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Messege To Humanity

Courtroom Techniques for Fighting

the Fourth American Revolution

Now that we have stopped spinning, and are standing balanced, we can turn their game around and spin them a bit. It might sound a little cruel, but I don't see it that way. If an agent of the state has to arrive at "the spin" (and trust me, these courtroom techniques will spin them), then we should remember that it is through their blindness that they arrive. Let's hope that it is quick and painless for them so we can both get back to our own business.

The first thing to remember whenever dealing with any agents of the court is to remain humble. I cannot stress this enough.  The knowledge you are about to receive will put you in a position of power over them. It is the forbidden fruit they don’t want you to eat and you are about to take in a lot.  If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then remembering that is prudent for keeping composure and staying humble. If we are called to do battle with them, then we go armed with the truth; for truth is something that no one can refute.

I would suggest to anyone who has never read the rules for criminal procedure for your particular state you will be fighting in, to go on line and read the rules.  Each state has different rules so you want to know them before you go into any battle. After reading the “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”, this website and your states’ individual rules of criminal procedure, you will have a very good basic training for courtroom battle.  You should be able to go in there, without fear and state your case.  And that’s not always easy.  It took years for me to get over the fear.  Sometimes I would pop a sedative before going into the courtroom.  For me, it is entering “the belly of the beast”.  But there was no one there to teach me like you are getting taught now.  Sure, I had my mentors, William Thomas and David Dodge, but most of it I learned on my own, through trial and error, and so will you.  Just be glad that you will have all this knowledge dumped on you all at once and an Internet to do all your research from.  For me it took over 30 years of going to law libraries and dozens of appearances before the court. So just be glad.

These teachings are for our benefit. They are guaranteed to expose the corruption of the United States’ governments.  If a semester of high school was devoted to teaching the students how to file all of these, there would be no need for filing any of these things after a few years.  There a many more things you can do to fight the $y$tem. Most are simple to learn. The best way to beat them is with the truth.  If you know you are not in the wrong you will be able to find a law that can prove that.  Some of these methods I take are the following:

Using any of the four above-mentioned pleadings will give you an edge over the governments.  They really don’t know the law.  They have been told to do things one way and of course this way is usually unCon-stitutional.  None of them have ever checked the law to see how things are really supposed to happen.  So when they see any of these documents cross their desks, they overheat and blow a gasket.  You can click on any of the links to be brought to that page to learn on each.  They are three ways of suing the government officials and the last one is for after you have been arrested.  The rest of this page will be devoted to appearing before the court.

Meat Grinder:

First Appearance/Arraignment

Weather or not you have been kept in the holding cell or lounge, or you were placed in general population or just let go, sooner or later you’re going to face the judge.  If you are incarcerated you will make a first appearance either in person, or by live video.  This is very scary, but this is where the fun begins.  So hold on tight, there are many moves from here that will set the stage with the court and how they will treat you.  Remember that whole you go amongst the wolves as sheep thing and all that.

The law used to be Title 18, United States Code, section 3161, the speedy trial act, but courtrooms today are so filled that they ignore that law, to give them some breathing room.  We are not going to play that game.  Hey, I didn’t write the law, I only read it.  Each state has its own speedy trial act, but their deffinition of “speedy” is a little different from Title 18.

There is a difference between first appearance and arraignment. First appearance is more of an informality if you haven’t boned or bailed out of jail by then.  It’s more a bail hearing to see if the judge can kick you out of jail or wants to keep you in.  Hey, he’s the King.  If you’re in front of him, your bail must be too high for you to pay.  I must admit, I never heard of this “first arraignment” until recently.  It is not a legal term found in any dictionary.  Twenty years ago there was no first appearance.  When you got arrested you got arraigned.  And the law back then was for arraignment to happen within ten days of the arrest.  Arraignment is something totally different.

The same things that happen at an arraignment happen at a first appearance with the exception that you do not enter a plea.  You will be informed of your rights and the judge will determine if there is probable cause for your arrest and incarceration.  If the charge is a felony the rules are a little different.  We’ll get into them a little later.  When you bail out of jail right after your arrest, there is usually no first appearance.  You show up for arraignment.  So I think that this “first appearance” thing is made up by the state to allow the prosecution more time to prepare the information.

Before you speak to the judge, either the clerk or the judge will Marandize you.  This is to cover their bases.  They will then have you raise your hand and either swear or affirm that what you will say will be the truth and all that.  That is usually done as a group.  When the crowd says, “I do,” or “yes,” I say, “no.”  They never hear me.  I figure if I get questioned that I would tell them that the police lie to the courts all the time, so why should I be any different?  I’d tell them they’d just have to trust me.

Have you ever seen a prosecutor enter a courtroom?  They are usually toting between one and three hundred cases they have to work on.  When they come in, they begin wheelin’ and dealin’ with the defense attorneys to avoid trial.  The funny/strange thing about this is, some of those assistant prosecutors have never tried a case.  Most of them are a year or two out of law school and none of them would ever expect what you are about to unleash on them.

