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Messege To Humanity

To The People of Color

First, I want to apologize.  The “white” man has really pushed the envelope with this one.  Calling you all colored, us white (I’m white), when you know as well as I do that black is not a color, but the absence of color.  Whereas white is every color of the rainbow all blended into one.  Black is not included in the making of the white because black is not a color, so to call black people, people of color, is a misnomer created to cause hate within the races.  The white people should be called colored.  Sorry that they insist that everyone call you colored, rather then black, but you know how it is; white good, black bad.  Heaven is white.  Hell is the dark side…just look at Vader.  Purity is white.  I find that quite conspiratorial.

There is not doubt that is how black got to be a color and the black man got to be “perceived” as scary, inferior and someone to be avoided.  I don’t know why it is that they did this.  Could be paybacks for ancient history, could be just a delusion of grandeur.  Could be anything.  But don’t worry, I am one white boy who understands just how Whittie is trying to keep us all down. 

When I was younger and traveling around this nation, I had long hair and a beard.  I lived in a 1972 VW Microbus that we lovingly referred to as the Hotel Farfegnugen.  It was painted here and there and had about 30 Grateful Dead bumper stickers all over the exterior.  I used to get pulled over on average of once a week.  It got so bad that I started carrying a micro-cassette recorder with me whenever I drove.  This was the early nineties.  No one had ever done this to a police officer when pulled over.  The first thing I did after being told to provide my “papers,” was to pull up the tape recorder and say, “yes sir, officer, and can you tell me why you pulled me over?”  I call this playing Heads and Feds.  The shock on their faces.  And I would get let go.  You all have been pulled over for DWB, well, I used to get pulled over for DWH, Driving While Hippafied.  I say “used to” because I have the luxury that you do not of changing my appearance to blend in with the stiffs.  We hippies are viewed by the jerks in blue as people of color and we know it.  We know what it means to drive in this country with those racist police on the hunt.

Of my top three all time heroes in this world, alive or dead, Dr. Martian Luther King, Jr., has always been on it.  (Top three being and in no particular order, Martian Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ and Eliot Ness...I know, government employee.)  Even with the infidelity he is still on the list.  Now I know that the bad someone has done in their life negates any good, but I look at this as a “he did bad” to his wife and family and that is their business.  At least he never lied under oath about it and it never could have had compromised his work for the greater good.  At least I hope not.  Shit, if J. Edger ever found out about it he would have extorted from King, but would King do anything to cover it up, or would he just say, “I’m busted” and tell his family?  Not really sure how we all found out about that.  I stopped by the King Memorial while in D.C. one day.  I never felt proud for any man, but I did for him at this memorial.  I took pictures of just about every quote etched in stone. (I didn’t take shots of the quotes where he mentions God.  I know it’s aliens, so...) 

I remember once working a day labor job cleaning out a Kaolin kiln somewhere in Georgia back in the early to mid 1990’s. I was bopping around to tunes in my head, when I was asked questions by the others in the kiln.  I was the only white boy and they thought this to be just novel.  They wanted to know what a longhaired white boy was doing working in the middle of Georgia, cleaning out a Kaolin kiln.  As we got to talking I told them how I totally understood DWB.   They scoffed.  I also sort of compared myself to the good doctor and how I have been working on bringing about a revolution in this country to reign in the police and bring peace and justice to the system.  They laughed at that, said, “no way.”  They just thought I was some tree hugging white boy that didn’t know shit about Jack.  But they had no idea that I had written two books, including the Justification for the Fourth American Revolution.  Good kids.  I just kept singing tunes in my head and bopping while I cleaned.

