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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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Messege To Humanity

To The Clinton Supporters

What can I say to this group?  I don’t think there is anything I can say to convince you that you support Satan’s daughter…but I will try.  Here goes.

You know what?  I can’t think of anything.  There is no way this demographic group is going to ever believe that they support the most evil woman on the planet.  Right in line with Angela.  For the life of me, I really cannot come up with anything to say to convince you all that you are being hoodwinked by an oligarch disguised as a regular Joe from Scranton (where Joe Biden is from).  All I can say is read my book, then go over everything in this web site again.  Bet you she doesn’t even win the democratic nomination.  Please don’t fear what is to come.  We’re working to save you too.

One more thing.  Tomorrow Hillary Clinton will testify at the Benghazi hearings.  Today, Joe Biden decided not to run for president.  Conclusion:  Hillary will do fine and she will be vindicated.  Trust me, the fix is in and Biden knows it.


Okay, I have been holding this back, but now I will let loose and let the chips land where they may.  A couple of things really.  However, both of these subjects have been spun to be conspiracy theories.  Maybe they are, but then again, maybe they’re not.  You would have to do the studying and figure it out for yourself.  I will tell you this, should Hillary Clinton, through the sinister means of Satan, win the democratic championship and advance to the Superbowl, it is for sure you will hear all about HIllary’s past, at least on the FOX News Network.  Whether or not it is Travelgate, Whitewatergate or the Lincoln Bedroom, her past is going to come up.  And it should.  They are just waiting for her to win the championship before they bring it all up.

The first one is the suicide of  Vince FosterWhat was the relationship?  I have always believed that Vince Foster was murdered and my thoughts really have been, this entire time, that he was murdered by the hands of Hillary Clinton.  “What’s that,” you say?  You never heard of this?  Then you folks got some learning to do.  The Clintons really know how to play this game.  That is very obvious by how far each has come since childhood.   This couple is truly a totalitarian couple.  Many people have suffered by their hands, especially by Hillary’s hands.  On the right is a video that was produced by the republicans during the 2007 presidential election entitled, “Hillary: The Movie”.  It shows the totalitarian Hillary and how she “used” the power of the White House to intimidate those people who stood in the way of her getting to the presidency or those in the way of government jobs they wanted for friends.  I advise you all to watch it.  One thing they don’t discuss in the film, however, is the Vince Foster (murder?) suicide.  Why is this?  Could this really be the one subject that they know will bring the full wrath of the Clintons down on them? 

Back during the early to mid nineties I knew people who knew people who worked in the White House.  They told me back then that the Clintons didn’t sleep together and that Hillary yelled at and argued with Bill a lot.  The rummer also was that Hillary and Vince were lovers.   Now I am convinced that infidelity is something that Hillary is into, it is apparent that she has an open relationship with her husband by the way she attacks the women he sleeps with to keep quiet about it, but I’m not so sure Mr. Foster harbored the same depravity as she.  However, there is a long history between these two families that goes back over 20 years, so this guy was in on every corrupt and illegal thing they were doing.  I’m sure of it.  It’s a gut feeling.  My suggestion to you all is to just click on the picture to the right and the links on this page and explore this bullshit.  I do know one thing, after spending a day watching the videos and reading the articles, you should learn that Hillary is nothing more than a fake, a fraud and a phony.   No one believed that Dennis Hastert could be a gay child molester, until the proof was there.  They’re all corrupt and Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to stay on top and out of jail, just like Hastert, just like all of them.

Now for the second story which has fallen into the conspiracy realm.  Back in the mid 1990’s, while an activist working and living at The Compound, in Atlanta Georgia, I got to meet many famous and infamous people.  Two of such were Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien.  This was during the time we were very active in the militia movements and were pushing my book, “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”.  It was also during a time when Phillips and O’Brien had just written their book, “TRANCE Formation of America”.  To have those two in our presence was a treat.  It was amazing how many people in the activism, “conspiracy” and entertainment realm came through that place.  How we found each other is beyond me.

Anyone who knows the story of Cathy O’Brien, knows that she was an MK-Ultra subject.  So was I, but I broke programing.  She, unfortunately, became a sex slave for those working in the United States government and especially one of Hillary Clinton’s sex slaves.  Now I have no reason to doubt this couple’s stories.  I had written my first book, “Without A Gun”, when we met, but never told anyone, anyone, about it.  No one would believe this story if they read it.  I can accept that my story, although true, is unbelievable, so why can’t her’s be as well?  I also had another story, that of my MK-Ultra days. 

