camps, but doesn’t mention the water is life movement.

26:15 The host says, “…we need to get this information out”, to which Adam responses, “you need to get this information out.” Hmm.

26:30 Adam admits he is an Organizer, not a leader…officially at least.

54:00 Adam talks about what he knows about; “earth” archeology.

58:00 The host wants to get back to Adam’s activism… but never really does…

59:20 Adam answers the request to talk about his activism by talking about Flint, another long-standing issue he knows nothing about.  At 1:01:22 he tells people how to be active (bubble gum shit) without using that word.

1:03:10 Host asks Adam to give out his information on how he can be reached, for what reason he never said) and at 1:03:25 it’s all about Adam, whom goes to talking about donations being “totally’ legit. That is a bunch of bull.  “Follow me, follow me.” Amateur.

I wish this ignorant CoIntelPro agent would just go away. But he cannot. Once you work for the Feds… It’s like working for the MAFIA. Go away, we’re on to you and Jim and Nicole and others named and unnamed.  You’re fired! Now go home.

Check back for the work on Nicole, yet to be published.

Update: January 18, 2017

Getting back to Nicole Williams. Do not forget that this is a continuation of what started here. Let us continue.

Next there is Nicole’s web site This site was created on August 13, 2016, so it is safe to say it hasn’t been around very long. How Nicole’s interest with this new coalition may have come about may become clear. Like Adam’s site, this too was simple to set up. A search of any nonprofit status under the name Florida Environmental Coalition, has proven futile, as this is not a legal business registered in the State of Florida. That means there is no bank account for such a coalition. This is evident as you click on the DONATE page and up pops a PayPal account in Nicole Williams’ personal name.  

The home page is very simple, yet deceptive still. The first thing anyone sees are two paragraphs that make up the bulk of the site’s content.  First there is Who We Are:

    “F.E.C. is a coalition of organizations and groups involved with protecting our environment and our very right to clean water and resources. Our Coalition has a common goal, for Earth and all of it's inhabitants to be happy and healthy!”

Kind of simple. So, by this statement, I am to believe that all the groups in this coalition are working towards a common goal for all of “...Earth and all of it’s inhabitants to be happy and healthy!”? So by this statement the Florida Environmental Coalition really does nothing more then cheer on these other groups. When you click the tab for the page called The Coalition, you come to a page with a large picture on it, depicting the names of those in the coalition. I only saw only two 501c(3)s and no disclaimers. The pic was either made before Nicole met Adam, or with the intent to not appear as to associate with each other. There are 25 names listed in the picture, but only links to four of them on the rest of the page. Of them, half are facebook groups, one a link to the Sierra Club with no mention of the Florida Environmental Coalition on that site, nor any proof given that this “endorsement” was legitimate and what exactly it means to have that endorsement. The last link is to a site called Love The Everglades dot org.  This is a 501c(3) registered in the state of Florida.  It is owned by Houston R. Cypress who seems legitiment as he is also owned the for profit inactive Florida corporation, Otter Vision, Inc.. When it went belly up in 2013, he reinvented, moving his work to an unaffiliated web site with no profit motives that he created at the same time, This man knows Nicole Williams, who we connected to Adam Dubbin, does video production, and video production is what Adam wants to get into. Hmm. So, reviewing this page, we find two links to facebook groups a teen could set up, one link to an unconfirmed 501c(3) and a link to a personal friend’s 501c(3) web site, which makes no mention of their affiliation to the Florida Environmental Coalition. I call bullshit on this page.

Next, on the Home page, beside the Who We Are paragraph, is one entitled What We Do. It states:

    “We are here to educate the public on how to get and keep Florida's water and soil clean and pristine. The Coalition will clean-up Florida with monthly clean ups, using this opportunity to educate people of the importance of conservation. We also intend to clean up our local elected government officials from the newsroom to the courtroom. We can do this together.”

Courtroom? That’s my forte. At least her “What We Do” rant is an honest “what we intend to do.” There was a monthly clean up the month the F.E.C. site was created, but noting since then, so “they” are not spreading the word as intended. You can find that information on the Events page.

The Home page continues with a very large box with a couple of photos by Tommy Owen. We’ll get into him in a few. Then under that is a solicitation for non tax-deductible “donation” to this coalition. Giving a “donation” to the FEC just goes to Nicole Williams personal PayPal account. Her request for money is so that she can:

     “...donations will help the Florida Environmental Coalition protect human and environmental rights through education and state wide political & environmental activism. Your generous donation will directly fund the attendance to very important Florida state environmental regulator meetings and to help keep the public connected and well informed on important issues.”