I had the above encounter around that time I finished writing my second book, “Justification For the Fourth American Revolution.”  I was living in Atlanta, working on the book.  I live on a 2 1/2 acre lot, the old Patterson Lumber Yard, we all called The Compound, after the Branch Dividen thing went down in Texas.  Our land had barbed wire fencing, CCTV monatoring, a large wearhouse, and somewhere around 16 dogs, most of them Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or German Shepherds.  Today there is a nightclub in Atlanta with the same name.  Obviously the owner had visited our compound during the nineties.  It was quite popular and held many concerts.  Blink 182 even played there after we had moved the International Artist’s Guild, a now defunct 501c3, which I was the first vice president of, a few blocks away to Memorial Drive   We were located in downtown Atlanta, district two, the old fourth ward.  This was King’s neighborhood.  Many of our neighbors knew King or had marched with him and they loved us.  We were a mile or two from the King Center or Turner Field, which was built for the 1996 Olympics.  You could walk out of our driveway off Highland Avenue on to the sidewalk, turn right, walk about a mile and be right at the entrance to the Olympic Village where the bomb went off.  Not 15 minutes after that bomb went off, helicopters were flying over the compound with searchlights.  See, we were considered the Atlanta Militia and first suspect in the bombing.  Two of our housemates were there when it happened and ran all the way home.  The authorities very soon gave up on us as was evident.  But we were a political action group called Action Unlimited.  We were paper terrorists before there was such a term.  Someone could get arrested, call us in the middle of the night and we would be at their arraignment in the morning with a ton of paper work.  We even ran our roommate for city council in ‘96.   However, the seat was for district two, the down town district where leaders such as Maynard Jackson, Ambassador Andrew Young and our current mayor at the time, Bill Campbell, who was asked to head the HUD administration but turned down the job, held that council seat before they became the mayors of Atlanta and whatever else they became later in life.  Of course, Campbell went on to become a prisoner for being corrupt.  When he  became mayor he appointed a petite white girl, Debi Starnes, who was a yesman, to fill his council seat.  She never ran.  But she ran against our housemate.  It was she and the mayor, though, who rigged the voting, or more specifically, who was running in the race, and she won for the first time.  We knew it was Campbell.  They put a third person on the ballet, a black man who’s name came before our housemate’s.  Our candidate was a quarter black, a quarter white, a quarter Native American and a quarter Chinese.  He was the man.  The district was mostly downtown office buildings and black residents which only numbered around 4000 voters.  Starnes, ends up with around 2000 votes while us and the mystery candidate split the other 2000 votes pretty much evenly.  We tried, but we could never find him.  He was a ghost.  Today that housemate is a member of the bar n Georgia.  I’ll have to contact him.  But could you imagine if we won and got on the city council?  Unfortunately, this evil scourge that was portrayed on us by Campbell and Starnes stopped us in our tracks and allowed for their corruptness to flourish.  How history might have went.

Your 400-year history in this country and how you all got here is one that saddens me deeply.  I have often cried over your current and past sufferings.  But here is the way I look at it.  Both the Africans and the Native Americans were used, abused, and discarded.  If you black people whose ancestors were brought here as slaves think you have it bad, take a look at the Native Americans.  They are getting killed by police at higher numbers then your demographic.  (I say demographic and not race because we are all the same “human” race and that is what I used to put on my job applications.)  Have you ever been to a reservation?  I have.  I was invited to the Hopi reservation, landlocked deep inside the Navaho Nation, to be among the first non-First Nation (white man, although there was at least one black man among us) people to witness the annual Sun Dance back in 1997. I was one of about 39 who accepted.  That was quite an honor.  Those people live without running water, or electricity, or even phones.  They have been totally forgotten about.  At least you were never forgotten.  It is not like you were gathered and put on ships back to Africa after slavery ended.  Could you imagine the culture shock?  It’s not like they gathered you all up and marched you out to the desert and told you that you can live there and only there.  Remember, this country officially stopped importing slaves in 1807, so just about all of the slaves at the time of Emancipation were born and raised in this country. You guys were Americans.  Born and bread right here.  Still are.  At least the government recognized some of your rights right away, giving the black man the right to vote long before the white woman won that right from those same tyrants who enslave them.  The First Nations people didn’t get that offer.  They said, “fuck you” to the new government and paid the price.  I don’t think they gave you a choice  So, let’s try to keep the past in the past.  Let’s look at it like “the ends justify the means”, even though I am no believer in that phrase and neither should anyone else be.  Let’s just all agree that we got a pretty cool country, but those who ran and still run this country all did wrong to bring it about.  It is now judgment time for the capitalists.

