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Messege To Humanity

Donna “Piranha” Byczkiewicz

Yeah, right. I cannot pronounce that last name as well. Trust me, it is spelled correctly.

Donna Byczkiewicz, a.k.a. Donna Piranha, is someone in the Occupy Wall Street movement that should never be trusted by anyone who is an activist or other. I tapped her to help me speed up getting out these words of truth, but her intention was not to help, but to delay.

About a week ago, I began to receive texts from someone who would not identify themselves. At first I believed it to be Donna. Then I began thinking it could be another activist or an ex-girlfriend that just wont leave me alone. Ether way, the texts were full of threats on my person. I went to twitter to see what the Donna Piranha was up to and then took a look in my notifications folder which had some communications from Donna which I never bothered to look at after I unblocked her. This time I did. This is what I found:


It was a mini-twitter storm in my name started the day after I pushed Donna off the bus. What was said in our final minutes together got me to thinking and wanting to write an e-mail to her. After mulling it over for a day I decided to send that e-mail, only, rather then include a written letter, I decide to include a recording, which told her of how I felt about what happened the day before. Now I never knew she wrote any of this until I received those threatening texts last week. What I read surprised me. But, judging by how long the storm lasted, I surmise that the reason she stopped was because she received the recordings (two) and listened to them. There is always two sides to any story. She spent the better half of the day figuring out what she wanted to say to me and she put it down in

“tweets” the next day; well, until she received the recordings. I never wanted to get into a pissing match with this very immature “girl” and that shows in the recordings, however, rather than write me personally and directly, she decided to start this public “shaming” of me and my plan for a peaceful takeover of the United States government by posting lies in an attempt at discrediting us. Why would she want to do that? Because this girl is working for the other side: the United States government. First, some background.

We met in Kalamazoo, Michigan, during the 2nd Occupy National Gathering in 2013. She was good friends with Occumon, from OLA and, I could tell, quite outlandish. She said she had a degree in archeology and since cultural anthropology was my last major in college, I thought her to be my equal. Plus she had a great ass and feathers in her hair, so... Didn’t realize it took her 20 years to get her degree, but it did.  We became pretty good friends over the gathering and afterwards. At the end of the gathering she wanted me to follow her to some place she was going to before getting on the plan to return to California. I was on a schedule and not about to break it to go follow some “chick” with a great ass and feathers in her hair. That might work on some brothers, but never on me.

By the time I had returned to my home state, Donna began calling me and we would talk. We talked and we talked and we talked every day. For hours. Some times up to four in one day; even more. This took a lot of time away from my work, which at that time I was working on the Travon Martian case by watching the trial and doing a lot of writing about it.  Don’t get me started on that. Every time I tried to leave to get back to work she always had something else to tell me. We did this every day over the year following the Kalamazoo gathering. A lot of what we talked about was how she had to move by the end of every month and had to put every thing in storage. Month after month she would ask me to drive 2500 miles at 7.5 mpg, just to help her move her things. She really had no friends that could help her and would ask me for months before she either moved herself or just gave up on asking me. All she did was suck my time from me.

The conversations we were having were not just about activist work, it got a little personal. She told me of her “slut days” (as she called it) and how when she was the lead guitarist of a chick rock n roll band, she would “do” up to three guys in a night. She loved talking about that, but let up on that that talk after a few months. After the new year we both were on some kind of Occupy National Gathering steering committee. We met with other OWS members on a conference call each week to discuss our visions for the next gathering. A few weeks after we began doing all this, a man by the name of Cal Simone, from Occupy Oakland, began to get on the calls and began to take over.

This Cal Simone was a sore subject with Donna. We discussed how we both knew him and how suspicious his actions were in Kalamazoo and at the first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, that we were all at, yet I never met Donna that week because she was styling in a hotel room with her junkie boyfriend, while I was sleeping in my car or under a tree in the parking lot across the street; a parking lot made over a over 400 year old cemetery.  She was obsessed wit Cal.

This girl is a train wreck. At the second S17 (2013), she started breaking down to the point that the organizers had to pay a cab to take her uptown to where she was staying. I went on that ride with her; she was a whinny little bitch, whining about nothing. EMFs or some bullshit like that. Chick is nutz.

We have had our differences. One was that she didn’t agree with the plan when she learned of it in Kalamazoo. She was under a tyrannical fear that if attempted it would end in every one of the unarmed people being gunned down by the government.  She thought that to put mothers and babies up front to be shot first was a cowards move. I could tell she was still asleep and this would take some time...especially at her age.

The year went on. She called me over the next summer complaining about how she was being followed by black helicopters. A lot of times when she called she was either being followed or watched by some unknown subject. See, this girl thinks she is so important as a new activist that the government boys would spend over a million dollars sending out teams of people in black helicopters to follow her 24/7. She was a basket case. We did some investigating on just who this Cal Simone was, which wasn’t easy to do and found out some disturbing things that made the two of us feel that he was definitely sabotaging the third national gathering that was to be held in Sacramento, California. The calls about all these people following her were more aggravating than anything else. Everyone that was following always went away and the reality was that she never had any physical contact with any of them. Oh, but they tapped her phone and followed here everywhere. Some some high dollar stuff there. The OWS national gathering was to be held in August of 2014. In June I started out west.

First I had to stop at the Pueblo House in Pueblo, Colorado. That is a charitable organization started by Janet Wilson, of Occupy The Roads fame. We traveled together after the Kalamazoo gathering and even traveled together in the OTR RV to NYC for the S17 in 2013 (ha), while leaving mine behind in Virginia. We camped out at Times Square, around 41st and Broadway. One night we moved to another section of the city after being ticketed. That night, Donna stayed on the bus with us. Janet could definitely tell you how the Piranha is. She drove us crazy the entire S17.

The third and final annual Occupy Wall Street National Gathering, wasn’t really worthy. Cal Simone, diffidently did a good job of making sure of that. Oh, I could get into it now, but I don’t even want to write this page or any other, any further. And why? Because I am so disillusioned by this hypocritical country that all I want to do is live my life far removed from it, while still having to live here.  Only problem is, I am being controlled by a higher power which messes with me if I stop trying to fix your country’s problems: tyranny and capitalism. For instance,  I have been riding my motorcycle (and hiking) around Yosemite for the past week.  And while I ride, or walk, I listen to music and/or write this and other pages in my head.  Even though I am there to enjoy myself, I am more preoccupied with getting home to finish this work.  I still enjoy myself, it’s just that it’s without maximum effect.  That’s how I felt in Sacramento at the National Gathering.  The ebb and flow of these two diametrically opposed forces made me reevaluate my life.  

So the gathering wasn’t very enjoyable and after 25 year of being an activist, and after seeing that Occupy Wall Street was pretty much going nowhere, I decided to retire. But after one year in retirement, I had to come out (explanation here) and return to working on this site, which I started while in Kalamazoo. By December of 2015, the most important things that I had wanted to talk about was finished and it was now time to do what I considered “phase two” of the plan: putting together the the pre action actions. I worked long hours putting that section together before my planed trip to the Holy Land. I did it so Donna could read it and understand what it was I had up my sleeve because I really, really needed help to do phase two and three. I sent her a link to read and asked if she would be willing to help out.  She said yes.

Enter Donna “The Piranha” Byczkiewicz. Now I was excited that Donna was joining in. Phase two entailed writing the rest of that section on fighting this revolution and I needed help scanning documents to be posted for examples. After that would have come phase three. Phase three was where I was going to do live 24/7 video streaming from inside my bus. Donna knew all about how to do all that and would have been pivotal. I wanted it to be, basically, just the camera and microphones on me and whomever else was in my bus at the given moment. I watch a lot of news and would have made many comments which pointed out the lies going on in the presidential race. Now, meah.  Donna went out as quickly as she came in.

Donna got lost on her way to my place.  Getting lost was something she did a lot of and used to call me and ask me to go on line, like she did this time, to find out where she was and put her back on track. Donna comes on board, but right away doesn’t want to do any work.  She’s dirty form the road and wont take a shower while here.  I figure that’s fine. Let her unwind. I needed to go to the pot store and she had a license, so I was like, “let’s go.”   She wouldn’t go.  She was almost out of pot, but she wouldn’t go.  All she wanted to do watch television; “Heroes” to be exact, so we spent a couple of days doing that. I had my old files out to be scanned and my computers and cameras ready to start streaming or to use to make videos to be placed on youtube with, but Donna said there was plenty of time to get to all of that.  It was The Donna Show.

Donna ran out of pot and looked to smoke mine, which I was in need of replacing. She asked to smoke some and I said no. I could see she was visibly shaken and was like, what? The last time we were together on my bus, I ran out of pot and asked her the same question. Her answer was no. And she kept to it.  It was her pot and she needed her medicine. So this time I told her the same thing. She didn’t think it was fair. Oh, but it was. It was the same thing that she had said to me once before. When I told her, she was a little dismissive. I let her have some mine, but she was very standoffish. Soon afterwards came the incident.

