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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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Messege To Humanity

Didi Banerji

This page coming soon. For now, read this which will be on a sub page.

I met Didi Banerji the moment she arrived at Oceti Sakowin with her mother, sister and a hitchhiker. We camped together until the day that Didi decided that she could out smart me by making be believe a lie. When I called her on it and exclaimed that I was leaving because of this treatment, she called me crazy in front of other water protectors. In my anger from hearing that, I moved to push her away and landed two or three fingertips on her left arm. While I was packing up to leave, I was called up to leadership hill. I left the site and moved there instead. For that, she had me thrown out. Her real reason, however, was so her mother wouldn’t find out why I left the camp, which was because the people there steal and Didi lied to me about seeing her sister ride by me on a horse with Frank Archambault. I’m sure she told her mom that I was thrown out for hitting her because I was just crazy…I wonder. Or, I am nuts and that is why you read this now? You tell me, then have Didi tell me.

1:15 I hope the Chuck mentioned here isn’t Didi’s old boyfriend from Bismarck…

4:10 Didi tells everyone that she is half-white, however she never says what the other half is.

4:40 Her mom “remarried” a traditional Lakota man? Why, was her mother not married to a traditional Lakota before?  Didi makes it seem that her father was not a  “traditional” Lakota, when in fact, he is not an America in any way, other than having had Didi with an American? I’m not even sure Didi was born in this country.

4:51 She lived on the “reserve”….must be an Indian term. Didi is an Indian, a real one, not a N.A.I.

4:53 The word is acculturated, not whatever it was she said…good try though.

Around eight minutes in, Didi, after interrupting Kira from asking her next question, states why she went to Standing Rock.   After we met in the first minutes she arrived at camp, she stated that she went there because she was a registered nurse who wanted to help out her family, her extended family…never mentions that here.

9:51 Didi says, “…people of all races…” Yeah, like hers, which isn’t Native American Sioux. 

13:05 “…as I came out, as a medic.” What does that mean.  While I was there she told me she showed up to give her skills as a nurse because she was a pediatric registered nurse in Canada. But the next thing she said to me was that she heard I had the “hook up”.  “Excuse me”, I said. She repeated, adding that her sister told her that. To which I answered, “She wasn’t supposed to.”  Her sister was the only person in camp that knew I was packin’.  I had told her, Lavina, not to tell her sister, Didi, after she told me Didi was a big pothead.  She told me that she wouldn’t ask for too much, maybe a hit or two at the end of each day and her friend from Bismarck is going to flood the camp soon with pot so she could hook me up in a few days. But Didi, in her roll, was on call 24/7 and this was not what either of us needed. That pot was my medicine and I had no way of replacing it once I ran out. I really couldn’t share. I shared with Didi, because I liked the way she worked for the cause and she was willing to take this all the way to a revolution if need be, so. Plus she said she could replace it, but I’ve heard that before. As long as she kept it mum I could give her what she needed.

Frank Archambault, was the first guy to hit on Didi.  Right after her sister, Lavina, pulled into camp with Didi, their mother and a guy from my old stomping grounds, Atlanta, Frank Archambault was on top of them.  He was on them like the neighborhood welcome wagon. I knew what he was up to, I watched him over the past week hit on just about every girl in the camp.  But Frank had horses and that impressed the girls who now found themselves in a play land at the asking.  He even tied one up to a post in our camp for our using. Yeah, Frank wanted in and at any cost. I think he even faked a fall off a horse just so he could lay around in our camp and moan. (I wonder why…Not.)

So, Didi is saying in this segment that she is now wondering around the camp and meeting people. Yeah, she had the horses and Frank lead her all around the camp. She got to meet everyone there and mostly everyone there really wanted pot. She was going to bring in pounds of it from Bismarck, so she met her future customers under the guise of her being the only RN in camp and to see her if they need “anything”.  She came to me a day or two after this started and told me how she was asleep, after getting high, when she got a call to attend to a child during the middle of the night.  She said that wasn’t too cool to do and pondered if she should quit the nursing gig because she liked riding the horses and getting high all day better; even though she was the only RN on site and one who specialized in pediatrics. It’s funny how there is no mention as to how the truth of her scheme really started in this speech.

13:14 Her roll just keeps on morphing? How does one go from having a passion to heal sick children to just riding around all day as a member of the press?  Well, you meet everyone and sell a lot of pot; that’s how. You only meet the parents of sick children hanging out in a medical tent all day.

