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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown  Cllick here to find out what is really going on.
Watch “Inside Job” to learn how the banksters stole from the American people.
Solving-the-mystery- of WTC Building 7 with Ed Asner - 01-28-13   Click here to view the message.
Thought From Within by Woody Harrelson.  Click here to view what Woody has to say.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

Click here to view the breakdown of the Fortune 500, from how much they made compared to how many people they employ.


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Messege To Humanity

For The Military

I have no doubt that you are on our side, not the oligarch’s.  And I have no doubt that the lower ranks of the military branches are majority millennials.  I know you kids.  If we do not win the election on November 8, 2016, it is our grand mothers, mothers and babies who will be at the front.  You really going to follow any order given to you to shoot unarmed women, children and elderly?  The whole world will be watching

In the past you have always followed orders no matter how unconstitutional those orders may have been.  I understand what it takes to want to join the military.  There are many reasons one would want to.  But no matter what that reason, it is just wrong.  Don’t get me wrong.  After I learned about the true history of this country, I sort of wished I had been in the armed services.  I’m sure I would have grown up a lot sooner.  But how much of myself that I am today would I have lost?  How much programming would “they” have gotten in? I never tried LSD until I was in college, so a diversion into the military out of high school as an asleep human being may have kept me asleep maybe for good.  LSD definitely woke my sorry ass up.  I think that if I had never tried it I may have went through life believing that I was a cool dude when I am sure that in all actuality I wouldn’t be.  I have never served, but many of my brothers and sisters have.  Either that or I would have been a Manchurian killer.

I have heard the firsthand accounts from Vietnam to Iraq and the in-betweens.  I heard from deserters and the story from my then brother, Bradley Manning (now sister Chelsea), about how insensitive some of you people are.  I could tell that by listening to that video they teach you very well how to do your job and do it without remorse.  How do you sleep at night?  How can you guys flying those drones from Tampa, killing the innocent over in the middle east, believe you have been doing good?  Did you believe everything you heard from our “government”?  I know they had/have you all convinced you were/are-playing Tour of Duty 2You guys got to get over that shit…like in a child.

To learn more about how your former brothers and sisters in arms feel about the current state of the government, you can go to the following links, Occupy Marines, or the Veterans for Peace, or the Oath Keepers, and explore (but I can’t really agree with the Oath Keepers too much as I have seen racism in their ranks and disagree on their stance to protect Kim Davis).  You could even click here to see and hear a friend of mine, Sergeant Shamar Thomas.  His rant here really got the attention of the American People.  It even made him rich and famous.  He is enjoying his money now.  He is not fully awake, but he is waking up.  So should you.  All this and the links to the right will give you information on how they feel you are being used. 

As far as defections, you will not have to do any of that.  You have done nothing more then serve your country, for what ever reason and it is us who owe you.  Under my New World, we will build many more Veterans Hospitals all over the country so that you will have the best medical care in a comfortable setting.  Or, you can just go to any hospital for every day ailments.  But as far as you guys (and gals) having to sign a defection is just crazy.  You have swore an oath and now it will be time to put that oath to the test.

You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, not to uphold the office holders.  Your oath is to the Constitution and the people of the United States of America.  There are many videos you all need to see.  Here’s one, here's another.  You can click on any of the links to the right.  If we lose at the ballet and have to take to the streets, there will still be millions of us.  We will out number you.  We will be everywhere, but can you be?  We will have live streamers streaming it to the world.  The people you will be asked to act on will be your mothers, your fathers, your bothers, your sisters, you aunts your uncles your cousins and friends.  You really want to do that?  Is that what you signed up for?  Think of what you signed up for.  Did it include killing your own countrymen?

