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Messege To Humanity

So You’ve Been Arrested

“A virgins guide for what to expect in jail.”

January 18, 20017: I want to start out by saying that what was originally written below was written a couple of years ago.  It was written for the “white” activist out there who just keeps wasting everyone’s time by not going all the way in their actions.  I had given up on them.  It was really written as a first draft for a Donna, to persuade her to show up to the old plan. Today I went over it a little. It could still use some help.

From December, 2015: Getting arrested sucks.  Don’t worry if you haven’t been arrested though, it’s not that scary at first and gets easier each time.  Ask anyone who has been arrested more then once.  On this page I will explain what any novice prisoner needs to know before entering lockup.  It used to be my biggest fear on earth, but once there I learned it was not all that bad.  It is survivable, especially if you are a freedom fighting earth steward like you are.

Before getting arrested, you will want to make sure your bills are paid and your “stuff” is succored. Each must figure out a way to be able to afford this. One could be sponsored through donation after approval from a Colonel

There are two ways one can get arrested: the easy way or the hard way.  How that goes down is not always up to you though.  Again, we are dealing with police; people who have been brainwashed into enforcing the laws without question as to their constitutionality.  If they are told to write more speeding tickets for whatever they can, they don’t question those orders, even if they have to make them up.  If they did we wouldn’t be having this lecture right now.  Likewise, if they are told to make an arrest, they do it, never questioning weather or not the arrest was legal in the first place.  How they make that arrest could rest on quite a number of factors, most notable of which is with the condition of the officer’s personality and how he approaches the job.

An easy arrest is an easy arrest.  There is no violence involved in the arrest. Handcuffs are placed on textbook like and a nice easy ride is given where you are seat belted in and brought to either the police station or the county jail.  What happens there is what this lesson is about.

A hard arrest, on the other hand, is very scary because large numbers of people have been known to simply “disappear” after an encounter with the city’s finest.  Lots are known to have died at their hands.  Others have been seriously injured, like myself, several times, as a result of a hard arrest.  These all happens with violence.  The state refers to this use of violence as a “use of”, or “show of, force”.  The officer had to use force to “subdue” you, not the officer had to use violence to subdue you.  Get it.  It’s that double speak Wells warned us all about.  Force when they use it, violence when we do.

There is too much presently in the news about police brutality.  It’s not that there is a big increase in it, although I do think that does have something to do with it, it’s just that everyone is starting to carry video recorders on them in one form or another.  People are seeing what we have been telling them for years.   I do not want to get into all of it here. I will state only one thing, that capitalism is the reason each and every one of these tragic deaths or injuries occurred, no other reasons.  You tell me the death made by the police in “the line of duty” and I will tell you how it was related to capitalism killing the unarmed man or woman. So just know that and keep that in mind whenever any of you are getting arrested.

Jail is a pretty shitty place.  Most people who get arrested wont even see the jail, all they will see is either a holding cell or lounge.

I’ve been in many different jails, in many different counties of many different states.  They’re all the same.  It just comes down to when they were built and who is running them.

When you are first brought in, you will be told to sit in chair or bench somewhere near where they will be processing you.  They’ll have you take off your shoes and your belt, if you have one, while you wait.  They take your jewelry and your personal belongings.  Make sure you keep any and all paperwork on you.  They’ll let you keep that.  Just stick them in your pocket. 

This is where you are about to be processed in.  At this point I want you all to give thought of what it is to do that job.  I know none of you would do that job because after asking yourselves WWJD, you got the answer that it was not that.  But I want you to think of this job for the moment.  Think what it is to do it.  It may appear to be glamorous, but is it really?  Further examination will show you that it is nothing more then glorified factory work. 

For these men and women who work there, first realize, you are going to get to go home, they cannot.  You will be out of there within a relatively short amount of time, but they have to go back, day after day, week after week, month after…you get the picture. They are there for around 2000 hours of their year.  After a few year they will have more time in there than any of the prisoners that went through it or was sentenced to a year in it.