If anyone in this country has the right to overthrow it, that would be the people of color.  You guys are getting killed at a rate so fast I cannot keep up with all the names.  I’m getting sick and tired of it.  I must say, you have quite the discipline, though.  I am very grateful that you have not revolted yet and I’ll tell you why.  It is because this country is so brainwashed by the government that they will believe anything they are told.  All the government people would do is call you an unruly mob, maybe terrorists, and forget it, the race war is on.  So thank you very much for your discipline.  However, now the time has come.  It will not, however, be started by “uppity niggers” (sorry about the language, but that is how the southerners will look at this), but by myself and a delegate chosen by you (not that racist, Al Sharpton).  And I mean a real black man or woman, not like the half bread in the White House that was raised by the white side of his family and got to go to Harvard.  In 2008, I thought I was voting for the black man who would change the country, but all I got was the white man that still just wants to keep us all down.  I caught on to his game within two years, then wrote to him and told him where to go.

I had a couple of black men in mind for that position mentioned above.  Long ago it was ShamarThomas, but he got that gig on Survivor and got this real nice, bad ass, car with an ego to match.  I really haven’t communicated with him since a few months after he got booted off the island.  He started getting scared of me and this plan, I think.  That’s kind of what he told me after we were to meet up at the third #S17, in 2014, but he never showed up for that meeting.  Recently, I thought I might be able to work with this other brother, but he turned out to be a real jerk.  A capitalistic Uncle Tom, on the edge of sleep and consciousness.  He knows you’re getting fucked, he just doesn’t understand why and that he too is being fucked over by the same capitalistic $y$tem.  I was going to tell you all about him, but he really is nobody special and thus we need not worry about him.  I hope he reads this web site.  I hope he wakes up.  I hope both those brothers do.

If you have been paying attention to what you have been reading here at this web site then you should have noticed that I’m pretty much color blind when it comes to treating everyone the same.  Problem is, the rest of America is not.  I’m not sure if you noticed how many of the republican held states have been working like crazy towards voter suppression.  We all know what that is for.  Those people do not follow the golden rule; those people are not Christian.  In our New Word, the “golden rule” will be the number one rule of our governing body and will always be posted.

I believe the fact that I am a white boy and not a person of color, will make this revolution have more weight rather than, “the black people have taken over the United States for 400-years of oppression.”  That is what the white people of this country fear the most.  That is why most of them have been arming themselves.  Well, the non-Christians are arming themselves; the Christians would have no need to arm themselves, you’d think.  That’s what scares most of them.  Even most of the white people whose families didn’t come to this country until after we ended all that slavery bullshit., because that’s when the population really took off.  Those white people know that if anyone in this country has a right to revolt and take over the government, it’s you.  In fact, they see it as a given and are just waiting for that day.  To them, it’s a given that you will seek redemption for slavery in a violent revolt of the government.  They forget the congress is full of Uncle Toms.  That’s why all the so-called Christians in the south have three guns each.  No, really, I don’t know how many each has, but it is a lot.  The southerners (and teabaggers)  know that if the blacks of this country were to mass on D.C. and take over in a armed action or even in a USA Takeover fashion, their Jesus wouldn’t allow that and  would command them to take up arms and march on you and start the race war for all the good Christians out there.  They would do this because they are too ignorant to understand just what is going on.   So, a white boy leading this liberation will be able to quell the calls of a race war, while teaching the white folks where they are wrong.  

As far as the Black Lives Matter movement, you guys are great, but you don’t go far enough.  As a hippie I understand what DWB is and what comes out of it.  Many of my brothers and sisters are houseless and homeless (before they’re black to me) and what the police do to those of non-color, would have you understanding how we understand what it is that you go through with these same terrorists.  I would love to join the movement, but you stop at just black lives matter when the others are just as equally terrorized by the police.  Because that is what this is all about, the way the police terrorize us and the way we feel terrorized by the police.  And the police are just the arm of the government; the enforcers telling them what to do.  They prove that by the way they don’t indite for police brutality.  They are not racist police…well, they are that, but more than that, they are terrorist police.  They enforce the terrorism of our tyrannical government.  They are terrorists and they need to be put down.  Like in ended.

