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Messege To Humanity

For The Activists

I do not want to tell these stories, but I feel I must. The activist communities have a lot of problems with them and it is now time to talk about that 900 pound gorilla in the room. There are problems with most of you that there are solutions for. These stories are recent, yet ones that have happened throughout the history of protesting against capitalism. Hopefully you will see some solutions here.

Back in August of 2015, I had the pleasure of attending the Backbone Campaign’s Action Camp, on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride over from Seattle, Washington. I say pleasure because those activists are just like all the other activist groups all over the country: young, dumb and full of you know what. The reason why I was at this yearly Action Camp, is another story.

About a week or two before the Action Camp began, the group was in Portland, Oregon, at the St. John’s Bridge. They were there to stop the Shell Oil ice breaking ship Fennica, from making a journey to the Arctic region to become the first and only oil company to attempt to drill for oil in that area. The Department of the Interior put the chance of a major spill with this operation at 75 percent and yet President O Bomb A, okayed Shell’s drilling permit. That aggravates me, and it should you too. Anyway, I was there as well.

This was to be my first action in a year. Just one year previous In 2014, I had retired from being a revolutionary/activist and began to live a life of retirement following the third Occupy National Gathering, held in Sacramento, California. I began a tie-dye business ( and brought it to different flea markets up and down the West Coast. I lived for many months in Las Vegas. Not that I gambled, but it is a very inexpensive city to live in with a lot of entertainment to go around.  That’s what I liked; the entertainment and cheap dinners at the hotels. Plus people I know were always coming through town. Business was getting busy. I spent 30 hours a week at market, while spending another 40 hours a week just producing the product. So I mostly just ate, slept and worked. One time, the Las Vegas police set up a DUI checkpoint right in front of the resort’s driveway.  Those things are as unCON-stitutional as they come. I came home from market one Friday night and their they were. Lucky for me (I say lucky because any interaction I will have with a cop will end up in my arrest) the roadblock was set up on a one-way stretch of the road and it was set up on the other side of the entrance I had to enter into. I have never had to stop at a DUI checkpoint, but I know it will be ugly if I ever do. I didn’t have to stop for them since they were set up on the other side and this made me feel a little at ease. I knew what they wanted, me. Not so much to catch me driving with something wrong, because there would be nothing wrong, but to get me to go out there and live stream it, which I would have done if not serious about my retirement. And yet, even though I was enjoying a retirement far removed from the risks of being arrested for doing the right thing, I still kept up with what the world was up to. Most of the people I know look at me as if I am strange for watching the news, but I tell them, knowledge is power. On the day of this particular action I was around Crater Lake, Oregon, living in the woods and checking out the sites, when I got an email from the Backbone Campaign about an action to take place at the St. John’s Bridge, in Portland. They were calling the action #ShellNo. I was 250 miles away, so I blew it off, but sent a reply telling the Backbone Campaign that if I maybe had another 24 hour notice I probably would have went. Bill Moyer, head of the Backbone Campaign, wrote me back stating that the ship wasn’t actually leaving for 17 hours past the start of the action. I met Bill and some of his group from the Backbone Campaign when I was at the Occupy National Gathering in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 2013. I have been on their mailing list ever since. With all that in mind, I pulled up stakes and drove up to Portland.

The main reason for my going to Portland was that my body was rejecting my retirement, in that, I could not enjoy myself no matter where I was or whom I was with.  I couldn’t enjoy working on my tie-dye business, cause there was always a police shooting being protested live on ustream that I kept finding out about.  I took off for the festival circuit, The Grateful Dead in Santa Clara, the High Sahara Music Festival, even the Oregon Country Fair, I could not live in the moment as if though the suffering wasn’t going on.  No matter where I was, or what I was doing, I could not enjoy life as it should be. So with that in mind, I considered coming out of retirement for the betterment of the world.

I was retiring on the west cost and this seemed like a novel idea. I spent a lot of time avoiding women to focus on the revolution. Now, I was feeling lonely enough to the point that I was telling a good friend that I would probably end up marrying the next (or first) girl to talk to me. Whatever her pleasure, I was in. If it was to sit it (the shit hitting the fan) out and travel as lovers till the end, then so be it. If it was to fight for this revolution and she was to be a big part of it, then let it be written.

I must digress:

    At all the other actions I ever showed up for, whether it be to stop Monsanto, to protest a RNC, a DNC, at OWS, or a Million Mask March, it didn’t matter, I was there for the cause, not to party and get laid. And even though I have the fuck palace from hell, I never used it to get with the many ditzy, and awestruck, women who go to these events. Let me ask you something. Do you know why we (the baby boomers, hippies and beet necks) lost in the 60’s?  Well, one of the reasons was because I wasn’t grown up yet, but the real reason(s) why the counter culture lost the war and never had its revolution was because of three factors: sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. That’s it. That is the truth. We were so into our egos that we (brothers and sisters) acted upon them, forgetting why we were all there in the first place. You can add to that the confusion started in the ranks by the COINTELPRO infiltration. And even though we of that generation know that to be the reasons of our defeat, whenever we tried to educate Occupy about that, those voices fell on deaf ears. Occupy, unwilling to learn from history, repeated the same things as in the 60’s.  I saw a lot of it and I saw it mess up plans that were made but never carried out because of one of those three things.

    Those were not the only reasons. In fact, they weren’t even the reasons, their egos were. Those were just results from the egos that helped to deteriorate the movement. There was one other; the 1970 shootings at Kent State University, in Ohio. That really killed the movement. In fact, Pat Buchanan claimed in a recent documentary entitled “The Day The 60’s Died”, that Nixon’s final victory over the counter culture came with the Kent State put down. It really was at that point that we threw up our hands and surrendered. And Pat laughs about it. That is exactly how they put down the Occupy movement. They attacked 15 cities with violence in one night, arresting everyone including news reporters and stealing everything they could find. After that it was like, see ya later. All the good middle class people didn’t want to lose their status and quickly began to disappear. I’m sure O Bomb A laughed at us as well. I also saw the same thing at Occupy Orlando. It was the violence portrayed on the Occupy protesters that really broke up the movement. However, I know that if you guys weren’t so full of yourselves at first and didn’t follow the lawyers, you could have prevented a violent move by the government and maybe even have taken it all the way and actually won.

So for the first time my intentions were to maybe hook up with a female that could travel with me as a lover for either reason and to see how far these activist groups were willing to go to do what really had to be done to save the planet. I was at that time thinking that the activists were never going to get together to do what really has to be done. Or, I’d see if they were just wasting everyone’s time. It’s one thing to be an activist, it’s another to be a revolutionary. I was at the point where I was indifferent to it all. I had finally embraced futility, so I was game for either personality (attitude) any lover would have, should I meet her. I wanted to meet a like minded woman to share the little time left on this earth with, or to start the revolution with. And again, I also wanted to see if these many activist groups were finally in a true mind-frame that will save this planet and all the life forms on it; including the marijuana plant! I’m not sure if you know it, but again, the only thing that will end oil drilling is the ending of capitalism. I had to see where they were in the revolution. Were they willing to go all the way, or were they just full of malarkey?