I know, there are spelling mistakes. She was excited, for this was the reason for setting the site up, so she wanted to get this paragraph up. No time to check.  This is a deceptive request for personal money. Fist off, the Florida Environmental Coalition, is double speak for Melissa Nicole Williams, no one else. And second, all that second sentence means is that the money will go for gas to get Nicole to, “...Florida state environmental regulator meetings....”, so that she can tell you what she learned at a monthly clean-up. Would be nobel if it weren’t so deceptive. What a fraud. Then again, it’s Nicole.

Their are two other page tabs at the FEC site. The first is for the Sabal Trail Pipeline Resistance page. Clicking on this takes the surfer to a page soliciting donations in the name of the Sabal Trail Pipeline protest. First there is a picture of a Native American gathering, somewhere, that I will bet anyone is not from this action. Second, the same pitch for money to fund the FEC, as above, is next, all followed by a video that Adam did and posted on his Native Floridian youtube page. Under that are a couple of paragraphs telling the reader about the event that she was arrested at, but never mentioned that she was, and asks for all to follow, Stop Sabal Trail, her and Adam (of all people). Under that verbiage is a video made by the Sacred Water Camp. The page ends with a pic of information that people can use to find the “organizers”.  I went over that list. You’d be surprised at the number of real-estate agents on it. Hmm. Adam Dubbin on it as well. Hmm.  So, reviewing this page, it was probably created in September and updated in November. It does nothing but direct the reader to donate, through deception, to a coalition that is really just Nicole.

The last page on this site is the Artists For Activism page. Oh, what a treat this page is. It is nothing but her trying to make money for her and a friend. She puts her friend’s products on her page and he givers her fifty percent of what she sells. This all under the guise of a “donation”. There is no donation from this personal friend that he will receive as a tax write-off for giving her some of the profits. This is just a business relationship.  She sells the bumber sticker and receives fifty percent. But who is this friend? That answer is a company called Phlorida Photo (not to be confused with Phlorida Photography, LLC), owned by, guess who, from above, Tommy Owen. This may have been the ex ball player from Gainesville and we know how Adam loves baseball. This site really promotes businesses on or near where he lives, Big Cypress...been there (one NYE in early century), done that, saw the Skunkape.  On Tommy’s web site there is a page under an Everglades Order tag called the Everglades Environmental Coalition. When you click on it you go directly to Nicole’s Florida Environmental Coalition dot COM, not org, web site. So you see the word “Everglades”, but when you click you don’t notice the switch to Nicole’s site.  These two, and Adam.

But there are other products the pair are offering for an even split. On the Phlorida Photo site there is a tab at the top of the page which reads, Phlorida Photo. Hovering over it releases a drop down of five page choices. Click on the last one entitled Everglades Souvenirs, you are brought to another of Tommy’s products for sale; all of which he splits fifty/fifty with Nicole under the guise of an FEC donation. It says right on the ads that 50% of all sales, goes to the E.C.O., the Everglades Clean-up Organization, him, not Nicole; more deception.  What a scam.

My conclusion of Nicole Williams and her web site, Florida Environmental Coalition dot com, concludes that Nicole is mentally unstable. While of the five pages of her web site, three ask for money, while the other two lack any real content. Nicole set up this web site to deceive people into giving her money. Just like with her arrest two decades ago for fraud, Nicole is till trying everything to defraud people into “donating” to a “coalition”, which is really an organization of one, her. Buyer beware. I “feel” that this site is nothing more than a front for Nicole Williams to gather information as a CoIntelPro agent. And a feeling is harder to shake than a thought. I don’t think she is, I feel she is and that means I believe it. Both Nicole and her site, and Adam and his site, are working together.