At first appearance, the judge is going to inform you of your right to remain silent, read over the police report and determine they had probable cause to arrest you, inform you of your rights and set a bail; or not.  He may let you go R.O.R., released on your own recognizes.  He will make a court date for your arraignment and send you on your way.  If he sets a bail, you inform him that your, “…family will not pay a ransom for your return and for the court to suggest that I either pay or stay, sounds like an extortion attempt which is a violation of Title 18, U.S. Code, section 872.”  He’ll probably chuckle that off and sent you back to jail.

Next is the arraignment.  Your case is called and the judge asks you how you plea.  Number one, do not make a plea.  Ask the judge to supply you with the “letter of the law” for you to review before you can ponder any plea.  This is something they never see, except with me.  They will stop the court while they look for the “letter of the law” as it is written in the code.  Once it has been retrieved everything starts up again.

Now really read the law.  Let’s say you were arrested for possession of marijuana.  The law may read that if you have 20 grams or less of marijuana it is a misdemeanor and if you have 20 grams or more it is a felony.  So you look it over.  For this scenario it is less than 20 grams.   So you read the law.  What do you do next?

There are many scenarios that could happen next.  It is all in how you want to play this.  You’re not paying a ransom, so give that up.  The judge is going to ask you how you plea.  Never make a plea!  No matter what, you are still to determine whether or not this court and its players have jurisdiction over your body or not.  Not yet at least. 

One thing we used to do back at the Compound in Atlanta, was to immediately inquire about the flag and why it has gold fringe and tassels hanging from it.  According to title 4 of U.S. Code, chapter one about the flag, sections 1 and 2, give what a flag looks like.   Section 8 is about respect to the flag.  It states that: “(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”  So why the flag with all the fringe?

That flag is a flag of Admiralty.  I’m not going to get into it here, for you all should have first read my book, “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”.  Why they fly that flag is all explained in there.  Read it all.  However, since the nineties, I have seen this military flag start to disappear.  Back in 1994, I was living in Lexington, Kentucky, working on a few cases throughout the state.  One was one of mine.  Another was with a brother named “Little Goat”.  He and Gatewood Galbreath were arrested at a pot demonstration.  One day, we were listening to a call in show, which Gatewood was a guest on.  That morning, in the newspaper The Lexington Herald, was a photo of a courtroom that showed an Admiralty flag flying in background.  We called Gatewood and asked him why the courtrooms all have flags of Admiralty hanging and not official United States of America flags as described in Title 4 of the United States Code, sections 1 and 2?  He was stumped.  He said that no courtroom in America flies a flag of admiralty.  When he was told to go to the Lexington Herald, he said that was probably left behind from some type of meeting that must have happened in there.  I got it on tape.  Not sure if I could still find it today.  Maybe.  But Gatewood was quick to defend the $y$tem much like the judges do when they dismiss your charges because you were asking about an admiralty flag flying in your courtroom.

Now all of that is good, but I have notice, lately, that many of the courtrooms are flying title 4 United States’ flag and not the flag of admiralty.  Why is this?  Could it be that perhaps it is due to patriots like myself and others like me, who questioned this, and spread this information throughout the jails, made a difference?  I’d say so.  So if you study the works (minus the “Essays on Banking”) in the “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution” and understand where the flag fits into all this, you’ll be able to bring this up.  If not, let it pass.  Also, as I said, a lot of the courtrooms have removed this flag today, so you might not even get the chance to use this in court.

Another case stopper that pretty much guaranteed you walked away from the charges, was mention of the original 13th amendment of 1819.  There is pleanty on this subject in my book, or on line.

Upon looking over the letter of the law, kindly mention that you have discovered the original 13th amendment to the constitution, ratified in 1819, and that you believe there are foreign agents working for the court.  You then ask the judge, the court, if you may have a continuance so that you may study this more closely, then file a copy of the law with the court.  I’ll have everything you have to file posted on this site in a short while. The judge may grant your request or he might not.  If he does not, then go to the next step, if he says sustains it, says yes, then leave after making a new court date.  You may also at this time go to the next step, which will be in the making of motions.

This is why it is important not to make a premature plea.  There are many pre plea motions that you will lose the right to make once you have entered into a plea.  So, never enter into any pleas.  If you are still standing there, ask for a continuance so that you may prepare and file any pre plea motions.  The judge should have no problem doing that for ya.  You want to make very clear to the court that you do not give up your right guaranteed by the sixth amendment or a speedy trial, and you in no way want this continuance to be seen as a disqualifier for the speedy trial act.  Once you ask for more time, the speedy trial act is off the table for good, so make sure to reserve that right.  Or, you can be one of the people who enter the jail with your motions already in hand and file your motions right there and then with the judge.  It is then up to the judge to set the motions on the schedule and continue the case until then.  Don’t leave without a hearing date for the motions.  Or they might here them then and there.  The prosecution would have to be in on that.  More than likely though, the prosecution will need some time to go over the motions and prepare an answer to them, so it is very likely that your case will be continued to the hearing date.