I don’t have to tell most of you that this planet is sick and suffering. If we don’t straighten up our acts she is sure going to kick us off to save herself. The real reasons, the root causes of all this is capitalism, greedy children and corrupt governmental servants. There has been so much thrown out there about ending both the government and capitalism. I have advocated for both since the early nineties and even wrote a book,” Justification For The Fourth American Revolution”, explaining just why we are obligated to do such. Although, having studied the different economic philosophies available to us, I still couldn’t figure out what to replace capitalism with in order to ease the planet’s suffering. During the Occupy Wall Street movement, I taught of this corrupt $y$tem of money and bankers and lawyer/politicians and the need to end it all, to everyone, but the so called elders at the occupy encampments all believed that they could get the desired result, money out of politics, with nonviolent means. Like those in politics were just going to listen to people too scared to even try to throw them out of office and replace them with more humane people. If that were the fact there would be no need for the Stock Act. They’ve got the citizens just were they want them. There is no such thing as a nonviolent action. ALL governments are violent. They have to be to be a government. A government does not exist until the people making up the so-called government take a pledge to use violence to get their way. Without that there is just anarchy and no one can get another to do what they say. They call it force, but you can take every news report of the government’s use of force (like recently) and replace it with the word violence and would you really allow them to go on? The United States government says, “let the men drill.”  But your sign says, ‘please stop drilling.” And they say, “make us.” It is at that moment you must realize that any one, or group of people, who would tell another person (or entity) what to do or not do has to be willing to back that up with the threat of, and final use of, violence, a.k.a. force. You could even look at it like they say, “stop protesting,” you say, “make us,” and that is when the violence starts; when they physically put their hands on you, or their bullets in you. The folks at the Backbone Campaign must realize that unless they have the balls, the gravitas€s, the actual backbone, to back up a demanded performance, in this case the demand to stop drilling, then the world they envision will never exist. Otherwise, all their demands come down to are idol requests. The one that is willing to use violence, force, Shell Oil via the United States Government in this case, wins. It is business as usual, until the groups again find something to bitch and complain about and so on and so on until the planet is dead. So, when the Backbone Campaign says that they engage in nonviolent protest, tell them they’re full of shit. They may come as nonviolent, but those that come to stop them will use violence, a.k.a. a show of force, to stop them. Nonviolent would mean to show up at a designated time, protest and then leave at a determined point, because if you don’t they will resort to violence to stop you.

Do you think that those people in the government believe that this planet is a living, breathing organism about to kick us off? Or do you think they are a bunch of folks that believe that there is no God and everything on the planet is for their own personal benefit? Or maybe you believe that they believe there is a God (they claim to be a Christian country) and that God favors them by giving them all the resources to control? Or maybe God gives them signs to run for office, like it did with Pat Robinson? Or maybe they think that they and the deeds of their country are all just part of God’s plan, like with Sarah Palin? You activist groups know what the real problem is and the solution to it, yet you are all afraid to admit to yourselves and each other what the root cause, the real problem that brings you together, is and what yo have to do to stop it. Weather or not it be Green Peace, NORMAL, the Backbone Campaign, Sahara Club, Rising Tide, 99 Rise, Save the Whales, PETA, WWF, Occupy Wall Street, etc., etc., etc.; doesn’t matter. The root cause of each of those humane group’s existence is capitalism enforced by a very violent and corrupt governmental body of neighbors. That’s it. Name the cause you are fighting for and what you just read in the previous sentence is the reason the problem exists. In order to get rid of your problem, the only solution, the only thing that will make it go away for good, is all out revolution against capitalism and those in the government.

Anyway, I arrived at the Backbone Campaign’s #ShellNo Kayaktivist action in Portland, Oregon and having never been to this city, began to plug in. For those who don’t know, kayaktivists are activists that get in and on kayaks and take to the waterways to stop the oil companies from getting their equipment and personal to aquatic areas of oil drilling and exploration. They did a big one in Seattle, known as the Paddle in Seattle, earlier in 2015. That first evening there, I met a woman who caught my eye, something that doesn’t happen very often.  Not my exact type, but very cute and close enough. After smiles we began to talk.

She was looking to get on the yellow¯ (those who would push the authorities, but when the violence went down would back out at the last second as to not take an arrest) team. Her kayak partner and mine both wanted to be on the red team and this was not my cause, as I wanted to just do the revolution and be done with it, so I was yella. We just switched them and us around and would go out on my kayak together.

After naps, we were all getting ready to go out around 3 am, when much to our surprise, we noticed people repelling from the bridge - eleven in all. It was Green Peace! There were about 5 or 6 different activist groups there from Green Peace to the kayaktivists. The ship was due to sale by about five-thirty, but shortly before that we got word from our inside guy that it wasn’t leaving until ten/ten-thirty. We came in after sunrise and then hung out together for a while, but not before she actually shot this pic from our boat, which later went viral.

She was really cute, but with tattoos and a child. I’m not too into tattooed women and I definitely draw the line at single mothers. They don’t impress me. I feel very sad for the children who have to go through life without a father, because, is often the case, the mother and father were together for lust and not for love. (I’’ve watched a lot of Maury Povich shows in my younger days.)  These feelings continue to manifest as long as the two parents have to deal with each other when dealing with their children.  And the kids pick up on this. The resentment they must feel towards everyone. There is not only that, but also, who wants to be in the middle of two people who don’t like each other to the point that they no longer live together and fight over weekends with the child/children? Not me. That is one headache I don’t wish upon my self. So, rule number one of being my type is to not have any children living at home. She had one, and an ex, so I proceeded with caution. The tattoos I could overlook and even not being a redhead I could live with. I know, shallow; yeah, so what? I know my maximum happiness. But I knew this woman couldn’t just pick up and go off for a couple of years to live on the road with a man she just met till the end of time, or help him become the next leader of the truly free world. (I liked it better when I was an activist with no interests in women.) Her daughter needs to be with both parents. I don’t want to be responsible for this girl farming out her child just to be with me. She’s already doing that just to be at the action. Unfortunately for her, the child comes first and the world will just have to wait for it to grow up before we see more of her. Would she be the type to just leave her child behind, take her from her father, or just interested in getting laid when all this is over? Or neither? I’ll take the lovin’ from a woman who wants to be with me, but I don’t think I could make one with a child fall for me. Not that I couldn’t, I just didn’t want to. Friends would be fine with me. As the conversation went on, I couldn’t tell what her intentions were. I wanted in, but not at the expense of breaking her heart. She sure did leave me a lot of lines to run with; places where I could have gotten her to fall as sweet on me as I was on her. But I held my tongue. Soon, though, she had to leave for home to get a quick nap and retrieve her little girl and the child she was a nanny for. She could only come back for a while because, as she told me, she had a 3 o’clock appointment somewhere in Washington. I’d see them later that morning.

I meat a lot of the local activists there - people who are even running for mayor of Portland. I thought to myself, “maybe I should come out of retirement.” The see was electric. People really thought they were there for the right cause, even though they got there by burning oil and oil products. See here’s the thing that is ironic. The Kayaktivist all got into, and on top of, their kayaks; kayaks that were mostly made of 100% polyurethane, oil. They had an oversized banner that was floating near the shore. It was in two sections and had to be 10x60 when together. It too, was made, 100%, from oil/plastic. The Kayaktivist, an idea of the Backbone Campaign, had figured out that the only way to stop the oil was to use the same oil in its campaign to stop the oil. Huh? Now does that make any sense? Some of these local activists, however, are still a little lost.

Later that morning I got to meet this special sister’s daughter and the child she worked for. Again, I don’t involve myself with single mothers. I feel they are a drain on the welfare $y$tem and are the origins of most of those locked up in prisons today. (Even Steven Molyneux, feels the same way as me. Although, I do pretty much disagree with his other positions.) But this little girl seemed well behaved and slightly enlightened. Still, she had a father somewhere who needed to watch her more closely and doesn’t get along with her mother enough to the point that they don’t live together for the betterment of the child. Then they all disappeared. She said she couldn’t find life jackets for the children since someone took mine to go out on another boat and that the children were getting fidgety and she needed to get them home. Children, always getting in the way. No problem though, I’ll see her tonight if she can farm out her kid again. I don’t know if I can do this.

We would text each other often. Earlier that morning, before she got the children, she was throwing down some hints for me to grab on to, but I was weary about the circumstances of her single mother status. I let them slide by. She said that after she returned with the children, she had an appointment somewhere in Washington, at 3 PM, so I just figured I’d see her later that night if she could get the father to look after her daughter again. But as we texted in the afternoon, she told me her appointment was an overnight one and that she would see me tomorrow. Okay, didn’t see that coming. A change in plans, sort-of. I told her I’d see her tomorrow and she responded with, “Word!” It’s looking good for me, I presumed.

That evening the action had exploded. We were about 300 strong, the lead on the national news and talk of the cable news networks. The ship approached the bridge, but then turned around. They were calling it a blockade. I had to inform my special love interest.  I sent her a text telling her the news. She was excited and wanted pictures.I told her I was live streaming on my usatakeover channel,, and to go there. She had problems getting that with her phone. She told me how beautiful the moon looked (it was almost full) that night and thanked me for keeping her in the loop. Yup, It’s looking real good.

