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Messege To Humanity

A Message For The Followers of the Catholic Church

I have never been against outlawing any organized religion, however, what has recently happened between myself and the Catholic Church, has me reassessing this notion.   I had to take it off its section on the For The Christians page and place it all here. This section used to be just the next paragraph, but grew a few days ago.  I used to just be against the government, but now I am against organized religion for the firs time ever.  Further research of the Catholic Church has proven that to me.  There will be regulations placed on all ”faith” based businesses.

Catholics are another group in the “give it up” class.   However, their new Pope, Francis, seems to be preaching a little more of what Jesus wants the flock to hear and not so much the message the ruling class wants them to hear...or not hear, which was the case with all the previous Popes.  He did say he was not as liberal as you would think.  I know what that means.  He is saying that even though he is preaching what Christ wanted (if that’s what He wanted) from all his preachers, he is not going to tell the truth about how “The Church”, was complacent in many of the atrocities throughout history. Like how they hid the notion that Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God and why.  But the real truth of how the Church was helping the kings, or how much money they have, or how the former Pope should be arrested for covering up the priest sex scandals, I don’t think he is liberal enough to tell us any of those.  They sold you so much bullshit, yet you still went back.  The earth is flat; Indulgences; the Spanish Inquisition.  Were there any Catholic churches in the south during slavery, and if so, were any of the members slave owners?  Let’s see.  Well, seems The Church and the Christians have had a long history with slavery.  This new Pope is just trying to reign in his flock to get the Catholics and other Christians of this world to realize that capitalism and being rich is just wrong.  He’s not saying why like I am, but he is saying it.  Everything else will work itself out in the wash.  We will see if you guys are willing to give up the quest for money, to walk like Christ. Pope Francis, in my opinion, is also an honest man and is trying to save his skin when you find out that this God thing they have you believing is really aliens from other worlds.  He knows he’s in trouble as soon as that is disclosed to the people of Earth.  I hope we can clean up our act by then.  He might be able to get you to come back to the church after being told the earth is flat, but this one will be a lot harder to explain. That is why he is now saying things like if the existence of aliens were to be found out to be true, that this would not negate the existence of God.  Or at the very least, that the Catholic Church was definitely lying again about the nature of the universe.  Sure.  I have no idea when this is going to happen, but it will happen.  Your world and how you see it and yourself in it, is going to change and you will grow up and accept the fact that there is NO Santa Clause who lives in the clouds.  It’s fun till you’re seven.

First off, I would like to explain my experience with the Catholic Church.  I was born Catholic (so was Hitler, but he never renounced his Catholicism, I did).  That is, my parents were both Catholic and immediately indoctrinated me with a baptism before I was a year old and dragged me to church every Sunday starting from before I entered preschool.  This church has them so brainwashed into believing that their church is the only true church to “salvation” (whatever that is) and everyone needs to be brought in the church upon birth to protect them in case of sudden death. Don’t get me started on that.  I did the whole Sunday school thing as a youngster and did the “confirmation” thing and took a middle name in junior high as well.  I was never given the choice, and if I had, I’m sure I was told to “knock it off”.  I’ve been to Catholic weddings and funerals and many, many masses.  During high school, I learned about Galileo and what the church did to him.  I also learned of the Inquisition.  That’s all it took to figure out your religion was full of crap.  I always believed that it was Galileo who was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church, but after doing research on this religion, I have learned that I got him mixed up with Giordano Bruno.  It was this man, that Pope John Paul I had put to death by BURNING at the steak.  John Paul II apologized for that.  Hey, you have to forgive, it’s the Christian way. Bruno’s work extended on the research of Galileo and  Copernicus and it was Copernicus who drew up the original Copernican Heliocentrism diagram. I was 15, I don’t have a memory like Lord Trump.  Galileo was sentenced to life in prison for his beliefs, but the “activists” of the time got him out.  Anyway, all I did was have to learn about this and I knew, right away, that this church was an evil institution not to be followed.  From then on, I began to go to church less and less until finally not. 

When I was 27, I returned to the town of my birth for a high school reunion.  I didn’t have a ticket, but I was in the area at the time so, I thought I would stop in.  I was passing through on Dead Tour, so I thought I would stop by, being that I hadn’t been there in many years and the reunion was happening.   I was living and touring in my ‘72 VW microbus with a brother of mine from Canada, and we were dirty.  I stopped at the house where I used to live with my grandmother to say hello to my aunt, who took over the house after my grandmother died, and get a shower.  But she said I was too dirty to enter her house, and wouldn’t let me in.  I knew the Catholic Church gave gas vouchers and showers at their churches, so I stopped at the church that baptized me to ask for help.  They said no.  I was like, but I was baptized here and was a traveler in town for a high school reunion.  The priest didn’t care.  He took one look at how I looked, with my long hair, beard, dirty and probably smelly from being homeless, and said no way; just like my aunt.  I looked like his Jesus, but he didn’t care.  See, the church, they like the poor, just not the smell of the poor.  Fuck em.  Fuckin’ church.  I’ll remember this.