If the BLM movement can figure out a way to include all the above in their message, then I feel that many of the poor white people and hippies, First Nationers, Mexicans, etc., who go through the same treatment, not as often or as harshly as you but still go through it, would love to join up.  I know I would join.  They really are your allies, take advantage of it.  Don’t exclude us.  Problem is, at the first Democratic debate, the question was asked, “do black lives matter or do all lives matter?”  It was obvious that the answer was to be Black Lives and not All Lives.  So, come down off that soapbox, the problem is really much larger than just the black lives mattering.  Your executioners are terrorists who need to be exposed and put down by their victims...and we’re all victims here.

I noticed where the BLM movement has an action planed for “Black” Friday, 2015.  This is a plan to boycott the stores.  Are they for real?  They have to be kidding.  First off, there will be many, many people of color who will not take the day off for this event unless they have grande you know whats.  That’s like a casino dealer calling in sick for New Years Eve.  I mean, this boycott shouldn’t just entail a groups boycott of the stores, it should also entail those in the group going on strike for that day.  And look at the day they want to boycott, Black Friday, they only day during the year when they can afford to buy that PS3.  Hell, I used to do my personal shopping on that day.  It’s a good day to find deals.  I really doubt you are going to get people of color to boycott this day completely.  You guys have been saying for over a year that if you don’t get justice you’ll “shut it down”.  Well, what are you waiting for?  You’re not getting that justice and you never will.  So what are you going to shut down?  Justice or else?  Or else what?  Well, at least you know you don’t have a plan for afterwards.  Perhaps you can use mine.  Just follow along and we will shut it down together.

Now I wrote a lot of things on the other sub-pages under The Plan.  One thing I didn’t do on this page, however, was sub-categorize the “people of color”.  But here I will, in a way.  There is one thing you have to realize and that is with your culterization from Africa into the “white mans” world of America.  Talk about movin’ on up.  Look at you now.  Mayors of major cities, but with only three governors since reconstruction, one who looked very “white”, another, disgraced in office for buying sex after locking up people for doing the very same thing.  Even the current president, although only half black, is still considered “black” by most of America.  But there are also judges, and D.A.s and police and police chiefs.  Take a good look at those people.  Are they doing as the job description reads, or are they just playing the “white mans” game?  You know that game.  The Native Americans saw that right away and wanted nothing to do with it.  But they changed the rules in 1865.   Now they let you play after centuries of trying not to.  And those that play their game realize that they got a good thing going and not to blow it.  They hide the secret of their “success”.

I was serious about what I said to all those groups about being a Christian and giving allegiance to a nation state as well as to capitalism (more here), when Christian capitalist are the reasons you’re in America in the first place.  Look at the treatment you get from the black people in those offices and positions of power and public trust.  The U.S. congress is full of them.  Is it not the same treatment that you’ve been getting from “Whittie” all the decades [centuries]?  These people are nothing more than, and please excuse the expression, but they are nothing more then Uncle Toms, only with money and freedom of movement.

This has been my observation as a cultural anthropologist observing people for half a century.  Plus it is obvious.  One exception though, Marilyn Mosby.  I love her.  All the others want to play the game of “keep moving, nothing to see here folks”.  Black mayors dropping bombs on black neighborhoods.  No white mayor would have done that.  I’ve been to that neighborhood since they burned it down; nice neighborhood.  But the game keeps getting played.

Those black mayors, judges, cops, lawyers, and capitalists, view themselves as “white people”.  To them, they have the secret of the white man and they are not going to tell you what it is, least they lose it all.  And those people play the game just like they are white people.  Half of the cops involved in Freddie Gray’s death were black.  It doesn’t matter.  Those cops don’t see themselves as black, but their white governors do.  And no cop is a Christian.  To them, they are white and you are niggers (sorry about the language).  They got a job, now you get one or “I will put you in jail.”  These folks make a lot of money and get a lot of benefits.  When I was in New York, at Occupy Wall Street, where I met and became friends with Sergeant Shamar Thomas, I was yelling at the cops (in a Shamar fashion) that surround the park, when one responds, and I think she was black, not sure though, “I got a job.”  I wasn’t even talking about a job.  Like that was to mean she was better than I was because she had a job and I was protesting capitalism.  It didn’t matter that she had to sell her soul for that job.  She knows that if she gets caught terrorizing the people, she too will have her back covered by the white establishment just like the white officers do. So they got it made. They won’t rock the boat.