She loves to do word play, so I did one using her name in it. She loved it and responded with, “ha, did you see what you just did there?” and ending with a ‘rest well.”  Yeah, I know what I did, but do you? I was trying to get you to fall a little sweet on me to get you hot for being together, is that how you took it? Did it work? I didn’t answer that response and went on with the night.

The next morning, around 6:30, she sends me a text saying she wished she was [t]here. Again, I either don’t know how to respond, or I was sleeping. A couple of hours later, things started to heat up. The police were now prohibiting cars and boats from entering the parking lot. I was already there camping out, but that morning the mayor put his foot down. Everyone was running around. I sent a text telling her about that and how I was thinking of going to city hall to give a speech on the action that I was up all night writing. She was very disappointed that she was not there. I asked her if she was going to be able to get to the action. She said she thought so, but not before 2 o’clock. She seems nice, everyone seems nice when you first meet them, but the child. Okay, if it is going to happen it is just going to be a moment in time shared between two adults. I like the way this girl is talking, she’s a sweetheart, but I don’t think I can take the instant family.

A couple of hours later she sends me two more texts wondering if there was anything we could do to get more people there and keep them there. Whoa, a project. I’m dumbfounded. I responded by stating that the police had stood down and we were taking back control of the park. She was excited. At one o’clock, I forwarded her a message from our #ShellNo celly, then realized she was already on the system. The Coast Guard had given their first warning. I relayed that message to her. She responded in a very excited way, with the help of emocons, that she was on her way. When I told her we would go out as soon as she got here, she stated that she was bringing along a few people for the action and asked if there were any loaner kayaks around. I told her there was the last I looked and that I was going to my bus to take a quick nap in the air-conditioning.  It was over 100 degrees outside.

We delayed this ship from leaving by a couple of days. They later gave up searching for oil, stating that they could not find anything of profitable quantity. But I think that is a lie. It was not the blockade even though that’s what #ShellNo was proclaiming. They may have had little influence, but if they did it was like this, “we’re not losing any money now, so this decision will pacify those activists for now.” No. I think they might have found a lot, but the price at the moment is too low for the profit, so they said there was nothing there so no one else tries to explore and will return when it is more profitable. Anyway, I was prepared to stay at the St. John’s bridge for up to 6 weeks, when it became no longer logistical for the Fennica to leave port for the arctic region. But then it happened. The repellers on the bridge were all tied together in a fashion that if anyone tried to pull one of them up, the rest of them would fall. That would render a very dangerous situation for the other ten and the crime of being culpable for what ever happens to them for whoever did that. There was one catch, however, there was one person in particular that the authorities could pull on, that the others would be safe. That afternoon the fire department, under the orders of the mayor I would presume, got a couple of the Green Peace repellers off the bridge and physically held two others back so the ship could get under them and go through. I was asleep when it started.

I was taking a quick nap in my RV. I woke up around three o’clock to a couple of messages from the sweetheart and everyone and every boat being in the water. The ship was approaching and stopped about 100 yards from the bridge and Greenpeace activists.  Were these people going to be activists who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice (as Tim DeChristopher or Jonathan Butler did) and stay until Shell’s goon squad (in this case the local city officials along with the Coast Guard) removed every last one of them, or until they at least removed enough of then that the ship could go through? I looked for my boat, but someone ganked my pfds out of it. There were only one or two other boats on shore, but no PFDs in either of them. The river was filled with kayaks, Coast Guard and county police boats. I wasn’t going to risk it. I took out my hand held computer and began to live stream. The sister had asked if she and a friend could use the boat since I was running around. I told her sure, as long as she could find PDFs for her and the friend. I also told her I was going on the local news, live, for an interview. She wished me luck and I went running around some more.

I was on the other side of the bridge from where the activists were gathered and from were we launched the boats from. Over there was also a dock, but no boat launch. This dock was loaded with well-wishers cheering on the Kayaktivist and Green Peace repellers. There was also a couple there from Alaska. They were cheering for the other side. People, including myself, were asking them questions. I wanted to know how they could cheer for the destruction of our planet. They said Shell gave them one thousand dollars. I was like, what? For one grand they will promote the destruction? “They give us money, a thousand dollars, they’re okay,” she said. But I realized later, that everyone in the state of Alaska receives $1,000 from the oil companies for allowing them to rap the natural beauty of the state. So, the money talks and bullshit walks. Only what we are doing is not bullshit. This is a very serious problem. That couple was driving me crazy and the dock was leaning into the water from all the people on it. It was four, four thirty. I left to find the news people and do the interview.

Now when they first asked me if I would be willing to do a live on camera interview, I was hesitant.  But then I thought. I was having a tiff with a compatriot from Occupy San Diego. She was telling me, more like yelling at me, that if I thought so much of this website why don’t I scream it out from the top of my lungs. So I thought about it. If I did this interview, I could slip in  That was why I agreed. But when it came time to the interview the reporter (I have no idea who it was) was so fast I never had an “in” to place it. The interview went fine and I left to go to the other side of the bridge, by the kayaks, to see if my special lady friend had gotten there yet. When I got there my boat was missing and she sent me a text that they had found some PFDs and were on the water evading the police. Her daughter was on the beach with her sister. The ship broke through, however, and she was coming ashore as the action was now over. When I got to where she was pulling up to, well, let’s just say her rowing partner surprised me.

Ouch. What is going on here? A guy and he’s kissing her? Well, there goes that idea. Wonder what happened. Soon, I sort of found out.

When they came ashore under the bridge, we were introduced and he was just, oh, let’s call him, Chris. Just Chris. B (for b’atch), as I will now call her, wanted to leave right away without getting my boat back to the launch. I thought her rush to get out to be a little strange. What a b’atch. Oh, it gets worse. She and the guy brought the boat over to the launch where I met up them. Chris went to her car and we walked back to where they came ashore to meet up with her sister and daughter. As we were walking together she came out with it.

“Chris is my man,” she said out of the blue. “He’s a commercial fisherman and is usually out at sea a month or two at a time. He’s working to save up money to get us some land and stuff. His ship was in for repairs and that’s who I went to see in Washington. His captain gave him another day in port and told him to spend the night with me, so that is why he’s here.”  “That’s too bad,” was all I told her. Does that mean they have an open relationship? No way, if that were the fact she would have mentioned him from the start. My response should tell me.

She was like, “what?” I explained that I was hoping to hook up with her. All she did was reiterated that Chris was her man. Could that mean maybe some other time? We came upon her daughter and said see ya later to each other. Walking up to where the crowd had been gathering and where all the news vans were, I began to wonder.

Okay, a little confusion. But I’ve seen this game before. If she came back empty handed I would have never known that this man existed and then maybe who knows what might have happened. She had quite the twinkle in her eye. But the tattoos, single motherhood, great body though, I could tell she was trying to second deal her man for someone richer to take care of her and her child. And she thought that I would fall for it. That b’atch. At what point did she find out he was going to get the extra day and night in port? I’ll bet they both thought the ship was going to sail by noon, but then found out at the last minute about the reprieve and thus, well, he showed up with her and she was embarrassed having been exposed. I should have asked her wtf she was thinking.

Back at the news vans, I began to get a little aggravated. I hadn’t had any pot that day and was feeling aggro to start with. What B had just done put me over the edge. I had also let down my friend from OSD. There were hundreds of people just waiting around to see the police clash with the protesters. It’s a sad state of affairs if that were the reason; and I’ll bet it was. The activists who were really trying to make a change were on one side of the bridge, while the spectators were on the other, off the dock. I got mad. I yelled out to the group of people sitting on the grass, news cameras included, that this was not a victory for the activists as the ship got through the barricade. I screamed out how Bernie Sanders is going to do nothing to stop this and he could either suck my d or c, not sure which, and yelled out the url for USA TAKEOVER. I was pissed. One camera focused in on me. This planet is dying due to capitalism and all these people want to see is a confrontation between the activists and Shell’s goon squad. I went back to my bus, printed up copies of the speech I was going to give at city hall that day and even though it wasn’t fully edited, placed them on the windows of all the news vans there. After that, I put it to rest and went back to wallow in our defeat, which everyone was calling a victory.