They all have their own jobs like on a factory floor.  First you go to finger printing where the officer there has been there, maybe 7 or 8 hours already, just taking the prints of all that come in.  That’s it, that’s his job, that’s all he does while he’s there.  Maybe they switch these guys up if they’re smart, I wouldn’t know.  In any case, that has got to be boring, except if you are lucky enough to have duty when they bring in one of your idols.  The officer might now you from your reputation and want to ask you questions. Just remember to say to him, “I apologize. I have the right to remain silent, I would like to exorcise that right.” This isn’t a time to be talking to fans.

You got another officer that is in charge of your holding cells or lounge areas; another officer who moves the prisoners around (that’s got to be the scariest job of the gig). You go to delousing and there is the guy, or gal, there that goes to work every day just to spray down naked people.  Next, the wardrobe, where the guy there just takes in your street cloths, to the next guy that issues your jail garb.  So the job pretty much sucks.  It’s an easy job, until there is a riot, but for the most part, it sucks.

So now you will get processed in.  They will take your fingerprints, maybe a retinal scan, your mugshot of course.  They’ll ask you a bunch of questions, but how cooperative you want to be with them will determine how your stay with them is.  You can either speak to them, or make them do their job.  (Video of first arrest here.)  After that they will either sit you in a lounge while you await medical services, take you to medical right from there, or stick you in a holding cell until you can see medical.  They are not allowed to admit you if you are in need of medical attention.  Once you have met with them, it’s to the bail window next.  Not all county jails are like that.  You’re pretty much done after medical.  There is a phone either in the lounge or in the cell, along with bail bondsmen’s’ numbers posted next to them.  Don’t call any of those.  Plus, be aware, these phones are price gouging and are very expensive.  So try to stay off the phone if at all possible.  Some of the larger cities have some kind of bail poster kiosk thingie where you talk to them about bail and lairs…I mean lawyers.  Some will charge you to take a free public attorney that they are required by law to provide you with.  Err?  After you been through all that, if you have not made arraignments for bail, next is being placed into general population.

If you know you are being “bailed” out within the next few hours or days even, and tell the officers in the jail, they will hold off placing you in the general population.  It’s a lot easier and much faster if you don’t go to general before you bail out.  The difference is hours long and you may not have a bed.  We, unfortunately, will not be paying any ransom, bail, and will sit in jail until they throw us out.  So get used to it, that’s where you’re going.  Some may spend three days in an over crowed holding cell with 50 other guys and never see the inside of the jail.  The holding cell is not the jail.  It’s in the jail, but it’s not the jail.  In any case, you are finished and go to the holding cell or the lounge to wait to be either bailed out or transferred to general.

Now you go from being processed into the system to being processed into the jail.  You and the other inmates who it is determined will be staying with them for a while are gathered.  You are brought to a room, made to trade your cloths for the jail suit, given a delousing shower, a mattress, pillow and blanket and brought to your new home for the while. 

I’m not going to lie to you, the food sucks.  In the holding cells and lounges, if you are there during feeding time, they will give you a bag lunch, no matter which meal it is, with two pieces of bread over either a slice of cheese or a slice or bologna, a small apple, an animal cracker and a half pint of milk. Some jail may bring you a tray from mess hall and some, in police stations, may go across the street to the local fast food joint and get you a happy meal. Total calories, maybe 300 or 400 if you are lucky.  You get that no matter who you are or how large you may be.  So keep that in mind.  Hell, it could be a good way for you big boys out there to lose a little, no? 

The jails are all the same in so much as the rules and the treatment.  One may bring you to a particular pod and place you in a particular jail cell and maybe a particular bunk, whereas others my throw you into a pod of inmates and tell you to fend for yourself.  It’s usually one or the other with the bigger counties.  Some cities, like Atlanta, have city jails for city “infractions”.  City, county, it’s all the same shit man, you dig?  And when it comes to the architecture they are all different.  The acoustics in most of those places are not too great either.  All in all, it’s a pretty shitty place, devoid of fresh air, good food and sunlight.  There is a store though.  At least you’ve got your ding-dongs to look forward to each week.