The Catholic Church has always been killers for control.  If you read all the known people who have been killed by the Catholic Church, you will find that most of them were murdered to stop them from saying about the church, what it is I am saying.  Click on that link, check it out.  For almost 700 years, they have put to death those who would defy them.  They were, kind-of still are, like a Mafia; once you’re in, you’re not getting out.  The only reason they don’t do that today is because we live in a modern world with communications. They stopped after it became a worldly accepted fact that the earth was round with the sun being the center of our universe and the earth actually going around the sun, not like they taught at the time.  Not egg on their face, but ignorance exposed.  However, my family was not intelligent enough to figure this out over the centuries and that is why I found myself, once again, born in a Catholic family.

When I had learned the above information in high school, my feelings about liars at the time were that I could not stand them.  The only reason I was attending this particular high school was because I had learned of a sin my mother and father did against me and it was very hard to forgive, so I left home at the age of 15 to get away from the hypocrisy and their daughter. 

My parents used to tell me and their daughter that every time you lied, God put a black mark on your heart.  When the hart was covered in black, you died.  That scared the piss out of me.  To a five-year-old, this God fellow seemed real.  If anyone could do it, He could.  Their first violation of God’s law was the volition of “thou shall not bare false witness”.  That means no lying.  They told me there was such a thing as Santa Clause. They lied and bore false witness.  I’m sure when I confronted my mother with this knowledge, she told me she would never lie to me again.  That turned out to be a lie as well.  See, my parents, the good Catholics that they are, were, and still are, swingers.  My parents bore false witness after I found a naked man in my mother’s bed, while my father was out of the country. They tried to convince me that I hadn’t seen anything, so much so, that they took me to a psychiatrist and lied to him him that I was seeing things.  So the two of us were paired together.  They committed adultery and they lied. They stopped the “therapy”, never telling the doctor why.  These incidents have given me permanent PTSD.  Everyone lies, Everyone is the enemy.  I have been living in Hell ever since.  If the parents will lie to me, everyone will lie to me.  I had to reevaluate the world.  So, after learning the information of how the Catholic Church engaged in the Inquisitions, breaking the commandment of “thou shalt not kill”, didn’t surprise me and was just the final nail in the church’s coffin.  

Mom and dad could do that because their church allowed it.  They could do the sin, in these cases the baring false witness and committing adultery ones, tell the pedophile they did it, and the pedophile tells them to say 10 Hail Marys and 5 Full of Graces and all is forgiven.  A clean slate.  A second chance, over, and over, and over again.  Can you dig that, if you are not a captive of this religion?  They even get to return to the church and keep paying them for this privilege that the other over 200 religions in this country are not privy to.  And they know it.  It is probably that they even use this privilege of confession as an excuse to do their sins. That is what makes them evil; the knowing. They probably laugh all the way to their next acts of lies and adultery.  Not only that, but even though the pedophile tells them each time that they are still in good graces with God, I am still in a hell created by their actions (sin), which could never go away under their justification that “the Lord” has already forgiven them, so why can’t I?  It’s a long story that is better clarified in my book “Without A Gun”.  I will elaborate later on.

The relationship with my parents has been strained ever since I came down with PTSD.  And that’s not the only incident that has given me PTSD.  I have two cases of it from the police as well.  It was and is hard to like those who would lie to your face, or beat you.  I definitely could not trust anyone like that and still don’t today.  Any lie to me, just one time, and I’m gone.  That’s why I have not lived with my parents since I turned 15.  I only lived with them but for a few months when I was hiding from the police some 15 years ago.  They drive me crazy, yet they help me more than any others in the world.  I teach them, over and over again, things, yet they would call me, over and over again, to ask me to go over there and show them how to do it again and again.  And every time I brought up the bullshit of their church, we would get in an argument.  It was their religion that allowed them to sleep with and lie to whomever they wanted and there were never going to leave that deal, no matter how many people they put in Hell with their returning sins. The hypocrisy was too much to handle. Many times over the phone, I would scream at my mother over this frustration.  I’m sure I’ve yelled in her face as well.  I tried to get her to be a real person, but she still believes in angels and thinks she a little one...that sleeps with whomever she wants with no remorse of how her sins effect her’s and other’s families.  She could never own up to the fact that she is a real person, a sinner, and not some righteous person chosen to be saved by Jesus when his father comes to take back the planet.  Whenever I would deal with the folks, I would get nice and baked on some indica.  This made it a hell of a lot easier to deal with their ignorance.  My mother would call me up afterwards and tell me how great it was to see me that day and how great I was and I would tell her that it was because I was as high as a kite.  She would say don’t tell me that, but then got on the side of this medicine and praised me and it whenever I came around.

Another thing which drives me insane, is the way my mother praises me as the smartest person she knows.  She is always telling me how smart I am and how she wished she was so smart.  She tells me I’m the smartest person she knows, but what does that mean?  I am smart, until I question her “beliefs”, then I am too stupid to listen to?  When it come to reality, if they don’t have on a collar, she won’t listen.  She hates hearing the truth about her church.  She was born in it, it has always been there, so big and huge and impressive, and she will die in it and join her mother one day.  I’m smart, huh?  Then why won’t you listen to me?