Later that day and into the evening, B and her man disappeared. I hadn’t seen them, but then did a few hours after I went off at the crowd and news vans; they were deep kissing. Was that a show for me, or for him? That was beat, I thought we made a fine connection. I was still hoping for the friendship if I couldn’t get my arms around her like he did. Plus I was suspicious. But within ten minutes they were gone and without a good-bye. I later sent her a text talking about her man and telling her how great it still was to have met her and that in our circles we will probably see each other again. I kept it very friendly even though I know she was trying to second deal her man. He helped to put the defeat into perspective when he came ashore with B.  I was bitching about how they gave up too easily and I was willing to stay 6 weeks if necessary. He put it another way. I thought his words of the reasons to be true and thanked him through B for that. But I know now that I’m right and those from Green Peace who came down in order to avoid jail time and something like a $2500 a hour fine for each hour they stayed past the judge’s ruling, just couldn’t do what Tim DeChristopher did. They couldn’t take it all the way. What’s does this kid know? He’s out at sea participating in capitalism for a woman rather than trying to defeat it for human kind. Loser.

The next day it was quite. Most were gone as the action was over. It was time to clean up. That is the sort of thing I am used to (cleaning up after other people’s messes), so I plugged in. One thing I did was to go out with two others on the Backbone motor boat and bring in the giant plastic banner that was floating nearer to the shore. It took nearly ten of us to pack it up. They didn’t want to hear how ironic it was that this sign and the boats were all made from oil and that without oil we couldn’t protest the drilling of oil. It’s a Catch 22 we’re all in.

During the clean up I asked those helping if anyone wanted a cold water. One of the activists there, a bull dyke who drove an American gas-guzzler, asked me if it was in a glass or out of a plastic bottle. I told her, “it’s a personal pint sized plastic bottle of water.” “Than I don’t want it,” she answered.

I couldn’t understand her attitude when I offered her a bottle of cold water. She should have just said ”no”, if there was a possibility of this occurring. I guess she asked so she could “show me up”. Does she really think that she is better than I am because I drink out of plastic bottles? This action was taking place in Portland, during the hottest days of the year. I told her that until some genius comes up with something to replace those plastic bottles with, the bottles were here to stay. I explained how very convenient they were. I know there are islands of those plastic bottles the size of Road Island, floating around the Pacific Ocean, but with education and research, we should be able to handle the problem a little better then we are now. We need smarter people in the government to make all this happen. I asked her what the solution was. Rather than answer, she just threw another attitude my way. This woman had been avoiding me all day long and now she was yelling at me for inquiring about a solution. Come to think of it, most of the folks there were giving me the cold shoulder. Night before too. I guess they don’t want to hear they lost when they are running around celebrating a win. Maybe they heard about my rant over at the news vans and someone didn’t like it.  Boy, if that is the reason why people were not talking to me, I’d like to know who came up with that idea and why. Anyway, I asked her what her solution was for the oil burning cars like the one she has. Now I got a solution if anyone ever asked me that question. It’s right here.  I just wanted to see if she is serious about solutions and knew of any, or if she is just bitching and protesting due to her white guilt. Now I know bull dykes are all made by the men, usually their fathers, who raped them as children and possibly through high school. I have an old drinking buddy doing 25 to life for doing that to his girlfriend’s grandchild and her childhood friend. That girl was transformed into a bull-dyke.  I know what’s going on. They hate all men, so much so that they try their hardest not to look attractive to any man. I had to be careful as to what her hang-up was because I didn’t know what it was. Did she see me as a possible attacker of women or as someone who had no idea what they were talking about? But I have been doing this shit for 25 years. I asked her how old she was and she said 33. I though she was much younger, but still, when did she begin to wake up? I told her showing up here and not really taking the steps necessary in stopping that ship, is nothing more than a circle jerk and boy she didn’t like that. Too bad, I tell it like it is. She even told me to leave, like she had some kind of authority over me. I laughed at her and told her no. She was like, “no, why?”  ‘Because,” I answered, “you have no idea who I am.”  This girl had no idea who I was, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what I do, what I am willing to do and who I know, yet she tells me to leave the clean-up. What the hell is with this girl (Shannon I think it was)? If you ask me, she just needs to get laid.

After leaving the area, I went to the Oregon coast to camp out in my RV and complete repairs that needed to be undertaken. It was very nice and located directly across the street from the beach and hardly a half-mile from Haystack Rock. I took a picture of it and sent it to B, to see if she wanted a vacation.  I wanted to show her there was no hard feelings. But I guess she was embarrassed beyond belief. I mean, she was busted cold trying to second deal her man.  But she never answered me back and that bummed me out. I didn’t care what her answer was, if she just wanted to remain friends or get some strange on the side, or even couldn’t make it, didn’t matter to me. What bummed me out was that she ignored me like we never met. It’s not like I could have spent a lot of time with her and her daughter if she came. I had my RV to repair. So the vacation offer was for her, for whatever she wanted. I know, foolish of me, but we really had a connection before the boyfriend and I wanted to see how far she wanted to go. Unless there’s a ring on the finger or they have a marriage certificate, no one owns anyone. So I wanted to see if that was her thoughts as well and if she also wanted to hook up. Doesn’t hurt to ask. I guess I found out. I spent the week repairing the RV with another camper at the park and then left for Portland, to pick up an activist for a trip up to Vashon Island, west and across the river from Seattle.

Happening on Vashon Island, was the Backbone Campaign’s Action Camp, a week long camp for training activist and informing them about the different goings on that are going on around the country and the planet. It cost something like 2 or 300 hundred bucks to attend. The brother I picked up in Portland didn’t have any money, but I kicked down $104.20, plus it cost me around 130 or 40 dollars just to get my rig on the ferry for the rid over to the island. There are no bridges, but they are building a tunnel. Now I’m not going to get into all that went on at the camp, but I will tell you some of what I saw there, things that make you go, hmm.

You activists are all full of shit. One thing about me, I’m not an activist, I’m a revolutionary. There’s a difference. Every revolutionary is an activist, but not every activist is a revolutionary. I really don’t think that any of you really want to win your causes. I think you’re more interested in prolonging your causes just to keep praying on the newbees that show up to fight them. You know what I’m talking about. But your biggest Achilles Heal, is your reliance on lairs...I mean lawyers. First, though, I’m going to talk about your scam. You guys and your scam that you want to do good in the world. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Either way, I see too much scheming going on at these actions - both by the brothers and the sisters.

Activism for Sex:

A few days into the camp, while I was at one of the teach-ins, I saw B sitting in the crowd. She looked so cute. After the lecture I called out to her, but she just kept on walking out of the barn. What? Was that not her? I got on my phone and texted, “wow...I thought that was you sitting in the a great day.” I’m sure she must have known that the camp was going on, so she probably would understand what I meant, if not, she would text back. But there was no reply. I thought I saw her later that night and next day, then I figured out the following day that it was her, she was there, and she was getting very friendly with the other guys there while ignoring me. This is an old Cointellpro trick from the sixties. Could she be one? Like Mark Kennedy?  If you don’t know about him, click here and watch. This aggravated me so much that I had to make a call out to find myself some indica. I was starting to wonder if this girl wasn’t part of a Cointellpro plot to throw myself and other serious brothers off our games, which she did. At least to me. Not cool. I never talked to the different men she was “friendly” with, I only spoke of this situation to a few and only inside the privacy of my own home, never bringing it into the camp. I just ignored her as she did me. So when you people show up with the intentions of getting promiscuous with different people every night to the point where there are disputes, and I have heard of some and saw another argument over this, you really confuse the fuck out of us people just there to work. And you make me think about Mark Kennedy. You’re a hindrance. There was talk going on all night at the fires about people doing just that; I forget what they called it. It just sounded like another name for swinging to me. It was the mucky mucks just trying to impress the newbees with even more shit to get them into bed. You know, it’s okay if he’s away. I did hear that at the fire. Thai’s fine with me, I’m a single hippie, ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with.” Perfect for people not in monogamous relationships. So, this guy Chris, of B’s, has got to be the biggest fool on the planet if he continues a relationship with an ex-stripper (IMO) interested only in money and second dealing him for more of it. She is just going to be with Chris until something better comes along. This poor guy spends his time at sea working, adding to the pollution, to give this girl money to buy the planet with and she is playing him of a fool. This drove me a little...I don’t know, insane? You see why this game is no good? You see how this sister could be in trouble with the law and her only way out is to work for Cointellpro going after revolutionaries like me and the ones she prayed on at camp? This has to end so we can tell whom the real Cointelpro agents are amongst us. I wanted so to tell the brothers that were talking to her about how I knew her, but I just kept quiet while in the camp and vented only at my bus.  And I never told anyone who it was.