13:27 Important for her to get the real story out….Sure.

13:45 The ancestors are there, only not hers.

13:47 “You are safe.” Bull shit. Frank Archambault, maybe with the help of Lavina, stole $700 out of my home. This heist took many from security to pull off.

15:30 MLK? The nerve. 

16:00 She is reading from her notes about not being controlled by the government.  She says they are “peaceful” when they do their actions. So by that logic she has to allow for her adversary, ETP, to be able to do the same.  You know, being able to put their pipeline down without any government interference. So when the water protectors enter their land, it is the right of ETP to shoot anyone crossing their boarder.  Just like Didi and the water protectors would like the right to do should ETP enter on to their property.

18:46 – 8:53 Tries to interrupt Kira and as soon as Kira gives in, Didi quits and acquiesced back to her.

19:08 Started as a medic? No, a full-blown pediatric registered nurse. She met with doctors and got a MASH tent for them to work out of.  In fact, on September 28th, about 2 weeks before this broadcast, Didi put up a go fund me page so she could be there for emergencies and work on the children. Two weeks later she is doing different, with no mention of it on the go fund me page? It’s funny how they never mention this fact as will be evident further on.

22:55 Linda talks about being a target, which was exactly what I was to Frank and Dave Archambault.

23:40 Linda continues talking about the September 3rd action that took place. This was before Didi’s arrival in camp. Didi just has to listen.

26:25 Kira talks about gas lighting, a technique where one evil person denies reality to another person to make the other person think they are crazy, thus disabling them. Didi tried to do this to me on September 18th. Look at the expression on her face as she remembers what she did at this point and the next second.

26:35 Kira say’s they know what’s next, that they are violent and Didi freezes thinking that the notion that anyone who lies cannot be trusted hits her.

27:50 Didi talks about the racism in her own, white, family extended from her mother. I saw a Little House on the Prairie show the other day where a white girl moved on a reservation and was shunned by her family.  Same thing, maybe?

28:03 She says if a government is tyrannical you have the right to overthrow them.  How is that done?  Overthrow? The people are the government. So if a government lies to you are they tyrannical? If you lie to me, are you not just as tyrannical, lying for personal gain?  She continues with definitions that I already defined in my book Justification for the Fourth American Revolution, over 20 years ago.

29:15 She spent every summer in that area…where was she the remaining time while in school?

30:00 They all want to save face…just like Didi wants to do with her mother and now her friends.

31:04 Didi admits to being in Bismarck. She is with the pot grower, her old love interest that she got all dolled up for when she when to meet with him after 30 years. He was gonna make her rich. Probably why she came. She had no job in Canada and had to do something and poof, found this. But for the last few weeks or so has been living in Bismarck, thus never doing her “medic” thing whenever anything broke out, like it did November 20th, and she was in Bismarck and had to drive down rout 6 for the first time in a while. What a joke.  This guy even gave Didi a class C RV for them to have at camp. Didi was starting to complain.

33:11 Didi talks about how her mother needs to get back to Standing Rock….lol…both Didi and her sister planned and schemed how to get rid of her the entire time I was there. These two…

34:50 Kira, who claims to be Native American, says it is very important to tell the truth and Didi’s face contorts to this. I’ll bet you she thought of me, if I’m not crazy like she proclaimed to the camp. All the way to 35:02 Didi is squirming then notices reality. Then, Kira say’s a true leader would never lie and have the back of their people….? So, whose back did Didi have if she lied to me? Am I not part of her people? Would the lies make her a leader, or a follower?

35:16 Kira talks about a pathological leader making everyone expendable and Didi, who fancies herself a leader in her own right, remembers how she made me expendable for her own pathological self interest of not letting her mother know why I really left the camp. She did not know Dave and Frank Archambault were using her as a pawn.  Or maybe she did. We will discuss that on her page

37:26 Didi makes a sound and feels pretty proud of it.

38:22 Linda is thanking people like Didi (because she knows the truth that she is not native) for coming up, however, people like Didi went there to make money for themselves first, the movement at Standing Rock took second chair to that.

44:45 Didi begins to name-drop and talks about actions she was not at, but at the jail to livestream the aftermath. She wants you to know she is in with the celebs and says “right” to make her point.

53:53 Freeze it. Kira is talking about Native American sovereignty (which doesn’t really exist) and Didi is biting her lip because she is not part of “our people” as Kira put it.

59:18 Didi realizes that wars are for oil and what she did for the Archambault’s was also for the oil companies.