Now there is one thing that you have to completely understand about this action.  We are not taking our country back.  Do you understand?  We are not taking “our” country back.  We can’t.  It was never ours in the first place.  Hopefully you have all read my book, “Justification For The Fourth American Revolution”.  If you have you should be able to understand that the country was never The People’s country, but the very rich’s country.  They were so rich and getting taxed by England that they staged a hostile takeover of the mother corporation, England.  They took over, made up the rules for the game and kept the power for themselves.  They suppressed the women and enslaved the black man.  It was tyrannical from the start.  Just read the book or go reread the Declaration of Sovereignty.  So it is not that we will be taking back “our” country, but invading an evil empire and stealing it from them.  Kind of like what they did to the Native Americans, only they weren’t all evil.  Remember Thanksgiving?  That’s the real reality of the action.  Everything in and about this country will change.  We well become that Christian nation, without the religious mumbo-jumbo, that we all think we live in and really works for the people, not the oligarchy.  You believe you are “defending” the people of United States from these people who live 10,000 miles away and have no navy or air-force.  However, we have 900 bases in 153 countries.  It truly is an empire you are really protecting.  Wake up, join the revolution!  Or be on the other side of history...but I wouldn’t recommend that.  Do the right thing.

Update: September 24, 2016

After some research, I have concluded that the bottom videos are what has unempathetic little boys brainwashed into never becoming caring grown men.  You really make it seem cool. I’m not sure how to compete with that. 

Drown Wars
Operation Hollywood

Above: Since the 80's, and the success of Top Gun, Hollywood has increased its production of big budget war movies, using military bases, submarines and aircraft carriers that the armed forces have generously made available to the studios. In exchange, the Pentagon's experts vet hundreds of screenplays each year. Using lots of movie clips, "Operation Hollywood" explores this cozy relationship between Hollywood filmmakers and the U.S. government, and questions the wisdom of letting the Pentagon use movies to promote the U.S. army's image.

"Unmanned" investigates the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad, observing their effect on the War on Terror, the lives of individuals, and U.S. foreign policy.

In Unmanned: America's Drone Wars, the eighth full-length feature documentary from Brave New Films, director Robert Greenwald investigates the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad through more than 70 separate interviews, including a former American drone operator who shares what he has witnessed in his own words, Pakistani families mourning loved ones and seeking legal redress, investigative journalists pursuing the truth, and top military officials warning against blowback from the loss of innocent life.

Throughout Unmanned, Greenwald intersperses in-depth interviews with never-before-seen footage from the tribal regions in Pakistan to humanize those who have been impacted by our drone policy. This footage, alongside interviews with Pakistani drone survivors, describes the brutal reality of drone attacks ordered during the Obama Administration. The film highlights the stories of 16 year old Tariq Aziz, killed by a drone a mere week after he participated in a public conference in Islamabad in 2011, and a school teacher, Rafiq ur Rehman, grappling with the loss of his elderly mother and the hospitalization of his children due to a drone strike last year, showing how delicate life can be in this virtual war where no one is accepting responsibility for the casualties.

HOllywood and the Pentagon

Somewhere in Texas, one of the most famous episodes of the Iraq war; the heroic rescue of U.S. Private Jessica Lynch was turned into a scene for a made-for-TV movie. The movie was broadcast on TV earlier this Fall, but not without sparking some controversy. The official military version of the rescue had been contradicted by several investigative journalists. But when the film was produced, a U.S. Army official was on the set overseeing the operation. The U.S. Army also had direct control over the script, but at what expense to reality? With the help of interviews with key military officials and filmmakers, Hollywood and the Pentagon: A Dangerous Liaison attempts to explain the behind-the-scenes relations between Hollywood and the Pentagon.

What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy (2000)


The following is a powerful 10-part compilation that (in important ways) pulls aside the veil of Official myths and Lies about "freedom", "democracy", Human Rights, etc., being the basis of U.S. foreign policy.

Update: October 17, 2016

Recently, I had been watching the live streams from Charlotte. What I have been seeing is your own armed forces members, one retired after 20 years of service, stating that they cannot believe the world they have come back to.  They are crying out.  They need the only family they ever knew and that is you.  To them, you guys are the healthy ones, while society is diseased.  Dis-eased.  They see the tyranny and cry out for your help.