Before I get into the jail commissary, known as book, I want to tell you of some of the scams portrayed by some of the cities and counties of this great nation.  One such place is Orange County, Florida.  I spent two trips to this jail, never made it inside, but I was in the holding area twice.  On my first trip there I noticed when they gave me back my things there was money missing, five bucks.  It wasn’t stolen nor lost, the jail just took it and kept it, saying that it was a fee for using the jail.  What the hell are they talking about, a jail administrative fee?  So anyone getting arrested in Orange County Florida, if you guys want to get together and expose that scam, I say go for it. The next time I went to jail, I knew the arrest was coming before the day even started, so I made sure not to have any money on me.  Sarasota County Florida is very similar.  They will even take like a dollar fifty out of your cash, either for each meal or each day for the meals, not sure which.  If there is no money on your “books” then they will tally up the “debt” and as soon as someone puts money on them, deduct that amount from your account before you even see it.  And if no money shows up, they tally what you “owe” and take it out of your cash the next time they drag you in.  What the fuck is going on?  You’re innocent and too poor to pay the $1000 bail, but they will keep the $87 you had on you at the time of arrest and keep that money just for showing up and take more money the longer you stay.   I already looked into it with Orange County Florida and found a manual where they have the procedure for arresting someone in Orange County.  It’s disgusting.  It’s all a scam, where the name of the game is to arrest everyone and let the judges sort them out.  Getting a conviction is not what is important.  What is important is just getting everyone in the $y$tem so that a dossier can be made on each.

Before getting arrested you might want to call the jail and ask them what their rules are on bringing in money or paying for any “services”.  Make your own decision on what you would do.  If there are any charges, like in the two counties mentioned above, and you would like to challenge that theft, click here.

Okay, now you are in jail.  Depending on the construction material used in building the jail, it will have different degrees of loudness.  You might want to take in some earplugs with you and a sleeping mask for when lights are on and you want to sleep.  The only reason they would not let you take them in with you would be because they are real tyrants.  I don’t see many of you having any problems.  They may take all your things when you book in, but they will give them back when you leave.  You could also get some of your items back while there after you have filled out a request for them.  Just do it.  And if you are smokers get used to not smoking, just about all the county jails are nonsmoking jails. 

If you take medication you may want to consider this; the jails don’t care what the instructions on the bottle say. They have pill call(s) and you take what you must then.  No, one pill every two, or three or four hours.  You take them either at morning or evening pill calls.  If you’re lucky, they may have an afternoon call as well.  So if you have a prescription that says “take when needed”, I’d say jail is not for you.  I ran into a real problem with that at a jail I was spending a year at.  They will drive you crazy telling you to wait till pill call with each request for your meds.  And those that have a prescription for pot, forget that as well.  Those who go to jail for the pot cause will have to make sure they are fine with being in jail for up to three or four weeks without any.  I know how tough that could be.  So to those soldiers, you guys rock!

Whoever the turnkeys are, it makes no difference on your treatment inside.  They’re all, for the most part, unempathetic to your cause or condition.  There are some good ones though.  But don’t expect much from those who work there.  You’d be lucky to see them every two hours.  I got a buddy I haven’t spoken to in a while who was a sergeant at the Nassau County Jail in New York. He really was a nice guy, their are those there that have reputations that most inmates would have their backs no matter what. He too was messing with my Dead family at work, while the rest of us were just trying to enjoy the scene. He told me that one night or weekend of some tour, the Deadheads pissed him off, so he spent the entire weekend making sure not two prisoners were celled together. And there were over 80 of them brought in. He thought it to be funny. But today he knows what is coming and I have asked him to pass the information on to his fellow C.O. brothers and sisters.

