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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

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Messege To Humanity

To The Truckers/Unions

You guys have no idea how important you will be in this action. I believe that you are mature enough to handle it.  Machiavelli said, in “The Prince”, that as long as you keep the people feed, they wont revolt.  Marie Antoinette could have learned a lesson from that.  Do you see what I am I getting at?  If something were to happen, some natural or manmade disaster, there is only three days food on the shelves in the supermarkets.  What do you think would happen if you guys just stopped working for a week?  Any answers?  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding…we got a winner.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, one week before the general election, we will stage a nationwide week long general strike.  We do this to bring attention to our action and gain allies.  We love our “in the dark” brothers and sisters and do this to direct those to the truth in the hopes that they too can grow up. 

The unions are losing membership.  Today’s numbers fail in comparison to those just decades ago.  This isn't because the owners, the employers, are becoming more human and therefor there is no longer a need for unions, it is because they are becoming more powerful.  In the New World, there would be no need for unions; none.  Unions would cease to exist.  Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., sorry, you’ll be out of a job.  But the Teamsters will love you.  So, as long as you union members, who only want what’s fair, join in with me to bring about this fairer world, than everything will turn out hunky-dory. 

This is a call out to all unions of this country.  All Teamsters members, along with hopefully all independent truckers, will be off their jobs by Thursday, November 3, 2016.  In fact, I might have you go on strike on Sunday just before the election.  But the other unions, you guys can strike on the first.  Just remember that anyone who would follow capitalism is the enemy.  They are to to be ignored or put down. 

Many of the people in the entertainment field are there to satisfy their egos.  Money is a part of that.  Some unions such as the Major League Baseball union or the Screen Actors Guild, fight for minimums well above $75 grand a year, so...  Will Tom Brady come along with this most Christian ideal, or fight for Satan and their “right” to enslave others so they may benefit with great wealth?  Will he not play for the love of the game?  I’m sure he will.  Will Taylor Swift not go on tour if she knows that the most she can make is 75 grand a year?  These people have quite the egos.  I doubt it.  Either way, no one else will be making more than 75 grand a year off your labor, so what would you care?  No longer will we be living to make a living where we make in excess of what we need, but for the betterment of society, satisfaction of ego or to end boredom.  We will create a society in which we can all thrive.

There is a problem, however, with one union in particular; the Fraternal Order of Police, the FOP.  This is one union that I can guarantee 100% will not answer the call to be on the people’s side and strike with them.  It’s not so much the, “who will protect the citizens,” or “we don’t want to be paid more money,” (emergency services will not go on strike) but more like, “we know we’re the enemy you are after and will fight you to the death to keep our corruption covered up.”  For members of this particular union I have another plan for which you can read about in my message to the police.

Thus will begin our week long general strike.  On this day, Tuesday, November 1, 2016, you workers of this great country who have been sleeping through your lives of thriving, will join with those who defected earlier to begin in forming our new nation.  Our numbers will mushroom.  Come the next Tuesday, we take to the polls and write in this New World and myself for president.  We win and we don’t even have to show up for the revolution.  Should that fail, we will resort to plan B and show up in numbers the next day.  But I doubt there will be any need for that.


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