While attending another teach-in at the barn, I turned to my right and saw this activist I hadn’t seen in two years since the Occupy National Gathering in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where we met. On the last day of the Gathering, a lot of the participants were going over to the brother’s house were most of the cooking for the event took place. I wasn’t sure how to get there and this other brother knew how. I sat him, bitch, on the back of my motorcycle and headed for the get-together. When I sat him bitch on the bike I didn’t know he was going to be a bitch. He kept wiggling his way up front, pushing his man parts into my back. I had to tell him to chill out, sit back and enjoy the ride, which he did, but here he is and there is now a new twist.

There was this other sister there, a member of the Backbone Campaign, that I kind of had my eye on, but quickly dismissed thinking she was either too young, not available or not interested. Plus I am very shy. I do let people be activists. But I still had an eye on her. I thought maybe we could hook up on the last night of the camp. I watched her to see whom, if anyone, she may have been with. I never let it distract me, I just kept notice of things.  I am after all a cultural anthropologist. Then I see this guy I thought was gay kissing on her. Come to find out, they had been dating off and on for over five years. I wonder if this girl knew her boyfriend liked guys? I wonder if she knows how he once hit on me the same week I met her? While speaking with her, I look at her hair and saw some gray strands. She was obviously older than I thought and this made me even more interested in her. But again, would she, blah, blah, blah. It didn’t matter. This brother was moving into town and I think he expected to hook up again with this sister. He sure tried his hardest to cock block anyone else from being with her that week. Whatever, just more twisted sex games from an activist who doesn’t want to win his cause, just get laid.

Activism with Lawyers - The New “Rock Stars”:

Now second, your Achilles Heal, the lairs...I mean the lawyers. The way you guys depend on the lawyers makes me realize that we might as well just get on with our lives until the day the earth shows her dissatisfaction with us. This is a major reason why I went into retirement. When I was in the park at Occupy Orlando, there were lawyers there that everyone looked up to. There was one guy there that made everyone feel he was on their side. But if you go back and either read my second book, “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”, or read what I wrote on the For The Lawyers page and/or this entire site, you should know they are to blame for the existence of all your causes. Not that they started them all, but they started the $y$tem which created the reasons for you finding yourself in these cause. You run to these lawyers and they appear to help while at the same time keeping the wool pulled over your eyes.

This particular OO lawyer mentioned above,  Shayan Elahi, was a democrat running for state office. He was just there to campaign and get some folks to work for him; probably for free too. Most of the activist at the Occupy Orlando encampment were democrats disillusioned at the job O Bomb A was doing with prosecuting banksters, which was nothing. Most of these folks never protested anything ever in their lives. This lawyer handled our first trespassing trial in the Orange County Court. I wanted everyone arrested, 39 in all, to follow a different plan, which didn’t include lawyers. But all anyone would ask is, “are you a member of the bar?” As if that really made a difference. Out of all 39 arrest’s, only one agreed to do it my way and he was the only person of the 39 who won his case. The others soon learned.

At trial was an 18-year-old college student. Her crime, being in a public park between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The courtroom had a large crowd. After jury selection we broke for lunch. After lunch the courtroom was packed and the scene looked completely different.

Local news crews came out for the Occupy Trial. It was big news. They set up the cameras during lunch, after which the courtroom filled up, especially with other lawyers that were going to be defending some of the other defendants for the same arrest at a future date. This was just the first of them. They were all there to take notes. When the jury was brought in their eyes opened wide. They thought this to be a simple misdemeanor trespass case, but when they came back from lunch they knew then and there just how important this case was to everyone. Some of the jury never heard of the Occupy movement, so this was to be an education.

During the trial the bailiff kept telling people to be quiet for whispering and even ejected a few of them from the courtroom. Someone sitting next to me started whispering in my ear and this same jerk came over to me and quietly told me to leave the court. This guy was pissing me off with his attitude towards the others. I yelled out loud enough for everyone to hear, “why, because I sat here with my mouth shut and someone whispered in my ear?”  I think that’s what I said. You could go back and listen to the trial or they even got it on the local news. The trial stopped and I was escorted out into the hall and told not to come back. Later that evening, Elahi tried to chew me out saying they were going to lose now because of my ”stunt”. No way. This case was lost before lunch. There was no way I was gong to be made to feel guilty for this. He’ll find out.

Testimony continued the next day. A few others and myself were bared from the courtroom, plus there really was no room for anyone to get in. One of the OO members was a member of the press. He sometimes writes articles for the Huffington Post or INFO Wars. I’m sure he was there to write a piece on this one, as he was at my jaywalking trial, which he was kicked out of along with five others in the audience. He knew the combination to the media room. We, along with a few other OO members who couldn’t get in the trial, ducked into that room located a few floors down. There were other members of the press in there as well. We all watched together.

The trial was bullshit. I knew it was lost yesterday before lunch. They wouldn’t argue the jurisdiction of who owned the property. If it were the people of the City of Orlando, then wouldn’t the defendant be an owner? That would add a nice twist to the proceedings. I brought something like that up at my jaywalking trial. The judge and I had a 20-minute debate over that subject. Scared her so much it took her three and a half weeks to render a decision and only at my nagging. When I got the audio of the trial, you couldn’t hear it al all. What were they scared of? But this guy wouldn’t do that. Of course he wouldn’t, he’s a lawyer. He has to hide the bullshit that the government does or be disbarred and prohibited by them from practicing law to make a living. He’s not going to rock the boat. Not only that, but we heard him lie to the jury. I forget what it was he said, but when he said it, myself and the others looked at each other in disbelief at what had just said. Again, a liar...I mean a lawyer, does his job. But his bullshit defense was that she could not hear the officer give the order to vacate the park. Bull crap. They all knew what they were doing, but rather then take the arrest and stand on their first amendment right to do so, they get this liar to represent them at trial and blew it. They had the right idea, they just didn’t go far enough. I mean, if I were Donald Trump, I’d say, they pussied out. This law that everyone was arrested for should never have been a law. First off, why was there a law keeping people out of a public park during the middle of the night? It was right next to interstate four, in-between that, an abandon radio station, a very large hotel and the chamber of commerce building. There is no one living around there for blocks. I’m sure the hotel guests would like to use it.  And second, these people who were arrested were there exorcising their first amendment guarantee to peacefully assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances; right in a public place, out of view of any neighborhoods.  And the lawyers would not argue that.  Why?

After the trial we were gathered at the courthouse entrance, when a juror walked by and stopped to talk to us. They acquitted on one of the charges, but convicted on the city trespassing charge. This juror stopped and thanked us for the work we all were doing. She had no idea that this movement was even happening and said she would plug in. I asked her why she convicted. She said, “well, she did say she was in the park.” How stupid. I knew during voir dire, a.k.a. jury selection, that this case was lost using the lawyer. The city got the state to prosecute this case and every time they charged a potential juror, they kept asking them, “if someone is doing something that is against the law they are guilty no matter what the constitution says, right?” More like dictating to them. Only those that answered ”yes” to that question got on the jury. I knew it was lost before lunch, but I stayed for the dog and pony show anyway. I asked her if my outburst the day before had any influence on the jury’s decision and she gave a definite “no.”  Yeah, Elahi knew I blew it for him. Asshole.