In the early nineties, I met Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron, the only known survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment.  I met the pair after meeting a mutual friend in the California desert at Oh My God Hot Springs.  While there, we met a man named Christopher McCandless, who was there passing through.  This is the man the Shaun Penn movie, “Into The Wild”, is about.  Although I don’t remember him, he kept a diary and I am sure he must have mentioned me in it.  This experience Chris had with us Rainbows, was forbidden by his father from being talked about in the movie  But Penn read it and I would love to know what Chris wrote about me.  Anyway, this friend I met in the desert was from Long Island.   One thing this brother noticed about me when we met was that I may have been a Montauk Boy.  About a year later I was living and working with David Dodge, in Brewster N.Y.  One of the brothers at the house knew this same brother I had met in the desert one year earlier and we were reintroduced once again.  From his home on Long Island, we visited with Al Bielek.

I know that this Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project is a “conspiracy theory”, but when I met the two it was a slightly different story than is told today.  As I google all this for the first or second time, I am seeing a different story then was told to me, by them, over 20 years ago.  Al, told me his part of the experiment was basically the one played in the movie by Eric Christmas, of the scientist.  What I read today is that the two claim to be brothers.  That’s not how I remember it.  First off, when we met, he took me into this shed he had in his back yard.  Before we entered it, he unlocked it, then took a metal wand, like an antenna and did what he called a “bug sweep”.  He stated that he was very weary of the government boys placing listening devices in his workshop.  Another thing, he had me sit nude in a chair while he played different sounds and music while he looked over my body.  Afterwards, he told me that I definitely was a Montauk Boy.  The fourteenth or fifteenth he had found.  And here’s were it gets stranger.  He told me my back had the scars of a government implant of an alien design he called “the wire”.  It was a transceiver for communicating with me that only worked when I had an orgasm.  Strange, huh?  And they put it in me when I was about seven years of age, having to freeze my body to 30 or 40 degrees to do it.  I wrote, “Without A Gun”, so what was hard to believe about this?  There is so much more to this story that involves Mark Hamill who I think they said lived two doors down from Cameron and they were fuming about all this stuff and this is a much longer story and not what this page is about so, getting back to the story.  (Oh, look, there is a connection between Hamill and Montauk.)  They told me that in the movie, when Duncan and his brother jump off the ship, they land in the desert and begin a trek to find the scientist, however, what really happened was when the Cameron brothers (or whoever they were) jumped, they actually landed at the Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, N.Y., on Long Island, just a few miles from where my MK-Ultra tests/programing took place.  Duncun, although around 30 something years of age, pointed out that he was born around 1920 and was in his twenties when he and his brother jumped overboard and landed in 1984.  So even though born in the twenties, he had the body of a 30 something year old. Hey, it’s time travel.  Today, after googling this story, I’m not too sure these guys were kosher.  However, they were pushing this story long before the internet.  Now, I read where Bielek traveled into the future and Atlanta was only 20 miles from the beach.  Atlanta is at 1050 feet; impossible.  So...

Getting back to Hillary Clinton and Cathy O’Brien.  If this is true, it would explain her idiotic vote to give George Bush the war powers authority.  I always knew there was no need for an invasion and that there were no weapons of mass destruction.  I learned that in college, almost 30 years ago.  We learned that the moment you develop a new weapon you announce this to the whole world.  The benefits are twofold.  First, it discourages your enemies from invasion and second, it bankrupts your enemy as they spend their treasure on building a weapon to counter act yours.  The class was called international relations.  Something Hillary really knows nothing about, I.M.O..  So, Bush wasn’t fooling me and if Hillary was better educated he wouldn’t have been able to fool her either.  Or was she fooled?  See?  This is the reason we have ISIS today.  For her to say she made a mistake is just not good enough.  Do you really want a person who can be lied to and taken advantage of, as her remarks of “it was a mistake,” would indicate?  You can’t make mistakes when you’re Commander-In-Chief.  Would you vote for Carly Fiorina after being fooled by some video she never saw?  I would hope not.  Just like I would hope you wouldn’t buy this tripe from the Hild-a-beast that it was a mistake.  Mistake or not, the vote voids her from being the leader of the free world.  Do you forgive Carly?  How could anyone trust anyone who can be fooled to the point that they bring us to war, than want’s a do over?  Cathy O’Brien is still alive and living with Mark Philips.  Why doesn’t the F.B.I. hook them up to a polygraph and let’s find out is this pair is right-on, or full of shit.  If the test shows them to be truthful, then we hook up Clinton to it and ask her the same.  I’d like to know what the truth is between the two.  But that’s me, I wanna know the truth, whereas others would rather live with blinders on.