Donna Piranha twitter1

Wow, what was this supposed to be? First, nothing sets this up. No one knew she was to be traveling with me. So, here is a statement without any facts, other than she was violently thrown from the RV. I guess you could say it was violent; I did have to push her off. But this statement leaves the reader with some curiosity I would think. And look at who she tags in this: #Anonymous, #OccupySD, #OWS and #ola. Oh, my! Sounds like she’s alerting the troops. To what end, though?

She must have been doing the same thing I was doing the day before and up until her decision to respond in this way. She couldn’t contain her excitement. The twitter storm started in my name, to defame it, had begun. She quickly made a second tweet.

Donna Piranha twitter2

Okay, that is not entirely correct. She said that she was trying to leave and that while she was trying to leave I was verbally abusing her, then shoved her off the landing, while she tried to leave. That’s how I read it. Yes, I did push her out, but not because she was trying to leave, but because she refused to leave and just stood there verbally abusing me.  I figured out she was a government shill and sorry to say this folks, but I really feel justified in shooting anyone who would try to stop this information from getting out.  Lucky for her, I don’t live by the gun.  And I don’t call cops to do my bidding.  She was the one who came back on the bus to yell at me after having been packed up and sitting in the drivers seat.  She didn’t have get out of the car or clim the stairs.  She could have stood at her car and yelled at me.  She was the one doing the verbally abusing and wouldn’t shut up her mouth.  At least that is how I remember it.  I was definitely aggravated by her being in my face.  I couldn’t shoot, so it got me to yell, then help her out the door.  Exactly what she wanted.  Something she kept out of the story. Hmm. Now, I couldn’t really say that she landed hard, but that she did land on her back.   So melodramatic is Donna.  She was fine. What came next was this:

Donna Piranha twitter3

Wow, she now moved on to character assignation. Her statement that I am a violent person again is based on the fact that she refused to leave my place of residence after being told, many times over, to leave. It wasn’t really just that. I had figured her out. I knew she was wasting my time and I really wanted her to leave. After giving her a minute, I helped her out. I don’t care what you think of me. You will see as this goes on that I was justified. (I’m not proud of it, but I will stand up for myself and what I believe.)  Now she has other hash tags for others to get involved. She again contacts #OLA and places it on my own page, but also now containing #Occupy, #BLM, #IdleNoMore and some #OCV, which I never heard of.

Donna just wants everyone to hate me and my plan. In fact, she wants everyone not to give it a chance or even read it and decide for themselves if this is the plan of the future for equality on earth, or is what she was tweeting truthful and therefore not worthy of personal individual investigation? See here, how when she came over to help me with the plan she never believed in it? There is no way she ever believed in it or me, else she wouldn’t be trying to defame me or the plan and what we bring the world. But why would she do this? I can understand her not liking me personally; I had figured her out.  But to tell everyone to stay away from me and the plan because you could have an encounter with me while working on it, where I will be violent towards you for no reason whatsoever? Really? Hey Donna, you think your “friends” are listing to you now?

Her excitement and adrenaline continues. She declares war with her fourth tweet:

Donna Piranha twitter4

Again, pretty much the same as her first tweet, only calling the attention to #Anonymous and #Occupy, which were missing from the first tweet. Claims to be in an ER...remember, this was the next day. When she landed on the ground, she began to make a show. She was crying and even screaming and would scream even louder when I would walk up to her and tell her to get up and get out. She was screaming for an ambulance, but I kept telling her she was a faker and to get up and get out. I mean, she really hammed it up. She was there for like 15 or 20 minutes before she realized none of my neighbors cared, so she got up and left. This is the first time we see some interaction with the tweet. There were two people who retweeted this and there were two likes, one of which was her’s I’m sure. Another tweet which got some playback was the next one:

Donna Piranha twitter5

There it is. She resorts to the “King’s Privilege”. You all know what that is. That is where the King sends out his army of armed thugs to force you into a cage. Refusal to go with them will result in one being shot and/or killed. Just ask Eric Garner. She thinks that my saying I’m sorry you lost your footing is the same as me saying I pushed her out of the residence. Either case, Donna is renouncing her anarchist ways of each person being held responsible for his or her actions for a system where she can go running to a cop and have him shoot me.  She was first trespassing, yet she can have me arrested for showing her the door? You all catching on to her yet? She got two retweets from this...wonder who is helping her?

Donna Piranha twitter6

Heavy artillery now. Personal and direct messages to Anonymous, OWS and Occupy. Spread the news girl! Tell everyone not to read this site. Tell your friends to help you do this. And the only way they would be doing this for you is if they really never read the plan. Either that or they are working for the other side as well as you.  But we got to tell everyone that I’m not peaceful and that negates everyone having to read the usa takeover website. For everyone out there, I am not a peaceful man. I live in a violent world which makes all of us very violent in nature. I choose to be a peaceful man. It is not in mine or your nature to be peaceful.  Soon, though, however, we will all live in a world that will teach peace instead of violence and we will no longer be violent people acting peaceful, but peaceful people being peaceful. Good thing we have Donna here to tell us all that this plan is a violent plan and you need not concern yourself with it.

Next she posts the seventh in her twitter storm:

Donna Piranha twitter7

I guess Donna doesn’t understand that this is a mission from God; the universe.  Guess she doesn’t believe in a God, even though she will tell you she does. Check out her hash tag.

Next it is number eight:

Donna Piranha twitter8

I have no idea what writing a “bizarre” letter has to to with being dangerous, but in Donna’s immature mind it does. This was never any secrete. I had that letter posted on the Christian’s page, which she may have already read, but took it down to give it its own page around this time. The letter was published and you can read all about it here. It’s funny how she never put the link down bringing you to where I already wrote and published this story. I guess she thought this was tearing me a new asshole.

She continues the storm with this, number nine:

Donna Piranha twitter9

Ironically?  Ironically?  Now she finds irony in all of this. Hmm. Let’s see what this irony is. Oh, there it it, “b/c i REFUSE to be his “MINION” and work...” I totally understand that.  Not. Do you?  First, the use of the word “Ironically” where there is no irony in this situation.  She is just trying to look smarter than she is.  Second, the use of the word “minion” here.  Everyone equates that word with someone who works for another person who is evil in nature. So by saying this, she is insinuating that I am an evil person in nature. Suuure. I may be a violent person acting peaceful in this violent world, but I am not evil.  The way she capitalizes that “OUT OF CONTROL” up there makes this “violent plan to invade Congress” seem like it must be stopped at all costs; even murder.  I mean jeez folks, again, she never linked the plan page. And she never waited around to begin work on phase 2 of the plan. What a drama queen. All those who personally know this little girl knows what a drama queen she is. But this tweet shows everyone what her true intentions were when she came over here. She is saying that all this abuse (and that would be verbal as well as tossing her out on her ass) was because she refused to work with me. Why come over if you are just going to refuse to do any work.  And that IS the truth. She came over here and she didn’t want to work.  But at what point did she refuse to work on the New World?  She has always known of the plan and did nothing since she got to my place, so what happened from the time she got here to the point when I told her to get out? Conclusion: she never intended to be my “minion”, but rather come here to do nothing but delay me...and it worked. She was sent by our government and you cannot deny that Donna is not working for the cause, but against it. Anyway, she really believed the earth was going to have a disaster of biblical proportions by the end of March of this year and we’d be toast. That never happen; just her being crazy.  Of course, I intuitively believe that if we do not end capitalism by the end of this year, Yellowstone will blow and a comet will hit another continent; maybe in the southern hemisphere.

Her next tweet, however, is meant to show callousness on my part. She tweeted:

Donna Piranha twitter10

I’m sorry to inform you folks, but his is total deception on her part; a lie. You all know what I wrote on the page for the Christians about the Great Deceiver and how anyone who also tries to deceive with untruths are just as evil as the Great Deceiver himself? Well, there you have it. She knew exactly why I said that to her, but she never told you. Her intentions were not to show you how selfless I am, but that I am a selfish and evil money grubber. This is a hoot, ya’ll. Now the yelling was because I asked her to leave and she refused, got in my face and started telling me off. But what I was yelling at her was the same thing I’ve told her in a calm voice. This reason for me, as she called it, “wanting” my father to die, is also a lie. It was more like I am waiting for my father to die so I can use the money to place billboard ads and ads on the internet and the newspapers. If given the choice, I would rather we live in this hell, than inherit my father’s money “just to have it” for any reason. She knew this, just conveniently left that out for what we all now know. In the statement I was telling her that if I had the money I wouldn’t need her.  I could hire greedy folks.  So what really disturbs her is the fact that rather than taking a large amount of money and trying to payoff the other activists, as she did to gain influence with “friends”, I will be taking my money, should I ever really get any, and using it to better the lives of all those on earth. Susan Sarandon might give Occupy Wall Street a half a million dollars to have pizza parties with every night, but if I were in Zucatti Park at the time, I would have pushed for advertising.  Things that make you go hmm.