You activists, rather then fight the law, you fight the facts. Of course she was in the park. Everyone in that park held hands and vowed to take all of the arrests to trial. The facts are the facts, if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. That fact was not in dispute. What was in dispute was a law telling the public they cannot peacefully gather on public land for first amendment protected activities at certain times. The first amendment says there is no law they can make to prohibit that. That was the argument to be made! That is how you expose a corrupt tyrannical government! But you guys are just scared. The judge sentenced this convicted trespasser to six months probation with the promise to take this off her record if she is a good girl for six months and pays her probation. And it was that fact that had everyone pleading out; that, and an NLG lair named Roger Weeden, this guy was my nemesis...well, one of them.

Weeden was a liar...I mean lawyer, given to us by the National Lawyers Guild, NLG. For those who don’t know, these are the guys and girls (I added girls so a certain pussy wouldn’t get offended) that defend, for free, activist that get arrested at actions. But if you ask me, and you should, they are only there to work off required pro bono work for the state’s bar and to hopefully catch a title 42 civil law suit where they stand to make a lot of money. They are not there to teach you of the fraud and help you fight it. There is no prerequisite for being in the NLG, one just has to tell them you want to do pro bono work for activists and that’s it, you’re in. The Occupy movement had and still has many NLG lawyers working for them. Hell, we took over 9,900 arrests nation wide in 2011 alone, two of which were mine. No one, the other was in 2012.  This guy though... He was in the audience at least on the first day of the first trial. He was telling all his clients€ that they were not going to win, so they might as well plea it out to avoid jail time. The judge sentencing a young 18-year-old college student to jail time would be one thing, but I don’t think he would have a problem with a 36-year-old brother who was a long and active member of many different causes. In fact, even that particular brother took a deal rather than fight the good fight. Weeden, just talked them all into surrender; all but one.

A friend of mine at the time, Krik Root, had Roger as a lawyer. He was the only one pushing for a trial even after this young girl was convicted. Roger kept telling him he wouldn’t win and that he was not going to argue the constitutionality of the law because “that is not what they do in there.” Everyone else was taking deals to avoid trial. Not my buddy though, he believed in my methods, yet continued using Roger for other aspects of the case. And the city was in no hurry to take Kirk to trial. They didn’t need this story popping up in the news again. Roger kept telling him that if they go to trial he’s going to loose. That didn’t worry Kirk, he was ready to keep the word he had made just before the arrest.

On the day of Kirk’s pretrial, the third or fourth one, almost a year after the arrest, Kirk and Roger were fighting. I was shadowing them to make sure Roger didn’t screw Kirk over. After the hearing, Weeden and I had it out in the hall. He started yelling at me saying I knew nothing of law and he would have me arrested for practicing law without a license. I invited that to happen. He also made a threat of physical violence on, I might not be the biggest person, but that little shithead couldn’t knock over a fly. He knew I was the one behind trying to get everyone to argue the law and not the facts and the reason why Kirk would not take a deal.  I left the building with my friend, but I knew Roger had it out for me. Kirk had to be back in court for his trial in a couple of days. We drew up a Power of Attorney contract, got it witnessed and notarized, then went to the trial together.

I had a feeling that Roger was going to do something to try to stop me from representing Kirk. In that couple of days, I think they were emailing each other and Roger may have been talking about withdraw. As a group of us were waiting for the trial’s start time in the hall just outside the courtroom, I was met by three bailiffs and a clerk of the court (seen here), given a warning for trespassing and literally dragged out of the courthouse. Definitely not the first or second or even third time that has happened to me in a courthouse. Just part of the job description. I was there to represent Kirk. He had the paperwork to file with the court and was called in immediately following my ejection from the hall. Inside, Weeden quit and Kirk fired him. He is shaking from the whole experience and tells the judge that his best friend was just arrested and he didn’t know why (he didn’t know I was just made to leave the courthouse) or how to proceed. He told the judge that he had something he wanted to file with the court. He gave a copy of our signed POA contract to the prosecution and the original to the court and it was filed. After more questions from the judge, the trial was put off for another month.

Outside the courthouse, I had grabbed a spot on the curb by the side of the road, directly in front of the courthouse since I was now prohibited from going on the property. I was there for about 15 minutes, in full view of any and all cameras. One of the OO members saw me half way through and asked me if I wanted anything from the coffee shop. I said no and she left for the store. After standing there for 15 minutes I was met by three officers who worked for the court. One started asking me questions I told them I was not on the courthouse property, I was on a sidewalk, a thoroughfare, just off and above the street. A couple of minutes later, as I try to walk away, these jerks arrest me (view here) for trespassing. I am arrested, brought in and sent to jail where I had to pay a ransom in order to get back to my things. (Our things own us not the other way around.) I had to get out of jail. Myself and a couple others, one of which was Krik, were taking a trip up to D.C. in the morning to meet with other activist. I was going there to personally meet with an activist after seeing him get arrested on the steps of congress. I had to go make sure he had his fighting strategy correct. I had to stop him from getting too involved with the NLG.  We were staying at the Peace House, an activist house founded by an old friend and mentor of mine, William Thomas, or just Thomas as he was known. He was the man who lived in that tent directly across from the White House, for 30 years, doing apeace vigil in protest of nuclear weapons. Al Jazeera even did a documentary on him. The activist I went to meet was actually staying there for a few months. But I was in jail. My friends were there to bail me out hours before I got there. As soon as I arrived and processed through I got to leave, but the process was not that easy.

At the jail, the officer who processed me in was saying how proud he was of what Occupy was doing. It was my second time there, but he was really talking about the Tim Osmar case, which I was a very large part of. Tim had done everything as orchestrated by me. He was following my advice, while others were voicing opposition to it. His liar wrote up a complaint, I rewrote it, he rewrote my rewrite, I rewrote that one and the next one as well before the lawyer kicked myself and three others off the suite. He really didn’t want to argue what were were writing to argue. Some news had come out in the paper that day or that week about Tim’s win of his title 42 federal lawsuit against the city. He’s lost others.  We chuckled over what Occupy was doing. I was later told to sit in a common area. We had to sit there until we got check by medical and shit like that. When I got called to see the nurse, I can’t remember what happened, but I remember I made an enemy and even made a snide comment to her once I was returned and sitting in my chair. Over at the bail window, that didn’t go over very well either. Something was going on though, these guys were jerking me off, trying to provoke me. I don’t know how, but I ended up in solitary under a suicide watch, where they kept me knowing I was getting bailed out at any minute. What assholes. Bail was probably already posted, but they just kept me in that cold cell, alone, just to piss me off.  Really, thought, I can’t remember if this happened this time or the first time I was brought to this jail.  I got out, went to D.C. with my friends and that changed my life as I was asked to be a running mate for president in the 2012 election, but another page with that.

These lawyers are going to keep our movements down. No matter what these causes are the root reason that they exist is capitalism and those in the government. The enemy is all the bullshit statutory laws that have this country the most incarcerated country on the planet - the laws which set up their $y$tem and were brought to us by the lawyers. They’re not going to tell us they have been fucking over our freedom for capitalism. They know if they did that the joke about what you call a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean would no longer be a joke. Because it might happen when you all wake up and realize they have been fucking you and our causes over for a very long time.

The Backbone’s Action Camp had it’s own little lawyer laureate. He was a man who is a heavy hitter in the activist community. In fact, he has a weekly radio show and a popular website called “Popular Resistence” Well, his wife, Margaret Flowers, owns the website. They must make a lot of money off it too. It was only set up in 2013, riding off the backs of the Occupy movement.  He has a real big ego over it as well. He was this and that for this and them since 1980. In fact, I think I may have met him during the nineties at The Compound, when I was living and working there on the pot issue. That was not the issue I was there for, but it was an issue dear to those who lived there and it still was a victimless crime and that’s what I was there for. He may have even been involved in one of our Atlanta Pot Festivals for all I know. One afternoon, at lunch, he decided to lay into me.

His name was Kevin Zeese.  We were sitting across from each other at lunch and he and his ego were talking it up with the crowd. He started talking about the TPP. I had just heard that day from a contact, someone that knows and had worked with Kevin Zeese on the TPP, that the TPP was dead in the water. I thought that maybe Kevin hadn’t heard being he was 3000 miles from home in a camp filled with activist from all over the country associated with all different groups.  When I mention what I had heard that morning he almost went off. He started saying that she was wrong. I figured he would know more than her, and sometimes she does repeat things that have been confirmed, so I told him I would contact her and tell her what he just said. When I did, she did say it was one thing and not another, so I knew she was incorrect in her assertion to me that morning. She also told me that Zeese was a “lawyer jerk”, which I already knew, and she was a little suspicious of him.