I heard Amy Goodman say the other day that blacks, although she said African Americans, now makes up something around 40 percent of the prison population.  We know that the United States is the most incarcerated country on the planet with 716 per 100,000 people locked-up.  There are over 2.2 million people behind bars.  Of that, 40%, or 880,000 of them, black.  Wanna read something even more scary?  Too bad.  The U.S. incarceration rate of 716 for every 100,000 of it’s citizens, is the highest in the world.  But let’s break that down.  If 40 percent of those 716 are black and 60 percent are not, then that would really make the incarceration rate for blacks at 286 for every 100,000 American citizens, while non African American would stand at 430 per 100,000.  But there is a bigger problem with those numbers as well.  If 12.6 percent of the American population is African American, which it is, then that would mean that of those 100,000 people, only 12,600 would be black.  So the real numbers for the black population would not look like 286 per 100,000 Americans, but like this:

      100,000/12,600 = 7.9465  Since it takes almost 8 times the black population to make 100,000, we multiply 286 by 7.9465 and we get 2,269.8.  So reality is, the black population of the United States is locked up at a rate of 2,270 for every 100,000 black people here. 

 If you are not black, your incarnation rate would really look like  this:

      100,000/87,400 = 1.144.  Since it takes 1.144 time the amount to get to 100,000, we multiply 430 by 1.114 and get the true number for non-blacks of  492, not 716, per 100,000 of our citizens.

The rate of a non-black prisoners locked-up in the United States is still pretty high, but nowhere near what black people are incarcerated at, which is 21 times, or 461% the rate of non-blacks.  And that is what it really looks the numbers.  Why is #BLM not discussing that?

Before I leave you, I would like to interject my thoughts on what I believe to be the major contributor to the ramped racism felt in this country; the minor one being Fox News.  I’m going to tell you, as a white boy, what it was that made me, in the early seventies, feel that I have white privilege over the black man.  It was when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, after learning about Greek Mythology and that white filled world, that I found out that up unto about 100 years ago, the black man was an unrefined, uneducated, jungle dweller, that were our slaves having to do whatever we say for almost 250 years.  To a nine or ten year old child, who hadn’t been taught morality or the truth of our founding fathers by this time, this seemed normal.  Made me feel better. I wonder if any of the other children felt the same way I did after learning this.  So, I am quite sure that as long as we omit the teachings of slavery in this country to our children until they hit adulthood, once they have gotten a good moral grip on life, then I believe that that would quell the white superiority complex taught to us at a young age.  Maybe this could be taught in the senior year of high school or in college.  But I think it is something we should keep hidden from the children until they reach maturity.  Like the existence of Santa Clause.   I can tell you one thing, I never felt guilty for slavery.  Today while watching a live stream from Minnesota, for #Justice4Jamar,  (view here) I heard someone say that if he were white he would feel guilty for the history.  Well I’m white and I don’t feel guilty for the ancient history since my family didn’t come to this country till after slavery ended, just the present history.   That disgusts me.  Slavery has ended, but the mentality has not.

All I ask from my brothers and sisters of color is that you join the New World by signing the defection form, which will be produced as soon as I can get it done.  If you fall under one of the other groups written in any of the sub pages of The Plan, then go there first and read that.  You really are those things first before you are a black person to me.  Get it?  If you are a cop, or a lawyer, or teabagger, or a baby boomer, or millennial, or in the military, if you support Sanders or Clinton, go to those pages first.  The rest of you will sign the same database and write me in for president come November 8, 2016.  Your instructions are still the same.  In the words of Prince, “…life is just a game, we’re all just the same…” Our government should reflect that.

Update: July 14, 2016

The solution for the Police v. People of Color...and the rest of us.

