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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

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Messege To Humanity

To The Police

There is a solution offered at the bottom.

Your reign of terror on the people is coming to an end.  Whether or not you went terroristic on the people because you thought it was what the job entailed and your bosses wanted that, or you got your cruelty from being on the job too long and have developed an apathy towards the people you were sworn to protect and serve (and those you work with), this nightmare which you have been putting the American people through is coming to an end.

It is time for those who’s only crimes have been in the covering up of crimes of police and police corruption, to prepare for the “cleansing”, as it will come to be known.  You must be a squeaky clean officer as well; not only in not having had participated in any police brutality or corruption, but also in having never lied on the witness stand as well.  If you have lied, you are just as corrupt (and evil) as those who have physically hurt, or given special treatment to, those in the field.  It has been my extensive exclusivity with the police that has me realizing that just about all of you are liars not to be trusted.  Lying is original sin.  It is these lies that millions of people have to hear from you police officers that has us all living in hell.  That is a hell brought about from your breaking God’s law of not bearing false witness.  You not only beat us, but you lie as to why or that it even happened at all.  And the so-called “good cops” lie to cover up the bad cops’ indiscretions.  This is all coming to an end.  It’s time to grow up.

One thing I would like to do now is call you all out on this: you are all cowards.  That’s right, you heard me; cowards.  I remember watching an ABC network show called “What Would You Do”.  An experiment was conducted in a restaurant where a very belligerent man began to yell at his family or something similar to that.  After the gag was exposed they found out that one of patrons in the eatery who did nothing to prevent this person from getting physically violent was an off duty cop having dinner with his family.  He told the host that the reason why he did nothing to stop this situation from getting out of control was because he didn’t have his gun on him.  That’s right!  The coward wouldn’t confront anyone without a gun.  That is how all of you cops are and you all know it.  And they call you brave…until you shoot and unarmed person.  Then you all claim that the reason you shot was because you were in fear of your life.  You never saw a gun, yet you were just too scared to find out if the person even had a gun.  What do you and those you know who have ever shot and/or killed an unarmed person say to those charged with any investigation of it?  You all know; “I was in FEAR of my life.”  That’s it right there.  FEAR!  You are all looked at as brave cops up and to the moment you shoot an unarmed person.  And even then all you have to say is that you you weren’t brave, you were scared and “feared” for your life and your union backs you up and the citizens all cut you some slack.  You’re all just a bunch of cowards.  Learn how to talk to someone and maybe you wouldn’t need all your weapons.

Weeks, or months, or even years before the officer/unarmed person shooting incident, the chief was praising you as a brave cop for some good you did.  Now, after the shooting, he or she is saying that your actions were justified because the officer (you) was (were) “in fear” of their (your) life.  That is an oxymoron.  How can you be a brave cop one moment and yet be in fear of your life the next?  Bravery is just how one deals with a situation where you don’t know the outcome at that moment.  That is all fear is.  We fear the unknown.  You’re brave when you enter the situation and deal with it without thinking what could actually happen to you.  That is what being brave is all about.  It’s pretty much, not being safe and taking the easy way out.  Each call a police officer responds to is exactly that.  It is a potentially life threatening situation where neither all the facts nor the outcome of the particular situation is known.  So each call would suggest that to the normal person who would be responding to this call, the understanding that he is going into an unknown situation with an unknown outcome, will produce fear in that person at anytime while dealing with this situation.  To say that a police officer is brave is to insinuate that he would not show up like the lay person and in fear, but would face the fear with a level head, bravery, and deal with the situation as it unfolds.  Fear is the apprehension felt in any unexpected situation where the outcome of that situation is either a surprise or unknown.  Bravery is dealing with that situation to the best of your ability in despite of the fear felt.  These cops that shoot unarmed civilians are not brave.  If they were brave they wouldn’t shoot until they saw the barrel of a gun pointed at them.  Period.   Like how in war it is illegal to shoot an unarmed civilian, even enemy solider, until they see a gun barrel.  So what’s your excuse? You guys have all become pussies.  Here is a video of a real American hero (as far as anyone who is brainwashed by the government can be), of Sergeant Shamar Thomas, USMC, going off on you pigs in New York City.  We all want to yell at you like this.  I have witnessed many arrests (been involved in many) over my years.  One thing I have noticed is that many of you get scared.  Your adrenaline gets pumping, heart rate increases…that is fear.  Most of you have no right being on that job.  But “they” call you all brave, so you get away with appearing to be, until that fear kicks in and you go and kill an unarmed person.  And you were not only scared, but you were lazy as well, as you didn’t want to fight him, man to man, unless it is against a woman, but shoot him instead.  Yeah, brave officers my ass.  Do they even teach you how to take down a suspect today without the grabbing of your stick, gun, taser or mace?