These retired vets know, as you and I all know, that the army is just not going to come in, take over and all will be kosher.  Your compatriots want the cause of all this to end, but we all know where that lies and what needs to be done to stop it.  And we’re just not up for that; the people at least.  You guys are more trained for that.  That is why I make this plea to you for help.

I have spoken with many vets from the wars of this century.  Some of them are all, rah, rah, U.S.A., “what we did we did for God and country, and in that order.”  However, the fights they were asked to fight disillusioned many of them.  It didn’t take long for them to figure them out.  I heard many of them say that the “government” wasn’t letting them win.  This, a statement heard throughout the Vietnam War.  They all told me that if they were “in charge” the war would have been over with long ago.  They signed up either for their God, which tells them the Muslim religion has to go, or for their country, which they believe in and would like to keep the American way of life going.  They all signed up to fight the good fight, but what they figured out was that this fight was a fight to open up markets for companies like Halliburton or Xi, not defeating terrorists.  These kids have it figured out, don’t you?

There are millions, if not tens of millions of people in this country who have been awake to the reality of the world and more specifically, our government.  Most of them have given up on ever trying to make a change and have figured out a way to live within the $ociety currently here.  Some sellout and they know they do.  They might justify their actions by saying that they or their family needed to eat, so it was them they sold their souls for.  Others find Eco-friendly or human-friendly jobs from witch to live out their unfulfilled lives.  And yet some of the others take a more active roll in their lifestyles. In that, they drop out and teach others to wake up as to reality.  These are not all Christians, nor are they all a bunch of tree hugging hippies.  They are people who care about people, all people, and just want what’s fair in life.  You don’t have to be a true Christian, nor a hippie, to want those things in life.

Have you been observing the American way of life over the past 30 or 40 or even 60 years?  I have, and I can read the writing on the wall.  What do you think is going to happen once the level of awareness reaches the saturation point?  Do you even realize that it will happen?  Those that are waking up are the young, only these kids are not just going to the woods to escape this bullshit, they are taking an active roll in it.  Why?  Because they are pissed off!  They know they are screwed and by whom and there is nothing they can do about it.  They have been adults only for a few years, going up against people who have been adults for up to 50 or even 60 years.  They see what has been left to them and they don’t want to live in it.   Add in the video recorder, Internet, smart phones, live streaming, and what do you think that will equal?  The Internet is the one thing that the ruling elite never counted on and it is the one thing that will save the people from the masters.  The “Fuck-it” point is coming.

Let’s take a look at what happens when a large segment of the population reaches the “Fuck-it” Point.  One thing that is going to happen is that it probably will not be a majority of the population.  Let’s say it is a minority.  The majority is not awake and will not understand why there are people in this country complaining when the United States has so much to offer.  These will be mostly white people over fifty years of age.  These white people have been brainwashed since the fifties by white society television.  They are nationalist and not that there is anything wrong with being a nationalist, it’s just that they have to suspend any Christian beliefs or humanitarian beliefs they might have had in the past in order to believe that their life (or nation) is worth more then the next country’s.  These people are armed, uneducated and scared.  They are scared of what’s to come because their brainwashing has conditioned them to accept what is and never question what could be.   When the one side says “fuck-it”, so to will the other.  So on one side there is part of the country wanting a peaceful solution to the tyranny, while on the other side we will have uneducated, scared, armed people (mostly Trump supporters) who would rather the government do all the thinking for them.  And what happens when you go up against a scared stupid animal with the belief that there is nothing to lose but its life?  We all know that answer.

The millions who are awake are in pain. Not so much because of what is happening, but because they feel there is nothing they can do to stop it.  They know it will take a revolution and they feel alone with that reality since they cannot convince the others of it.  Even if they can convince the others as to what has to be, their hearts are just not into it.  They are too kind to take up arms and take to the streets and murder those that need to be killed. They have learned how to survive within the $y$tem.  Today, millions more are waking up.  Only, these people haven’t spent the past 10 or 20 or 30 or even 40 or 50 years, trying to figure out how to coexist in this corrupt $y$tem.  They are waking up and they are getting angry.  They don’t want to exist in this society left to them.  Not all, but most.  On the other side we will have those so brainwashed by their parents and the oligarchy, that these people may find themselves with the same fate as the one-percent, for not all peace loving tree huggers and those who act like real Christians believe in the ten commandments.  That is why I say to you, for them, that we need you to save the country.  Or we could have a real shoot-em-up going down.