All of those tweets were made within an hours time, from between around 8:30 and 9:30 in the AM. At this point the texts stop. She has limited internet so she had to stop. But she was excited. She was finally going to have me. She was finally going to do what it was she was sent to my house, by the government, to do: get me busted or something of the sort, so that my plan could be stopped. She read my first book, and knows that I am the only person who can and is willing to take down Donald Trump. She even tweeted excerpts from it. The fact that I stepped on buttons at a craps table for him...well, I’ll tear him a new asshole.  If Donna allows it.  Not knowing this twitter storm was happening, I sent her the following two recordings just after 2 PM. You can listen to, or download, them by clicking here or on the CD cover to the right. It is me telling her why I kicked her out. She must have listened to them after she got some Internet time because her storm fizzled out. It had basically stopped her dead in her tracks. After listening you’ll know why. Listen, then come back.

You back? Good. So you see what I was dealing with; The Donna Show. Seriously, she would give a speech, which would last for almost a half an hour and I would just sit here and not say a word. I never raised my voice to her until she refused to leave. I have always wanted this plan to work. It was she who wanted to agitate.

After reading the smear campaign by Donna the Piranha, and after having heard the recordings made to her by me, you should be able to understand why it was she stopped that twitter storm and fast.  She did make one more tweet, however, a month and a half later. 

Donna Piranha twitter11

Awe, Valentines Day.  What balls to post this after she was read the riot act.    Is she insinuating that she has been in a hospital since January 4th and hasn’t been much on line?  If that is the intent, I see something else here.  I had blocked Donna, within a few days of this happening; if not within an hour or two.  But I never saw any of these tweets at the time they were published.  Had I, I would have responded like I am now.  Also, I never unblocked her for quite some time after this tweet was sent.  Maybe she discovered she was blocked and thought she would make one more attempt at gaining some sympathy.  Who knows?  It’s pitiful. If she did disappear for some time following this incident, it is probably because that is what the government would do to a c.i. who blew her cover.  They probably pulled her off the assignment for a debriefing and re-planning for anything in the future.  I wonder why she choose Valentines Day?

A re-planning is what I am afraid of.  What will she do?  Will she try to file these charges, or does she have a whole new smear campaign planed?  What was she thinking with these tweets?  Why is she now an opponent of this plan?  Hey, I would love to do it through the “political channels” way, but I don’t play the game.  I belong to no party.  I have no money.  I only have around one hundred-forty twitter followers and I don’t do facebook.  If there were secrete followers who are economist and millionaires out there putting this all together, I might see shit happening, but really, do you think I could do this?  What do you think the line would be on my life span if I were to enter this race for real?  I am that citizen candidate you are looking for...if you drop the game of monopoly and can take the Christianity.  I’m not too sure you can, though.  But if you can, I’m your man with the long as Donna’s new plan doesn’t put the fire out on all of this.

After listening once again to the recordings, I remember what it was that had me asking her to leave. We were discussing aliens and the building of the great pyramid in Egypt. She could definitively tell me that the aliens are all just a hoax. I told her, that’s not true, you can’t really prove that. She went off on me saying that she can. I told her it was just an educated guess on how the pyramids were built and her guess was as good as mine, which is that they were built by, or with the help of, aliens. I wouldn’t agree with her, so she threatened to leave. That was when I told her to leave. I will let no person ever, disagree with something I said and threaten to leave if I don’t change my thoughts. You either leave, or you shut your pie hole. I will not put up with extortion by those in this cause. In fact, those in this cause that resorts to extortion are nothing more than little children - probably working for the government.

Donna the Piranha, very well could be a confidential informant working for the government. One way of how she could be turned into one is after an arrest.  They arrest her and turn her.  She was in the party scene for most of her life.  Her boyfriend of 20 years turned out to be a closet heroin junkie.  Who is to say that they did not got busted for holding drugs and turned by the cops?  Maybe that is why she thinks she is always being watched.  Maybe they were watching her and her bo and made the arrest and turned her.  That would explain her paranoia.  She may have originally gone to Occupy San Diego when it started with good intentions, but I think now it is time we all take another look at Donna “The Piranha” Byczkiewicz.

Donna, at the time of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, was living with her boyfriend of almost 20 years; a guy addicted for years to heroin. He was a closet junkie for many of them; maybe over a decade. But by this time she knew she was living with a junkie who got arrested for theft to support his habit.  Anyway, she shows up to Occupy San Diego, OSD, with a lot of money and begins to influence friends, like a one percenter or a government confidential informant would do to get you on their side. She was sitting on 168 grand, which she said she inherited from a rich banker aunt. Sure. Donna had a lot of money and was throwing it around, making a lot of friends with Trump does.  In Philly, in 2012 at the first Occupy National Gathering, she practically rented all the rooms at the hotel, across the street from the parking lot where I was sleeping, for people to stay in or get a shower at. Hmm.

Meanwhile, I was meeting the person referred to on the recording as Ma. We met at the Philly event while doing jail support for those who were arrested that night on an unauthorized march. Anarchists. Can’t tell em what to do or not do.  (Donna will try to tell you what to or not do, while hoping you’re not an anarchist and will listen to what she is commanding.)  This Ma person was another subject. Most of us know her as OccuMom, a.k.a. Nadine Hays, from Occupy Los Angeles, OLA. She is a one percenter, a millionaire, parading as a member of the 99%. When OccuMom joined the Occupy Movement, she was teabagger. I think she still is.  Her interest in Occupy was gained after a confrontation with the TSA that ended up in her arrest.  (View here.)  Part of the conversation on the recording was about how Ma takes offense to the fact that O Bomb A gives out those life saving phones to the poor. As a rich person she doesn’t believe that the poor are entitled to such a “luxury” as a free cell phone and has complained about that to Donna.  Donna also crashes at her place when they can keep if from Mr. Hays.  I would keep my eye out on these two if I were you.

Donna made a lot of friends with her large donations spent on OSD and getting the homeless off the street for a short while; her army as she calls them. But after Philadelphia the money was all gone, and she was back to living off her government issued social security check. Her boyfriend didn’t work, he just did smack and got arrested for stealing often. By the second Occupy National Gathering, she and her long time boyfriend were no longer together for one reason or another. It was just after Kalamazoo that she started calling me, every day, to talk to me for as long as I would give her.

I believe something happened to her and/or her boyfriend sometime between the start of the occupy movement and our first national gathering in Philadelphia. Something happened  and she was given this money and a cover story by a consortium of one percenters to gain the favor of the activists. Could be.  Perhaps after the money ran out, so did the boyfriend. Perhaps one, or the two of them, got in big trouble and that is why Donna is now a c.i. for them. That’s how it happens. One day you are an activist working on a cause, the next day you get arrested for something and agree to become a confidential informant in exchange for staying out of jail. That is exactly what could have happened here. You go to jail for a long time if you get caught with smack. Perhaps the stress of this is what finally broke them up after 20 years together, many of them out of the closet as a junkie. Ya never know.

Something else about Donna, she is a thief. That’s right folks, a thief. She stole a new glass bowl a very special little brother of mine gave me a couple of weeks before. She had made a comment about it earlier and asked if she can have it, but I told her no. It was special to me and I didn’t want to part with it. When she left, she left with the pipe. Thief. Just like the homeless guy that was going to do all this for me back in October. He also tried to extort things from me for his help, so I told him to leave. He stole a bicycle part I needed. I am really not that big of an asshole, I just want to win and you cannot win without discipline. So if you see Donna, watch your things.

Another thing I spoke about was her masturbating with some homeless guy that she calls her homeless boyfriend. She talked often about how her and this homeless guy she has been hanging out with, began masturbating together whenever in her car. One time, they both passed out, him with it in his hands and her with her fingers up there. They got woken up by a group of homeless people. She wouldn’t stop talking about this incident. Kept talking and talking and talking as if I was expected to ask her to do the same with if. Donna has always made it clear that she is still in love with the junkie and she was never going to start anything with anyone in the hopes that the junkie will get his act together and return to her.  Here is what I think: that is a cover story to stay away from sex because she lived with a junkie and contracted either Hep C or HIV and just wont tell us.  He probably left her for lack of funds or being Alfa male, lol.  Whenever she would tell me of something the homeless boyfriend would say to her about their masturbation sessions, she would make a funny sound with her voice, as to be mocking this man for being a simpleton and for the way he spoke.  She did tell me he wasn’t too bright. If I were him and I were reading this, I’d pop her right in the mouth probably because I would be a violent person.  If If I wasn’t violent and could hold it, I’d just turn my back on her; like I did on January 3rd.