Above I mention that I have been involved in many arrests.  That much is true.  As an activist, that’s just par for the course.  I have no idea how many times I have been arrested over the years, but I would guess between a dozen to a dozen and a half times. All, but three of them, standing up for your rights.  I have spent a total of about 17˝ months of my adult life locked up in a cage, under the threat of death if I tried to leave.  I believe I have about 20 to 21 total months of credit towards being locked-up.  In 2000, I even did a leap year in jail and spent an additional 2 weeks before the trial locked up for the same charge because the judge was a douche bag.  After my conviction, at sentencing, he waived my copy of “Operation Vampire Killers 2000” (that was confiscated from my car by the over zealous cop) at me, yelling that for me to read and drive around with that was disgusting.  (The same jail Larry Flynt was in when he and his lawyer were shot.)  I did another three months following the leap year spent for a probation violation that was from a phony drug screening.  I also receive 3 fractured ribs and a sprained ankle, suffered from six 250-pound county cops who were the guards at the jail and jumped me when I was brought there.  I still have the x-rays and photos of the bruises to prove it.  I think I still have the photos.  I definitely have the x-rays.  My cousin could have the photos.  At time of arrest, he maced me, then jumped on me and began twisting my arms. He also lied on the stand to the jury.  They convicted and I did a leap year in jail.  I also spent NYE 1999 locked-up as well.  Why?  It was because that cop buried his cop buddy in Alabama that morning.  His cop buddy who wrote the book on profiling and was killed by someone he profiled?  A long hair killed him, I think.  (How are your fingers, asshole?)  And all of this because this Sadistic bastard doesn’t like Jesus or anyone who looks like him.  But on Good Friday?  On my way to church?  Asshole.  You owe me and Jesus Christ, pal.  Either that or you’re no Christian.  You see, I know how the police go after anyone with long hair and a beard and looks like Jesus.  I used to get pulled over on average of once a week when I drove my ‘72 WV Microbus.  When I was 35, as I was in ‘99, I looked just like Jesus Christ.  I know how you cops have to get all those people because, well, what if it is Jesus?  You can’t have him coming back to earth telling everyone how corrupt you really are.  You can’t have him telling everyone how you guys have everyone fooled into thinking you only do well for your community.  They can’t find out that your hearts really lay with Satan and not with Him.  This little coward’s name I’ll never forget.  It is Frederick J. Stemp, Jr., from Duluth, Georgia.  A real son of Satan, never to be trusted.  He doesn’t understand that Jesus was and still is a socialist and the right wing republican Christians?  Well, they have no favor with Christ.  I got his address and phone number doing a search on the Internet so I don’t ever have to bump into him.  Shouldn’t be hard for you non-cops to do the same.  Today he claims that he is a Christian, yet he is very racist.  Oh, wait, he’s a Catholic, that explains it.  Wonder if he was an alter-boy as well; six percent according to the movie Spotlight.   I have written a more in-depth story of this arrest that you can all view here