Further investigation of the Catholic Church, had me asking myself, just who started this church?  So I did something I’ll bet every Catholic in the world has never done; investigated them and their history.  To most of the members, this church has always been in their family, so it must be legit. Why question it?  Unless they’re like me and question everything.  Wanna know who started it?  Then click here to find out. 

Here is something I have always known about the church, which you all should be figuring out by now.  If not, then you should listen up, or “look”, as the political elite would tell you.  The King set up the church.  He was also a zealot when he did.  King James is the one who edited your bible you use today.  The church is not the ultimate authority, the King is.  In days of old it was pretty much the king who laid down the laws.  Whatever he believed to be reality is how his people worshiped.  It’s pretty much like that today.  Each claimed to be “a”, or “the”, God.  Constantine my have  started your church, but I think that deep, deep inside, he wasn’t really sure it was reality.  The church was charged with “controlling” the people.  In exchange, the king would allow them to be the highest authority about “God”, reality, of which no one should deny.  Constantine really dug Christianity when he discovered it and wanted everyone in his kingdom to believe the same.  The church told the peasants that they had to pay their taxes and that if they ever tried to kill  the king, or themselves, they would end up in a fiery Hell.  You were told to obey. Your reward for doing that: a vengeful God, which will take care of the king for you after death, or a spot in heaven, should that happen after your death.

You all know about Jesus’ birth.  You know about some of his childhood experiences leading up to what happened when he was 12 and impressed some religious folks at a religious gathering.  But your Jesus disappears at the age of 12, just after that gathering, and doesn’t show back up until he is 30, some 18 years later.  Where do you think he was?  What do you surmise he was doing?  See, Jesus, spent a lot of his time in Egypt, studying mysticism.  A group called the Rosicrucians, claim to have taught him all the miracles he performed.  They claim he achieved “Christhood”, inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Now the Great Pyramid is another subject.  I want you to really, really think about how they might have been built.  The problem is, the stones in the pyramid number over 2.3 million and weigh between 5 and 30 tons with some weighing over 50 tons.  That’s 100,000 pounds.  Assuming they didn’t have flight, or hydraulics, or even electric power, try to figure out how people like that could build a building which stood as the tallest building in the world until the erection of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, some 4,500 years later.  It can even been seen from space.  So really, how did they build it?  And not only how did they build it, but how did they build it with such mathematical precision?  The only conclusion is, that it could only have been built manually?  We shouldn’t just accept that conclusion.  We should still ask, “how”?  How could that monstrosity have been built by men just dragging them?  They had to elevate those stones two, three, over 450 feet in the air.  Engineers have yet today to figure out how they were built using the technology of the time, including using tens of thousands of men to drag them.  They couldn’t find a plausible answer.  So, using the principles of occam's razor, that the simplest explanation is usually the correct answer, the simplest explanation here would be that they were built either by, or with the help of, extraterrestrial beings.  We then use Rene Descarte’s method for inductive and deductive reasoning and can deduce that, since the pyramids were built by aliens, the church must be lying to me about there being only one God, which created only one world, which is flat and the center of all that is. It’s that simple.  What you do next, shows how intelligent you are.

So seventeen hundred years ago a king decided that he and his people would follow Jesus, so he set up the church.  The church was to give the people something to believe in, some faith.  You know, your life sucks, your King sucks, you’re not allowed to do anything about it, but maybe one day some God, will come out of the clouds and smite them. 

I had always known abut Constantine and what his councils of Nicea did, but I had really no inkling that he actually started the church.  So the King starts the Church and the church keeps the people from waiting to kill him by telling them that if they do they will go to a Hell and if they don’t they will go to a Heaven.  To spread that lie, the fifth council of Nicea took out the chapters where Jesus taught about reincarnation.  They excommunicated four people; a priest, a bishop and a cardinal.  One  of those three had two people.  I learned this in the basement of Princeton’s theological seminary, 30 years ago. So if they could keep the people confused about the true nature of heaven and hell, they could keep control over them.  If you don’t understand your world around you, you are easy to control.


But getting back to my parents.  Back in August, 2015, I was invited by my mother to go on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with her and her church.   I immediately said no.  I had already bought a ticket for a New Years Eve show that I was looking forward to seeing.  There were many other reasons as well that I could think of in that split second. Like how I am less a fan of the Israeli government than I am of the United States’, or how I didn’t want to be around a group of people who were in the dark about what Jesus really wants and refuse to figure it out for themselves. They follow a corrupt church who just want to make a buck off of them and who tell them that Jesus hates fags, but loves abortion clinic bombers.  She’s 70-years-old, she’ll never give up the programming.  There is nothing I can do about it and that saddens me.  Plus, I was working on this site.  When I told my mother all this, she was very quick to talk me out of it by saying that we would have a great time together and that I needed a “break” with “whatever” it was I was doing.  Yeah, that was another thing I thought about. Her ignorance is something which I had to be on marijuana to deal with.  Spending 11 days without, and in a room at night with her, didn’t seem too cool for the both of us.  Knowing that my mother knew me, I told her about how she knew how I viewed the Catholic’s.  She was very quick to respond that they were great people and that I would love them and the priest, Father Casey Jones and would have a great time.  Within 10 to 15 seconds, I changed my answer from “no”, to “okay”.  I am a life long Dead Head who has been inside around 75 shows. I figured this Casey Jones either is related to the famous engineer, or he has/had parents with a great sense of humor, or his parents were/are Dead Heads.  Either one would mean a pretty cool person to meet. I couldn’t wait to find out.  We were both excited. 