I hope all you Clinton Supporters out there really click the links on this page and study this woman.  Seriously, take the entire day to learn the past 45 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is nothing more than a very scared woman who will say anything to become what she thinks is a job supposed to be like a queen.  She already has that life, she doesn’t need to force her totalitarianism on the rest of us.  She is scared that you will all figure her out before she becomes president.  She did everything in her power to save the reputation of her husband so that they could stay with the appearance of a happy marriage until she becomes president.  If you write me in for president in 2016, I promise that she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

Update: May 18, 2016

It has been over five months since I last wrote in here, and as I sit here the only thing I can think of is still how much this woman has you all fooled.  It is obvious that the democratic race has been so tilted in favor for Clinton.  Why shouldn’t they?  The establishment that Trump speaks about isn’t just in the republican party.  The establishment is the republicrat party, both factions.  And on the democrat side the establishment has circled around Clinton.  She was given an over 450 delegate lead from the beginning before anyone entered the race with the so called “establishment” super delegates.  So before the first vote was cast in the democratic primary it was Hillary Clinton over 450, while the other four started with nothing.  Sound a little lopsided to you?  It should.  The sad part is that you don’t realize any of this.

From the start the democratic party only wanted to have three debates.  They really wanted none, but... This was all designed to stop the independent turned democrat, Bernie Sanders.  I love the way she was talking smack about Bernie, saying, “where was he during Hillary Care?”  Only to be proven a liar as the video surfaced of Sanders standing right behind Hillary in the early 90’s.  Or John Lewis coming out and saying that he never saw Bernie Sanders marching with Dr. Martian Luther King.  What an asshole.  That little statement of deception really got the black voters to not even consider Sanders.  And it worked.  Could they have even said that if Bernie was a man around the age of 35 or 40? The work Bernie did during that time was never boosted about like the Clintons or Lewis (that sellout) like to do.  They’re just star struck.  I never boosted about my involvement in my activism until I wrote this web site and realized from watching the Trump and Clinton campaigns that the American public likes boosters, so I started boosting.  And you guys haven’t even read about half of my experiences.  But all this Bernie bashing worked with keeping Bernie unknown to the democratic base.  However, since his exposure, he has gained momentum. Hillary has been losing state by state. 

It doesn’t matter that any apology didn’t come from, or later came from, any of this crap Clinton and her cronies already got out to the populous. The same people who heard it probably didn’t get to hear the apology so what difference did it make other then to deceive the voters to give Clinton a leg up?  I love (not) that you democrats think you are the moral party and the others are the corrupt ones.

Pandering has been big on the Clinton campaign.  One was to the Black Lives Matter movement.  When she went to Flint and made a speech that she is always there when the people need to be heard.  I’m paraphrasing there.  Yeah, Hillary?  Where where you during Ferguson? You’re so full of crap.  Or how you pander to the coal industry.  Wow, when she said that she was going to put the coal industry out of business and the diggers out of a job, boy, I thought, what a major coup for the environmental activists.  Because reality is, that industry needs to go, like the carriage builders or Morse code operators whose products were replaced by technology.  Just show them how to build solar panels.  Then the miners throw a tizzy and she is now not on the side of the activists, but the side of the workers. (Not on the side of healing the planet, but the side of destroying it.)  She tells them that what she said is not what she meant to say.  Bull, I heard what she said when she said it and it made me pretty proud of her for the moment.  I never trusted this woman, not one bit.

I’d like to speak about her Wall Street speech transcripts.  There is only one reason why you will never see those transcripts; because she is protecting wall street.  Her son-in-law is a Wall Street banker with that 15 percent tax rate.  (Oh, enough, she worked for Walmart.  She doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage because they don’t want the wage raised else they can’t make 17 billion dollars a year in profit.)  She has been in many shady deals made possible by the same people she was speaking to.  Forget about making her president, you’ll want to arrest her, probably, after you hear it.  That’s my guess.  But what do I know, until I read it.  Sanders is right to ask for it and his questioning of them will be fodder for Trump come the fall.  You really can’t trust her folks.

The Clinton Chronicles

While scouring the internet, I cam upon a movie made by the Citizen for Honest Government, entitled “The Clinton Chronicles”.  I have no idea what year it was produced, but it was after Slick Willie became president.  You wanna talk sex, cocaine, murders, coverups and drug dealing involving then Governor Bill Clinton and family that this movie goes on to expose?  Just watch this film.  Google the players and discover for yourselves. 