I understand that you cops are just doing the bidding of our leaders, but do you understand that?  Do you understand what it is you are doing to your fellow neighbors because the lawyers, turned politicians, have been making laws to suppress those who were not white, male, land owners?  You were basically founded to catch run-a-way slaves to later having to keep them in line.  So you’re racist.  And we all know that.  Get over it.  You will all have to be fired at first, but only a select few will be allowed to return to what the politicians would have us believe is a most noble career to go into.  But to them, you are the joke.  I know police officers that started out making 8 bucks an hour to be an extortionist.  So, for 8 bucks an hour these officers ran around following made-up “laws” to arrest people on so the lawyers can make 200 bucks an hour to deal with these poor folks once they have been dragged into the criminal court $y$tem.  You cops truly are the joke of the ruling elite…I understand that; they understand that; why don’t you?

They say that, “there are just a few bad apples out there, but for the most part, the police officers are good.”   To that I say, “bullshit”.  That’s right, bullshit.  You’re all rotten “apples” and you all know it.  Even the ones that just cover up the corruption are corrupt themselves in that action alone.  Your day of redemption, though, is coming.

As far as your union, which is more like a fraternity, the Fraternal Order of Police, the F.O.P...well...let’s just say that, “the F.O.P. is the En No Me.  Anyway, for the non cops out there, 100 years ago, the police of this nation were forced to work 12 hour days, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and there was nothing they could do about it.  They were just the poor who would sell out their morals for enough money to buy food to keep them alive till the next day.  That is why the F.O.P. started.  And the cops have been getting it better and better each year.  I mean, look at them.  These fools used to work 12 hours a day, everyday.  Treated like dogs.  Who was it  who made them work like that?  The politicians who owned the slaves.  You see, they really never loved you either.  Treated you like dogs from the start.  Why did you guys go along with their plan then?  We all see that  you don’t anymore.  Now you get a good piece of the action.  What, do you extort them?  And each time you decide to commit a crime on the job, you got these guys blindly protecting you.  So, the F.O.P. gets you the piece of the job’s action and protection you demand to do that job, for those politicians and bankers, while you don’t tell us what it is they are making you do.  So, you guys think you are a Mafia?  I’m sure some do.  Your bosses are more Mafia over you then you have any clue of.  Fuck with them and see what happens to ya.  Your fraternity won’t be helping you then.

To all the former and current police officers out there, think about why you wanted to become a cop.  First off, I understand how many ex jocks are on the police forces.  I understand how they approach you in school with a work atmosphere that is similar to the locker room comradely.  Let’s eliminate those who knew about the many financial benefits and joined for that reason.  Those people just want the fat pension, not to help others.  You know who you are.  And I will bet that you are the types whom follow orders without question.  Let’s forget those types.  Those that became cops to get some respect need not apply.  Let’s also not forget those who became cops just so they could beat them some niggers.  Don’t laugh.  I know of racist officers who became cops because they wanted to use the badge to harass those they are prejudice against.  These cops won’t be any help as well.  What I want are those who used to watch corny cop shows like, CHiPs, Adam 12, Dragnet and the like.

Have you watched any of those shows lately?  Total brainwashing.  You’d probably start to drink if you weren’t an alcoholic already.  The way those police officers acted, compared to the way they are today?  You know; two totally different worlds with two totally different ways of thought.  Go look; TV Land and Retro TV.  These shows glorified the police officer as someone you could count on, no matter what color you were/are.  These shows show the police as respectful people who would turn in a corrupt cop or help a suspect they just arrested sell his flowers before taking him to jail.  And the Dragnet and Adam 12 series were supposed to be true stories.  Yeah, right.  Like this would really happen today.  I still remember the true story of Frank Serpico

I need you people who bought the bullshit of the American Dream from your childhood programming and who went into the profession pure of heart and kept it that way, to defect. What I want is for those of you in the police departments who are not part of “the boys”, who have witnessed police brutality and corruption by their fellow officers and who have held to the true values as to why you became a cop, to begin to gather information on your fellow officers that have violated the law.  You will soon be asked to hand over that information to citizen review boards made up of the Occupy Police members and civilian overseers.  As soon as I have the database made and the defections begin, I will also have a way of getting all the defectors together with the lawyers.  I hope Ray Lewis will be our first police commissioner.  When the cleansing takes place and all the patrol officers of this country are either fired or arrested and replaced by the different United States military branches, it is you defectors that we will look towards to represent us on the streets as the new police force.