Donna is really just another problem that the activists have with its members. These people just let in anyone and never check up on any of them. She lived a high risk lifestyle that rendered her at risk at being used by the government for infiltration of the movement. They make one arrest and they get a mole working for them. Judging by her tweets, we must conclude that she has befallen upon hard times with the shadow government has taken to gathering information on us all. With me, she tried to lock up. Now she tweets constantly about the government secretly giving lithium to the homeless.  Whatever. 

No one should trust Donna. I don’t even trust OccuMom, Nadine Hays, enough to talk to her anymore.

There was one other thing I think I spoke about on the recordings. If not, here it is. It was about when she left. After she had  gathered her things and got in her car, she got out of it and came in the bus. This is really where the event could have ended without incident, but didn’t.  We started screaming at each other. Actually, she may have been very quiet in this encounter and just stood there lecturing me while not yelling, to make herself look better than me.  She sent me a text stating that she had a video recorder on her dashboard recording when she came back in the bus. Now why would she turn on a video camera before coming back? Hmm. She got me, just like she wanted and expected. She knew that all she had to do for the government boys was to turn on the camera and having already gotten me to the point of physical violence if she came back on board, knew she would get a reaction on film. This is either a small mind playing games, or a very dangerous person to our cause, not to be trusted by anyone. Or do you all agree with her that I am a dangerous person with a violent plan? It’s one or the other. Either you believe in this and you want to plug in and turn your back on Donna Piranha, or you don’t. If you don’t, than you view this as violent and evil, in which case you would want to speak to the feds about it; get it stopped at all costs.  C.O.Y.?

Donna must have spoken to someone about me. I’m sure she talked with the handlers.  She did say in her tweets and in some texts to me that she was going to the sheriff. If she didn’t, she is a liar. Is that more deception by her? Was she lying in an attempt at getting me worked up? Or was she going to go, but then after getting the recordings decided to drop it?  Maybe she was just talking out of her ass.  Who knows? Only she really does. I know this, no sheriff ever called my phone or came to my door, so...

This incident with the Piranha really put me into a depression. Everyone talks like they want to bring equality and anarchy to the world, yet I have found that no one is really, really prepared or passionate enough about doing it...not like this. OWS depressed me.  What happened at the Portland Blockade with Shannon, or the Backbone’s Action Camp with B and Kevin Zeese, depressed me as well.  The Catholic Church dealt me a blow. Getting together with Donna was supposed to pick up my spirits, but it never happened and I fell into a rut. For the next Five months I did not one thing other then work on a new navigation bar; a few hour work. I gave up. Her ploy worked.  I let her defeat me.  For five months I pretty much watched the election, thought about how America was getting fooled by the candidates and played solitaire. Sure, I also did things that I liked, even sold some tie-dyes, but as far as writing anything on this site, that was a no go. 

Now I’m back, writing once again on the pages and adding many more; like this one. I would love to hook up with someone who could help me with the live streaming or video making, but if not I may be able to start doing videos. We’ll see if I get the motivation. It is too late to scan and upload documents and work on the other section of this plan.  I won’t be building any database either.  However, with the video, if I were the president I would have nightly “fireside” live streams like FDR had his weekly fireside chats on the radio.  I would like to start them now.  It would be great if someone out there who is willing to help out with this takeover is reading this and can get in contact with me.  Maybe, just maybe, we can expose the candidates, end capitalism, install freedom and stop the earth from blowing up. It’s up to us. As for Donna, tell her how you really feel. Peace.

Update: June 5, 2016

Well, she is going to do it folks. She is going to go and pull the King’s Privilege; just like I told you she would.    At least, that’s what she said in her first tweet made yesterday morning.  She never erased any of the first above.  (Sorry about the gaps.  I’ll fix them later.) 

Donna Piranha twitter12

For the first  time, she admits that she was filming the encounter and  again reiterates that there will be a criminal case against me.

As Yota would say, “so excited, she is.”  She will stop at nothing to prevent the good news from getting out and in exchange for what, her and/or her junkie boyfriend’s freedom?  Could be.  I find it plausible that she claims she has permanent damage, because that is exactly why she is on social security.  So to say this, is a bit of a stretch and I consider it possibly untrue.  She is shifting blame.  This tweet is a definite declaration to show her intent to stop my words and bring harm upon my body (armed police having to shoot me because I refuse to play Donna’s game) with the help from those who will benefit most: her government she loves so much.  Bring it on bride of Satan.  (I also have the URL she wants to stop. Click on and check out that CD cover on the right. The snakes; the apple with a bite missing in Donna’s hand.  She’s letting us know folks, she’s just a promiscuous man eater.  The song she liked the most was called “Bitch”, about another woman.  She may have sung it.)  It will be because Donna will send the police to my house to shoot me, should I refuse to be taken to a cage the government syndicate offers to Regular Joes like her to make them feel like a king.  Thus, she is pulling the King's Privilege.

That was the fist in a twitter storm started by Donna, at around twenty to nine in the morning and lasting almost 45 minutes.  There were over twenty of them.  Boy, was she excited!  I sent a link to this page to a friend of her’s.  I guess her friend forwarded the link to her, she read it and started this storm.  Either that, or she is so immature that she just started shooting her mouth off only about the tweet I sent the day before.  Wow, if that is the case I guess we could all call her Donald.  This storm of her’s had many tweets.  Here is one I found in it:

Donna Piranha twitter13

Wow, she is an Occupy Wall Street media person.   Ooo.  I wonder if she was responsible for the media office being raided in NYC?

I would not put it past her.  She wants you to know here, again, that she is an OWS media person who was filming me.  Like I really care?  A media person?  What live stream or u-stream channel do you broadcast from?  This girl lives in a fantasy world that ended years ago.  Sure, the network is still together, but I know she is in no place where she works out of for this network.  I don’t think one exists anymore.  It’s more of an online thing and she is not broadcasting from it.  I wonder if anyone she has tagged will see this?  And what would they think?  There wera lot more tweets about making sure you don’t read this site.  She continues on with another.

Donna Piranha twitter14

Okay, the money thing kind of got to her.  She has to make sure that you all know the money was for you and once it was gone she was

now homeless.  Like I said, the money wasn’t for her.  It was given to her so she could pay you off and like her.  In exchange, her and/or her junkie boyfriend was/were given a “get out of jail free” card.  I’ll bet a lot of that money was spent on pizza parties.  “How do you like me now” kind of shit.  That #SmartHouse she speaks about is her tiny smart care p.o.s.  A gift from her friends in the government to get around in.  She chose the little car.  But as far as being “homeless”, she not exactly that.

Every month, Donna disappears off the streets for a week or two.  She always told me that she would go to her mother’s house in San Diego for the time.  Whenever on the phone with me, when she was there, she would whisper and say she was in the garage and couldn’t talk loud because her mother was home.  Yeah, she can hear her in the garage in that mansion.  I wonder where she really goes?  Does she have a her own place that she disappears to when she’s not feeling too adventurous or just wants to lay down?  Don’t trust her folks, there is a lot to her we don’t know.

As I said, this storm was mostly aimed at defaming me.  I want to show you all something “strange” with two of the over twenty tweets made:

Donna Piranha twitter15

Lol.  I told you she was on a tirate about the government giving her and her “minions” lithium, which is probably a good thing.  This is a hoot how she just had to work a couple of them in here. Lol. Hey Donna, you want to stop being poisoned with lithium?  Then stop mooching free food off of the government. What an idiot. You would think that the daughter of a rocket scientist could figure that out.  She is always bringing up the fact that she is so smart because of her father. Donna knows better then to take and eat poisoned food.  Start jumping in some dumpsters or hold a sign like I used to do.  

The last tweet I am going to show, from this storm, is one that mentions something you already learned about earlier.  There were actually many tweets stating facts already entered into evidence.  (B.T.W. Donna, if you’re reading, this page is my affidavit, so you can bring it to the court and try to get me placed in a cage for the next few years.)  One was the next tweet. 

Donna Piranha twitter16

She has the video tape. She should know the exact amount of time she laid on the ground hamming it up.  And she did ham it up.  But as I said above, my neighbors were not around and could care less.  I’d like to see the tape and know who was watching?

That is something else; the video.  Does this video really exist?  I can tell you all this, if it does exist, it exist for no other reason then to discredit my truths.  This video would influence those who watch the video, out of context, into probably not liking me and therefore not even give this most righteous of plans a look.  CoIntelPro big-time  There you have one.  We should all view it if Donna wants to continue with this evil plot of her’s.  It may even destroy me.  Donna could be dangerous.  I am standing there screaming at her because I had her figured out.  I knew that the reason she loves to just talk about her army (the homeless people) is because as she has said many times over, they are amazed with what she is saying and can’t wait to her what she says next.  She feels superior to them.  To her, they are just a bunch of ignorant (another word for stupid) boobs.  So I am there screaming at her that I got it all figured out.  She doesn’t speak highly of them.  She made fun of the way they all talk and gave me a personal voice impersonation show as she impersonated each.  This girl is nothing but a CoIntelPro confidential informant.

