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The Plan

  Occupy The $y$tem

    - Ray “Occupy” Lewis

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    People of Color

    First Nations People



      - Frederick J. Stemp, Jr.


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      - Jails

      - Courtroom Techniques

        - Habeas Corpus

        - Mandamus

        - Certiorari

        - Bill of Particulars



     - Butts County Georgia

      - Rising Tide

      - Donna Piranha Byczkiewicz

      - Didi Banerji

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      - Occupy Wall Street

      - Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

      - eBay v. Amazon

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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown  Cllick here to find out what is really going on.
Watch “Inside Job” to learn how the banksters stole from the American people.
Solving-the-mystery- of WTC Building 7 with Ed Asner - 01-28-13   Click here to view the message.
Thought From Within by Woody Harrelson.  Click here to view what Woody has to say.
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

Click here to view the breakdown of the Fortune 500, from how much they made compared to how many people they employ.


USA Takeover Banner Charlie Chaplin1
Messege To Humanity

For The Tea Party

I’m sorry, but we can pretty much understand that we just won’t see eye to eye here.  Sure, the United States Government is currently our mutual enemy, but your being the enemy of my enemy does not necessarily make you my friend.  Whoever said that never had to deal with your group in the aftermath.  We could pull forces and work together, but what happens when we win?  What does a win even look like for you?  Who would be your enemy then?  Our philosophies are polar opposites diametrically opposed to each other.  Whereas we feel a brotherhood for all of humankind and other life forms, you guys are more the “every man for himself” types.  If you can get your heads out of your asses and come down to earth and recognize your fellow human beings, accept Jesus, then maybe you can play with us. 

The libertarians are republicans on steroids, whereas the tea party is libertarians on steroids.  I’ve been to the Bundy Ranch.  I get it, you don’t like being told to pay your taxes.  Well hello, right here.  But you’re either going to play fair or you’re not going to play at all.  You too need to grow up.   Now sit back, and listen to papa Gnome.

First off, you guys don’t know Jesus Christ.  You keep yapping that you are “Christians” while holding the position that there should be no socialized medicine, or socialized anything, in this country, but don’t touch your social security.  You know - every man for himself.  There is something that I have been told to tell you.  Okay, you guys ready for this?  I ask you that because what I am about to tell you could make your heads explode.  So you all better sit down.  You ready?  Okay.  Here goes.  Jesus Christ is a socialist.  Not only that, but he is an anarchist as well.  That’s right; he doesn’t believe in “the state”.  And you thought you knew Jesus.

Sorry folks, but it is true; Jesus is a socialist.  If he were the king sitting over you all, rather than a corrupt republicrat like you have now, that is the exact system he would install.  Do you doubt me?  Are you really that deranged?  Do you really need to go back to Sunday school? …Fine

Ya’ll say you love Jesus.  How many of you, however, will ask the question, “what would Jesus do,” before doing most, if not all, things in life?  (That’s supposed to be the difference between me and you.  I don’t claim to be a Christian, so you have to watch out for what I might do next.  Unlike you teabagger, who all claim to be Christians, so we all in America know that every decision you make has your lord in mind so we can all trust you.)  Like, before you join a secular government’s military, do you ask, “what would Jesus do?”  We don’t think so.  If you did, your answer would be to not join.  So, don’t say you are a Christian, who honors Jesus, as you learn how to kill and destroy God’s creations and Jesus’ brothers and sisters.  That makes no sense whatsoever.  So, it is quite obvious that you don’t ask yourself if what you are doing is something that Jesus would do.  Like, what would Jesus buy.

Jesus spoke of how to respect all of God’s creations.  He healed and I don’t recall him ever asking for payment.   Don’t you see?  You’re killing him.   He is suffering because of your attitude.  All you have to do is change your attitude towards all of God’s creations and bang, you’re going to have a different world.  Grow up, please.

I beg you guys to watch these two videos here.  Once you learn, it will be okay.

The Billionaires Tea Party - Documentary

Over here, on the left, is a link to a documentary called The Billionairs Tea Party.  It isn’t your grandma’s tea party.  This shows how the Koch brothers are pretty much one of the largest companies in the country and how they are the 5th and 6th richest people here.  But more importantly it shows how gullable people are.  If you are tea party you really need to listen up and watch this.  And if you are democrats you also need to watch this cause you people are fooled as well.  For O Bomb A is no God. And the democrats will neer lead you to the promissed land. 

740 Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

740 Park Avenue

Above is the video, 740 Park Avenue.  This is where the billionaires of this country live. As you watch this, ask yourself, is this where Jesus would live?  Insight to the tea party and its founders the Koch brothers and how they have you all fooled into being there lap dogs.  Check out who writes the tax laws.


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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.