Some jails are run by the Sheriff of that county and are staffed with deputies.  Sarasota County makes all new deputies serve two years in the jail before they are allowed to ride in a car and do real police work, but I think they do it just for the conditioning.  Some might be run by the state, but the state really just staffs the prisons and not the jails.  Some are now privately owned jails and prisons from what I hear.  They are run “for profit” with deals saying that the “government” will keep it full at 85%.  What a racket; what a joke.  This is allowed only due to capitalism and the being able to bribe governmental officials into allowing it.  Corporations such as CCA or The Geo Group, are getting pretty good deals to set up business for the sole purpose of making a “profit” off of peoples sufferings.  Now I have never been in any lock-up, whatsoever, that was run by one of these private corporations, but others have.  You can read and hear their stories here.

Now, we play jail.  It’s not that bad.  They let you in a common room where you can watch television, play games or educate your fellow inmates on why you are there.  That always works out great for me.  Every person that has followed this advice, including myself, have been treated like royalty in the joint.  When I told my cellmates about how I locked Fredrick J. Stemp, Jr’s, fingers in my window, I was the man.  Everyone was interested in learning what I was doing there. 

What you have heard of the rapes in jail are mostly just scare tactics.  That doesn’t go on, especially in holding, or in a general holding pod, or to a hero, which you will be looked upon as.  It does not happen unless you want it to happen.  Dig? So leave that fear at home before the arrest.  There are egos and fights do break out in there, but again, as a hero and an instructor to the incarcerated, you should be able to avoid all that.  As a child, I was picked on due to my small size, but in jail, I stand 10 foot tall to the others and that is a pretty good feeling.  Others, like Rick Simpson, solder for the Compound, or Tim Osmar, OWS solder, can tell you the same.  Tim, a homeless man at the time, spent his Christmas and NYE in jail, where he read a lot and caught up on his sleeping.

Now, one other thing any Pod, or holding cell you might be kept in before your any conviction, will all have are prisoners of similar classification held them; i.e. violent with violent, traffic with traffic, etc..  At least, that is what they are supposed to do.  In one of my arrest’s in Kentucky, they were trying to get me to leave the jail, but I wouldn’t sign what they wanted me to  One night they placed a convicted felon, convicted of a violent crime, in the cell with me and the other non convicted prisoners.  This is highly illegal.  They only did this to intimidate me, and I will have to confess I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the night or if they offered him some time off his sentence for taking care of me.  It didn’t work.  But generally, if you are there for a nonviolent crime, the others there with you will be nonviolent as well.  At least their crimes will be. You never know how they are going to classify any charge.

One positive aspect of the whole jail thing is that they are responsible for your physical and mental health.  So if you have something wrong with you that you wanted a doctor to see but couldn’t afford, now’s your chance.

The things to remember about jails are, they’re loud, bright with artificial light, stale, coffee not real, meals suck and leave you hungry, incoming mail (other than from your lawyer) have to be on a postcard, or will be opened and inspected, phone calls are over $4 per minute and are all being recorded, and above all, NEVER TRUST ANYONE unless they are a member of our community in there with you and even then keep your talk as private as possible..

So, there you have it in a nutshell; how to play jail.  As soon as I gain a crew to travel with me and help spread the word, we will produce a series of instructional videos for each of these subjects.  These videos will either have links or be placed her in this site. 

There is another game you can play with them right off the bat.  This is Hebeas Corpus.  Those entering the jails can bring with them a Petition For Writ Of Hebeas Corpus and get the ball rolling right from the start.  Make sure you are mature enough to handle this.  This is very confusing, but the instructions will be placed here, for all to view as soon as I can find them…it’s been 20 years, so…

A Hebeas Corpus is what one uses when they are unlawfully detained.  No matter what statutory law they have you locked up for, it is statutory and can be fought.  Hebeas Corpus, literally translated from its Latin means, “Bring us the body”.  Should a Writ Of Hebeas Corpus be granted, the jailer has to bring the prisoner, you, in front of the Judge issuing the writ and explain to them why he has you locked up.  I have done these in the past, two with the Unnabubbas, one for myself and one for Rick Simpson who, along with myself, was released by the jail rather than be brought up to the judge for an explanation.  This was something I learned through David Dodge, after we filed for Writ of Hebeas Corpus when the Carmel County New York Sheriff was holding Ken Dill.  That went all the way up to the state Supreme Court.  Have fun with it.


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