Now, I am happy that Bernie is staying in this race.  He really has changed the real Hillary Clinton from establishment crony to establishment progressive.  Lol.  The only people, I bet, that still cannot see the real Hillary Clinton are those that refuse to, are closed minded, and really don’t want to know the truth, least their world comes crashing down all around them. She is all they’ve Jesus.  You will never convince a Christian that maybe one of the other religions are correct and they are wrong.  Just like you will never get an old, black, lady to ever question the morality of Hillary Clinton.  It just wont happen.  If Hillary is to say that the minimum wage should be 10 dollars an hour, who are they to judge otherwise?  If she says it should be 12 dollars an hour, again who are they to judge.  A 15 dollar an hour minimum wage would put the millionaires out of business?  Hillary knows what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done...or go up.  She knew we needed to start a war with Iran. It was tit for tat and her wanting to show a citizenry that she was a killer and wouldn’t be a pussy when it came to times of war for “corporate” American interests. 

I still don’t think she will be president.  In either situation.  If these super delegates give the championship to her to go up in the super bowl against Trump, she will lose.  No doubt in my mind, she will lose to Donald Trump.  Trump is the perceived outsider candidate, even though he has run for president before only to learn you need over a billion dollars to win.  So knowing that, he joined the republican party (unlike his children), much like Bernie did when he jumped ship from being independent to democrat.  And people are sick and tired of establishment politics, especially Hillary Clinton’s brand.  One third of the Bernie supporters have stated that they would never vote for the Hill-da-beast.  So what will they do?  Vote for Trump?  Sit it out?  Either way, doesn’t look good for her.  No doubt that if they give it to Bernie you Clinton supporters will all vote for him.  Every wonder why it isn’t like that with the Bernie supporters? So, my prediction has always been, and still is, that the general election will come down to Sanders v Trump with Sanders be victorious.  There’s a reason for that, but we’ll see.  Just remember, Hillary was betting Bernie by upwards of 30 or  40 percent before the votes were even taken.  And just like she is slipping with Bernie, the only grown-up in the race, she too will slip away with Trump, especially when we know what she is all about and are tired of it.

I still believe that Bernie has a pathway to a nomination.  Truthfully, I think he could very well get 75 percent of the votes in California.  And even if not, it is quite possible that he should be able to get the super delegates to change sides.  It all depends on what Bernie might do or not do to the super delegates who I’m sure just don’t want to go to jail. It was very entertaining to watch the night of one of the super Tuesday’s when Bernie won something like six out of seven contests, one that Hillary Clinton had a 50 percent lead in and ended loosing after they thought she still would win by ten. The pundits, over at MSNBC, were at a round table discussing the beating Hillary took that night.  They kept saying, especially Andrea Mitchell, that they cannot understand why she is “doing so bad”.  They can’t say “losing”.  She kept blatantly saying that “they” had been saying for months that Hillary would be the presumptive nominee and yet she lost. Again, they are out of touch with the pulse of America. The south is over, the educated get the latter half of the primary and they know better. You have no idea of how many people I have met that told me Hillary will be the next president because that is what “they” are all saying.  So they vote for the winner. And lately I’ve noticed how the media don’t even mention the wins Bernie has been getting after Clinton’s big wins after the beginning.  Instead, they talk about Trump’s big wins and don’t talk so much about how Bernie just won by 50 percent.  C.O.Y.?

So good luck guys.  You are all delusional if you think that Hillary can beat Trump for president.  You too, don’t have the pulse of America.  They want a leader that talks like Trump but acts like Sanders.  That is why Bernie can win and Hillary cannot.  I believe that the people would rather commit suicide, than put the Clintons back in office.  Don’t you?

Update: May 25, 2016

Not even an hour ago, CNN reported that the Hill-da-beast, is in a bunch of hot water with her e-mail server.  Now, I believed yesterday that when she survived the Benghazi hearings and everyone thought that Donald Trump would implode on himself, the fix was in for her to win the democrat’s championship and advance to the super bowl against another establishment candidate. But now, the fix is in for Bernie and I can see it.

I think the democrats have realized what I wrote above and decide to do a 180 with Hillary.  Of course they don’t want her to go up against Donald Trump, with all his ads, but they (the super delegates) can’t just switch sides if Hillary has 3 million more votes then Sanders.  And it is because of this unsafeness against Trump, with Hillary, that the dems have decided that the sure fire way to get back into the White House, is with Bernie...and I think I see what the plan is.