I want you guys who defect to work with the lawyers as truthful eyewitnesses about the police brutality and corruption.  Some of the lawyers will be working on RICO charges, so keep that in mind.  Do that and you get to be on the new police building team and citizen review boards.  In fact, we may not bring back the city police.  We all have an elected county sheriff, which is the highest elected official for that geographic area of land inside the United States of America.  What do you say we leave the law enforcement to them?

Many cities and counties across the United States, are bunch of bull pucky.  They’re nothing but an “old boy” network.  And I should know.  Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being in McCreary County Kentucky back in the early nineties and had to deal with that Sheriff or his mother (she was on my jury) should know this.  A lot of towns and counties in America, are run by the same families (some of them inbred) who founded them.  They’ve become dynasties.  They can pass bad laws, hire bad police officers, run bad court $y$tems, with no one to answer to.  We are inundated with the amount of “law” enforcement agencies in this country.  Shit, there are like 24 or 26 separate law enforcement agencies in the District of Columbia alone.  We get it; it’s a police/state.

Today, November 24, 2015, was another demonstration of how you terrorists get away with it until there is film at eleven.  I’m speaking about the Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke,  This is why we don’t trust any of you.  This man had 18 complaints, many for excessive force.  Force is just another word for violence.  When you use is it, it is force, when we use it, it is violence.  See, this is where this killer cop should have been taken off the streets.  One complaint should tell it all.  But your bosses love that behavior and encourage it when they allow you to get away with it over and over again.  The only reason this man, if you want to call him that, was arrested today was because the video that the mayor and Chief of Police tried to suppress was going to be made public later today.  That’s it.  I’ve seen the video.  He should have been arrested the moment they saw it.  My guess, he just lost it.  He just stood there, shooting one bullet per second at Laquan McDonald, while the other officers stood there and watched in horror.  And Jason’s defense, he was scared for his life.  Get real.  He was standing behind another officer.  Admit it, it is either you guys are all cowards when it comes to doing your jobs, or you’re all killers.  Which is it?  The prosecutor stated that the release of the video had nothing to do with it, that she made the decision to arrest him either a couple or a few weeks ago.  Sure, then why didn’t she?  The prosecutor needs to go to jail as well.

I know you guys hate your job, the Christians at least.  It’s not at all what you expected, is it?.  I know you have some justification for staying on the job.  Maybe you do it because you think you can help out those who would be abused by the other officers.  But really, have you? 

If any of you guys don’t have a problem with the destine on this page shown towards your fellow employees, then you need to get ready for the defection.  You know this is not right.  You have seen the thin blue wall of silence at work for too long and you have ignored it as well.  Your time for redemption is coming soon.  Your final day for defection will be on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.

Update: July 6, 2016

Tonight there was another police shooting.  Only this time it was in Falcon Heights, Minnesota and not of an unarmed black man, but one who was going for his wallet as instructed and who told the officer he was carrying a gun.  Just those words alone got him shot and killed right in front of his girlfriend and her daughter. At first she is stunned at the act and in denial that her boyfriend has just been shot.  But this girl was rolling video that was posted, then taken down from facebook.  Her account was deleted.  His name was  Philando Castile.   It is graphic.  You can view it here.  Bernie and I will help end all this.

Update: July 14, 2016

The solution for the Police v. People of Color...and the rest of us.