There was still more than three months before the start of the trip, but getting ready for this trip was a little time consuming.  I had lost my passport 20 years ago, which I haven’t used in 30 years, so I had to reapply for a lost passport and to renew it at the same time.  I told my mother I was concerned that I might be on the no-fly list.  A very good brother of mine ended up on that list after the start of OWS and he had only been a gay rights activist most of his years.  What I had been doing over the previous 20 years was a little more dangerous than that.  I figured if he was on it, so was I.  I was afraid I might not be issued the passport.  Anyway, this time consumption away from working on this site, was spent applying for the passport, which was helped out by relatives, and friends of theirs, everyone pulling together so that I may take this trip back home.  (I know I used to live there in past incarnations.)  It didn’t go down as easy as a normal passport would have.  I owe my father for what I hear he did to help me get it.  Also, I am a anthropologist, so there was that interest in going with me as well.  Lo and behold, I was issued the passport, hopefully guaranteeing that I am cleared to fly.  I finished making my preparations.  I had to take time off from working for you all to buy things I would need for this trip.  My mother is a world traveler, but I am not.  I got some luggage, new cloths and shoes, which I needed, but which I normally don’t buy until the upper separates from the sole.  I even got a hair cut, something I haven’t done in over two years.  The week before we were to leave, I spent watching shows like “Ancient Aliens” and “Secrets of the Bible”, plus others, on Netflix.  I was watching all I could on the Holy Land in order to have scholarly debate with the priest while out of earshot of the people.

That entire time, I was concerned with how my behavior would be on the trip.  My feelings of how all you Catholics cannot see the evil through the bling weighs heavily on me.  I truly want to get you all to see it; especially my parents.  Last week I mentioned again to my mother how I hoped I could keep my mouth shut.  So did she.  I smoke marijuana every day to keep me either creative to work on this site, or calm, as I have to hear daily reports of unarmed children being killed by the police. There wasn’t going to be any on the trip to keep me humming along, so we were a little worried.  But I pretty much knew I could handle it by keeping to myself and assured her she had nothing to worry about.  She reassured me that everyone who was going on this trip were great people and the priest was one of the good guys that I would like.  I thought about all that.  It would be interesting to have a philosophical debate with a priest about the church he supports.  If I can work it in.  So earlier this week, I decide to introduce myself to this priest, in order to show him that I am not brainwashed, not a catholic and that I have discovered a new $y$tem to end capitalism and bring peace to the earth.  I had a feeling my mother hide it from him.  She does like to deceive, she is a catholic.  So I sent a text to my mother telling her not to worry about me and the priest.  I had an idea.  A couple of days after sending that text, I sent Father Casey Jones, the wording of this letter below:

    Hello, Father Casey/Mr. Jones,

I started out this way for two reasons.  One, because it shows him the respect that he receives from my mother, and two because I do not use titles of nobility and wanted to make that clear to the good padre.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Lou Levite, Jr. I am the son of ******* ******. We are both going on the Pilgrimage this Sunday.

    You probably haven't hear much about me, as my parents are embarrassed about what I do in life. They would rather me be like them. However, that is not what I promised my GOD over 30 years ago. What I promised is what I have been working on my whole life: how to end capitalism and bring peace to the planet. Over two years ago, I found a solution and began placing it in a website. I have been working on it ever since. It is still not complete. That website is And what I wrote for the Christians can be seen here You might want to read it before we meet. I don't want there to be any ambiguity towards me.

My parents are very embarrassed by what I do.  They would rather I work in a McDonald’s, than work on any movement.  My father has even expressed wishes to see me fail in taking away capitalism.  I didn’t want my mother to know I wrote that. I thought that telling a priest would keep that between us.  And the funny/strange thing about this paragraph is that the priest never refereed to it, not my parents, not my plan for ending capitalism and bringing peace to the earth, other then the language I used in the links, when he wrote back his response.  Things that make you go “humm”.  So I tell him I want to introduce myself to him. Nothing big there.

    I do not believe in these fairy tales. I know something happened, just not how everyone believes. You'll know more after reading the site. The only reason why I accepted this offer to go was because I used to live there, in past lives. I am hoping to figure it all out. That's it, that's the only reason. I will not be mesmerized by what I see, nor enthralled from what I hear. I do not believe like you Christians, especially you Catholics, believe and after you read the website, you will understand how it is I feel about your boss and how man came to this earth. Good Pope, better than the last one.