That is already starting to happen.  People from all over this country are ambushing police officers.  Why is this? As Dr. King said, “a riot is the language of the unheard.”  This is not a riot, yet, but it is “riot like” in that there is violence.  So let’s say that these acts of violence are the acts of desperate men, ones with noting to lose.  These police officers are Our Government on the front lines, so it is understandable that they have become the object of our hate for our government.  My guess?  They probably feel they are all going to die at the hands of these terrorists soon anyway, so why not speak the language of the unheard.  This is only going to increase.

In life there are certain truths.  Most of them are found in mathematics or science, but others are found in every day life.  Like the truth that if you violate the Ten Commandments you create hell for all those involved in the violation.  In essence, you create suffering.  When you adhere to them, you create that heaven on earth that the Christian’s Jesus taught.  That’s just a truth in life, reality. 

Our government has done nothing since its inception to see to these truths.  You could call it an 18th century mentality, but it is still applied in 21st century society.  All the things that our government has tried to divide us with are coming out, people are waking up and the shit is going to hit the fan. This I know.  But will it hit before the expulsion, or after?  If it hits before this cataclysmic event, it may be the only thing that could get the planet to release these tensions and begin to heal.  That will save us, but if the people fail to act, and another republicrat is put into office to continue capitalism, I know Yellowstone is blowing or a commit is hitting us, or both, before this coming February.  After that happens, you military guys and the tyrannical government will take over, stating that you are necessary for our survival and it will be goodbye so-called freedom.  Your real job will be in protecting the ruling elite and making sure the food gets to them before the rest of us.  And that’s mighty white of yas to do that for them.

Let us take a look at our republicrats.  These people have been running all of us (you included) through the ringer for over 150 years.  I know you are supposed to be a civilian military adherent to the current government, but have you ever questioned your orders?  You go off to fight wars being told it is for American freedom or for the freedoms of other people, but are you now willing to admit that you have been used by these tyrants for their own personal gain?  You know what’s gong on.  There has truly been no need for our armed forces to fight for this country since it was created with the exception of the War of 1812.  You might be able to say WWII in the pacific theater since the Japanese did attack us, but if you investigate the attack, you will find out that we knew of it days before it happened and even caught it on radar that morning, but did nothing to prevent it.  We wanted the attack because the U.S. corporations wanted to cripple the Japanese and German economic machines, while at the same time helping to free up its markets in Europe.  That would guarantee the U.S. lead superiority in manufacturing and world wide sales.  That is exactly what happened after we killed tens of thousands of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I’m not going to get into what WWI was about, but if you have read this website you probably got it figured out by now. 

What I am asking for, is for you guys to do this revolution for us and simply take over.  I know that convincing you will not be an easy thing to do, but just think of what could happen if you don’t.  Some kind of revolution is coming.  Say the nonviolent side decides to start this first. Maybe they write me in, probably they wont.  Either way, you are looking at either Trump or Clinton as president. Say they start something.  Would you come to their rescue?  Let’s say it is the same faction, those who want this plan and have no aversion to using force to obtain their goals.  Maybe they just walk in and arrest everyone; maybe they go off all over the country and at the same time put a gun up to a policeman’s head and pull the trigger.  I would have no problem with either, as long as it is attempted.  However, those Trump supporters, who are lost in the belief that Donald is a straight up dude that will make them all rich and protect them from the scary black and brown people, will not stand for the country “falling” to “hostile forces”.  They will grab their guns and attack.  What will you be doing to prevent this?  It’s not going to be pretty.  And what if the Trump looses and his fans decide to grab their guns and attack?  Not good either.  That is why you must step in and prevent this blood bath between your own country men.  The enemy are large in numbers and are all the politicians, bankers, judges, police, most millionaires and all BILLIONAIRES in this country.  We don’t need the innocent dying.  We don’t need collateral damage.