Everyone is talking about “healing” and whether or not Hillary can bring the Democratic Party together and if Trump can do the same with the republicans.  Unification they call it.  Will the candidate bring their party together, then unify with the other side?  That is the name of the game.  But as the question implies, there are great divisions within the ranks of both factions of the republicrat party.  Each has to “heal” its own party first before they can even begin to heal the country.  And the country is too polarized to listen to the other side.  But the two candidates that they have you fooled into believing are your only choices have enough problems trying to convince their own followers that what they do is right and the other guy is wrong.  And we are supposed to believe that either of these two can even do that within their own ranks? 

The healing of this country is beginning to take place.  It is unfortunate that it took the events in Dallas to really get “the talk” going.  What I hear from the two candidates though, do not really take on the situation and deal with it in an honest way.  Donald Trump has resorted to the Richard Nixon method of running a campaign and managing the people as “criminals with a problem”.  And Donald can’t figure out why they have a problem, especially in such a great country with great opportunities.  Hillary has no solution other then getting everyone to just get along.  Something Rodney King asked for over 20 years ago to no avail.  I, on the other hand, have a solution to the black/white police thing.

The first thing we all have to understand, and by understand I mean learn, then accept, is the truth. The local police was an idea started in London.  It was a patrol of men who would walk around, listen for screams and respond to the calls.  In this country the police came about as a job to retrieve runaway slaves in the north and return them to the south.  Don’t ever imagine that the north is friendlier to the blacks then the south is.  After slavery ended, the Ku Klux Klan occupied most police forces.  The object went from retrieving runaways, to keeping the blacks in line and following the white man.   No one can deny that the police were not suspects of many of the civil rights activists disappearing.  So this systemic cruelty towards people of color was set up and continued throughout history by very bad men.  These officers were poor, uneducated, men, yet they figured out how to get a bigger slice of the American pie.  In the 60’s and 70’s you had Nixon and his “law and order” presidency.  Not only did he go after the scary black people who were rioting, but the scary hippies and members of the counter couture as well.  The whites, who were still in the majority, wanted this.  That was continued in the 80’s with the Ray-guns’ war on drugs (pot mostly) and their “just say no” policy.  During Ray-gun’s presidency, the incarceration rate went up 166%.  In the 90`s, however, things changed.  Clinton was the new law and order president.  He passed a 35 billion dollar crime bill which put 100,000 new, uneducated, officers on the streets.  With his three strikes law and classifying crack cocaine differently from regular powder cocaine, he was able to double the amount of American citizens locked up in jails or prisons within years of his leaving the office.  At the time there were more kids in law school then there were lawyers in this country, so this was a windfall for them. 

Twenty years ago I wrote my second book, Justification for the Fourth American Revolution.  On page 11, I wrote the following:

    According to the 1992 Source Book, in 1991 America had over 1.2 million of the adult population incarcerated. Over 10.5 million of the over 14 million people who were arrested, passed through some form of lock-up. The state prisons had 711,6433 people locked-up in 1991. According to the people who did the survey, 7,462 of them were being held for no reason they could determine. And of the 79,485 people being incarcerated in the Federal pen system, 47,316, or 55% of them, were being held for violating some drug prohibition law.

    Combined State and Federal prison populations have increased 400% between the years of 1970 and 1990.  In 1970 there were 200,000 prisoners. The population increased 50% in 1980 to roughly 300,000 prisoners. However, by 1990 there were around 800,000 people being held behind the bars of these two institutions. This is a 166% increase in the prison population since Ray-gun and Bush took office; over 1/2 million new people being stripped of their personal liberty.