This brings scrutiny to those who know and call this pair of feds, friends. A few in particular. One is John Heim, with this recent GoFundMe account. Heim has a facebook group of over 16,000 names (for government collection) called, SWFL Clean Water Movement. This is one of the two facebook groups linked on Nicole’s FEC’s “The Coalition” page. Hmm. Next is a brother named Peter Evan Tsolkas, a.k.a., Panagioti Tsolkas. I have never met him, but what I have found out about him, so far, makes him seem to be okay. He is a writer and activist for those in prison. He makes sure the EISs are done around prisons. He has been arrested a lot, but even with that, I do not think that he has had much courtroom technique training. I would love to work with him. I do know he was one pushing for arrests this weekend (as I write this it is MLK day and people have been arrested for stopping the pipeline work, eight arrests two days later) and has a lot of friends, so he might liked my plans. He has none for the kids being arrested.  Maybe the pipeline goes by a prison and that is his angle. Don’t rightly know.  Last, there is Dylan Hansen. Let us take a closer look at this fellow.

Dylan Hansen is the president of Balance For Earth, Inc., a 501c(3). He is also the golden child of a Real Estate dynasty and is the registered agent of BEACH REALTY 24-7, LLC as well. Two problems here; one with the 501c(3), the other with his job. Again, non profits are corporations and corporations are all bullshit.  I am listed as the Vice President on the mastiff of a 501c(3) our “group” started in Atlanta, back in 1996 so we could get a stand at the Olympics for a quarter of the cost. Trust me, I know about the non profit and what one can do with one. He’s been hanging around non profits for too long. It’s time he joins the grass roots. Also, his job as a Real Estate agent/brooker. No one “owns” this earth we’re on. The gull of these people who think they are entitled to buy and sell the Earth is beyond me. After a talk, he might be able to be brought around. I hope so, because he pissed off the the Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline folks; another reason why I set my focus on Adam, Nicole and Dylan.

Those three had been the crux of dissent for those who have been working on the Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline cause for over two years now. Sure, they needed the violence of November 20th at Standing Rock to get real attention, but come on. This was being handled. When I first heard of this campaign to stop the STP, it was from my good compatriot, Carolina. She is the one who started this whole “grassroots” campaign against the Sabal Trail Pipeline after learning what it meant to deal with 501c(3) corporations such as the Siraha Club, who wasn’t really doing anything to sound the alarm about this pipeline. There was a lot of concern for the fracking someone wanted to do in the Everglades, but the pipe was like, “meh”.  She speaks about it here and how she was getting ignored by the elected officials for being the whistle blower. I contacted her on September 4th, shortly after arriving at Standing Rock, the day after Amy Goodman and others were attacked by the dogs. We all knew about this long before and any of these “impostafaris” that had come on to the scene at a young age, with no experience, acting like they have all the answers and trying to take over the groups. Listen up Dylan, you told Carolina Griffith that she has never been in this cause. Go back and read the tweets from the beginning of the Stop Sabal Trail pipeline hashtages and read the tweets and look at who is there. Then you call Carolina and eat some crow. There is a lot you could teach each other, but you have to respect your elders. 

I’m sorry I had to write this, but someone needs to be the cops. So it’s me. Whatever. I’m like the crew on Goodfellas that Hank Hill belonged to. Just like that crew that was the cops and the courts for the Mafia groups, I am the cops and the courts for the activists groups. This is not my fight. My fight is in the courts and right now it doesn’t seem like you are brave enough to take on a judge or explain yourself to a jury.  Your fight will take many juries to win, whereas mine should just take many arrests. Going to jail would be like dying for the cause. Anyone willing to die for this cause, see me, I’d be willing to work with you to win your cause, but before the arrest and you have to be willing to learn and to go to jail.  Apathy - the new meaning of peace.

Update: January 21, 2017

There are a few updates I’d like to put up here that I forgot to mention above.  One is about Dylan Hansen. Dylan is the person who on December 22, 2016 created the and made an announcement for the march to be held on December 28. Again, I believe this action was created just so Dylan and Adam could have some content to film. It (I stopped writing at this point. I will ,however, finish by the start of spring.)

Update: Ides of March.

For a quick video about the above update, dated January 21, click on this link here.

Update: March 16, 2017

I’m back. Much of what I was going to write about Dylan Hansen, I have forgotten; I’m sure it  will return. But since my absence there has been a death in this struggle to stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline, which got me to reassess what the hell is going on. For a discussion on that incident and how all the players are connected, go to this page here.  This will make your head spin.

Update: March 25, 2017

Wait till you read what Jim and Adam have been up to. Coming very soon.  And this is what I was going to write about Sheri Lewis.

Update: March 27, 2017

Well...let’s get started.