Kevin turned to talking about the Trump campaign, saying that it was nothing but a joke only there to give Hillary a boost. What is he talking about? What would be his end game?  I told him that he sounded like a Fox News pundit, that Donald was for real and he better start checking on history for that. Everyone in 2007 thought Hillary was the winner. All the pundits were saying she was. No matter how much support O Bomb A gained, Hillary was still going to win. But the people spoke, they didn’t want Hillary and O Bomb A made sense to them and was even littler known then Trump is right now. Ray-Gun was a movie star. Trump is little considered an outsider by the politicians, but to the common folk, he is. The republicans put Bush Jr. into office...twice. The writing is on the wall. Anyone could see it. But he took offense to all that stating to me and all who were listening to us that Trump was a joke and would be out soon.  The next day we were sitting in a lecture when the person speaking asked everyone to raise their hands if they thought that the Trump campaign is a joke. No one raised their hand. I wonder if Kevin did though? That night or the next day I sent him a tweet @popularresistance. You can view it here.  But he didn’t want to hear from me that Trump was for real, he went off. He started telling me that I have had an attitude all weekend long. That he was Kevin Zeese and I didn’t know what I was talking about. Same shit I heard from Roger Weeden. What a jerk. He knew I was on to the lawyers, that’s why he attacked me in front of everyone. Like Weeden. But I just kept my cool, took it all in, then went back to my rig to disappear and find some pot, indica, to calm me down with.

You activists are all following the wrong game plan. The object is not to play a game of “let’s see how many times we can almost get arrested blocking these people from going to work and get laid and/or rich in the process.” That is not what it is about! None of this shit is a game! In every cause, be it pot, oil, Monsanto, banks, Black Lives Matter, the whales, the baby seals, no matter what, there are people who are suffering because your causes exist. Wouldn’t the logical conclusion for winning each of your movements be to fight and expose each cause in a court of law? Why take an arrest for chaining yourself to a bulldozer if you are just going to plea out? That makes no sense. If you had just gotten arrested and clogged up the courts with trials on each and every one of your causes the world would be a better place by now - especially if the Occupy movement took all 9900 arrests to trail. But you guys fall short in the real battle. I would tell everyone at Occupy Orlando that the arrest is only half the battle, to win, you have to bring the battle to their turf and the only turf they won’t kick you out of is the courtrooms...if you’re not me. The arrest is just a squirmish, the court battle is the real fight. That is where you make that stand. Like Tim D’Christopher did when he went to prison for two years. He had committed a felony by buying land at auction he could not pay for. The feds were auctioning off some BLM land that was being sold off for oil exploration. Millions of acres of our national forests up for bid. Tim outbid all the oil companies to win all the lands. This was a fraud and fraud is a felony. But he saved the forest. He had won! They tried to give him a deal that would save him from going to prison, but he didn’t budge. They had to send him to jail and they never got to sell the land. He did two years. Now, the feds have stopped the sail of the lands. That is how you really win at saving the earth, or your rights, or even your dignity. There was one guy who went rouge in Portland, and chained himself to a railroad drawbridge the Fennica would have had to go under before meeting us at the St. John’s Bridge.  This is a brother with guts. Just hope he brought it to trial.

Let me show you another instance of how these lawyers will screw us all over.  Take the MICATS, The Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands, case.  Back in 2013, four MICATs were arrested for locking themselves to a bulldozer.  Now, the biggest frustration with this case, for me personally, was that one of arrestees wanted to use this lair...I mean lawyer, who screwed me out of exposing the government of the City of Hazel Park, Michigan; an NLG lair and federal title 42 lawyer.  Get it.  It was uncomfortable seeing her there in court.  You know who else I saw in there?  Bird, the basest for Rare Earth.  He and his wife were in trouble for fighting with their neighbors.  Losers; couldn’t give a shit that were were there to save this rare earth. I even said something like that when he was in ear shot and got a reaction from him.  Anyway, the four pledged to take this all the way, but when it came time for trial the line up changed.  A brother by the name of William Michael Lawrence, decided that he wanted to go it alone.  Why?  Because his parents were both lairs...I mean lawyers and he is either going to, or in, law school.  Yuck.  His folks were at the arraignment and they “worked out a deal” to save their little boy from the evil clutches of the activists.  I think they were corporate lawyers.  They got all that “stand up for the right thing”, stank, out of his system for good.  Lawyers...humph. He never showed up for anther courtroom preceding.  Not even for support.  Why do you look up to lawyers?

You guys need to stop being so high and mighty, as you all seem to be. Where the hell is the humility? Does every impostifari have to drag out their cause just to get laid? Even the lawyers are using these causes to get laid. The lawyers are the new rock stars. Rock and Roll baby. The funny (not) thing about all this is that you guys really don’t have a clue as to what the real reasons for your causes are. If you can all accept that fact that the real reason why pot is illegal, or they kill baby seals, or they genetically modify our food, is capitalism and those running our government, then you can begin to heal. The only solution that each one of you should come up with to put yourself in retirement (if that is what you really want) is a revolution, a takeover of the United States’ government and an end to capitalism. But you all just don’t want to accept the hard truth that this is the only answer. So get with it. Stop trying to fuck everything that comes along when there are those of us who just want to stop something bad from happening. Join the revolution and this New World.

You need to get your heads out of your asses and start teaming up with each other. I know that I would rather be allowed to go to a store, buy as much marijuana as I’d like (like they do with wine in liquor stores) bring it to my home, or to the beach and use it without the fear of being placed in a cage for several years just for doing that. That’s what I’m doing now where I’m living. Now the fight here is for the tax rates, products or quantity you can sell or buy or what time the stores can be open. So the fight continues. We think we won, but we potheads are just being used by a government taking up to 46% in tax money with each sale. And the lawyers allow it. If you just got together with the Black Lives Matter movement and the WWF, the Stop Mansanto folks, Greenpeace, Black Block and all the other activist groups out there, massed on D.C., you could take over the government, end capitalism and change the world for the better, but you can’t. You’re ignorant. You’d rather fight each other over tactics then join up to defeat the devil that exists. Only then will we know true peace.

Activism for Dollars - The Drug:

There was something that I realized at the camp, which I embarrassingly have to admit I really had no grasp of. That is the fact that a lot of these guys do this full time. Not like me. They really get paid to do this type of work full time. For some this is their regular job. This was all something that had totally slipped my mind and it made me start to realize things about a lot of these groups.

At the Compound, in Atlanta, during the nineties, no one paid us. We paid for it to survive. Even when we were the International Artist Guild, Inc. and I was vice president, I never got a salary from the organization. We threw large house parties with multiple kegs of beer to raise money for rent and supplies. But everyone at the house had a job in the private sector. All the work we did there was volunteer. There was one person who worked for Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center, located directly behind the Compound. She worked personally with him on the NAFTA bill. When I arrived there the men of the house were all working as extras for the Turner film, “Andersonville.”  They would get up at 4:30 to take a bus to the set over an hour away, stand around as Civil War POWs and collect their check...when they paid, which they didn’t at the end. This practice had an adverse effect and the film ran into a little production troubles. In fact, one scene took two or three days to shoot. On the first day of shooting one of the house mates was standing in one position on the set. In this scene the union soldiers were having a trial inside a confederate prison. He was a union prisoner.  This is a true and horrifying story. The next day of shooting he was sitting in another location, after they were all told to take up the positions from the day before. So as you watch the scene he seems to jump from one spot to another. Ha. Anyway, everyone there, other then me at first, had employment. I was allowed to stay there in my ‘67 Chevy school bus, no money asked, as long as long as I taught them about the unknown 13thamendment and worked on my second book, the “Justification for the Fourth American Revolution”, which they helped me with doing research and editing. I had to feed myself, but often ate in the house with the group. In that school bus I had my brand new 286 computer and I wrote and did research anytime there was nothing else that needed to be immediately done around the house and I was awake. But get paid by an organization that we could quit our jobs and raise our families in homes we bought on a very expensive island to live on? Not on your life. We wouldn’t even allow the Libertarian party to support our roommate when we ran him for city council.

