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The Plan

  Occupy The $y$tem

    - Ray “Occupy” Lewis

  Messages For The:

    Baby Boombers



      - Catholics

    Politicians & Banksters

    People of Color

    First Nations People



      - Frederick J. Stemp, Jr.


      - The Fight

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      - Police

      - Jails

      - Courtroom Techniques

        - Habeas Corpus

        - Mandamus

        - Certiorari

        - Bill of Particulars



     - Butts County Georgia

      - Rising Tide

      - Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz

      - Didi Banerji

      - Adam M. Dubbin

      - Occupy Wall Street

      - Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

      - eBay v. Amazon

      - Progressive Insurance Co

    College Athletes

    Pot Smokers

    Gun Owners

    Sanders Supporters

    Clinton Supporters

    Trump Supporters

    Black Block

    Tea Party

    Truckers/Union Members



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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown  Cllick here to find out what is really going on.
Watch “Inside Job” to learn how the banksters stole from the American people.
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Thought From Within by Woody Harrelson.  Click here to view what Woody has to say.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

Click here to view the breakdown of the Fortune 500, from how much they made compared to how many people they employ.


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Messege To Humanity

For The Lawyers And Courts

It is you lairs…I mean lawyers, who are to blame for all the suffering in today’s world. You all know what your crime is.  It is treasonous to be running good people through a meat grinder knowing, especially knowing how unconstitutional it is.  How do you people sleep with yourselves?  You have already infiltrated the government.  You write most of the laws…the Christians on L Street write the others.  And you give a “legitimacy” to the bankers and their game.  You truly are bad people.  But here come redemption.

This country makes up fewer than five percent of the planet’s population, yet it contains eighty percent of the planet’s lawyers.  Why is that?  Really, I want you all to answer that question.  Why is it that there is one lawyer for every person or two incarcerated at this very moment?  Come on guys, the answer is quite obvious.  You know exactly why.  All you assistant prosecutors know why you go into a courtroom with a file cabinet of 300 cases each.  Come on everyone.  Let’s say it together, “we live under a police-state.”  A police-state, started by you scores of lawyers to bring your people the business.  You’re not getting out of this one.  You write the laws, become the government, then order the cops to haul in the people of color, the poor and anyone from the counter culture classes, to submit to your extortion.  Do you really think that Bill Clinton didn’t know what he was doing in 1994 when he passed the new crime bill and outfitted 100,000 new police officers?  Come on.  The lawyer POTUS was giving the other lawyers, the business.  He knew this would create a demand for lawyers, cops and correction officers.  Thus, today, we have most of the world’s lawyers living and working in the United States.

I ask you to all resign from the American Bar Association.  Actually, that’s more of a demand than a request.  There is no need for you to be a member of the bar to be a lawyer.  You only have to be a member of the bar to be an attorney.  The difference is, that the attorney “represents” fictitious entities (i.e. governments, corporations), while the lawyer speaks for real people and need not be licensed.  Like Abraham Lincoln.  He was a lawyer, not an attorney.  If the court would tell you that you need to have a license to work in that business because only members of the American Bar Association can work there, then you tell them it sounds like the ABA has a monopoly in this law business and you challenge its Con-Stitutionality.  Don’t worry, it gets way better from here.

We need to begin a legal defense team for the New World.  This team would consist of all the ex-lawyers who used to belong to the bar association but have now left the bar to be a jail-house lawyer and work for the movement.  Jail-house lawyer can join with us as well!  This will be like the National Lawyer’s Guild, only with people really trying to do right.  We too, will wear something special to identify us by. 