I filed complaints today against Our Santa Fe River and Sheri Lewis after she deleted me when I asked for my donation back.  Que sera sera.  I am getting fed up with these outsiders collecting money for a Florida vacation.  Today I learned of another money scam by Adam Dubbin and Jim Petruzzi.  It is this one here. (In case he takes it down, click here.) Here we have a GoFundMe for $33,300. Wow, so added to the two others we see Jim collecting and that is... 33.3 plus 77.8 plus 91.1 equals...let’s see, carry the one... $202,200.00.  Dang, he needs a lot of money. I hope he has trusts all set up for that stuff. 

Oh, but wait, there’s more.  Jim Petruzzi set up another GoFundMe account; this one for $5,555.00, was set up yesterday, March 26th.  Lets explore this one.

First, this new one was set up to replace this old one. Now that old one, before Jim ended it, really looked like this. If you notice, it was ended immediately following the comment left at the bottom of the page.  Now, Carolina cannot comment on his either.  I left one on that page and it was goodbye page.  That page was asking for $7,777.00, of which he gathered $701.00. (Where does he come up with these figures?) So, adding this to the 202.2 grand and he has four accounts seeking $209,977.00.  Wow, BMOC. Impressive how much “funds” he is “in charge” of.  Okay, so yesterday he ended that last campaign, but started the new one for $5,555.  So now he is seeking ... $207,755.00.  The gall. They have, however, ended the one for 91.1 grand, so he currently seeking, as far as I can tell, $116,655.00.  I’m sure he can break down how he will spend the money...that must be how he came up with those stupid numbers...not. Now let’s take a look at the new GoFundMe page.

Subtracting all the pictures, I will place the verbiage as it was written here:

    “The Water is Life Movement is working with Nick Joseph on another means of battling pipelines and other destructive fossil fuel extraction efforts. For questions on the training, contact wpviolationstraining@gmail (mailto:wpviolationstraining@gmail).” 

Well...Jim, or Nick, made a gmail account. They’re working. The Water Is Life Movement is NOT working with Jim or Nick.  I wrote the owner of  Good site, gives her name and contact info; unlike Dylan Hansen and his waterprotector site. We will discuss my communication with her a little down the page.

    “Please help support Water Protectors to organize and resist the pipelines in a brand new way. Pipelines Violation Training. As always we run the fundraiser through our non-prot, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother for visibility and openness.”

So, pipeline violation training is a “new way” to resist pipelines. Wow, I bet that would have worked at Standing rock.  Maybe there would be no oil flowing under their lake.  This is not a new way...the people who have been working on this from the state of Florida have been doing this from the beginning.  But it is new to him.  So is this donation tax deductible? The campaigns are all in Jim Petruzzi’s personal name, not SOTEM’s, so I wonder.  I like they way they added the “visibility and openness” to this campaign. Good, because the FEDs will be watching and auditing you soon.

    “At a time when government environmental agencies are being cut and defunded Water Protectors have been standing up and volunteering to be the eyes and ears on the ground to ll the vacancy of government inspectors supposed to be doing this work and hold the corporations accountable.” 

“...defunded Water Protectors...” what the hell does that mean? It is as if he is tricking you into thinking that government environmental agencies have defunded Water Protectors, as if they were getting funds but now are cut and that is why we have this.

    “During the resistance of the Sabal Trail Pipeline in Florida we have learned to identify, document, and report environmental violations ourselves. We have documented thousands during our work in Florida ranging from sediment fences being knocked down near wetlands and water bodies, to a hydro carbon spill in Ft. Drum Creek. We have learned to document the infractions and le the proper forms to FERC and Army Corps, this has led to nes against the pipeline corporation has also forced them to clean up their mess. The documentation and evidence is then available for the public as well as environmental organizations to take to their attorneys for possible lawsuits. It is totally legal for citizens to ght back in this way as we can take pictures and document evidence from all public areas, as long as we don't step into their easement or trespass, we can hit the corporations and their investors where it hurts in their wallets.” 

Our little boy is growing up.  He has learned the law and how to work within it. I would like to see the thousands of reported violations he claims he has. I hope he is not talking about all the people who have collected the thousands of violations because if he is he’s not raising the money for them, but for him and Nick Joseph. This guy is a joke.

    “As the next round of pipelines are being pushed through soon such as the Atlantic, Diamond, and Nexus, it is critical we organize teams of protectors out on the pipeline routes and train them what to look for and document. This fundraiser will help us spread this information and organize. Funds will go toward the materials and tools we need for the reporting and training, travel expenses along pipeline routes, and to feed Water Protectors volunteering for this work and taking a stand for Mother Earth.”