The democrats plan, I believe, is thus: the inspector general has been given card blanch to follow the law, tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.  Which they did.  It will now be the responsibility of the attorney general if they will bring charges; O bomb A’s move.  This alone, though, I feel will not be enough to gain an indictment.  However, in the past few weeks there has been a man, from another country, who was on Dateline NBC and admitted to a felony that he hacked into Clinton’s personal e-mail server.  Hmm.  See, things that make you go hmm.  I watched that interview and when I heard him say he got into her server I almost fell out of my seat.  I knew there would have to be repercussions from that.  Today, this man plead guilty to some other charges, here in the States, having changed from his previous plea of not guilty.  The speculation is that this man is going to work with the Feds on the Clinton server hack.  Can’t wait to see what e-mails may have been stolen and if Hillary turned those over with the other 30,000 e-mails.  Thirty thousand sounds like a lot of e-mails, but what if she really got 35,000?  Why are the other five thousand missing?  Hmm.

Why would Hillary do such a thing?  Simple, she’s Crooked Hillary.  She wanted to keep certain commutations secrete for nefarious reasons.  She is “in” with the great deceiver.  Are you all that naive? 

I have a pretty good feeling that America will fall out of love with Hillary over the next two weeks to the point that she looses California by over 3 million votes.  I really wouldn’t bet against that.  Although, I always reserve the right to be wrong.

Trump went and shot his load when he started placing those ads against Clinton this week.  Are you guys seeing what is to come?  It will be disgusting.  He will avoid all the issues with all the mud slinging he loves to do.  His nickname is perfect for her.  What is his nickname for Bernie?  He has given everyone else a nickname.  What is it for Bernie?  I can’t think of it.  Is there one?  What would it be if Bernie gets the nomination?  He can’t sling as much mud at Bernie, and Bernie would bury him in a battle of wits.  So, what do you think the right thing to do would be?  Seems to me that you neutralize Trump’s attacks by nominating Sanders and not Clinton. 

So, we’ll see what happens over the next two weeks with this story and what happens in California as well.  I really hope Hillary wins though, the revolution would begin before January 20, 2017...if Yellowstone doesn’t blow or a comet doesn’t hit us before then.

Updated: June 5, 2016

Hillary’s speech attacking Donald Trump’s foreign rhetoric this past week was brilliant.  That is how she and Bernie have to attack Trump.  Donald could not hit back.  I’m sure he has his people putting a similar ad together with Hillary’s gaff’s; the Iraq war vote; not knowing Billy was getting serviced in her own house while she slept; pretending she didn’t know she couldn’t keep a private server for governmental business at her private home.  He will have the Clinton scandals on there as well, but what negative things can he say about Bernie Sanders?  What, that his $y$tem sounds “crazy”?  Crazy Bernie.  He has nothing.  Bernie would show Trump’s greed.  This move by Clinton was for nothing more than getting the California voters on her side.  A preemptive against Sanders.  Well played, mama. I had to mention all this just to get you Clinton Supporters worried. 

It is now two days before the California primary.  It doesn’t appear that Guccifer has gotten known to the American people yet.  It could be part of a conspiracy, or maybe not.  In either case, I still believe that Bernie Sanders can get three million more votes then Hillary, in California.   Bernie is more eco-friendly to the mother earth.  Bernie is against fracking, whereas Hillary is a “drill, baby, drill” kind of gal.  There has been a run on democratic voting ballots in California.  You think the millions registering as democrats are registering to vote against Bernie?  They can only vote democrat.  So, in either case it will be Hillary or Bernie, against Donnie.  If everyone in the news is already saying that Hillary will be the next democratic presidential candidate, then what reason would they have to vote for her on Tuesday when she will be on the ballot on November 8th, and it is that vote that really counts?  No.  The millennials are lining up to give it to Bernie.  Ha, ha.  Everyone in college today did not vote for president in 2012.  How many college students, under-grads, do you suppose are in California?  Three million maybe?  I have no idea, but we will see.  Bernie will not only win California, but will emerge with the most number of total votes cast by the people voting in his race.  He will have won more of the pledge delegates by popular vote, but Hillary will claim the super delegates make her the winner and this is where the fun begins.  I have a feeling that no matter who has more pledged delegates come the convention, the country will probably know who Guccifer is.  Let’s all grab some popcorn and watch this movie; see how it unfolds.  Enjoy the ride.  I’ll hit you up next week.