This twitter storm was nothing more than another feeble attempt at defaming me, while trying to make herself look good by mentioning all that money she gave to who it is she is trying to get on her side.  Never once was there any admissions as to where she errored in all this.  The video wouldn’t show it, other than it showing her coming on board with nothing in her hands and leaving with nothing in her hands.  It will show there was no reason for here to leave her car,  let alone come on board my bus, when she was packed and ready to go.  It is like Trump, having to listen to Clinton tear him a new asshole; like he did last week.  Rather than breaking it apart line by line, much like I am doing here, he just resorted to name calling, much like Donna did in her tweets.  Tweets, the same m.o. as Trump.   Rather than discussing the events of that day, she has resorted to Trumpish name calling. 

Donna has played her hand.  She has shown us all that her intent was never to come over here to help me with getting this word out, but to come over here and drive me insane, which she temporally did.  It will be interesting to see what kind of storm she spews when she reads my latest tweet and this update.  I’ll check them out if I get a chance today or whenever after uploading this page.  Can’t wait.  I have no plans to get into a pissing match with her; I’ll leave that craziness to her.

Update: June 11, 2016

Well, Donna has been up to it.  She got someone that is also working to quell bright ideas that could change the course of the world, or he is Mesmerized by her and has no clue what the Piranha and me tried to do, but failed at.  She got someone on twitter who goes by the name of Apricity1905 and can be found here:  This guy just a few hours ago, posted the following on


First they block me, then they make this post.  Now, perhaps this one statement, taken out of context, kind of sounds like some kid’s pipe dream.  But people have been reading it.  Seven retweets and five likes.  The likes are good.  Unless they are liking the fact that this disturbing plan has been “exposed”.  I don’t have the network like these two have.  That is another reason why Donna was to be here.  She knew that come May she was to begin a twitter storm to expose this information to the general population.  Apricty1905 claims s/he found it on some Rainbow Family Site, sure, take a screen shot and show us.  This is Donna at work here.  An evil, vindictive, (cover your eyes girls) cunt.  Did I spell that right.  What this guy did, however, was to post this tweet to the following page:


Wow, you get this shit?  They post it at a time when it will sit there for all to read in the morning.  He places it on this site to say to the world, “Hey, disturbed person over here; keep moving.”  Disturbed.  That is code for crazy.  He wants those who come across this screen shot to make an incorrect inference before reading the post.  However, five people have already quickly shown that they like it.  I tweeted a bunch of these people. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the morning.  Another thing to conclude with this tweet is that he is trying to “narc” me out to the government.  Haha.  Peace.  I’ll be back soon with a critique on Donna and her twitter storm conducted on June 7th.  We’re gonna have a good discussion.

Update: June 14, 2016

About the last update above, I know Apricity1905 and THEDonnaPiranha probably follow each other.  We all have the same followers.  You know how in the top right of the twitter screen it show suggestions for you to follow?  Apricity1905 has been popping up in my window a lot.  Now, not.  They probably made a cover story of finding it while putting Rainbow Family tags in the search engine.  A lot of the first people to retweet this post were probably also followers of Donna.  You should have seen how many either deleted the retweet or blocked me.  We are going to get into that below.  Also, these two have no idea how many people logged in and how many pages were downloaded.  A shit load.  Thanks guys!  Do it again, only tell the truth.  A couple more observations I want to point out of how these two know each other.  One is the way he took that screen shot and posted it like I would, humm, the other was a comment he made in the replies section about what my rankings are.  Yes, you did give it a boost.  Now on to the June 7th twitter storm found on Donna’s account and why it is still there.

On June 7th, Donna was a busy little girl.  On the fifth, after writing those tweets, she went on the web site and read it.  Then, later that night, I uploaded the June 5h update.  She took the 6th off, but she thought she knew what was on the page and couldn’t wait to start her storm. Boy her little thumbs mush have been working at lightening speed.  That corporal tunnel must still be bothering her because she hadn’t tweeted in almost a week.

Donna started this storm just after noon.  From what I can tell, she didn’t open her notifications first.  She must have been too scared and didn’t want them to influence her storm.  She got her anger out, making accusations that this was a very bad plan but not offering any other solutions.  The storm ended at 1:09 PM.  She then went to check out her notifications. She opened one from a friend of her’s, then retweeted it. She then goes back and opens my notification.  She gets pissed.  Five minutes after she ended the tweeter storm she started it back up for another 33 minutes.  That picture, with those words, she just had to respond.

She knows that I sometimes write up things like this, but that they might not end up on the web sit.  Maybe she didn’t care.  The storm ended at 1:47 PM.  Later that afternoon, after her little temper tantrum, she logged on to the web site and saw the updates.  That must have shocked the shit out of her.  I’ll bet she never thought I could do something like that, and that is made obvious by some of the tweets in her storm. 

While Donna was on the site, she clicked on a few of the other pages.  One of which, was the Occupy The $y$tem page.  Ouch.  That had to hurt. You see, the entire page would not have been possible if not for Donna The Piranha.  That’s right.  It is quite a story too.  She was an unsung hero there until I figured it out.  She wants credit.  She wants you all to know that if if wasn’t for her, that page would not be on this site.  Fine, you little baby.

In December of 2013, on one of the many daily hour long calls that Donna used to make after the Kalamazoo national, she asked me if I had heard of the case and if I could go help the defendants.  She knew I was in close proximity to the defendants and of my great legal talents.  Donna knew of the pair as front line solders from Zucattii Park, I may have introduced her to them while in New York City at the second S-17 for all I know.  But she wanted me to go help them in court and I was hesitant. 

First off, I was dealing with who I called The Three Stooges.  This was a treat.  Jealousy and deception gone amuck.   My ex-girlfriend, along with Tim Osmar and his wannabe wife, filed a lawsuit against me, in Florida, while I was in the northeast that fall. So I was hiding out.  Plus, Rain and Katrina used to sleep under my bus’ bedroom slide-out, during Occupy Orlando, so I personally knew them and this story sounded like something they might do.  They had a victim and my expertise was with victimless crimes.   But after I learned that they claim they didn’t do it and that the person who did tried to confess to the police, I decided to jump in.  The rest is written in cyberspace.  That judge in that case lost the election probably due to that page.  Long after he lost the bench, people were searching his name and being brought to that page.  So, all the credit shouldn’t go to just me, Rain and Katrina for this judge loosing his job and search engines having made it impossible for him to find another job, it should go to Donna as well. Their bitch, their ya go.

I took the case after I was able to checkmate The Three Stooges.  I tore them a new asshole, like I am doing to Donna here.  I e-mailed the court, and by that I mean the judge, probably 10 times.  They showed up in court on three occasions where I was a no show.  They couldn’t serve me, because they told me they were doing this, so I just laid low.  I even made a section just like the Occupy The $y$tem page that followed the case. I had all the correspondences between me and the court.  I have deleted it since, but I could always put it back up.  I’ll write more on this case in a month or two.  All I will say about the outcome of this case is that when Tim Osmar showed up for a Green Party meeting that he thought he was going to be a big part of, he was disheveled and looking like he just got beat up by a few guys.  What it was, was the frustration of spending months of trying to sue me, just to learn of the page on my web site, after the judge gave him a verbal lashing, than dismissed the case earlier that afternoon.  He was defeated.  Osmar left Orlando, then quickly returned to his hometown with his tail between his legs.

Donna knew of this case.  She knew the entire story as will be told here.  She followed Rain and Katrina’s case with first hand daily briefings.  So when Donna came to the OTS page she remembered.  She remembered something she said to me back then.  She had asked me to remind her to never piss me off.  Ouch.  If Donna had any thinking skills, she would have thought to herself, “I wonder what will happen if I place lies about this incident on twitter?”  She must of thought that if she made any tweets after being told to never contact me again, that I might do something.  Do you think she might have thought that I would go postal on her?  She must have known I would make her famous if she had only remembered reading the Occupy the $y$tem page and hearing how I checkmated the stooges.  It was a few years ago; must have forgot.  She probably said to herself, “bring it on,” or was ordered to do this storm from her handler.  Either way, if she never posted like she did on January 4th, she would have never pissed me off.  Now, it is too late.  Oops. 

What I am about to critque with my non thinking skills are the tweets that Donna sent on June 5th.  Just a couple.  The first is this tweet below.