Digression:  National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

  • The NLG is an organization of lawyers and non-lawyers who give their services, free of charge, to any activist arrested during an activist action.  Sounds good, but in reality it’s not.  First off, it sounds like you are getting a deal because, well, you are getting an attorney for free.  So, you will have someone, licensed to work in the court business, to “represent” you in front of the “court”.  But these guys are not there to help you fight a tyrannical government.  No.  First off, every licensed attorney is required to donate a certain number of hours of work, per year, pro bono (that means work for free), to people of meager means.  So, these are liars…I mean, lawyers, who have a soft spot for helping the activist fight a cause, not the tyrannical government.  However, this lawyer is not going to right-a-way point out the constitutionality of number one the court, or number two the arrest.   To you, this is just business as usual and this NLG lawyer is going to keep you out of jail.  And that’s how they look at it.  As long as the case ends without you going to jail, they feel they did their job.  But what it is that the NLG lawyer is really looking for, with your case, is some kind of police brutality that would merit a title 42 civil lawsuit.  If you got a real good case against any of the government agencies, this NLG lawyer will fight for you within the realm of not exposing the fraud to you.  Other than that, try to tell your lawyer that you want to fight the charge, that the public park closing at 11pm is unconstitutional to the government’s guarantee to allow you to assemble together to speak your minds.  Like I wanted to do in Orlando, at the Occupy Orlando trials.  These lawyer fucks would never challenge the court and start out their job with, “the plaintiff motions to dismiss the charges against my client.”  They would never say that and start a debate at to who is claiming ownership over the park and why they say it must be shut down at this particular time when there are people in this public park exorcising there first amendment rights.  So…our lawyers will be better than that.

We will begin by collecting a database of names of those that have left the ABA and are now available to work for the resistance.  The database will contain your name, bar license number, email, phone number and the dates you were licensed from; plus a few other things for logistical needs for pairing you with soldiers.  You swear an oath, sign a statement and boom, you’re working for the resistance in the New World.  Then, we begin an all out paper terrorism campaign.  This will entail what it was I used to do when I used to fight the tyranny in the courts.  This would include petitioning for writs of mandamus, heabeas corpus and certiori, along with challenging constitutionality of the laws and procedure.  You will act as I did when I handled the case on the Occupy The $y$tem page.  Get familiar with it, because that is how I roll and you will too. 

By the time of your defections, and following them, you will have learned how to fight the beginning of the revolution by learning these techniques taught to you by me.   For example, I was able to get a lay person to understand, in under 20 minutes, what a Writ of Mandamus was and how to write and file one.  By the end of that afternoon they had the paperwork completed, filed and pretty much won.  Those are what we use to get action.  And the sad part of all this is, a majority of you lawyers have no idea what a Writ of Mandamus is.  Yes, for you guys I have a lot of fun planned.

I know this sounds like you guys really didn’t have to spend all that money that you did in law school…sorry bout that.  You really don’t need to be a member of the bar to get power of attorney over the people you “represent”.  All you need is a signed “power of attorney” giving you power of attorney to stand in for the undersigned in any circumstance involving matters of law and/or money.  Since these will definitely be legal matters, and most of the legal matters involve matters of money since that is mostly what they want from the defendants, then this signed power of attorney is all you will need to “represent” the person being sought after.  On a day that the other person, Kirk Root and myself were to file one of these with the Orange County Court, in Orlando, Florida, this was what happened to me.  After that arrest and the other person filing this Power of Attorney with the judge, before his next court appearance and within a month of this day, the court dropped the charges that were standing for a year without reason or cause.  That’s just another method.  I have many, many more.  We will try different things with different cases.  And in some cases, you won’t even be seeing any judges.

There are a few lairs…I mean lawyers, who need not apply and they know who they are.  We are going to go on the attack earlier then the rest of the troops.  You will challenge the law and its jurisdiction.  You will go after corrupt police officers.  Defection will be on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 (however, a lawyer can defect at anytime after the form has been posted).  On the day after the Fourth Of July holiday, the true patriotic lawyer, who became a lawyer to help to defend people against a tyrannical government, will have the honor of working with those accused of the bullshit statutory crimes.  Let July 4th be your reminiscent day.  Think long and hard about what Jefferson wanted for this country and ask yourself if this is fair, for on the next day you jump.

Now we come to the courts and the prosecutors of the lot.  And I am not talking about the elected prosecutors of our counties and states.  I am talking about the team of lairs…I mean lawyers, the ADAs (Assistant District Attorneys) and ASAs (Assistant State’s Attorneys) who work for those serpents and represent the real people who make up the fictitious plaintiff.  You too are invited to defect on July 5, 2016, and join the New World’s legal defense team.  What I am telling all of you is that you have time for redemption.  (I’d love for you all to quit your jobs right now and really clog up the courts.)  Your final time for defection will be at noon, Monday, October 31, 2016.  At that time those who want a shot at redemption and were working up to that day as a cog in the tyrant’s wheel will give their resignation and walk off the job.  But your actions between July 5th and October 31st, better show that you were working towards the common good of the New World.  That will be followed the next day by the other employees of the courthouses quitting in a sign of solidarity.  This will just leave the elected district attorneys, clerks of courts and judges to run everything.  All will be arrested along with anyone not defecting buy November 1, 2016.  They will be dealt with after we set up a new court system. 