Keep in mind, if either of these two win the presidency, neither will understand that they really didn’t win, they just got the most votes against the other.  The people will not be voting for who they like, but who they like the least by voting for that other person.  The lesser of two evils.  Problem with that is, it is still evil.  Sure, they probably started out with the same base numbers for each, but you got two problems with that.  One, the electoral college and two, the rest of us don’t like either of them.  We don’t want to vote.  Their egos will take over while no one really likes either of them.  Should Trump be the winner, he will believe he is loved by all when the reality is that probably 1/6 of the voters voted for him while the rest either voted against him or for Hillary.  The win will signify the electorate telling the republicrats to go to hell.

The problem with #OurRevolution, say compared to Gandhi’s or the American colonist’s, is the following: Family Loyalties Will Never Allow a Revolution.  This is why we all sit on our hands, accept futility and do nothing to break ourselves from our chains.  We do this because of family loyalties; those we must turn in that we either know or feel we know.

During Gandhi’s time and the time of the American colonists the tyrannical governments were not family.  They were the British, from a foreign land.  We knew the enemy, they were an occupying “force” from a foreign land.  Today our oppressors are all friends and family from right here and family loyalties are what will keep us enslaved.  It is easy to stand up to an occupying force, but to stand up to your own countrymen, your family, friends and neighbors and say get in this cage or die, not so easy. 

There are something like 1.4 million police officers in this country.  I’m throwing a figure out there, but say 80 percent of them have children, a spouse, or an ex-spouse or lover.  One hundred percent of them probably have brothers or sisters, moms or dads, cousins, nieces or nephews, family who love them and feel a mutual family loyalty towards.  Family loyalty is what makes your mom scream for the death penalty up and until it is your head on the chopping block.  So that one point four or five million strong police “force” probably has at least ten million immediate family members and double that many extended family members and friends.  Of those say thirty million or so people, how many to you suppose are waking up to real reality?  When they wake up and put two and two together, that we are under the control of a ruling elitist oligarchy gained by the use of the military and protected by the police, what do you think will happen?  What will they think when they figure out that you, or their dad, is part of their enslavement and in the way of true freedom?  What is it that you will say to each other?  Who will convince the other that they are wrong and in need to be on the winning side, you or them?  You have to have the answers to these questions because you will all face them in the very near future.  If you consider yourself one of the good guys who knows the truth but refuses to play the game and just does his or her job as described in the manual, then you know for sure it is time to choose sides.  Which side will you be on, which side will you be on?

All the corrupt government employees will lie about their involvement with the tyrannical government. Even most of your own forces will have a hard time believing they are involved with such a thing.  They will use ever-persuasive words to make the people they know defend them and say that they are the nice people they seemed to be when they met them.  And those they try to convince will probably fall for it, defending the tyrannical government employee possibly to their deaths, just to avoid jail, all because they were bound by family loyalty. “I”, or “they”, were “just following orders”, will not fly.  There will be those “family” members that will know the truth, but will still defend their loved ones.  Also there is their “family” of piers.  The other cops, ex cops, government employees, etc., will all stick together to convince the rest of America that what they did they did for God and country, not the ruling elite.  They will claim dumb.  Some will be, most will not. Don’t let them fool you.  They are posers and they know it.  These people either know or think there is no God, so they can say whatever they wish without them ever feeling guilty or having to face a Saint Peter for the lies.  It’s simple to them.  But the reality is, they sold out for some silver and gold.