So here I let him know that I am a mature person, not one he could ever fool into believing in his fairy tales.  I let him know, with no uncertainty, that I do not believe like his religion, but that I still have a little respect for his boss.  I had been receiving emails about all the masses they were going to have and told my mother not to expect me to go to any of them with her.  Seems friendly.  Nothing earth shattering.

    Please read the site. Your religion is coming to an end. You might as well start to accept the fact that I am and have started a movement. We plan to end this current $y$tem and replace it with something I invented and call "christianity". You might like it. After reading the page for the Christians you will understand why it is that your religion is coming to an end. Sorry, but it is time for everyone to stop the lying and grow up. Maybe the wheels will get spinning in your head and rather than sit on all this information, you will tell your boss that the jig is up, and you guys are about to be exposed.

I should have never included that paragraph in the letter.  I believe that it is this paragraph that set him off enough to politely tell me to piss off. From what you just read, and are about to read, do you think there is any indication that I am a “threat”, a threat of such nature as to unsettle his mind and make him feel that his “safety” is in jeopardy?  Yet, you will see the answer to that is “yes”.  All I wanted from that paragraph was to maybe have the “father” forward this to the Pope, in the hopes that these “men” could identify my pain and give me a private audience with the Pope.  Casey Jones is just too stupid to figure it out.

    I look forward to the trip and meeting you. My mother speaks very highly of you, so... I will keep my thoughts and knowledge to myself and your flock of sheeple still in the dark. At least for this trip. Have a great holiday.

Did he need that translated as well?  Here, all I do is let him know how I am looking forward to meeting him and that I will behave myself and not let his sheeple know what I know, at least for the trip.  Perhaps he didn’t like me calling his flock sheeple.  He never saw that as a challenge to prover me wrong.  Wonder why?  Some people had been holding back, under my direction, at a twitter storm of the web sites.  I have been asking them not to yet, as I just wanted to go to Israel, undetected, then return to begin the movement.  Now, thanks to Casey Jones, I can get another 11 days of work done.

    Peace be with you,

    Lou Levite, Jr.

    a.k.a. Gnome Travels

My expected response from this man about what I wrote was totally opposite of what its intentions were.  That was my first mistake, I had expectations of the response, when I shouldn’t have.  I should have made the thought that this priest my not be one of the good guys and would go running to the establishment.  My expectation was that he would be impressed with what he read at the site.  My mother said he was one of the good guys; she lied to me, for the last time.  Rather, he was offended by it.  I guess I can kind of see how all this might be taken.  It is pretty angry and preachy, and the last thing any priest wants is to be preached to by a layman on how they support a corrupt and evil church by belonging to it.  That’s what they do not want to hear.  The notion that anyone would bring up ancient history about the Catholic Church in an attempt to free its members, is one that has to be quashed by those in control.   Father Casey Jones, was scared of what he read, and took the following steps:

Father Casey’s response was to call me, on Christmas, and tell me that no one liked me, so he was uninviting me on the Pilgrimage and that there was some sort of letter in my inbox.  You can listen to the message left for me by Father Casey Jones, on Christmas, by clicking here. Listen to his voice.  It sounds more like a police lieutenant’s  voice.  Whatever.  He just told me, like a tyrant, like a government who would have me on a no-fly list, that I was not going with them.  Can you believe that?  Wait until you read what he wrote.  It can be viewed here.

government and church together

Let’s place the letter here like we did above with my letter to him and pick it apart:

    Hello Lou,

    Thank you for writing. As I am sure you understand, our number one concern on this trip is the safety of our pilgrims, and assuring our arrival in Isreal. Travel to Isreal is different than travel to Europe or other regions of the world. There is what can at times be a rigorous screening after airport security. The trip organizer and myself are asked to, in a sense, "vouch" for each member of our group.

How disrespectful it is for him to have spelled Israel like he did.  Stupid Christians, they really know Jack about shit.  In this opening paragraph he states things I am already aware of (why I have no fear of going over there) and that he is asked to “vouch” for the people in the group.  I have no idea what he means by that.  It sounds like a manner practiced only by the Mafia. They are the Roman Catholic Church.  Is he saying he will not “vouch” for me?  It is true he never knew me, so why bring this up now?  I must have been a bad boy.

    After consultation with Marcellino and the tour directors, after reading your email, we are not comfortable to have you travel with us. And thus, must rescind our invitation for you to join our pilgrimage. I'm sure you could understand our concerns in bringing someone along, who openly opposes the United States government, and desires to end the Catholic Church, and felt the need to disclose these opinions to a priest via email on Christmas Eve.