Donna Piranha twitter17

Here she says that the reason she didn’t want to work on this plan was because I said that it would only work if I were to be “immediately declared president”.  I don’t get it.  Is she saying that the final straw for her not wanting to work with me was because this plan called for me be becoming the president?  This fact had been published on each and every page.  In one tweet she said this was the first time she heard of it.  So what is it that she is saying, that she never read the site?  Then why come over? Another is this one:

Donna Piranha twitter19
Donna Piranha twitter20
Donna Piranha twitter23

Then post it.  We’re tired of hearing about it.  And it’s jibe, not jive.  In the next tweet, she admits that she could tell I was irate, because she wouldn’t leave, but, here she points out she she was very quite. Of course she was. She already did her screaming as you will see.

This tweet above points out The Three Stooges. You will read about it here.  The next tweet is funny/sad.

Donna Piranha twitter24

Wow, a HELL NO!! This is it folks.  This is what she was screaming at me. This is her mission: to scare the piss out of you.  To tell you that if we were to put a half million elderly and infants in the front of our action, the United States government will open fire and kill them all, or even better, drop a bomb on them.  That is exactly how “they” want you to believe.  They have been washing our brains for years so we think this.  The more people believe this nonsense, the more people would never attempt it.  But as Gene Sharp teaches us to the right of the page, this is not true.  I have known this since I was camped out at Occupy Orlando, almost five years ago.  It is so logical.  But Donna will run around telling you that that is the craziest plan ever.  You can tell by all the capital letters on most of the words.  I’ll bet Donna even went up to William Underbaggage in Kalamazoo, and told him of a crazy idea she heard of, blah, blah.  When I ran this plan by Willie, he already made a decision that he wasn’t gong to hear it.  And that is why he reacted the way he did. I’m tellin’ ya, she is a government shill.

Now she is going to to pretend I am tweeting it, not her. I only

Donna Piranha twitter25

tweeted it out once. What is she talking about? Audio? No longer video?  Hold on to it, you will be famous and it will be worth something some day.

Donna took the next day off.  There were no replies or likes and no tweets.  As said above, I uploaded the update later that night and tagged her in one tweet.  I came back the next afternoon and there were no replies made by her, so I sent one more and tagged her again.  I went to bed and found this the next morning.  I posted some of them for discussion. The first one is below:

Donna Piranha twitter27
Donna Piranha twitter30

I have not sent her any emails since January 4th, when I sent her (and Occumom) the recordings.  She is lying when she says she didn’t listen to it  She stopped her twitter storm right after I sent it.

PLEASE? Now she is begging people to make copies.  I don’t think she understands that this web page will be here longer than Donna will be breathing air on this planet.  Her friends and family will google her to check up on her and will see mentions of this page here.  Forever.  They will know the real Donna Piranha Byczkiweicz as I knew and observed her.  Again with this tweet, she shows us how ignorant (by that I mean stupid) of the law she is. Most people know that libel is not a crime so there is no charge.  Today I looked up to see if there were any warrants for my arrest in California, there wasn’t. Donna Piranha is so full of shit it is oozing out her ass.  This girl is so busted.

Donna Piranha twitter35
Donna Piranha twitter36
Donna Piranha twitter40

No, not laughing, just stating truths she calls lies.  As you will find out soon, she was hanging on my every word.

Really?  Is that true?  I am fine in my “tin can”.  I was all over the place and we met through Occumom.  This girl knew I would be there and was a plant.

I am ineffective without money. That is very correct.  If I had no money I could not do the good I have done.  If I were a pauper like  she, how  could I work?

This is why the government keeps us poor and chasing FRNs.  It leaves us who have a lot to give little time to do it.  There would have been no way that I could have traveled as much as I did for the Occupy movement, or given my time and expertise, if I didn’t have to work a “real” job.  For that we should all be grateful.  How did she get around again?  I guess Donna feels it is better to use taxpayer’s dollars and have no job to go to everyday in order to be more effective.  What a joke she is.  And wow, I just found out I am a billionaire.  What the fuck am I doing here then?  She is so wrong.  I can tell you that my father’s multinational did exist for three decades over which they grossed between 10 and 15 million dollars a year.  That is gross. And that gross is only 10 percent over cost of the product.  They still have to pay their employes before they can divide the net three ways.  That 10 percent over cost is where I came up with the idea, so we have my father to thank for that.  He wasn’t a very greedy importer like Knight. He probably paid himself a grand a day.  And she is homeless?  What was that comment about?  Sounds like jealousy to me.  She had 168 grand at the start of Occupy and now she is homeless?  Well who’s fault is that?  You are so stupid that you don’t know to take care of number one first.  Perhaps she was counting on the junkie to take care of her for the rest of her life.  What a piece of work.  I have no idea what OTOH is.

Donna Piranha twitter41

Another repeat and again, yes I do think.  This is like her 100th tweet on the subject to my only one that she knew of.  Only this time she’s stating that she never

read any; of course.  I only posted the one that she saw and she refused to open the second one I posted the day before.  The tape she is lying about.  Her tweets stopped dead in their tracks on January 4th.  And even if she didn’t hear them, which I doubt, Occumom told her about them, because she stopped tweeting.  Look at that compared to now.  Since she had responses form her tweet, she didn’t want to delete them; stats.  Bad move.

Donna Piranha twitter42

Again, who is she trying to fool? If she had no desire to communicate with me than she should have never made those tweets on the 4th of January, after  we  texted to

each to tell the other not to communicate with each again.  As I thought and paced that day and the following morning, I knew Donna would probably make up some kind of story to tell Ma, why she was no longer here.  The recordings were more for Ma than her, but they were still for her.  I knew that if she couldn’t download them, Nadine could and would let her listen to them over the phone.  I’m not stupid, Donna is.  She says that she thought I was a friend of her’s.  Is she kidding?  She goes on twitter and places nine tweets doing the very same thing to me back in January, but we are still friends.  Who reading this could say she would have reason to believe that she was a friend of mine?  Misogyny?  Now isn’t that the #misandry calling the kettle black? 

At 1:09 PM, she takes a break and checks on her notifications.  She checks one from a friend first that has her tagged and retweets it.  She has to build up her stats.  Next she opens the one I sent yesterday with a screen shot of the update from June 5th and the storm was back on.

Donna Piranha twitter44

That might be, but the real reasons why she never responded was because she was busy responding to what she had read on this page, above before the June 5th update was posted, and my first tweet.  She had no idea this update was posted on this page. Oops.

She continues the storm with tweets such as the following:

Donna Piranha twitter45

Ooo, quite the BTW there.  Makes her sound so nonchalant of this subject she is speaking to you about, the law.  Today I checked and there are no warrants for my arrest.  Libel is not a crime you can charge someone with.  And in the civil suite of libel again, you have to prove you lost wages over it.  Would never go to court.  Just drop it Donna  We know you’re all talk.  There were many more tweets made just doing a bunch of name calling; loser and stuff like that.  Some tweets were made to build herself up.

Donna Piranha twitter48
Donna Piranha twitter49

Well, well see in a few more tweets how that again is the #misandry calling the kettle black.

Here within lies the problem.  She can not accept the fact that this statement is the opposite of what it says.  The “Trump Syndrome”.

My “lack of thinking skills”, huh? You truly are using slight of hand to deceive your readers.  This little girl cannot accept the fact that is was I and I alone who produced and published this site.  Me.  Perhaps she is jealous of that.  Doubt it.  I think she is a confidential informant.  Also, my thinking skills in Occupy The $y$tem, or in handling the The Three Stooges, you really want to ignore them, Donna?  You are either mighty fucking brave, or you are too stupid to realize just how close you are to being tagged in history as the snake (she is from a pit of them) who went on a one woman mission to ensure that the New World never got to them?  I think it’s the latter.  Donna better think of it as well.

This takes us to her final tweet of the day, number 52 for this day:

Donna Piranha twitter50

In this tweet, Donna is visibly pissed.  She may have noticed that there was more to it and that there was hidden link.  She may have gotten worried.

This is it folks.  This is a real threat on my life.  This is where I told you above where we were going to see how Donna’s claims of being holy then tho, are lies.  We have already found out that there is not warrant for my arrest, there are no government agencies out looking for me, so who are these “lotta guys” she speaks of who are looking for me?  My conclusion is that it coud be a number of people.  One, it could be the homeless she speaks of, friends of her’s that think she is right on.  Doubt it, but I will keep my eyes out for them...not.  That makes it a bullshit statement.  She has no idea where or even which state I am currently in.  It would be an ideal threat.  Another is that it could be the government boys and their capitalist backers looking to do me harm.  But why are these “guys” looking for me?  She never said. could it be...? And finally, she thinks she has a superior intellect to mine.  Hey Donna, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”  She really thinks there is something to win and that she can win it.  Please do the world a favor and wake up.