The Backbone Campaign, the people who were hosting this event, have no real backbone at all. It is just one of those organizations where the folks that run it, well, that is their full-time job. I have no idea where the money comes from. Probably donations from rich people who want to start some trouble. All I know is that there are several people on the payroll. I believe one of them to be that sister who dates that brother that hit on me in 2013. Not only that, but also another observation I had was that these people are not the starving artist types. Yuppies, most of them, impostafarians all of them. I heard some making long term plans. Long term plans, using the current state of affairs and their $y$tem. They even have a very large warehouse where they keep their truck and signs and other protesting paraphernalia.  Everyone with a key is paid by them, I’m sure.

Don’t they want to end this shit? Probably not, then they’d have to find a real job and other means of meeting partners for sex. The money is their drug and they don’t want to quit cold turkey. They are an organization, a government. One that restricts peoples freedom of speech as well as any tyrannical government. While there, young queer kids, probably just one, were complaining whenever anyone used the word ”guys”. They took offense to this word even though most of us adults use the word unisexually when referring to a group of people. This person actually got upset over it. This person needs to grow up. The Backbone Campaign was making people not say that word, all to satisfy one very young adult. That rule kept myself and many others from speaking, because some kid tells me to change my way of speaking and I’ll rip them a new one, especially when I have no pot in me. Problem is, the Backbone Campaign really has no backbone at all.

If these people who are on the payroll of all these groups really wanted to end this crap that create the need for all their jobs, they would come to the acceptance as to what the root cause of each of their causes are, then, “all pull together as a team.”  I feel you people don’t want to do the right thing. But lucky for everyone, feelings, unlike beliefs, can always change easily. I think you really get off on belonging to these groups. They’re just social groups to you. Maybe something to do to alleviate your white guilt for taking all you do?  I wonder what you will do when the New World is born? My guess; you will become part of the non-working class and take to social media for your physical needs. Or am I trippin’?

One more thing; remember B?  Well, the treatment she gave me following the meeting of her “man” really plagued my mind during and after camp. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to make a comment to her, but never texted her since the last one telling her that I thought I saw her in the barn. I just ignored her, but I wanted to let her know how right I was about us seeing each other again in life and how she blew it with a friend of mine. After a couple of weeks, I let one rip.

It was at the end of the week long Action Camp, when the brother I had brought up with me was looking for a ride back to Portland and found one with B. Now I had talked to this brother about this evil, as I put it, girl. He knew the entire story and would find pot for me when her presence or the presence of the lawyer bothered me.  What he didn’t know was who it might have been I was talking about and since there were so many people there it wasn’t even worth trying to guess. But when he got his ride set up with B, he said she had a bit of an attitude problem. He and another person, who was getting a ride back with her also but never heard the story, were coordinating with her when all of a sudden she made a comment about some drama and then motioned towards me. She knew he was staying with me. The one brother had no clue what she was talking about, but the brother who stayed with me that week, he figured it out right then and there and knew she was the one that I had been talking about playing games with my head. Too bad, it might have been a nicer ride home for her if she had just kept ignoring me. She didn’t want them to say one word on the way home. So a couple of weeks later, after feeling very aggravated over the entire treatment by this women, not knowing if she was a government plant or a fortune hunter, I sent her a text telling her how I told her our paths would meet again. Then I told her how that brother she took back to Portland had no idea she had a problem with me until she opened her mouth and gestured towards me.  A week or two after that was sent, I got a reply.

The reply was not from her; at least, it was not from her phone number. It was from the boyfriend, and he, it turns out, is not the peaceful loving hippie activist type he wants everyone to believe. This guy has the nerve to send me a text stating that I had misrepresented myself to his woman and to lose her number and that, and I quote, “If you approach her again, or I hear you’ve been speaking about her, you and I will have a serious issue.  Our friends and I are watching, stay away.” How valiant. Now let’s break that down.

First off, I have no idea what he is talking about when he says I misrepresented myself to his girl. And second, it now appears that I have a serious issue with this Chris guy and ”our” friends. See, here he says, “our friends and I,”¯ which leads me to believe that there are a few possibilities that are going on here. One, this is not Chris but B, or a friend of hers who wrote this after thinking it over for a week or so that she needed to extort a position which I have already failed to do for which reasons I don’t know why. Two, her boyfriend read her text messages and know what, there are a dozen scenarios as to who, what, why, when or how that message had been sent. My intentions were, by this time and it should have been obvious, to write this girl out of my life. Like I did when I was in the barn working on this website and talking to someone and she approached the table and stood there like she wanted to say something. I just kept talking to a serious revolutionary. She just gave a quick wave and walked away. It was pretty much understood, I wanted nothing to do with her. I have dated many strippers in my life and if this girl is not a stripper then she is an ex-stripper. I might even be willing to bet my life on that. And the only thing strippers are interested in is money. Strippers are made from people giving them money as children to take off their clothes or even molested them. They really don’t like men, just the money. But now I have a serious issue with him and “our” friends.

Just who are ”our” friends? I only spoke to a select few about this problem I was having with my feelings and insight and that was only in the privacy of my RV. Of the dozens scenarios I have one thought that it could really be. And it’s not a friendly one. In fact, it is quite conspiratorial. See, I think someone at the #ShellNo action told her and the others what I did at the news vans, and told them to not talk to me any more. I guess it really sucked for her when she showed up for the camp and I was there. Did she blow me off in the barn that day because she was under orders to? That would really be a tyrannical thing for one person to do to another. The Backbone Campaign is known for suppressing a person’s freedom of speech. How humiliating if she did this to me on the word of a stranger. I mean, to tell everyone not to talk to that guy over there because we don’t want to hear what he has to say? Yeah, I want to put you out of business for good. I figured that to be the fact and this action by her, told to her to do by them, has gotten her in a position she never wanted to be in. So they come in and try to take care of it for her because she went to them and told them this all blew up in her face. Well, I have this text and the phone number it came from, so...

B’s man Chris, was at sea months at a time, in a fishing boat, spewing diesel exhaust all over the north pacific ocean, to make his B’atch money (FRNs) to buy her “things”; like the planet, as if anyone could own such a thing.  I am trying to end money and the spewing of diesel everywhere. COY? Maybe B picked up on that and knew that I was not the type to slave for her to give her money just because she shakes her tail feather at me. I’m quite the independent person. Chris might fall for that, but I have too much self-respect to be used by anyone for an evil such as that. My money is for the cause, not for gifts for some sinister sister and her child. B knew where my money came from and I think that mesmerized her. I think she also caught on to the fact that my money is used as a tool to just further the cause and that might be why she ignored me.

To all the activists and your separate groups: come together. Pull your forces. Don’t shun groups like Earth First or the Black Block. Don’t play CoINtellPro games. If you all know what the problem is and you are all working together to win all your causes, then who you are, or what your tactics might be, should make no difference. Just because they may be willing to use a tactic you are not, does not make them above nor beneath you. You are all brothers and sisters for this final action and beyond. You are all looking for the same end result. So get your heads out of your asses and do the right thing. Plan a few at first to get used to the logistics, then make the last call for the weekend of November 5, 2016, Guy Fawkes Day.  We’re going to scare the shit out of them. We’re going to take this country from them and incarcerate those that deceived us. In case you haven’t noticed, I am done with activism. You won’t see me at another action until then.  Namaste.


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You want to overthrow the Government1

Chris Hedges on Occupy, Black Bloc, conservatives and more. Click above, or here, for a short video on what Chris has to say. This was published 3 years ago and speaks of proto-fascismā€¯ which Donald Trump and his supporters are bringing us today.


I recently saw a Chris Hedge’s video wherein he says that for Bill Mckibbin to take 40,000 people from to protest for climate change in D.C. was pretty much a waste of time.  He stated that those 40,000 bodies could have been used better if they gathered at the sight rather then complain abut it in Washington.  I wish I could find that video.

You want to overthrow the Government1

What is the clear vision you are all working towards?