1:01:35 This is why black children score lower in white tilted standardized testing.

1:02:46 Didi is talking about all the healing that is going on in camp and in specific with her “brother”, a man named Hunter. Hunter is neither hers nor her sister’s brother, but her sister’s cousin on her father’s side and unlike the two girls is one hundred percent Native American Sioux.  He has no real relationship to Didi. The first night in camp, Hunter did lines of meth with the man who is Didi’s sister’s (Lavina) son’s father, all night long. Didi’s sister told me this the second or third night they were there. Funny too, because I had a strange feeling about that night. It was Lavina’s first night back in camp and she ignored me. I thought it was either that the drug had taken her over, or she was just keeping the relationship on the down low so no one knew we had a small thing going on. She did want to keep it between us.

1:03:16 Lavina’s son is now at camp living with her and Frank Archambault, a registered sex offender involving children ( ), a meth abuser and thief.

1:06:35 Nice. Didi is talking about how her and her sister cried at the main circle one night because the Dakota Access Pipeline has brought them closer together. That is kind of right. Dakota Access wanted me out of that camp and so too Dave Archambault.  This is where I am crazy.  See, Didi kicked me out, on a technicality, because I freaked out on her like she was the spawn of Satan for lying to me, calling me crazy and not leaving my house when asked.  I am very crazy as Didi still holds true to the story (lie…see how crazy I am) she told me, than expected me to trust her as I had one minute earlier before she lied. I know when to cut my losses. Didi told me, when her sister was back home, that she always lies to her mother for Lavina about her doing meth and/or having promiscuous sex.  That made me think. She wanted to keep that lie going and figured out she had to lie to me. For me to follow her lies would make me and anyone else who followed her a stupid fool. There is no other way to describe it.  Something about her impresses you, yet she will lead you to your deaths if you follow her believing in her lies.  We all must trust our instincts. And that’s what makes me crazy.  I really believe I saw what I saw. 

I would like to hook both Didi and me up to a polygraph machine, connected to trigger that if either of us lie we are immediately killed. I’ll go first, live or die Didi goes next. We ask her and duck. That is how much I believe I am right and not crazy as Didi is telling everyone.

1:07:00 Legal talk. At 7:30 Didi gets excited, as Chuck will first complement the women on this “show”.  I hope this is not Didi’s pot connection. Anyway, the way he talks her up yet never mentions the go fund me page that went up two weeks previous to this talk.  Beautiful guitar music? Hum.  Probably that 18-year-old dweb, Bert Malcom, that Didi found wondering the camp, crying and scared out of his mind after visiting with the Red Warrior Camp his first day in camp. It scared the shit out of him. Must have been his first night away from mommy.  She brought him in out of the rain onto my bus. It took a while to calm him down, but once we did he played his guitar for us and we livestreamed it from the bus; Didi on her facebook channel and me on my ustream. I still can’t figure that thing out. If not deleted it is probably on Didi’s fb wall around September 15th. It’s on the usatakeover twitter site for that day.

1:08:10 The legal talk turns to talking about the rigged court system. My forte, my style says it all.  The plan was to put together a small army to get arrested and tried in court following my plans for ending this peacefully. I have no idea why they wanted to prevent me from doing this. Sorry elders. Didi is remembering that she had a leader in that area, but got rid of him (me) so she wouldn’t have to tell her mother the truth as I saw it. I’m sure she told her I was crazy…maybe I am.  Hook us up. It’s a good thing Didi is there to take care of her mother and make sure she doesn’t hear the bullshit that would have come out of my mouth. Sure glad we got a woman like Didi fighting for us. I guess I am crazy.

1:17:15 Didi says, “…this is the Sioux Nation, we’ve been there for hundreds of years.” “We’ve”, sure.  And it’s thousands, not hundreds.

1:24:25 Didi shows everyone she is still there…look at meee, look at meee… Same at 1h 26m.

 1:30:05 Didi gets ancy and begins to walk around.

1:32:45 - 49 Linda is saying how all people are welcomed there and Didi puts up a sign that says, “B.S.” What could that mean? B.S., this is a native only event, or B.S., Lou Levite is not welcomed here? Things that make you go humm.

1:36:50 - 35:15 Linda is talking about camping out in the North Dakota winter and Didi, who has no plans to camp out at camp but rather hang out in the hotels in Bismarck and the casino hotel or her pot growing friend’s house, says, “you will if you have to.” She gives a smirk at 36:15 knowing she will not have to ruff it out with all the money she has been collecting from the go fund me page and making through her pot sales.

