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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

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USA Takeover Banner Charlie Chaplin1
Messege To Humanity

To The Baby Boomers

Not happy...not happy at all.  But before I defame our generation, we really have to take a look at the generation that came before us; the so-called "Greatest Generation", and those that came after us, like the genXers, or the millennials.

Tom Brokov coined them, "The Greatest Generation".  Greatest generation my ass.  A lot of pundits are saying it is the fault of the Baby Boomers as to why we are over 18 trillion dollars in debt.  I say, they are wrong.  Let's look at who was really pulling the strings over the past three decades.

Number one, Ronald Ray-gun.  Thirty years ago he was the president.  If he were alive today, he would be over 100 years old.  So, that would put him in the so-called "Greatest Generation".  That generation that so bravely took on Hitler and fascism and unleashed the furry of hell on the planet with the two bombs it dropped on the people of Japan.  But dang, they won.  And boy did they party.

Ronald Ray-gun is an interesting story.  After he graduated college, he was doing radio announcing for the college football games.  He called a lot of sporting games, and at one MLB game, he made up calls rather then tell the people he was disconnected from the wire feed.  We all know he was a B-actor, but he was also the Screen Actor’s Guild president.  So he learned his politicking there.  He was also a corporate shill for General Electric.  The same General Electric that paid zero in corporate taxes last year.  Catching on yet?  They loved him so much they made him governor.  This is a man who made a record for the American Medical Association to scare the crap out of good Christian Americans by telling them that socialized medicine would destroy our country.  He was nothing but a corporate shill.  This man was not Christian, he was nothing but a liar.  And he did it, because his ego wanted lots of money.

Ray-gun was around 30-years-old when W.W.II broke out.  He didn’t join.  He liked being an announcer.  As a young democrat, he saw FDR’s New Deal come about.  What did it take for this "new deal?"  Taxes.  Plenty of taxes.  So Roosevelt goes to the FED and barrows a ton of cash, putting all of us who pay any taxes at all on the hook for.  And so it begins.

America, along with its allies, wins W.W.II.  The greatest generation.  But the nation is a changed nation.  Everyone in this country came together to fight a much more darker $y$tem then we lived under then and still do now.  The lesser of two evils.  While the men were off at war, the women were in the factories.  After the war, things pretty much went back to the way is was.  Factories retooled; men went back to work; and women went back into the home.  Baby Boomers were created.  But the genie was out of the bottle.  The women felt the independence and they liked it.  The country was back and better then ever.  Not only that, we scared the shit out of the rest of the planet with those two nukes in Japan.

The U.S. was on top. Levittowns were beginning to pop up.  For the whites at least.  The blacks got pushed into high-rise projects.   Detroit boomed.  You Baby Boomers were beginning to grow up to the point that you started graduating high school around 1963.  Think about that.  The first of the Baby Boombers, really grew up, as children, during the fifties.  Think about what they were watching on television.  First off, think of television as the programmer, you the computer and the TV shows as the software.  So, a computer programmer inserts the program into the computer and a desired and expected outcome comes out.  Or look at it like this, the television shows the show (program/software) to you and you respond as expected.  Same thing.  We humans truly are programmable.  We have to be.  Look at the way we grow up.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Small people just wanting to get in good graces with the big people around them; believing everything they tell them.  They lived through the MaCarthy hearings, and they, had to live through Watergate, much like I, or Iran/Contra, or Bill Clinton’s impeachment, or even 911.  There are people today, in high school, who were not even born for any of those events.  Yet, when this programming is studied, it should show an understanding to the Millennials of how these people, who are still alive and running much of things, think and why.  You have to remember who the true programmer is.  You have to understand that they lived, listened and never questioned.  They heard the entire capitalism good, communism bad, there is no other choice, thing.  This was all taught to them by, that's right, the Greatest Generation; the swingers of the roaring twenties and into the 21st amendment.  So, this sense of "American Exceptionalism", really comes from the generation before the Baby Boomers; the Greatest Generation.

But you bought into it all.  You ate it up.  You loved Ozzy and Harriet...not to mention Lucy.  They "watched" sitcoms that showed the white nuclear family just into bar-b-cues and winning a trophy anywhere in life.  And if you were black and lucky enough to have this type of "programming" you saw what America did.  White America was all over the television.  And the police were portrayed on TV as nothing at all like they really are in reality.  They were the good guys no matter what.  You guys bought it all.