Since this was written, more statistics have come out.  By the time Billy Boy left office, the prison population had reached nearly 2 million people and that has only increased 10% since.  Thanks to Tricky Dick, Ronnie Ray-gun, and Slick Willie, they brought the United States to the most incarcerated country on the planet.  We also have the most lairs…I mean lawyers on the planet as well, containing 80% of the world’s lawyers.  We have to ask ourselves, “why do we have the highest incarceration rate on the planet?”  The chapter ended with this:

    So what is really going on? Is America becoming more violent? Maybe. For violence is something "marked by unjust exercise of force; harsh; severe; to take violent measures."  But where there is no victim, there is no crime. And most of the 10 1/2 million people who enter jails every year are arrested not because they did damage to some other's life, liberty, or personal happiness, but because they did or had something some others said they could not do or have.  Thus, an "unjust exercise of force" was thrust upon them by "agents of the state".

To understand what those three paragraphs were in reference to you would have to go check out the book and read it all.  However, these statistics are real.  We have to accept the fact that they are real.  We have to accept the fact that our country locks up more of its citizens, per capita, then any other country on the planet.  Most of all, we have to understand why this phenomenon is happening.  But this is about the healing.

One hundred years ago, the police forces hired poor, uneducated, commoners who worked long hours for little pay.   They were forced to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; leap years excluded.  They began to unionize and the Fraternal Order of Police, the F.O.P., was born.  My saying is, “the F.O.P. is the En No Me”.   The police officers around this country then started getting treated better for the job they were asked to do, which was to keep the people of color and poor whites terrorized.  For almost one hundred years they got away with it, then, the Internet.

Everyone has to believe these truths.  Even if you are a cop, you have to come to the epiphany that what you just read is true.  I know a lot of people become police officers to help people, but it is like a lot of cops will tell you, once you do the job, you realize it’s not what you expected.  They probably say that because they know what is expected of the job  is much like an extortion racket.  If they stay, they sellout.  If they leave, they are viewed as losers; a catch 22.  But a lot of these people grew up watching cop shows that glorified cops and the work they do.  This was a lie, a deception perpetrated by Satan (those in the tyrannical government) for the purpose of suffering.

Today’s police forces are large in number.  There are many types of police forces.  I don’t know why exactly they do this, probably to save money.  For instance, you have San Francisco police officers, but you also have B.A.R.T. officers. What is the difference?  Patrol area and probably salary as well.  There are campus cops on many universities throughout the country and some counties have their own police forces separate from the county sheriff or city cops.  We understand, we live under a police state.

These different police forces pay different salaries depending on where you live.  Richard Jewell, Atlanta Olympic Park bombing suspect, took a job as a town cop outside Atlanta paying 7 or 8 bucks an hour to start.  That was almost twenty years ago.  I’m sure that today they would start him out at at least 10 or 12 bucks an hours.  San Francisco cops make between 81 and 113 grand a year.  So it’s where you live and what exactly they are asking of you with the job.  Regardless of where you live, all you need is a high school diploma or a GED and you can apply for the job.  This is the biggest problem with law enforcement.

Not all law enforcement has that problem.  We hardly ever hear about police brutality with the state police officers or the F.B.I..  Wonder why?  Maybe it is because these folks have to have a college degree to apply for their jobs.  That is the largest part of the solution: all patrol officers must get a college degree. 

They have been saying this past week that we ask too much of our police.  That much is true.  The largest amounts of calls they answer are for domestic violence.  We expect them to act as DFACS “agents”.  We don’t allow those who work for the department of family and child services to apply for that job without a degree in sociology or close, yet we allow 20 year old kids to carry guns and deal with the same people the DFACS officer deals with and all without a gun.  Do you see what is going on here?  The police ARE the government to the people, so is DFACS, only the police kill.  They are usually the first people that citizens turn to for help.  So if the police are terrorizing the people, how do you think the people view the police?  We have been asking too much from simple people whose jobs were created to simply catch runaway slaves.  It was fine to be a high school dropout or diploma holder in the past, but for today’s policing I think it is time we recognize what we ask from the police and what we expect from those who would take the jobs.  We ask them to be social workers, and social workers, as well as today’s police officers, need to go to college.