1:38:55 Is she reading from a card? If so, what’s their angle?

1:39:45 She says we welcome you. Does that mean me too?  What about the sign that read “B.S.”?

1:40:00 She doesn’t want me to do work on this and she is right, I am crazy? She told everyone that.

1:40:45 There she goes. More name dropping, this time Dennis Banks. On her second or third day in camp she was on board my bus, probably having a bong hit or charging her phone, and she told me she was going to check out Dennis Banks. I was like, “introduce me to him please.” She shrugged me off saying that Dennis was an old man in bad shape and probably wouldn’t be staying. He may have been standing right there when they told me to leave.

1:41:30 The other two women sit there with blank faces and say “okay”.

1:44:05 Girl takes life. This story is just meant to confuse the listener.

1:45:08 Didi is agreeing with Chuck that at the camp they are insulated, however, she is never in camp and it’s only mid October. I left the reservation October 3rd.

1:46:55 Didi is probably thinking of her “brother”, Hunter.  He has been doing a lot of healing. Before he got there she and her sister both told me of Hunter’s meth habbit.  Lavina even told me he was snorting some the first night he got there. But you should have seen him by the time I left. We walked around together at night. He was chopping wood during the days and doing great. Didi, on the other hand, was not healing and still lying to people and having them thrown out for her own personal gain.

1:47:12 Didi cannot say she feels like a Lakota.

1:48:03 Kira, hearing Linda say the word combatant, says it’s time to let go of the Dennis Banks way of thought. Didi agrees, but a later video published on Revolution Media, has her praising him once again. I believe that video has been taken down.

1:48:27 Kira mentions Ghandi and Didi stands moot on her similar “Indian” background. 

1:48:41 Didi defends Dennis Banks and at 48:50 quickly changes the subject. Humm.

1:53:00 Kira gives thanks to Didi and tells everyone she will be streaming on their channel…not if I can help it.  Didi turns in her RN blues for army desert cammo.

1:53:55 Linda starts talking of the need for RNs, MDs and nurse practitioners, while Didi just sits there moot about how when she showed up she was the only RN the camp had. Or that she needed to be there on the ground so much that she set up a go fund me page, which by the time this aired, had gathered over 4 or 5000 dollars.

1:54:12 What is Didi thinking?

1:54:48 Linda ends her call out to medical professionals and Didi again bites her lip and doesn’t say how she is a registered nurse, posing as a medic/livestreamer who is now going to do live streaming full time. Didi changes the subject and talks about going by some construction or an action or something like that.

1:55:08 Didi says a midwife she picked up on the road told her there were two babies born in camp. Now, everyone else is saying that it was one baby by this time, however, Didi was not directly on the ground to know this information first hand. And she is collecting money to be an on site nurse….fools.

1:56:14 Babies are going to be born in camp she says. Didi then shake her head saying, “oh, yeah,” as she is thinking there are many babies being made there as well.

1:58:45 It pretty much ends with Didi being given koodos for her live streaming work while Linda Black Elk is given praise for her help with educating the children I would presume.  Black Elk is the name I heard someone give in the casino on the next morning while talking about what happened the night before.  She was telling another water protector who was also thrown out only that morning for reasons I have no idea of, that Black Elk was saying that it was me who was bringing in the Meth.  Sure it was. But that was the rumor so I kept to myself while I camped out at the casino river campground for two weeks.

This story will be published in more detail and in time. I really didn’t want to write it, but you all must know reality, get out of the dark and into the light. This woman is no woman, she is a little girl lying so not to embarrass herself and her sister and get into trouble with her mom. But I am crazy. That is why you are reading this. If I were not crazy I would have just believed Didi, that I didn’t see her sister and Frank the night before and you would not be reading this. I want to know from Didi, am I crazy and will I die at the polygraph, or are you just a big fat liar? I want to know why they kicked you out of camp. You know how to reach me, so do it. Or I will write the story, as I’ve known it here,

Hopefully, this has been a lesson on how to lead and what happens to you if you lie. Or this is just me going totally insane. I am very pissed at Didi because I believe that I can bring the repubicrats together and stop fossil fuel production but only through real revolution.  Before I was to do that I had to heal, but Didi took that away from me.  Either that or I am effin nutz.  We’ll know that answer better on January 21st. If I am not in charge it is because of women like Didi Banerji and Donna Piranha. I hate liars with a passion.


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