I’m worried about that tweet.  It has unsettled my mind and taken away some of my voluntary actions.  Yup, a threat.  I could pull a Bush Doctrine on her ass and kill her before she can kill me.  That would definitely be and involuntary action that I would normally not do.  Hum.  Naw, I will never see her again unless she is seeking me out.  If I do, before she or those “lotta guys” sees me, I will kill them.  It’s that simple.  I won’t live in fear.  This statement in this tweet is a definite statement to do harm on my body. You will not threaten me, Donna.

Donna stopped her temper tantrum  at that point.  There were tweets about me posting “all” these posts, when with each replay she retweeted the post.  What a ditz.  She then drives to West Covina where she logs on to the web site, around 5:30 PM.  What she did though was to google my name and enter through an link in a comment I made on an on-line news outlet back in January.  Then she went to this page and then others like the Baby Boomers, Millennials and Occupy The $y$tem pages.  When she got to that last page, she remembered.  She remembered working on it with me and how she once told me to remind her to make sure she never pissed me off.  We both forgot, so now we find ourselves here.  I can post those pages I once had on how I beat the Three Stooges.  Donna thinks she is smarter than me?  She isn’t even smarter than the Three Stooges, and two of them were high school dropouts.  I’m not going to be baited.

Donna must have freaked out when she read all the updates above the June 11th update.  Her next move was to have those ”lotta guys” do some defaming for her.  On June 10, Apricity1905 makes his/her tweet and the rest is written in the above June 11th update.  I discovered it about 6 hours after it was posted.  Then I did a few minutes of investigating, took some screen shots and posted the update a few hours after the original tweet was posted. I then tweeted a screen shot of the update and tagged Apricity in it, but s/he had me blocked, so it just posted to my wall and the hash-tags. What a piece of work.  The next day I tweeted everyone who helped Donna spread this tweet; retweeters and people who liked it.  By the time I got to the last of the interactions, they had me blocked.  The word had gotten out and they wanted nothing to do with this.  They ether blocked me, or deleted the tweets before I could tag them in a personal tweet. A number of them did that.  Ouch.  That had to hurt.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  Oh, yeah, I’ll let you know who these minions of Donna’s are when I get a little more time. 

So what is wrong with this girl and her friends?  They all suffer from the same condition, however, Donna is broken.  She got broken as a little girl, like I was a little boy.  Only, she cannot face where her personality came from.  Her father, the rich NASA rocket scientist that he was, used to beat her.  And because her mother allowed it, she lost trust in all human kind, as I did.  With every beating she took form her father she thought to herself, “Why do these men do this, I hate men.  All men are evil.  I will never marry a man.”  Bet you a hundred bucks. 

The condition that Donna and her friends suffer from is that even Donna is even aware of, as made obvious in this tweet she made not two months ago.

Cognitive dissonance2

Right there is the reason why all of you people who “think” you are awake, are not. You are all pro capitalistic and that is anti Christian.  Also, with Donna, she cannot accept that a man is the one bringing the right solution to the world.  Donna has spent her life putting her trust in the goddess  energy.  She was expecting a woman to bring about this New World peace. Her cognitive dissonance will not allow here to accept that she has been wrong and it is a man charged with the job.  That is why she has no problem working as a c.i. for the government.  Her cognitive dissonance tells her it cannot be me because I am a man, so why not do this job.  Then she runs around telling everyone that they will kill us all if we were to even attempt this action.  Right.

This above is the problem with everyone.  I looked up the first two people who retweeted her bullshit about me and tweeted them a link to this page so they could read the story. One of the people who was a retweeter is,  This person has over 5,000 followers, but is following only one; this person here  These guys are both pro capitalist hackers.  In the words of Joe Walsh, “You can only judge the distance by the company you keep.” 

Update: June 18, 2016

Back to exactly what Cognitive Dissonance is and how it plays in here. Cognitive Dissonance is something that relies on a “core belief” found in any person.  These core beliefs are so ingrained in a person that for them to accept a new idea, which doesn’t fit their core belief, will cause what was discribed by Frantz Fanon as Cognitive Dissonance, where the person will, “...rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

How did core beliefs dictate the path chosen by Donna?  Let’s take a look at who Donna was before the Occupy Wall Street movement started.  She was working hard on making a name for herself on social media; her ego, I’m sure.  Take a look below.

Donna Piranha Foursquare

Left is a screen shot of her foursquare account, whatever that is.  She hit the social scene as an “ex-rocker” who now does reviews on bars and the such.

Below is a shot of her fan page, because all public figures have to have one.  This is dated pre OWS and is wearing the same jacket.  Notice how she writes that she wants to “whore out” her page?

Donna Piranha Fan Page
Donna Piranha Fan Page About - Small

Look where it says, “Personal Information”.  She tells us that her name in Brazilian means Queen Whore.  She seems proud of it too.  How did she get that name, Piranha? Could it be that she was such a man eater in her youth that “they” saw it and coined the phrase and she kept it due to her pride of what she was doing with these men that gave her the name, “The Piranha”?

First off, there is no such thing as a language called Brazilian.  She must mean Portuguese.  I checked.  Donna Piranha, translated into Brazilian Portuguese is, Donna Piranha.  But hey, regardless, she wants you to know she is a queen whore.  Her ignorance is bliss.  That is exactly what she wrote on the Media page of her Instagy (whatever that is) account.  I have no Idea when this was set up, probably also pre OWS.  The statement that “ignorance is bliss” says to me, and anyone else who would be reading, that it is great to be stupid because it is bliss.  Here she says she knows nothing and wants to know nothing, and so should you.

Donna Piranha Instagy1

And of course what else would a ex-rocker/media whore need to promote her name?  Why an event page that tells all her adoring fans where and when they can see her playing her guitar.  The two events listed were both occupy national events.  Not too many fans.  Check out the shirt and what it says.  Pro woman, matriarchy, seems to me.  It’s like, “I am a woman, I am better than any man. I have an extra wo, I am a woman.”  My guess is she made this site after the start of OWS and wants to show sister solidarity to the other activists.  Also, a message to all the men in the group.

Donna Piranha Allevents1

Donna also has an photo bucket account that I don’t think she has used since the OWS movement and her transformation into a caring individual.  She posted a bunch of photos which to me suggest that she likes girls and wants to emasculate men.  She really hates men folks.  You activists cannot figure that out and that is why I have removed myself from you all.

Donna Piranha Photo Bucket2 - Small

So all this taken above, plus the earlier stories told about Donna Piranha, should have everyone concluding that she is a man hating, man eating, Piranha, and the message to all the men is to stay out of her way.  Wow, if I had known all of this before I asked her to come aboard to help out, I would have had a talk with her asking to explain herself.  If she couldn’t, I would have never invited her, moved on and what she is crying about would have never happened.

So, with my investigation we find out that the true nature, the core beliefs, of what Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz was, before she

reinvented herself for the occupy movement.  We can tell how she got them and why she is acting the way she is.  It is quite sad.  Donna has put her trust in the female power, foregoing any other’s (especially a man’s) plans to bring peace to the earth.  What is that core belief of Donna’s that has her believing that me and my plan have to be stopped at all costs? 

So, after having read this page and after an absence from Twitter for six days, Donna went on another attempt at saving face.  I took some screen shots to discuss.

Donna Piranha twitter52 - Small
Donna Piranha twitter53-3

Check out the one one the bottom.  Hates men.  The others, about me, more lies and attacks.  A restraining order?  What state will you serve that in?  Please let me know the case number.  “Crazy interactions” she says and that I can’t get anyone to do his work for him.  I think by this web site, which I did all on my own, with my experiences listed in this site, I think that I can do my own work.  I can’t do everything; I’m not God. I wanted her to come here and do her work.  I love the way she boasts up her “integrity”.  Does that include telling the truth?  Of course she is boots on the ground, she has to be there to spy on you.  Her dedication she speaks of is all the payoffs she made in pizza parties and showers for all; bribes.

Yeah, I am the “so stupid” one.  I will put my polygraph up against her polygraph any day.  Yes, part of her coming over was to RV sit for me, but that was canceled long before she arrived and that is why she arrived after the new year and not Dec. 27, the day I was to leave.  She did not one thing or write one code.  This is an all out lie and I will put my life up against her’s in a polygraph test.  As far as the last one, her so called video will show that to be a lie as well.  Next we look at another lie.