The logic for this is elementary.  The reasons why we don’t have as many complaints about state and federal officers are because they all have a college education.  Yes folks, education, along with the college experience of living on campus with other cultures, will educate these police officers to deal with those they will serve and protect.  This is more important than just teaching a person how to take down and arrest someone who “seems” to be unreasonable.  Education is the solution.  If every applicant had a college education then it is reasonable to deduce that our local police forces are the finest people this country has to offer.  Anyone who would take the time to get a B.A. in law enforcement would be a patient, kind and understanding person, and not an officer, an enforcer for the government.  Rather than a kid spending a few years playing video games then applying to the police academy, they will learn about life and how to deal with life as it is, not as “they” want.  The kid who was taught the D.A.R.E. programs and “just say no”, will now get a different view of life.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a stupid cop when you know the law and they only know force.

Other problems with the hiring practices are all the ex-military they employ.  This is not good.  Again, most are not college graduates.  Most played video games up to boot camp and they are just too damaged from the scenes of war.  Some, I’m sure made it out with all their marbles, but I am willing to bet that the majority of them have not.  This P.T.S.D. transfers into the field and we all suffer because of it.  We have to admit to ourselves that soldiers are delicate people (or they are psychotic) who need to heal.  It is unfair to ask them to deal with battle situations in a domestic setting.  Let us allow them to heal.  We can look at those with college degrees and test them to see if they could withstand the job so they may join, but the rest are probably best to rest. 

Remember, in our New World, salaries will be capped at a minimum of 60 grand, to a maximum of 75 grand a year.  Is it that much to ask for a college education?  And it makes sense in this world as well.  I have always told my daughter that, “life is tough, it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”  John Wayne shit.  I am willing to bet my life that at least 90% of the officers that kill unarmed people all have no college degree, with a slightly higher number not having any college education at all.  I will even bet that most of the chief’s of police who resign in disgrace never went to college compared to those who are great chiefs.  (We could compare Ferguson  to Dallas to test out this theory.)  I truly believe that this is the major problem with the relationship between the police and the people of the United States of America.  I am sure that if we ask for smarter police officers, they will have to give them to us.

Education is the most important part of any governmental public service job in the field.  The reason why there is no education requirement is because they don’t want educated people in the field enforcing their laws, they want a stupid person who will just do the job and not ask questions.  The college educated ones would probably question an unlawful order, whereas the not college officer would just dummy up and do their job.  Get it?  They don’t want educated enforcers.  The smart have always been taking advantage of the dumb.  It’s been that way throughout history.  The smart are rich and in power, the stupid are poor and on their own.  Get it?  C.O.Y.?

The four year college curriculum for a Bachelor in Arts degree in pre law enforcement, would look something like this:

  • 2 years of arts and humanities
  • 2 years intensive core curriculum in the following: 
    • Criminal Law 
    • Civil Rights 
    • Sociology
    • Cultural Anthropology

The two years of credits in the study of arts and humanities could be tailored for the future law enforcer.  If our police officers were all college educated in the study of mankind and not just ”trained” on how to drive or ram a car to stop it, or take down someone having paranoid delusions with force, we would have more gentler and respected police forces throughout this country.  With that, we will have more understanding officers who will no longer look at the citizens as the enemy, but as fellow men or woman, much like them but different.  They will have compassion for every call they answer.  No more cops getting out of their cars in the middle of the street and yelling to someone (Mike Brown), “what the fuck you doing?”  Ten dollars says that officer never went to college.  When you are educated life is simpler and all will get alone much better.

After all this college has been completed, and the graduate has their diploma in hand, can they apply to be a police officer in any role whatsoever.  That stupid test that Captain Ray Lewis taught us about (to the right of the page) in Kalamazoo, about how they give a “sensitivity” test to the applicants and if they score too sensitive they don’t send them to the police academy, is going to end. 