One thing you will do is continue to protect this country and its current interests abroad.  Allies will be with us or they will become our enemy that have to be monitored. I’m sure countries like Russia, Germany and China will not want to play our new game; their governments at least.  If Wikileaks is run by the Russian government (which I doubt, but who knows) you will never hear about any of this there.  We are talking about a revolution on the scales of a Shock Doctrine.  And as the United States goes, so goes the world.  Also, I want you to assist in the arrest of our ruling elites, both public and private.  I want them taken alive and held in brigs at Gitmo or miles out at sea.

This is crunch-time folks.  It is time to choose a side and act on it.  If you do not we will enter a life not welcomed by anyone.  If we’re lucky, there may be a worldwide domino effect.  The ruling elite will tempt you with raises and first feedings, but will you still be asleep by then?  I hope not, for the world will fall to evil for good.  That is, if you survive the initial blasts.

I could be totally wrong about all of this, and hope I am.  I don’t consider myself psychic, nor a prophet, but my “intuitions”, my “predictions”, my “prophecies”, “prognostications” or “insights”, usually are true, or come, true.  I was taught on the first day of my international relations class in college that “belief rules the world.”  Right now I believe that if we do not fight that good fight and make a move on the tyrants we will lose that world we were given.  But that could be wrong.  I always reserve the right to be wrong.  Last month I swore that I saw something that many people were saying I did not.  This drove me insane and the outcome was not too good for me.  This is a lesson in family loyalty that you can read about here.  So I could be totally wrong about all this.  I’m not Noah.  I’m no Ezekiel.  And I am definitely not some John, author of Revelations.  I never had a bad dream that woke me up, I think, and I never spoke to a burning bush or tripped out on any peyote.  I don’t know where these intuitions come from, they just come and they are usually right.  However, nothing is ever written in stone.  Like with Nostradamus, who saw what he saw from his point in time, I too see these things in real time and time is always changing.  This last one has me now screaming.  But I don’t want you to do this because if you don’t we all pretty much die, I want you to do this because it is the right thing to do.  If you fail to do this, then we will see a natural catastrophe and the oligarchy take final control of the survivors.  Sorry, but that is what “I” believe.  And because it is not written in stone, it could be changing right now with the gathering at the Sacred Stone Camp, in Cannonball, North Dakota.  Who knows?  Either that or I am as totally insane as the people told me last month when I was having delusions seeing things that were not there, so…

My biggest fear about the people in this country is that they are too ignorant to wake up to what is going on with our government - those 130 million or so who still believe in capitalism, the voting system and that their country can do no wrong.  Not only that, but that they are also too polarized into thinking that their factions of the republicrat party is the right one while the other side needs to be locked up.  They are mostly, but not entirely, uneducated due to the dumbing down of America.  These folks will be too scared of change and never believe that people they know and love could be part of a ruling elite.  Especially when a lot of those friends and family don’t have money.  But they do have “jobs” and jobs are all they think they need, so it is all they want.  They sellout for next week’s meal and cannot think of any other way.  These are the people you have to do this for.

Recently, a couple of days after my last Grateful Dead show, I picked up a hitchhiker and he started talking about a planed military coup scheduled to go down in 100 days, which makes that on or about Sunday, October 23, 2016, this Sunday.  Great, because I’m not too sure the American people have it in them to do what it will take to end this tyranny once and for all.  Some might.  If they don’t take the steps, then we need you to bring us out of this nightmare.  If they do, then we need you to have our backs.  Whether or not they do or don’t will depend on if that rumor is true or not.  If it is true then there would be no need for the people to take up arms, depending on what your plans are from there. If it is false, then the people will reach the fuck-it point and will need you to have their backs, either way, you’re getting involved. 

The person, who was transmitting this rumor, stated that after this coup you would place him (some guy I picked up hitchhiking and told me this story) as leader.  A Hamid Karzai type thing I guess. But he is hard to believe since he kept using the “n” word a lot when referring to O Bomb A.  I would have said “asshole”.  Not sure if that is just pent up anger or if he is a racist.  He wasn’t around long enough for me to figure it out.   He did, however, leave me with two recordings.  If he is not insane and is telling the truth, your coup goes down on October 23rd.  He says you then make him president, or whatever, for some reason unbeknownst to me.  I tell you one thing, I’m not too sure how this guy would lead and the only person I trust is myself.  He said I could do whatever I wanted with this recording, so I’ll post them later.