You did “duck and cover” in school as if that would help in the event that an atomic bomb fell on you.  So not only did you live with a false entitlement of the world, but you lived in fear of losing it all with just a few bombs.  And in the sixties, you began to seek out the American dream, and got married, and had children yourselves.

I was born at the end of the generation by a woman who had been born during the first year of the very same.  Her husband was born at the end of the Greatest Generation, but he’s like a Boomer.  So let's take a look at my programming.

I have recently viewed a television station called TV Land and one called Retro.  They have a lot of shows that used to be on during the sixties and seventies.  I used to watch many of these shows as a young child growing up.  It disgusted me.  Dragnet, Adam 12, watched many times over as a young preteen.  Not cool what I see now.  I just wanted to throw up.

It is because of you Baby Boombers and those that are still hanging on from the generation before us, that I have come up with this new system that looks like capitalism, but isn't.  I really think your heads would explode just trying to figure it all out.  Your grandchildren and their children will be taught how to live in an anarchistic resource based economy.  But I know your "programming" and how tuff it would be to try to get you to wake up.  So, we will ease the youngsters into this, while we wait for the boomers to die off.

Now, you boomers think I don't know you will be the biggest opponents against this New World?  Trust me, I know this.  I know this because I know you guys vote with your wallets and not with your brains, or your hearts.  So, now that you know that my plan calls for the making null and void all Federal Reserve Notes, how do you feel about that?  What?  Like I don't know. 

I know you spent 20, 30, even 40 years saving up those stupid FRN's, to enjoy in your "golden years", but really, this game has got to end.  This money you all think you have, where did it come from?  It came from the futures of your children and their children.  And now you want to drag in those of the Millennial's generation.  This game of yours has got to end and it will end here and now.  The Federal Reserve $y$tem,  is nothing more than a ponzi scheme counting on new people being born to continue it for what they think will be indefinitely.  The national debt is over $16 trillion and still growing.  It will always keep growing.  It will never stop growing.  That is a ponzi scheme.  A ponzi scheme set up by the parents and grand parents of our so-called "Greatest Generation".  This scheme is going to come to an end and very soon, the answer is a question you need to be asking yourselves.  That question is, "what can we do to make everything right for our descendants?"  (If you are a Christian, the question would be, “what would Jesus do?”)   And the answer to that is thus; you have to wake up and take a look back at the world you have built and are leaving behind for all to deal with in the future once you are gone.  (That is the answers if you are Jesus or just a humanitarian.)  You have to see its misgivings.  Those misgivings are the things that keep us divided and suffering, like capitalism.  You have to realize that capitalism has to go and communism is not the only other alternative.  You really have to make things fairer among everyone.  That's going to mean growing up and giving up all that divides us...the money.  I'm sorry, but it has to go.  There is a bright side to all of this though...anyone who saved up less than 100 grand will now have 100,000 NADs to begin to live out their golden years...or any of their years if they so chose. 

You owe it to these other generations.  Do not go into this kicking and screaming.  I am sorry you felt it necessary to spend your life in the acquisition of money, but really, that is not what life is about.  Never again will you, or any of your descendants have to worry about coming up with "money" because a tyrannical oligarchy wanted to extort a compelled performance from you by making you work for the "money" they demand.  Please, for the love of the Millennials, do not oppose this revolution. 

So now, let's take a look at the number two string puller, George H.W. Bush.  He was our president after Ray-gun.  He too is like 100 years old; as old as the FED.  No, he's like 92, but he is still someone who flew during the war against Japan.  Do I really have to get into what the 12 years of Ray-gun and Bush did to this country to strengthen the grip of the oligarchs?  (So did Clinton.)  So, we have these two, very old people, from a very distant generation making policy for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

George H.W. Bush, is a very evil man.  I have no proof whatsoever, but I feel he had a huge part in the JFK assignation…he may have even been one of the gunmen.  I do know one thing…I was JFK in my past life, I think.  So…