Hmm.  All things that can be bought on their own dime by those doing the violations.  What, you want to hire them? Pay them for their lunch, pencils and gas? That’s an employee. But what comes next is the crux.

    “The funds will support: 1. Violations Training materials 2. Trainer's  travel and food expense 3. Creating a team of trainers 4. Water is Life Movement promotions of this and other efforts”

1. Pens, pencils, clip boards...about 3 bucks at the Dollar Tree. 2. That’s trainer, singular, not trainers’, plural. So who is this trainer and why is he too broke to afford gas and food and if he is so broke why don’t you give him the money from your personal bank account.  This vacation in Florida must have cost you a pretty penny.  Not only that, but why does he need so much money? 3. I have no idea of what “creating a team of trainers” means.  Just how is this money going to be used to created a team of trainers? How much money does he expect he needs for that part of this ...whatever.  And who will train them?  That answer is next.

    “Some facts about Nick - Nick left his job and home to work on water is life and has spent time in several places. Recently in Florida, ohe tested the model and saw the positive results. I asked about his commitment at this level and he told me: ‘Honestly I see this as my job. It is work. Basically creating a people's volunteer "epa" to replace the defunded and corrupt one. I don't need to do this for money, but need transportation costs along pipeline routes and to different places for training groups and for printing materials. I'm praying about meeting up with two or three others who will work on this project and activate and train volunteers in different areas we go to take pictures and do reports in their area.’"

So Nick is jobless and homeless now? Guess he’ll be looking for a hand out. What model did he, or she, test?  I thought you guys have thousands of violations you wrote.  I like the way Nick says, “I don't need to do this for money, but need transportation costs along pipeline routes and to different places for training groups and for printing materials.” So he is a rich kid?  He has no job, no money, but is wiling to work for you if you give him gas and food.  So I guess he has a car.  Wow, I’ve seen that sign, “will work for food”. I used to fly it, How will he pay for lodging where he goes?  I see he is a religious man by the way he prays. He is searching for volunteers (people who wont be paid) to train to train others that will train. This is a kid of about 20 years of age. I’ll bet you he likes the job because the older folks he camps out with buys him beer.  He’s a kid, think about it.  I’ll bet he was getting drunk with Ronnie when he was at the Crystal Water Camp. It’s either that or he is a special person willing to devote to a life of poverty.

    “Sue and I spent time with Nick in Florida and watched him work and felt his passion.  And offered to add this to the water is life movement offerings. Let's support him now!”

I know they were all at Crystal Water Camp.  That is what this is about - his and Sue’s Florida vacation.  For a writer, he doesn’t know much about using the word “and” as he did a booboo by using it as the first word in a sentence.  I only use it that way for effect. So Jim and Sue offered to add Nick to the roster, only Water Is Life Movement does not support him.

Today I wrote the owner of I asked her if she knew of Jim.  She told me she told me she lived in the same town, but that she is not involved with them. However, she really lives in Scottdale Arizona, so...  And she admitted she was with him in January, at his big todo he had planned, the same time she started the website.  I’m sure she met Sheri Lewis there too.  Go to the site.  He’s not there.  There is one page that lists the goings on of the movement, here. For the state of Florida, there is one entry and it is for the Crystal Water Camp - no mention of Petruzzi there, or anywhere on the site.  She asked for advice and I asked her to write a statement.  This is it: is added by me personally and I stand behind the work I do and am humbled to be a part of this movement. My only hope is that the things I choose to do can help the people truly passionate about fighting for this movement. Anyone who has ill or selfish intentions towards this cause should be ashamed. I encourage and welcome anyone to reach out to me with any questions you may have about my site. My hope is that we can all stay focused on the true task at hand which is being of pure heart and fighting this fight til the end. Thank you Erica Jacquinot"

She didn’t mention Jim by name, but you get the jest. Or maybe her friendship with Jim is too strong to mention him by name, but I doubt it. She knows he will be reading this. 

Also on the same page is an entry for a camp in Pennsylvania. Nick Joseph, came to Florida from Pennsylvania.  I wonder who paid for his gas to get there, or his food once he was there. How did he get back as well.  He and Ronnie really hit it off. be continued soon, keep refreshing the page.


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