Donna Piranha twitter55

This is another lie by the town crier.  She can no longer earn her keep?  Is she kidding?  She is not a professional guitar player. Not only that,

but she does nothing to earn any keep on this or any other planet.  Your tax dollars go to keeping her alive and bitching.  She is on permanent disability due to a permanent spinal injury she keeps omitting from her story.  The tax payers give her food, money and health care to keep her quiet, but it doesn’t seem to be working.  The next tweet will show you what I mean and how Donna is just yelling because she is butt hurt that I told her to leave.  Check this out:

Donna Piranha twitter56

Oh, my God, it was horrific.  The horror, the horror.  There are at the very least 10 or 20 tweets like this where she is pissed off that I am calling her a faker and none of my neighbors are giving a crap.  That was when she got up and left.  If she really couldn’t walk, as she says in her other tweets, then she could not get up and leave.  Who is she lying to?  Not the doctors.  They know she is a faker just like me.  In fact, my guess, she went to Occumom’s house from the bus.  The next morning she went to a hospital emergency room and got the cold shoulder from the staff.  They too knew she was a hypochondriac just faking for attention.  They even took her off the waiting list as Donna admits to in this tweet made around 9:30 the morning of January 4, to her health coverage.

Donna Piranha Kiser Tweet

See, even she admits their is nothing wrong with her with this tweet.  She admits that they have found noting wrong with her and just want her to leave.  But she is not having any of it.  She insists she is injured.  She has to, she cannot pull the kings privilege unless she can prove to the cops that there was an injury that actually happened, but in the real realm of the world she was not hurt.  She fell on her own, so she know how to stop the fall. It was all an act.  In fact almost 10 hours later she was still in the hospital bitching to anyone who would show her sympathy. 

Donna Piranha Kiser 10 hours

The doctor upset her.  You know how?  He told her there was nothing wrong with her and to go home.  Same thing I did.  A woman scorned... Look out.  She has worked herself into a frenzy. So important was this visit that she didn’t tell us all how it worked out.  Did she get seen, or did she leave?

Now, back to the twitter storm of Juanuary 13th.  There is one more tweet from this storm that I will comment on and that is this one here:

Donna Piranha Shame

Read that first, top, line.  Look at the caps, “...a LIE-BOUND, VICTIM-SHAMING rant...”  That is good. That is real good. Here she admits that she is being shamed.  Why is that good?  Because I am not trying to shame her, I am merely pointing out the facts to everyone.  If she feels “shame”, that is because there in lies some guilt.

Up to this tweet, Donna was working franticly to save face with her friends.  First she goes and posts lies about why she was here and why she left.  She tells them that she is at the hospital attempting to see a doctor and her friends have interacted with her.  They have shown sympathy towards her and all without knowing what really happened and why.  She had seen that I had her blocked, so she figured, “go with it.”  Then she got the recording and decided to just stop.  She should have erased the tweets as well.  I did tell her I’d better not see anything about it on social media.  Fool, she’s gotta save face with her friends.

Donna was butt hurt over all this and wondering what I might say about it.  She pulled a preemptive strike, thinking I wasn’t watching, to save face with her followers that really don’t know she is working for the republicrats.  Then this web page comes out a couple of weeks ago and she is embarrassed.  “Oh, shit, it’s stating truths which embarrass me.”  That is good, because she cannot feel embarrassed unless she did something bad.  She is embarrassed because she knows she did bad (lie) and the story is being told to those who assumed a different story having heard a lie from Donna first.  This embarrassment comes from knowing right from wrong, bad from good, or at the very least, thinking what you did was wrong.  You’d be surprised how many times it’s not.  Donna, feeling embarrassed for a this, is saying she has a conscience.  That is good.

Embarrassment transforms into shame, but only if the person has a conscience. They can feel embarrassment without shame; like Donald Trump can.  Embarrassment is the feeling of knowing you were caught and now people will look at you in a different manor than you were trying to get when you decided to deceive them.  You can lie because there is no God that will strike you dead if you do. The good book tells all that you will go to Hell for lying, so why would you lie? And you really don’t believe that Heaven and Hell stuff, otherwise you would never lie.  Ever.  The shame comes in if you have a conscience and guilt about the harm your actions did another person that embarrassed you.  So it is good that Donna feels shame about all this.  If she is a real human being, she would. 

This shame is Donna realizing that she did wrong, not just bad, but wrong.  Embarrassed is what one feels for getting caught doing bad, sham is what one feels for understanding it was wrong. Not only that, but she has been exposed as the emasculating, man hating,  misandrous, man eating piranha that she really is, at her core beliefs.  This is why she is useless to your movement.  Unless you too believe in an all matriarchal society and any plans to the contrary are to be put down at all costs, working with Donna Piranha is a waste of time.  She should feel shame, she’s a c^|\|+ and she needs to wake up and own it.  How?  She needs to accept that fact that everything on this page is truth and if she want’s to say it is not, then she needs to point out which are not and why?  Like what code did you write? I doubt you even know any code.  Html is a markup language, not a code.  That’s what the ml stands for.  I have a degree in computer and internet programing, you have talk.  What you really should do, to grow up, is to write an E-mail to be published here, telling us where I was right on, who you really think the president should be and why you are trying to destroy me and this plan at any cost.  Pull a Sybok.  Until you delete the posts and write the letter, I will be posting this every morning.  You are wrong and you must tell the world.

Donna really needs to ask herself, “do I need this here to exist long past my life, or should I apologize for my actions.”  Her answer will depend on whether or not she can grow up.  That is going to be the hardest part.  It’s that cognitive dissidence she has to deal with.  That is going to make her take a look at her core beliefs and understand how they are influencing her decisions in life.  First, she has to own up to it, by admitting to it, only then will she be able to live with knowing where her pain comes from and how it influences her decisions today.  Of course, once a person gets arrested, they make decisions based on self preservation, and that’s what we got going on here.  Time to kiss, lick and wipe my ass Donna, for real.  It’s not that you lost, there was never anything to win.  It is just that you were exposed.  Time to grow up.  I doubt , however, that she will admit this.  She may if I was wrong about her being a republicrat spy, but if I am right, there is no way she can tell us that truth.  She doesn’t love us enough to quit and tell us that.  It’s truly sad.

Next I will write on the people who answered Donna’s cry for attention and how they tried posting for her and also about the Cal Simone thing we did.  That should be an interesting conversation, well, lecture.  To be continued...   Check back next week.

Update: June 19, 2016

We’re not going to be discussing the Cal Simone thing we did or about those that are helping Donna right now.  Instead, I want to show you some interesting information I found out this morning, while doing research on just who this piranha is.  You learned above that Donna has her web site,, but did you know that she has had it since 2001 and every year she has to renew the URL?  She did, and she does.  Last month she renewed her site, as she does each year, and listed her address on the form.  This is so the hosting and .com companies and folks know where to mail documents about your site.  This was done last month, on May 16th.  Also on that day she did the same with another site she owns, one we didn’t know of,  From what I can tell, she does nothing with it.  Info here. It had a redirect to another web site,  That is site owned by Richard Greenwood, out of Temecula, California.  Investigation has shown that he is involved with all three of Donna’s sites I have found, so far.  See, there’s another site.  A site I’ll bet no one in the occupy movement ever heard of.  It is a site where Donna scams and takes advantage of immigrant and visiting Poles.  This site here,, is also owned by Donna and has been since August of 2000.  It seems she hasn’t paid much attention to it in about 11 years, but she has updated it and its status each year since 2000.  It isn’t due to be updated until August, and Donna hasn’t paid for it yet.  But it is the only web sit she owns that actually seems to have some content.  Look at this page here:

Donna Piranha Polonia2

That Polish American Heritage Group, listed to the left, is something that Donna claims her father founded, but that she now runs.  The address in this shot is the very same address that Donna has listed with .com, in all three of those URLs mentioned.  I’m sure there are more, right now I don’t feel like digging.  So, this address, above, is the address where Donna The Piranha Byczkiewicz lives.  When she disappears off the streets for a week or two, every now and then, this is where you will probably find her.  It is not an old address, she solicits money for her Heritage Group from and for that address.  That is the address of the Group.  If not, this is quite the fraud and quite possible federal if anyone ever sent her money from outside the state of California. Here is a picture of the Polish American Heritage Group.

1104 Agate Street

Sure there are a lot of people who owe me an apology, but first you need to turn your backs on Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz.  She is a government plant who is not homeless and is living in a 1500 dollar a month apartment.  She is so full of lies you could say she is so full of shit.  She is not who she says she is.  Now you know.  Oh, yeah, one more thing, if you go looking for Donna or go to check out the Polish American Heritage Group, and you knock on the door and a guy in his middle forties answers the door, that might be Rick, I think, Donna’s ex boyfriend that she claims she doesn’t see anymore. 

One more thing.  I cannot, for the life of me, ever remember seeing Donna’s cleavage.  No matter where, at the beach, in a motel room, I have never seen her wearing a shirt that didn’t show her neck line.  Anyone else ever notice this?  I found a picture of someone with the name piranha in her name.  Her name is Donna and she looks a little like Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz.  It says 25 and a different state, but, do you think Donna may have a love child she doesn’t know about?  Wink, wink.  You decide. Really, has anyone out there ever seen below Donna’s neck line? 

To be continued... Check back next week.

Update: July 5, 2016

Click here to go to the next page where you can read the conclusion.


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