Now these motions will be pre written by both you and me before your planed actions commence.  They will have the proper court names and parties on each of them, along with a blank line for where the case number will go.  Each will be tailored to fit the state and crime of each case.  Some of the motions I have written and filed will be placed on this page, as soon as I can gather them up. Read them to get some ideas.  All motions will cover a rang of subjects from the constitutionality of the law to the jurisdiction of the courts.

Another thing you all want to do before your action begins, is to read your state’s constitution.  You’d be surprised how many constitutions have “rights” that discriminate.  That is another possible thing you can all fight.  I made mention of this with the Florida state constitution, they didn’t like reading that.  This cite is contained on page five of Rain’s Motion To Dismiss, posted on the Occupy The System page and which you all should have read by now.

If the judge either hears your pre plea motions and denies them all, or just runs your through the process, never, under any circumstance, enter a plea.  You will not submit to the jurisdiction.  Once you do, they have you.  So you make it known that you go kicking and screaming all the way. 

Another fact that you have to point out to the judge is that you are not taking a lair…I mean a lawyer.  You tell them that.  Now, he’s not going to like that.  He’s going to try to talk you out of it.  You just tell him that you cannot afford an attorney as they want more for an hour of work then you make in day or a week or something like that.  Then you express your distrust of the any court appointed attorney, the public pretender, because the plaintiff pays for them and those who arrested you, and you feel that any lawyer would cover his bliss source before he covered his client.  So, don’t let him talk you out of it.  He might want to assign a lawyer to you, just incase you need some help.  You can do whatever you want.  I’d take him, and use him for the things they will block you on.  You can always call or email him questions you might have.  Either way, it is you who will handle the case and not them.  Sometimes, I will take a public pretender with the intent of using him all the way to the closing argument.  If we ever got there, I would fire him and tell the jury about FIJA. 

Not having a lawyer or “representing" yourself is another thing you have to be aware of.  You are not going to be representing yourself, you are going to be yourself.  Pro Se means you represent yourself.  But how can you “represent” that of which you already are?  You can’t do that, you can only be that of which you are.  So, rather then standing before the court, Pro Se, you will stand there, In Propria Persona.  That means you are the real person in the matter and you question their perceived jurisdiction over you.  All your paperwork will be signed that way.  Judges hate having to deal with a defendant.  First off, they have to look them in the eye and talk directly to them.  So the conversation becomes more like, “and sir, if you are not in court at that time on that day, I will issue a bench warrant for your arrest,” not, “tell your client, Mr. Smith, that if he is not in this courtroom at that time and on that date I am going to issue a bench warrant for his arrest.”  See the difference?  The judge does, and so do the defendants.  With a lawyer, the judges can disconnect themselves from the defendants.  But when there is no lawyer it becomes more personal.  It is no longer the meat grinder, it is a person whose eyes they have to look at and lie to.

If any of you are real brave and think you have a good grip on the conspiracy and what is going on, and you think you can be a good lawyer, then another aspect you can go after is the fact that the courtrooms only let licensed attorneys work for plaintiffs or defendants.  When the judge starts telling you that only a licensed attorney can tell you what to do, or something like that, you tell him that sounds like a monopoly for the American Bar Association and that you will probably be filing charges against them for this practice.  The judge will probably blow that off and look for any reason to allow you to go it alone.

For those of you who will be using a jailhouse or ex bar member lawyers, which we will call the New World Ninjas, you too should keep this in mind.  Who ever is representing you, will speak for you and file the already signed power of attorney form you and the arrestee brought with you.  In fact, if at possible, the New World Ninjas will file all that with the court before you even see a judge, if possible.  Maybe even before the start of the action.

All that having just been taken care of, now the judge is going to demand a plea from you, maybe not.  Maybe your case will be continued.  But if not, and you find yourself standing before the judge who is demanding you make a plea, you then switch to inquiring about the plaintiff.  You go back to the “Justification” and read what happened with Ken Dill when he was made to answer in the Carmel County New York courthouse.  You want to make sure you understand the nature of the charges, but more importantly, the nature of the plaintiff.  Our argument is going to be how you could have injured the plaintiff’s, the real person with a claim of injury and what that injury is’, personal life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.  If you don’t understand the nature of the charges the court cannot proceed.

Doing that could backfire on you as well.  The judge could hold you for a 710-30 hearing saying that you are not mentally capable of assisting in your defense.  Don’t worry, when that happened to Dill, David Dodge wrote up a Petition For Writ of Habeas Corpus and filed it.  Writ of Habeas Corpus is supposed to be suspended right now in this country, so it will be interesting to see how they deal with hundreds of them being filed.

The last thing that could happen is that the judge will just blow you and your wishes off and enter a “not guilty” plea for you.  Let him.  It shows you never answered the jurisdiction question and stood moot while the state entered you into this matter.  Good luck.  Other pages will be drawn up to deal with the trial, but I doubt many of you will ever get that far.  I have a feeling that most of them will be dropped.

impound against 5th Amendment - TON page 17 cross reference

step one at the stop-hand card


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