This is all a rough draft; a start.  We will make up new core curriculum classes and tweak any of it if we decide that this is the solution.  Personally, I feel the only way to understanding is through education.  We cannot educate those that the police deal with, but we can educate the police to deal those in a more humane way.  Tactical training will also have to be reevaluated.  If I were running with Bernie Sanders, I’d bet we would have this as a proposal already.

Update: September 23, 2016


This is Betty Shelby.  She is 42 years old. She worked for the Tulsa Police Department for only five years. I want to know:

  • What did she do for the previous 24 years.
  • What is her relationship to this guy below.
Robert C. Bates

This is Robert C. Bates. He is the man who was playing cop when he shot and killed a black suspect.  To refresh your memories, click here. I’ll bet these two have a personal relationship of some kind. I’ll also bet that she is like a pedophile priest who gets shuffled around. They look like kin to me.


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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.

Keep checking back to see if the database is ready to start taking all the defections.

Josie Outlaw

Above is a message from Jesse Outlaw, to the police.  We ask you to help defend us from them.  They have done nothing but terrorize us.

Municipal Violations

Municiple Court

This right above is probably the main reason why you will be seeing millions in the streets.  Don’t think we are just mad with the federal government for not stopping your racket, but we are pissed at you for all you do.  This is all you do.  This is why we have killer cops and a large number of poor in this country.

Police Militarization

Police Militarization2

The militarization of the police force is what blew it for you and made us realize that this government is going just a little too far, yet we understand that the need for this is to keep in power an oligarchy which would not exist without you.  Grow up and Question.

Douche bag of the Month Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Meet this month’s douche bag,  Lt Joe Gliniewicz, of the Fox Lake, Illinois police department. His fake suicide had FOX News and the police unions saying that he was killed by BLM sympathizers. I have not heard them apologize for that bullshit either.

Captain Ray Lewis


This is Captain Ray Lewis, retired, of the Philadelphia Police Department. If you cops don’t know him then hopefully you do now.  This is a brave man.  When you click on the pic you will be brought to a video of Ray telling us all at the 2nd annual Occupy Wall Street National Gathering, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2013, about his arrest and involvement in Occupy Wall Street and about a test called the MPPI.  Basically he says that it is a test they administer on recruits.  The test will determine how sensitive the tested is and if the person is too sensitive then he is not allowed to become a cop.  I met Ray over a year before this, at the fist National Gathering, held in Philadelphia, Pa,  in July of 2012.  He will be our next Attorney General... if he accepts our request.  BTW, watch it long enough and you will get a gander at my’s easy to tell.

Coward of the Month Officer Lisa Mearkel

Lisa Mearkle

Here is yet another example of how all these so-called “brave” police officers are nothing but cowards when it comes down to it.  This also proves that police body cameras are going to do little to curb this practice of murdering unarmed people.  If this officer was brave she wouldn’t have shot.  All she has to say is, “I couldn’t see his hands and had no care that he just had 50,000 watts pumped into his body, twice, for a half minute each.”  That would have definitely kill me.  My heart couldn’t take that.  She was just pissed that this man made her chase him.  Most people are killed running from the police.  They hate it when we don’t respect their authority.  So again, another “brave” police officer say she was scared and the jury bought it.  The man just want to ditch a syringe but couldn’t move his body due to the extra long shocks which other officers where yelling at her to turn off. She didn’t care.  Her ego couldn’t allow this subhuman to disrespect her authority.  This woman need to spend time in prison.


Laquan McDonald with his killer, Jason Van Dyke. This shit is getting old.

1 Marine v. 30 Cops


Click here to watch Sgt. Shamar Thomas tell off the New York City Police.

FormerOfficerDaniel Holtzciaw

December Douch Bag of the Month goes to Former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw 

Update 11/24/2017

Frank Serpico is definitely on my top five heroes of all time list. Today I saw him on Morning Joe talking about a new film coming out about him. But that is not the only thing he was talking about. Click here, or on the photo below, to hear what he has to say about today’s police corruption.

Frank Serpico