Now I have no idea who or what this Marcellino is, but this is who Father Casey called first.  The tour directors are, well, I only know one, Cyndi Lucky of Consolidated Tours.  She is with the  Crossroads Initiative.  Don’t use them. Rather than being able to comprehend that this letter was to be between us and possibly the Pope, and taking a few days to get to know what a great guy I really am, or write me or call my mother to find out more, he writes to this Marcellino person and the tour directors and asks them how to proceed because he is their brainwashed little monkey for them.  Anyway, he says that they are all, himself included, “not comfortable to have you travel with us. And thus, must rescind our invitation for you to join our pilgrimage.” I had no idea the invitation to go on this trip came from them, I though it came from my mother.  Guess we see where the real power is.  Next is a rhetorical question that I can answer.  The question, if it is one: “I'm sure you could understand our concerns in bringing someone along, who openly opposes the United States government, and desires to end the Catholic Church, and felt the need to disclose these opinions to a priest via email on Christmas Eve.”  But I don’t understand their concerns.  Just sounds to me to be like someone with with a pretty good grip on reality, with a lot of knowledge, whose brain I’d like to pick. Like the ex KGB agent who knows about the alien conspiracy that I met the other day. I could go if I liked the government, but since I am one who, “...who openly opposes the United States government, and desires to end the Catholic Church, and felt the need to disclose these opinions to a priest via email on Christmas Eve”, can’t go.  Why he wrote such nonsense is beyond me.  And don’t people tell priests things because they trust them?  I guess only if you are a paying member do they extend that to you for your crimes, or sins.  Maybe he’s pissed because I came calling during the “busy season”.  He did feel it necessary to mention the timing of the letter.  Nope, doesn’t like the government, doesn’t like the church, we can’t burn him at the steak if he doesn’t take it back, so just tell him he can’t go with us because of “safety” concerns.  Go fuck yourselves.

    While I certainly respect others viewpoints, even controversial ones, the opinions expressed and the language you use on your website do not give me the confidence in safety that we need to have you as part of our group. Had we known of these earlier, the invitation never would have been extended in the first place, frankly.

In this paragraph, his first sentence, wtf does that mean?  That really is some “newspeak” that Orwell warned us about in “1984”.  What is this guy’s definition of “safety”?  Hey Casey Jones, you keep using the word “safety”, I do not think it means what you think it means.  So, this Casey Jones guy respects others viewpoint, just not mine.  He didn’t like the language? He should read some Sidney Sheldon, he was my mother’s favorite.  This is the way his flock speaks when he’s not around. And since I use language in the common man, this guy will definitely not guarantee my first amendment right to do so.  If he was in congress in 1798, I am sure he was in on the Aliens and Sedition’s Act. This is why our government never wanted religious nut bags in it, because this is what they do; they restrict you. Then he goes and tells me that had he known he would have never extended the invitation.  Again, as if it came from him and not my mother.  I should sue this guy.  I want to see where it says that those who know the truth cannot go?  Lawsuit.  My forte.  But his real anger should be directed toward my mother (not me), who knew of my feelingsand all along, yet never told anyone about it.  She’s a paying member, she’ll be forgiven, where I am told to go fuck myself.

Before I had read this, I asked my mom if she was still going. After a pause she finally answered, “yes”.  Again, a paying member.  Her sin will go unpunished, but not mine.

    I'm sorry for this unfortunate situation, and that this had to be delivered on Christmas. However, your timing of sending this email left us with no choice.

Here he sort of apologies for having to tell me this on Christmas.  Boo, hoo.  The Devil, never takes a day off.  Christmas is just another Hallmark Holiday to me when they shut everything down and it takes a couple of weeks to get anything done.  The day meant nothing to me.

    I will immediately call you upon sending this email to ensure that you received it.

    Should you need anything, or if you would like to meet in person one day on a visit to Florida I'd be happy to see you. I wish you the best. May God bless you.

Hold on there Casey Jones. You getting high on cocaine?  You better watch your speed there, brother.  You just spent the entire letter telling me that I am not welcomed because I do not believe like you and use passionate language in my Internet writings.  I’m still a Christian, sort of.  Then you patronizes me with this shit?  Should I need anything?  I need world peace asshole, you gonna give that to me?  No!  So I have to do it on my own.  I am too dangerous to meet with on the trip, but not too dangerous to meet with in Florida?  Who are you trying to kid? 

What would make a person like him ever believe that a person like me, after being told to kindly “fuck off”, in so many words, would ever want to see this very same person ever again?  Fuck him.  I’m a danger to his safety?  What the fuck does that mean?  So this guy will extend a Bill of Attainder against me just to keep me away from him and the sheeple, because he ”thinks” that I will ...what? kill him and the others?  Guess so.  Either that or they just don’t want me in earshot of the sheeple.  I’m a safety concern when it comes to their continuing with with their conspiracy.  Fuck him and the Pope.  Thanks for nothing, assholes.

    Rev. Casey F. Jones

Sincerely my ass.  What’s with this guy?  Is he really that immature as to not know how to deal with a meet and greet letter from the son of one of his patrons? (I should have realized that this man would just be a private.  Another mistake I will keep in mind.) And they are patrons and not parishioners.  My mother buys their crap just like she buys the crap of the psychics.  Spends tons of money on them. Believes in reincarnation too; took the pill, divorce, etc., etc. If this was a few hundred years ago, her pedophile would burn her at the steak for believing and doing such things.  But she’s a paying member, so...  This letter went all over Florida, ending up in Texas and a few cities in Israel.  Rather than write or call my mother, or me even, he gives it to others, without ever having seen the site...unless he was located in Fort Myers; I sent it to a different county, two over and 60 miles away.