I know you have all sworn an allegiance to the United States Constitution, but how many of you have actually read the constitution and understand it?  If you haven’t, then I would ask myself, “why”.  Why do they want you to swear to defend this document without ever teaching you about it?  I mean, how can you defend the constitution if you don’t know when it is being violated?  I expect you to understand it like the Supreme Court understands it because we cannot have anyone, sworn to defend the constitution, not understanding what it is they are protecting.  You all should be able to identify any breaches and make the defense.  That would be the second amendment put to work there - even if it is a domestic enemy that is related to you.  The National Guard is nice and all, but they are just weekend warriors with jobs with the enemy and we will need them to take over the temporary policing. They need to be freed.  Please free us.  I beg of you. Please take this country and give it to the people.  Or do you want this insane game to continue? 

Turn this country over to me, Lou Levite, Jr., aka Gnome, aka Nome Travels, aka Guido Fawkes and I promise you a better world where we no longer send you overseas to fight wars because our “leader” doesn’t like something some other leader said or done, when it is was really for economic gains and to open markets to the United States.  These markets pay taxes and taxes are how our government makes its living.

I ask you for this help because I am not sure anyone is reading this website and feel you are best suited for this job.  I think people may be listening to me a little on twitter, but I don’t really know.  No one reads today.  This site has been viewed from all over the world, but the number of traffic is small as far as I can determine.  The reason I still write all this is in the hopes that there are aliens watching us all to see whom they will take off this tiny little planet when she goes for eviction and I want to be one of them.  I hope (that’s praying for you religious folks) that they are real and watching and if this coup isn’t real and the people don’t revolt, than there is them for those of us who in life who were at least empathetic and willing to see the truth, to look forward to.  If not, then I will have to suffer the same fate with the rest of those who caused it. And I will have to do it alone.  I don’t look forward to that.

I find it hard to believe that you, the defenders of the people and the constitution of the United States, would do nothing to help your own families, even more compassionately, your fellow countrymen; strangers, which are the friends you never met.  All the federally elected officials, Supreme Court justices, president appointed judges and cabinet members, will be arrested and held off shore or at Gitmo. (Start at Gitmo, then go off shore.) The District of Columbia, plus all state, county, and local municipalities will have all their judges, prosecutors and local police placed under house arrest.  U.S. territories will proceed as normal. All billionaires will be placed under arrest and held off shore as well.  All prisoners will remain in isolation as to the best of the jail’s ability.  Black block gets to arrest those at 740 Park Avenue and you will have their backs.  They will then turn custody over to you and if any of those residents are ruffed up, oh well, you will get them medical attention.  All street level policing duties will be turned over to you and/or the National Guard.  Detectives will remain and continue to work their cases.  The F.B.I., N.S.A. and similar federal agencies will also continue as normal.  Jails will remain in tact, but watched by “someone”.  We will begin to release statutory and political prisoners on the next day.  And all the bankers will be placed under house arrest as well.  You’re not going to just go into this country, like you did in Afghanistan or Iraq, without any real plan as to “what’s next”.  This is the United States of America, your native country, you will save it before we die from our own apathy towards those who control it: our families. 