Everyone is talking about “healing” and whether or not Hillary can bring the Democratic Party together and if Trump can do the same with the republicans.  Unification they call it.  Will the candidate bring their party together, then unify with the other side?  That is the name of the game.  But as the question implies, there are great divisions within the ranks of both factions of the republicrat party.  Each has to “heal” its own party first before they can even begin to heal the country.  And the country is too polarized to listen to the other side.  But the two candidates that they have you fooled into believing are your only choices have enough problems trying to convince their own followers that what they do is right and the other guy is wrong.  And we are supposed to believe that either of these two can even do that within their own ranks? 

The healing of this country is beginning to take place.  It is unfortunate that it took the events in Dallas to really get “the talk” going.  What I hear from the two candidates though, do not really take on the situation and deal with it in an honest way.  Donald Trump has resorted to the Richard Nixon method of running a campaign and managing the people as “criminals with a problem”.  And Donald can’t figure out why they have a problem, especially in such a great country with great opportunities.  Hillary has no solution other then getting everyone to just get along.  Something Rodney King asked for over 20 years ago to no avail.  I, on the other hand, have a solution to the black/white police thing.

The first thing we all have to understand, and by understand I mean learn, then accept, is the truth. The local police was an idea started in London.  It was a patrol of men who would walk around, listen for screams and respond to the calls.  In this country the police came about as a job to retrieve runaway slaves in the north and return them to the south.  Don’t ever imagine that the north is friendlier to the blacks then the south is.  After slavery ended, the Ku Klux Klan occupied most police forces.  The object went from retrieving runaways, to keeping the blacks in line and following the white man.   No one can deny that the police were not suspects of many of the civil rights activists disappearing.  So this systemic cruelty towards people of color was set up and continued throughout history by very bad men.  These officers were poor, uneducated, men, yet they figured out how to get a bigger slice of the American pie.  In the 60’s and 70’s you had Nixon and his “law and order” presidency.  Not only did he go after the scary black people who were rioting, but the scary hippies and members of the counter couture as well.  The whites, who were still in the majority, wanted this.  That was continued in the 80’s with the Ray-guns’ war on drugs (pot mostly) and their “just say no” policy.  During Ray-gun’s presidency, the incarceration rate went up 166%.  In the 90`s, however, things changed.  Clinton was the new law and order president.  He passed a 35 billion dollar crime bill which put 100,000 new, uneducated, officers on the streets.  With his three strikes law and classifying crack cocaine differently from regular powder cocaine, he was able to double the amount of American citizens locked up in jails or prisons within years of his leaving the office.  At the time there were more kids in law school then there were lawyers in this country, so this was a windfall for them. 

Twenty years ago I wrote my second book, Justification for the Fourth American Revolution.  On page 11, I wrote the following:

    According to the 1992 Source Book, in 1991 America had over 1.2 million of the adult population incarcerated. Over 10.5 million of the over 14 million people who were arrested, passed through some form of lock-up. The state prisons had 711,6433 people locked-up in 1991. According to the people who did the survey, 7,462 of them were being held for no reason they could determine. And of the 79,485 people being incarcerated in the Federal pen system, 47,316, or 55% of them, were being held for violating some drug prohibition law.

    Combined State and Federal prison populations have increased 400% between the years of 1970 and 1990.  In 1970 there were 200,000 prisoners. The population increased 50% in 1980 to roughly 300,000 prisoners. However, by 1990 there were around 800,000 people being held behind the bars of these two institutions. This is a 166% increase in the prison population since Ray-gun and Bush took office; over 1/2 million new people being stripped of their personal liberty.

Since this was written, more statistics have come out.  By the time Billy Boy left office, the prison population had reached nearly 2 million people and that has only increased 10% since.  Thanks to Tricky Dick, Ronnie Ray-gun, and Slick Willie, they brought the United States to the most incarcerated country on the planet.  We also have the most lairs…I mean lawyers on the planet as well, containing 80% of the world’s lawyers.  We have to ask ourselves, “why do we have the highest incarceration rate on the planet?”  The chapter ended with this:

    So what is really going on? Is America becoming more violent? Maybe. For violence is something "marked by unjust exercise of force; harsh; severe; to take violent measures."  But where there is no victim, there is no crime. And most of the 10 1/2 million people who enter jails every year are arrested not because they did damage to some other's life, liberty, or personal happiness, but because they did or had something some others said they could not do or have.  Thus, an "unjust exercise of force" was thrust upon them by "agents of the state".