Then you've got number three; William Jefferson Clinton, a.k.a. Bill Clinton, a.k.a. Slick Willie.  This guy left office only 15 years ago.  The first Baby Boomer to become president.  First black man too....yeah, right, this man did more to lock-up and make poor, more black people in this country then Jim Crow.  (That was a snide little joke.)  This is a man who grew up poor and was totally corrupted by wealth and money.  That corruption was made easy through the "programming" he received as a little boy.  It was also gained a little from being a Rhodes Scholar and seeing the rich elite.  There is a big market for brains.  He was a jazz saxophone player who claims to have put a marijuana joint up to his mouth, but never inhaled.  Give me a break.  What a liar.  Then there were the lies of his philandering; Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and oh yeah, Monica.  But what a great guy…let’s give him millions of dollars.    Oh, but wait, it gets worse from here.  Both four and boomers as well.

Not only do we see the last 30 years of 6 presidents being 1/3 Greatest Generation, 2/3 Baby Boombers, but we also understand the programming they received.  Don't you?  All the presidents, with maybe the exceptions of Carter and Jefferson, have been corrupt.  It doesn't matter which republicrat is in office, the brainwashing is all the same.  The acquiring of wealth becomes that which takes over in any venture starting out to be noble.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  To them it is like, “we got ours, now you go get yours, it’ll happen.”  These men were, and are, all criminals.  Wake up, they sold us dreams of illusions.  Capitalism is not what anyone's God wants, nor is communism the only other solution...unless you want to go back to the king, but that is pretty much what we have today only without a blatant hierarchy nor a hereditary right of transition.  Of course, taking a look at the Bushes or the Clintons today…

That’s another subject, number four, George W. Bush, a.k.a. Jr., a.k.a. W.  This is a man from and of privilege.  He grew up very rich.  Even though he was not a good student, he got to go to Yale, since his father was a legacy there.  He graduated a C-student.  And he was probably a C-student because of who he was and not a D, which was probably what he deserved.  He was/is a member of the Skull & Bones Society, like his father.  He got to join the Air National Guard as to not serve in Vietnam.  But even with that, he did drugs.  He got suspended for not showing up for a physical needed to stay flight certified.  He was probably on cocaine or drunk and didn’t want to get busted, so he ditched out of the program.  He has had many shady business deals since graduating from Yale; at least that Texas Rangers deal seems a little shady.   W, by the way, is a Baby Boomer keeping quiet and doing what his father tells him to do in order to get richer.

This is a generation of excess.  You served us in Vietnam, fighting on a lie you all believed from Robert McNamara.  Not all believed it.  Many didn’t want to go over there and kill people they had no beef with.  I do feel sympathy for both of you.  And I feel you on the “you’re set in your ways” thing.  But you have to wake up.  You have to see how today’s generations are way different from us.    And the millennials really want to ditch capitalism.  They know of its evils.

I implore you to see the ways of your past and correct it for our futures.  I don’t know about you guys, but I believe in reincarnation, as taught by Jesus, but hidden by sinister forces.  I don’t want to have to come back to this planet again as another economic slave.  I’d like to see us all thriving.  Those that don’t believe like me should want to make this change so their children and grand children and great grand children don’t have to exist in this $y$tem. 

Cut the younger generations a break.  They really do have all the answers to most of the world’s problems, it’s just that they are up against a corrupt governmental body that won’t let them solve them all because they retain great wealth by suppressing it all…capitalism.  I have been in many of their presence.  They know capitalism has to go, but that communism is not the answer.  They are looking towards a more resource-based economy.  Please, let them have it.  Buy the time it comes to fruition, you will all be dead or near dead.  Give them a better world.


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Cornel West, Christopher Hedges and Richard Wolff

Cornel West and Chris Hedges1

The three in the above link discuss the need for another American revolution in today’s world, using Thomas Pane for inspiration.  Cornel says that Philadelphia once had a law not to build higher than a statue of Thomas Pane, but it was not Thomas Pain’s, but William Penn’s statue.  Just want to correct a mistake so it is not repeated

Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked somewhere between 32 and 38 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.

Chris Hedges: "Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt"

Chris Hedges Wages of Rebellion

Above is a lecture by Chris Hedges.  I think it’s just something you guys need to hear.

keep calm and expect us white
george h.w. bush quote

Above is a sort of a hand book I would like you all to watch.  Millions of Americans have been working for revolution and now, with this plan, it will happen.  Watch this so that your concerns are met..