Although I would like to believe that many people know what I do or who I am, I cannot live under dilution’s of grandeur.  As far as I know, I am the only person who believes in this plan and my ability to lead.  My friends would rather put a one percenter like Jill Stein in office than push for this plan.  The hitchhiker I picked up in July told me that 40 million people know about your coup.  I would think, as someone on the inside, that it is something I would have heard of a lot sooner.  It would be nice to think this guy was a setup to get me to relax, but he never spelled it out like that.  This was the life I liked, walking around anonymously.  I like it that people don’t know who I am, that if they did they would treat me differently, in that, they would kiss, lick and wipe my ass rather then try to rip me off all the time.  That is, if 40 million people do know of “me” and “this” action.  If they do, they did a great job keeping it from me, but at great risk nonetheless.  If true and we win, it will have been well worth it.  In our New World there will be no need to rip off anyone, so I’m sure I would embrace my new found fame.  Whether or not the people know, it will be the same should you do this coup and place me in power and not that angry hitchhiker.  And should both of those turn out to be incorrect realities, then I can only hope (pray) that the people wake up and do this on their own and place me, and/or the plan I bring, at the head of the table.  If I am delusional, as I was at Standing Rock, then I need to just disappear.  Either chalk it up to all those who, for their own personal reasons, worked hard to prevent me and this New World from getting out for their own personal reasons, or to the evil being just too strong.  I did have to do most of this on my own over the past 26 years.  Come November 10th, I will be one nervous nillie if not your leader nor a revolution in site. 

I don’t kid myself.  I know I do clean up well and I carry a tux with me, but physically speaking I have been teased about my eyes and size all my life.  Today, I have yellow teeth from smoking, coffee and tea.  I have long hair and there is no way the people in this country are going to elect a long hair, even if his name is Jesus.  My name (which I am constantly correcting people on its proper pronunciation), Levite, we pronounce LaVeet, was given to us as a joke by those great Ellis Island folks, taking the Italian, Lovato, and changing the vowels to make it a Jewish name, guaranteeing that the Christians of this country never give me the chance at anything. Yeah, funny. My great grandfather didn’t have his papers (WOP) nor the brains to figure this out.  He was taken advantage of.  My signature changes each time I use it.  Also, I have a big nose that I recently learned about and combine that with my small stature  and eyes and I appear to stand there looking like I am “whacked” out of my mind from drugs.  And the eyes have been getting weaker over the past decade.  Trump and his followers would tear me up with all the teasing.  There is probably an illegitimate child or two that might come out of the woodwork.  Most importantly, I am socially awkward at this present time.  That comes from the many PTSD creating incidents that happened to me over my life and the fact that I can see right through the corruption and lying sacks of $h!+.  Give me a couple of months and that will disappear.  It should have at Standing Rock, but Didi...

I just hope that you brothers and sisters in arms will do the right thing and realize that this is the good fight you have been seeking to end tyranny in your own back yard and install a leader with a system you can be proud of.  Of course, in the New World, your paychecks will also double, privates at least.  So I hop you realize that as well.  I hope you see the need to protect America’s current interests around the world and hold them, while those closer to home will lead the people in this great and moral imperative.  Good luck.

Update: October 24, 2016

Okay, so the coup didn’t go down when the rumor stated.  Who knows about that guy that told it to me.  Hopefully, 100 days was more of a round number.  That’s great! That means that this could still be on!  I have connected the recordings made of this speaker and what he told me.  You guys figure it out.  Click here.

Update: November 15, 2016

Okay, so it went down like I had been saying it would since August of last year. We will now have Trump as president.  The Trump haters haven’t stopped protesting in the street of America since

So, why do I still find myself in this country controlled by tyrants? What happened to this coup I heard about from that crazy hitchhiker?  I know what is going to happen. It is like I have been saying all along, Donald Trump is going to win.  So then what? Have you ever thought of what would go down. You guys are going to start getting orders to kill the families of those he considers “terrorists”. And you will follow those orders, believe me him.



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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.

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Josie Outlaw

Above is a message from Jesse Outlaw, to the police.  We ask you to help defend us from them.They have done nothing but terrorize us.

Police Militarization1

Please, this is another video of how we Americans are being treated.  We really need your to have our back and protect us from the oligarch’s protectors.

Wake up

I don’t think the narrater in the video above has ever served, and he is quite angry, but he is telling it like it is. This is what the enlightened know to be true.  Now you know.  Enlighten yourself.


Check back soon to sign the defection form and join the New World.

Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of the World VI


When I finished writing the section to the left and brought it here to post I watched this video which was posted the day before. It is funny how many of the issues I spoke about here have been covered by this video.  Please listen to it.