It really looks like the one who should be punished as severely as me, should be my mother. She knew the entire time about me and my website.  I even placed it as the home page on my father’s computer, but he made me take it down the next time I saw him a couple of months later. I wonder if he ever saw it? But the thing about my mother, she is a narcissist.  If it doesn’t directly and presently effect her, she doesn’t pay attention to it.  I told her about the website for years, even sent here links. Rather then going over the site to learn what I am doing and being proud enough to tell her family, she would only go on for a few minutes, but then leave.  She is like the mother in the new GE commercial.  This one here. She has never believed in me, and always believe in her church, which tells her, her son cannot go with her because he is a danger and she is lucky they are letting her go after she hid this deal breaker from them.  Frankly. She works for the devil.  Loves to lie.  Makes me suffer all the time.  In my life, I found out that as long as I did the opposite of whatever she told me, things pretty much worked out for the best.  But when I followed her advice, it always turned out bad for me in the end.  This is obviously one of those times. When at first asked to go, I asked her if it was okay being who I was and knowing how much the world wants to kill me to save capitalism and wealth.  I should have known she was lying when she said they were great people.  I should have never followed her advice to go on this trip.  I had a Dead And Co. ticked this year that I bought a week before I knew about this trip, so I sold it months ago.  Now I’ve got nothing to do but sit here and work.  She, and her pedophile, broke my heart.  And now, to show you, my followers and would be followers, how serious I am now about the Catholic Church, I herby profess, that if my mother gets on a plane in New York today and flies to Israel and not to where I am, I will never see, speak nor write to her and my father ever again.  Now most of this was written the day after Christmas and the flight left three nights ago.  I have no idea if she went.  She didn’t come here.

I have been preaching the removal of one’s self from evil for decades now.  That is why I no longer listen to the church.  I am not stupid, I know when I’m being lied to and I can figure things out on my own.  My mother can never remember how to cut and paste, so rather than learning, she would call me over, time and time again, to show her how to do it.  I’m the smartest person she knows, so she says, but she stills wants someone other then me to tell her about “reality”.  I’m not smart enough in that department. My father, he cannot figure out anything on his own either, unless it has to do with making money.  That’s all he does is try to make it in the stock market.  He calls me when his sink is clogged and the fix is a simple reset of the garbage disposal.  But he doesn’t want to think for himself.  He wants me to tell him how his sink works each time it breaks down and the pedophiles to tell him what comes after death.  See what I mean? This is what I think of my father: I believe he was molested by a pedophile...I mean a priest, when he was an alter boy.  I won’t say how I know this, I just know that my belief in this is so great that I am willing(if I were a betting man)  to bet him his life against mine just to get him to admit it.  I understand it wasn’t his fault, but I don’t think he does.  My father is America’s wet dream.  I hope I see him real soon.

I am now going to put my money, or lack there of, where my mouth is.  See, I get my money the same way the Catholic Church gets theirs: from my parents.  So what I am about to do may put me into dire straights.  If the church ever lost my parents’ money, they would be very disappointed.  I am sure they guilt them into a lot; I do. By the same token, it would be worse if I were to get cut off, yet this is a scary scenario which I must now contemplate. They may be forgiving like their Jesus, but I am vengeful like their God.  Those two kids at the apple tree didn’t listen; and did God do the Christian thing?  No, he cast hell on them.  His boy would forgive them and let them stay in paradise, but his old man wasn’t going to have it and threw them out of paradise to a life of suffering.  So what is really going on here?  This is fable of many paradoxes.  Listen up everyone because I am about to cut the cord. 

Most of my friends and family have been told that I no longer wish to be in their company if they are not willing to accept that capitalism must go and help me end it.  It’s all I talk about,  Some refuse only because they are millionaires and don’t want to give up “their money”.  I have never expressed my feelings about all this with my relatives though, and not because they are rich, they are not. I think only my my father and I am sure a cousin who is a neurosurgeon in Philly, are the rich ones (one percenters) in his family.  I never told them because they are all Catholic and very much in the dark.  They all follow in my mother’s footsteps in saying “that’s nice, you’re gonna change the world. Which color shirt do you like best.”  They are the people I am trying to wake up. But now I say to the only two relatives I ever talked to, my parents, that if they do not leave this nonsense and begin to learn for themselves, I will have no other choice then to remove myself from all communication with them.  I am not Jesus.  You want forgiveness?  Go to HIM.  He’ll forgive you if you don’t leave the church; up and to the point when you realize its evils, yet refuse to leave.  A real test of faith. I am showing them (as well as everyone) the errors of there ways.  I’m just trying to stop the evil.  And now that you know of your church’s lies and evils, you must leave them, or be judge along with them and those who support them.  Just like a corporation will become a collective where everyone shares in the liability equally and will have to answer for any of the wrongs it’s done, so too, will you be judged for your affiliation with this church.