Those A.D.As. who work for the prosecutor’s office can still sign up for the defection and none of you will have to quit the Bar, nor your jobs.  You will be asked to sign a pledge giving your loyalty to the people and not any government.  You will work at being a cog in the $y$tem.  One thing would be to stop offering plea deals and make everyone go to trial.  Really clog up the courts.  Bring attention to this police state.  That means the arresting officers as well.  Marilyn Mosby is showing you all how do this.  This should piss off the watch commanders when all their officers are in court and not on the street.  Lol, at the same time you will begin to thin out your caseloads and drop charges of statutory crimes with the thought of giving justice and not impressing superiors while keeping the trial docket full.  If there is no victim then the accused will either have the charges dropped or be given a trial date.  Those “accused” who bring stories of police brutality to these lawyers will have the lawyer help them file a citizen’s complaint form.  Or better yet, make the person go to trial and catch the officer in a lie.  You all know what I a talking about.  At one of my trials, with I won (stemming from the arrest mentioned above), I asked the arresting officer to describe what I was wearing, he couldn’t.  I was wearing the exact same thing I wore to the trial.  We are all going to have fun with this.

All judges will be fired and held under house arrest, or lockup, upon takeover.  These so-called Levites, who sit in judgment over the new God, will be dealt with on a more personal level. 

This is a very serious call out to about two million people who have the power to expose this bullshit to the people of this country.  I know that most of you have no idea of how much your profession is to blame for normal everyday people being fucked with.  I surmise that half of you became lawyers to be rich, while the other half of you became a lawyer to truly help out the oppressed.  It is time to help out those that are oppressed.  Those seeking money need not apply.  I have never charged for my time.  As soon as the defection form is ready, I will post it and you may begin doing the right thing.  Do the right thing; fight the good fight.

There is one more thing that you lawyers can all do while we go through the next year until the election.  I want you guys to begin drawing up charges on your own personal congressman and senator in both your states or territories and in D.C..  You will also prosecute them as well.  We all know the corruption that infests our government.  I am sure you all know what it is that your special representative is guilty of.  Not only them, but there are city councils, mayors, governors, supreme court justices, county judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers that all need to go to jail for their crimes.  These crimes you will find all fall under Title 18 of the United States Code.  If you cannot think of anything that would fall under that Title, you can charge each and every one of them with treason for the Stock Act and renewing the lease on the FED, which is unCONstitutional.  You can also begin to draw up RICO charges on the individual city police stations and their members.    Most small fries (mayors, city councils, lawyers, cops, etc...) will get away with petty crimes.  We have to forgive.  When the database is ready for defections, we can match you up with those that worked with the previously mentioned so they can be the witness and you the prosecutor.


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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.

Below are a group of clips from the HBO show, “Last Week Today, with John Oliver”.  The millennials always ask me if I have ever seen it.  Well, now I have.  This is a humorous way of showing you all how we feel and why we are coming to take the system away from you.  It is done with humor because it is true and really hurts too much.  Get it.  Expect us.

Public Defenders

Public Defenders

This is what we know about the legal $y$tem.  John Oliver may trust you lairs...I meant lawyer, but I don’t. Expect a challenge.  This is also why we will revolt.  Expect us.



We know you really do this just to get the results that we see here in this clip. You people are disgusting.  This is another reason why we will revolt.  Expect us.

Elected Judges


You guys think that we’re not on to you?  Think again. We know all about the politics played in our court- room with our lives. The way you set bails shows how much you care. Yet again, we have another reason why we will be revolting.  Expect us.

Municiple Violations

Municiple Court

This right above is probably the main reason why you will be seeing millions in the streets.  Don’t think we are just mad with the federal government for not stopping your racket, but we are pissed at you for all you do.  This is all you do.  This is why we have killer cops and a large number of poor in this country.

George Carlin - You’ve Got No Rigts

George Carlin You Have No Rights

Check back often to check on the defections database.