Update: June 10, 2016

Hahahahaha.  Wow was I wrong!  I kind of knew I would be.  I have no idea how many people vote in Californian and I know the democrats are not going to give the championship to someone who just became a democrat just to run in this race they had already anointed to Hillary Clinton, years ago.  The supers will never switch their vote to Bernie unless there is something that happens between now and the DNC.  Guccifer could pop his head back up at any time, so you’ve got that to worry about.

Let’s say something happens with Guccifer and we find out that of the many E-mails he downloaded when he hacked into Clinton’s server, many have been deemed classified since.  You see kids, that is why it is illegal for anyone to do what she did.  Maybe the rest of America will learn why this is not a kosher practice.  If this E-mail thing should surface before the convention, they will give it to Bernie who will name Elizabeth Warren as his running mate and the activist community will breath a sigh of belief and stop protesting as much.  They will believe that a pair of democrats will change the world...yeah, right.  You know what, the earth may just respond in kind to that.  But the chance of that happening is slim to none and slim is out of town.  If that were to happen after the convention, but before the election, then you are in a pickle.  She will definitely loose no matter who her running mate is and you will have Bernie to blame for this.  Doesn’t matter who wins anyway, Clinton or Trump, the country is screwed.  And should this come about after she has been sworn in, it will be an embarrassment to the nation.  But that is not what you should be worried about.  What you should be worried about is what will happen once you put one of those hawks in office.  There will be much suffering.

Yesterday I watched as the POTUS and Vice Potus along with Elizabeth Warren, gave their endorsement to Hillary Clinton.  They are all going to assume that even though she never reached the required amount of delegates to win the championship, they are certain that the handicap of over 400 delegates they gave to her before the start of the election will still stand.  If you cannot figure out that the only reason why she will be winning that contest is because it is due to her handicap.  The score at the beginning, before anyone else entered the race, was Hillary Clinton something like 450 - 500 delegates, to any one with the balls to take her on, zero.  That is how Bernie entered this race.  That is truly not fair.  There is no doubt in my mind that this handicap given to her, probably years ago, is really what influenced a lot of people to vote for Hillary.  However, even today, if you were to take the supers out of the race, Clinton is still beating Sanders in elected delegates; which when you think of it means that even if Hillary gets busted before the convention, there is no way she can’t win.  Congratulations.

Yesterday saw quite an attack on Donald Trump by the surrogates of Clinton.  This is not going to be an easy win for Trump, yet I still believe he will win.  We’ll see.  They hit him hard and Trump really didn’t quell it today.  Then, we find out that yesterday’s heroin met with today’s presumptive democratic nominee.  Looks like Hillary has read the writing on the wall and realizes that the only shot she has with beating Trump is with either Sanders or Warren on her ticket.  And you guys wanna know something?  Just because a real democrat like Beth is on the ticket, doesn’t mean it is going to be a good presidency.  All the v.p. does is attend state funerals, dinners and waits, as a stand in, just in case.  Those are the vice president’s only functions.  Anything else they may do, like on the job training, is up to the pleasure of the president.  In fact, I’ll bet a lot of you didn’t know that their is no law, or any rule, that says the president has to have a vice president.  So who would jumped in if anything ever happened to the president?  Why the speaker of the house, of course.  They really run the country.  But I am willing to bet that Hillary will choose Beth, and it will be up to her to decide, “Do I accept this offer and work with this evil person who is a shill for Wall Street, or do I finally leave this corrupt party and join with Bernie in a truly independent ticket”?  Think about it. Hahaha.   Tell you what though, if Beth decides to sellout because it sounds easier, Bernie and me might just run against them.  Don’t worry, we’ll leave Beth out of it.

Update: June 16, 2016

Yesterday, a friend, a compatriot, called to discuss “business”.  That is when I found out and did some investigating on a subject I had never heard of.  I must say, I wasn’t surprised.

I don’t want to sound like Trump, but we do share the same trait, only, I am honest about it whereas he is not.  Every time I saw Chelsea Clinton I got the willies.  I used to think, how could she be their kid; those cheeks.  Hillary was a little “homely”, so I could her in Chelsea, but Billy was a good lookin’ man.  No wonder they hid her as much as they could from the press.  But now I know.  Now I know the truth.  That Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell.  Unbelievable?  Not at all.  If you Clinton supporters don’t know about him yet, you will after the convention.  That white-trash family…


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