To understand what those three paragraphs were in reference to you would have to go check out the book and read it all.  However, these statistics are real.  We have to accept the fact that they are real.  We have to accept the fact that our country locks up more of its citizens, per capita, then any other country on the planet.  Most of all, we have to understand why this phenomenon is happening.  But this is about the healing.

One hundred years ago, the police forces hired poor, uneducated, commoners who worked long hours for little pay.   They were forced to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; leap years excluded.  They began to unionize and the Fraternal Order of Police, the F.O.P., was born.  My saying is, “the F.O.P. is the En No Me”.   The police officers around this country then started getting treated better for the job they were asked to do, which was to keep the people of color and poor whites terrorized.  For almost one hundred years they got away with it, then, the Internet.

Everyone has to believe these truths.  Even if you are a cop, you have to come to the epiphany that what you just read is true.  I know a lot of people become police officers to help people, but it is like a lot of cops will tell you, once you do the job, you realize it’s not what you expected.  They probably say that because they know what is expected of the job  is much like an extortion racket.  If they stay, they sellout.  If they leave, they are viewed as losers; a catch 22.  But a lot of these people grew up watching cop shows that glorified cops and the work they do.  This was a lie, a deception perpetrated by Satan (those in the tyrannical government) for the purpose of suffering.

Today’s police forces are large in number.  There are many types of police forces.  I don’t know why exactly they do this, probably to save money.  For instance, you have San Francisco police officers, but you also have B.A.R.T. officers. What is the difference?  Patrol area and probably salary as well.  There are campus cops on many universities throughout the country and some counties have their own police forces separate from the county sheriff or city cops.  We understand, we live under a police state.

These different police forces pay different salaries depending on where you live.  Richard Jewell, Atlanta Olympic Park bombing suspect, took a job as a town cop outside Atlanta paying 7 or 8 bucks an hour to start.  That was almost twenty years ago.  I’m sure that today they would start him out at at least 10 or 12 bucks an hours.  San Francisco cops make between 81 and 113 grand a year.  So it’s where you live and what exactly they are asking of you with the job.  Regardless of where you live, all you need is a high school diploma or a GED and you can apply for the job.  This is the biggest problem with law enforcement.

Not all law enforcement has that problem.  We hardly ever hear about police brutality with the state police officers or the F.B.I..  Wonder why?  Maybe it is because these folks have to have a college degree to apply for their jobs.  That is the largest part of the solution: all patrol officers must get a college degree. 

They have been saying this past week that we ask too much of our police.  That much is true.  The largest amounts of calls they answer are for domestic violence.  We expect them to act as DFACS “agents”.  We don’t allow those who work for the department of family and child services to apply for that job without a degree in sociology or close, yet we allow 20 year old kids to carry guns and deal with the same people the DFACS officer deals with and all without a gun.  Do you see what is going on here?  The police ARE the government to the people, so is DFACS, only the police kill.  They are usually the first people that citizens turn to for help.  So if the police are terrorizing the people, how do you think the people view the police?  We have been asking too much from simple people whose jobs were created to simply catch runaway slaves.  It was fine to be a high school dropout or diploma holder in the past, but for today’s policing I think it is time we recognize what we ask from the police and what we expect from those who would take the jobs.  We ask them to be social workers, and social workers, as well as today’s police officers, need to go to college.

The logic for this is elementary.  The reasons why we don’t have as many complaints about state and federal officers are because they all have a college education.  Yes folks, education, along with the college experience of living on campus with other cultures, will educate these police officers to deal with those they will serve and protect.  This is more important than just teaching a person how to take down and arrest someone who “seems” to be unreasonable.  Education is the solution.  If every applicant had a college education then it is reasonable to deduce that our local police forces are the finest people this country has to offer.  Anyone who would take the time to get a B.A. in law enforcement would be a patient, kind and understanding person, and not an officer, an enforcer for the government.  Rather than a kid spending a few years playing video games then applying to the police academy, they will learn about life and how to deal with life as it is, not as “they” want.  The kid who was taught the D.A.R.E. programs and “just say no”, will now get a different view of life.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a stupid cop when you know the law and they only know force.