I wrote that above because I know some people who were in the Church of Scientology for 40 years.  I know what that church did to them and how they kept the rest of their family, who are still in the church, away from them.  It seems the Catholic Church does the same with it’s current members as well.  They are doing the exact same thing to my mother.  They wont let her see me because I am no longer a “believer”, because you can only “believe” in something that cannot be proven, either way, at all.  My mother is going along with the conclusion that I am a danger to herself and the lives of everyone on the trip.  For no reason whatsoever, she is agreeing with them and still going on the trip.  She is choosing them over me.  She can no longer have both.  They insult her son and her intelligence by telling her, her son is a danger to society and she goes along with it. It is not hard to insult my mother’s intelligence. I think she may have an IQ under normal.  My father didn’t marry her for her brains.

I contacted her by text, and asked her if she was still going and if Casey Jones can just throw me off the train like that.  She said yes to both and she didn’t want to talk about it.  She had no problem with me never speaking to her again.  I think there is something more sinister at play here.

Who were all the people Father Casey Jones sent that personal email to after he received it?  It went around Florida and a few cities in Israel.  How do I know?  I’m smart.  Who were these people?  Am I no longer flying under the radar, or do I have to watch my back from now on?  Look at how this all went down:

  1. Casey Jones receives letter on December 24, 2015, sometime between 1:31 and 3 pm, pacific daylight savings time. Unknown when he first saw the email.  He views at three and begins sending it around an hour later.  One place, Ft. Myers.
  2. Phone rings at 12:57. Number is restricted, a none number I do not answer in case it is an ex girlfriend that likes to call me on Christmas this way.  A message is left and I pick it up.
  3. An e-mail is delivered in my inbox around 1 pm, Christmas day from Casey Jones.
  4. Fuming over the message left, I took the indica I save for when I get aggravated.
  5. Five minutes later I text my mother while under the assumption that she already knows. She does and she is still going.
  6. I spend the rest of the day smoking indica, thinking and avoiding people.
  7. 5:21 pm, phone rings with restricted number.  Again, thinking this could be an ex-girlfriend who is relentless when I don’t answer the first time, and thinking this is her first call, I didn’t answer, as I do with all hidden numbers.  No message is left.
  8. 10 pm, my mother logs on to the wesite.
  9. December 26th, I read the email sent to me yesterday for the first time. I spent an hour or two smoking the rest of my indica in order to calm down.  I send him a response, telling him off shortly after 8:30 am.
  10. I spend the rest of the day writing all this, while switching to the strain, Jesus OG, a sativa.

My mother had no problem with me saying that i will never speak to her again.  It’s like she doesn’t want to speak to me again.  That worries me.  There were 24 hours for Casey Jones to speak to my mother.  I wonder what he told her?  It is obvious that he told her I am a “threat” to everyone.  She obviously agreed with them and either would not, or could not talk them out of it.  Probably the former.  I’m sure her days with the church are numbered.

Sure I’m a little scared, only because I don’t know what will come next and that is all fear is: the unknown.  Will I be cut off, or will the church be cut off?  Or will we both continue to receive funds from my father?  Interesting questions.  How about, will he stop paying both?  I doubt that.  This is the choice: either leave your church and learn of life and what Jesus really wanted for us, or I will never speak with you again.  And these folks know I’m serious.  They remember what happened just after September 11th of 2001, after their daughter uninvited me to her wedding. She was given an ultimatum and she never spoke to me again.

Update: May 20, 2016

It has been about five months since all this happened and I wrote it all down above.  When I got to the end, I just gave up.  There were too many feelings I couldn’t shake.  Also there were too many things I wanted to say.  It was a little overwhelming for me to concentrate.  I went into a six month writer’s block due to this and another incident that happened a few days later.   I will be finishing this page over the next week or two or three.

Update: June 27, 2016

I had to stop everything to write this here.  Today it was reported that the Pope apologized to the LGBT community for how the church discriminated and for all the weapons they blessed.  Ha!  Is he kidding?  That is exactly why Constantine brought this church in to existence.  It was to keep control over the people; to give them some hope for their pathetic little lives; to tell the people not to rock the boat; pay their taxes; kill the “heretics” and so on.  It never had anything to do with teaching the lessons of Christ.  You have all been hoodwinked and you just don’t see it.  So what is going on with this new Pope?

I think someone is getting scared.  He saw the none catholic people in Orlando gathering to morn the attack on the Pulse nightclub.  He knows his church has turned a blind eye to all the hate that was taught by them.  You want to bomb an abortion clinic or kill a doctor who performs abortions, go right ahead.  You want to put down the LGBT people, sure, why not.  You want to burn or drown a witch or someone going against the church’s teaching that the earth is not flat, stationary, nor the center of the universe?  No problem and by all means, do.  Whatever the king wanted, the church steered his way. The Pope, apologizing for the exploited working-children in the world?  What about how all your priests who exploited their alter boys and how your lobby is the only thing keeping the statue of limitation laws on the books for child molesters.  You guys suck. This Pope has a feeling you will all wake up and storm the Vatican.  He’s just trying to get you on his side.  You know, making adjustment to reflect an ever-changing market.  Market that is.  If I were Francis, I would be scared.  Unless he wants to tell us the truth about the history of the church?  I might believe him then.


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