Other problems with the hiring practices are all the ex-military they employ.  This is not good.  Again, most are not college graduates.  Most played video games up to boot camp and they are just too damaged from the scenes of war.  Some, I’m sure made it out with all their marbles, but I am willing to bet that the majority of them have not.  This P.T.S.D. transfers into the field and we all suffer because of it.  We have to admit to ourselves that soldiers are delicate people (or they are psychotic) who need to heal.  It is unfair to ask them to deal with battle situations in a domestic setting.  Let us allow them to heal.  We can look at those with college degrees and test them to see if they could withstand the job so they may join, but the rest are probably best to rest. 

Remember, in our New World, salaries will be capped at a minimum of 60 grand, to a maximum of 75 grand a year.  Is it that much to ask for a college education?  And it makes sense in this world as well.  I have always told my daughter that, “life is tough, it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”  John Wayne shit.  I am willing to bet my life that at least 90% of the officers that kill unarmed people all have no college degree, with a slightly higher number not having any college education at all.  I will even bet that most of the chief’s of police who resign in disgrace never went to college compared to those who are great chiefs.  (We could compare Ferguson  to Dallas to test out this theory.)  I truly believe that this is the major problem with the relationship between the police and the people of the United States of America.  I am sure that if we ask for smarter police officers, they will have to give them to us.

Education is the most important part of any governmental public service job in the field.  The reason why there is no education requirement is because they don’t want educated people in the field enforcing their laws, they want a stupid person who will just do the job and not ask questions.  The college educated ones would probably question an unlawful order, whereas the not college officer would just dummy up and do their job.  Get it?  They don’t want educated enforcers.  The smart have always been taking advantage of the dumb.  It’s been that way throughout history.  The smart are rich and in power, the stupid are poor and on their own.  Get it?  C.O.Y.?

The four year college curriculum for a Bachelor in Arts degree in pre law enforcement, would look something like this:

  • 2 years of arts and humanities
  • 2 years intensive core curriculum in the following: 
    • Criminal Law 
    • Civil Rights 
    • Sociology
    • Cultural Anthropology

The two years of credits in the study of arts and humanities could be tailored for the future law enforcer.  If our police officers were all college educated in the study of mankind and not just ”trained” on how to drive or ram a car to stop it, or take down someone having paranoid delusions with force, we would have more gentler and respected police forces throughout this country.  With that, we will have more understanding officers who will no longer look at the citizens as the enemy, but as fellow men or woman, much like them but different.  They will have compassion for every call they answer.  No more cops getting out of their cars in the middle of the street and yelling to someone (Mike Brown), “what the fuck you doing?”  Ten dollars says that officer never went to college.  When you are educated life is simpler and all will get alone much better.

After all this college has been completed, and the graduate has their diploma in hand, can they apply to be a police officer in any role whatsoever.  That stupid test that Captain Ray Lewis taught us about (to the right of the page) in Kalamazoo, about how they give a “sensitivity” test to the applicants and if they score too sensitive they don’t send them to the police academy, is going to end. 

This is all a rough draft; a start.  We will make up new core curriculum classes and tweak any of it if we decide that this is the solution.  Personally, I feel the only way to understanding is through education.  We cannot educate those that the police deal with, but we can educate the police to deal those in a more humane way.  Tactical training will also have to be reevaluated.  If I were running with Bernie Sanders, I’d bet we would have this as a proposal already..


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Bank Took Your House

Captain Ray Lewis


This is Captain Ray Lewis, retired, of the Philadelphia Police Department. If you cops don’t know him then hopefully you do now.  This is a brave man.  When you click on the pic you will be brought to a video of Ray telling us all at the 2nd annual Occupy Wall Street National Gathering, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2013, about his arrest and involvement in Occupy Wall Street and about a test called the MPPI.  Basically he says that it is a test they administer on recruits.  The test will determine how sensitive the tested is and if the person is too sensitive then he is not allowed to become a cop.  I met Ray over a year before this, at the fist National Gathering, held in Philadelphia, Pa,  in July of 2012.  He will be our next Attorney General... if he accepts our request.  BTW, watch it long enough and you will get a gander at my’s easy to tell.