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Messege To Humanity

Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

...and its resistance.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a natural gas pipeline starting in Alabama and going from that point, through Georgia, Kissimmee, Florida (where it is slated to be liquefied and loaded in cars to be carried on the same rails as high-speed passenger trains to be moved to the coast for export).  It ends in Reunion, Florida, where it connects to a southern FL SE Connection Pipeline.  This is a fight that started about three years ago. Recently, outsiders have been moving in on this already established fight, dictating orders to the already set up groups involved.  Their plan had already been set up and it never called for any civil disobedience.  (Not what I would call for, but that is what they wanted.)  Two such outsiders are Adam Dubbin of Gainesville, Florida and Jim Petruzzi, of Bellvue, Colorado. Another outsider is an “NGO” known as the Stop Sabal Trail Resistance. They have most of the players in this story.

On the second to last update of the Adam Dubbin page, I give a link to a video of Carolina, from the Stop Sabal Trail group and myself. In that video, we hit on the subject of bail funds, legal funds and other solicited donations by individuals and groups.  That video is a continuation of what was already written on the Dubbin page. That is what this page is about; a continuation of the video’s discussion.  But where to start…

Okay, let’s start with the obvious, James Leroy Marker and what drove him to shoot up the pipeline resulting in his death. Ah, yes, who put Mr. Marker up to this rogue and direct (civil disobedience) action?  First things first; all men and women are sovereigns.  What an individual does with action towards a foe is up for them to decide.  But when a string of events put up red flags and make a 25 year activist go “hmm” with all the different reports, it’s time to investigate just what the hell is really going on.  Some may read this as “conspiracy theory”, but I wouldn’t. This is a fight against the oil companies, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

On February 26, 2017, James Marker lost his life to police, after shooting up a section of the Sabal Trail Pipeline, located in Marion County, Florida. So let me tell you how I saw and see it.

First, a report comes out about a man shooting up a section of the pipeline and some earth moving equipment that was close by it.  A local television news crew covered it.  They obtained video from a bystander who recorded the man being shot up by the police and interviewed the local who reported the shooting and took a picture for the police to use to find him; a young man named Chevy Mathews. In his first interview that I saw, Chevy is telling the camera that he was at work and he could hear someone shooting and bullets flying over his head. He also said he couldn’t understand what would make a person want to do something like that.  That floored me because Chevy was a long hair. His hair seemed like dreadlocks pined up in a bun. I thought, “how could anyone with hair like that not understand why people would be protesting a natural gas pipeline,” one so close to where he works? I had to look up just who this Chevy Mathews is.

I goggled him and found out he is a 23 year old kid of privilege.  In one find he is a real estate agent for Sotheby's International Realty of Lake Mary, Florida, in another…well, let’s take a look at it.

Chevy is a man around 23 years of age. He has only been an adult for five or six years. That means he graduated from high school around 2012. During his school days he worked for a clothing company called Good Ride Life, Incorporated. This is a company that was started in 2009. He worked there from 2010 to 2012 (probably up to graduation).  It’s funny too, because the company only employees 2 people, so…

In 2013 he tried college for a couple of years, but it just wasn’t for him.  He dropped out and went for the easy money to be had in real estate. Not as hard a school as college; it does have a lot of single moms and strippers doing it....Oh, single mom crack. I’ll bet only the tens (“10”s) get to sell the high end homes and Chevy is a good looking man, so, maybe I’m right.  I say he dropped out of college because Chevy seems to have a big ego and loves to pad his resume, so I am sure that if he had an associates degree he would have mentioned it here.  In 2015 he enrolled in the Cooke Real Estate School, an online institute of higher education and “graduated” the next year. While and after taking his virtual lessons on line, Chevy took pictures and sold them to various news organizations.  Following graduation he found employment with Arbor Development, at their Bel Lago subdivision as a sales associate, a position he currently holds.  He also currently holds a position within the same Development Company as a sales and marketing manager, a promotion just given to him last month. Also, while working for the Rosbeck family, he also got a current position with Pegasus Reality and Associates, Inc., which he picked up in January of this year.

All of the above jobs listed on his LinkedIn page have one thing in common; horses.  When he was in high school, Good Rides was a horse riding apparel company.  Just the owner and his wife, but they were nice to Chevy and probably because he is kin.  Who else with a brand new company of two would give a 16 year old high school kid such a job as he described?  His pictures, probably of horses as well. And his real estate experience has been in the selling of high-end horse farms.  Could be a family business, who knows…who cares?

This all brings us back to what Chevy Mathews was doing at the location of the Sabal Trail shooting.  Was he working or was he at home? In the first interview I saw with him the day of the shooting, Chevy claimed to be at work and heard what sounded like missiles going over his head.  In one video he says he called his boss to ask him if there was any pipeline construction going on that day because who would know better than he. After being told no, Chevy drove out to the road and saw the shooter shooting at the pipeline.  In the first interview he claimed he couldn’t understand why someone would do that, in another, a graphic states that he is a “pipeline protester.” In one story, Chevy was at home. (“Lyin’ press”, as the president would say.) So all these inconstancies made me go “hmm” and investigate.  Chevy Mathews is a real estate sales person.  Dylan Hansen is a real estate broker. Both are young good lookin’ kids around the age of 23.  Both come from rich families.  Are you catching on yet? C.O.Y. are ya?

This sounded all strange to me. The shooter chose a site to shoot at the pipeline with, across the street from the Bel Lago neighborhood, where his “ricochets” supposedly went over the construction berms, a landscaped privacy hill for the neighborhood and a lake hundreds of feet away.  Witnesses say that he waited for the cars to pass by before he shot. He had plenty of time and he took his time…with a 50 caliber?  That is what Chevy said. He sure seemed to know his weapons. A military trained veteran from the Vietnam “war”; a two tour Vietnam medic with PTSD? I doubt it. You can see the holes that powerful gun made. Big holes, not dents and I doubt he missed. Even if there was a ricochet or two, I doubt they would have made it over the berm or the privacy hill on the other side of the pipe between the pipeline and the neighborhood.  Who knows? 

There was one report where a sheriff’s spokesman says they got numerous calls, except the Bel Lago neighborhood are the only residents around.  Chevy was hundreds of feet, well protected, from the actual shooting. There is a neighborhood many hundreds of feet away, but still.  I have spent many days in the woods like are around there and heard many gun shots and have just ignored them. I figured hunters or target shooters. Why would he feel a need to call the policed and investigate?  In one news report I saw Chevy talk about the woman, Karrie Ford, who got arrested and who Chevy passed it off as, and I’m paraphrasing here, “she got arrested, went to jail and now all is taken care of.”  So he knew of the protesters. In some reports they say the shooter left when the police got there, in others they say he was already gone when police arrived.  In one report they claim the police lost him for half an hour then found him, in others they chased him for a half and hour. Some reports report it was a high-speed chase, others it never broke the speed limit.  In some reports he gets out of the car shooting, in others he was “brandishing” a weapon.  I’ll bet it was neither.  So, what the hell is really going on with this story?  I know one thing, I’m not too sure this guy is dead.  I want to know where he is buried and if he is talk with those who buried him. I want to see the body and dash cam recordings of the shooting. And I want this investigated by the Florida Bureau of Investigations or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  I smell something stinky.

This Bel Lago neighborhood is a very exclusive neighborhood. The owner, Peter Rosbeck, is a builder from Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard; very rich with many multi million dollar companies. He bought 600 acres in the middle of an 8000 acre conservation. The conservation is surrounded by the pipeline and they plan to build a compressor station near the neighborhood.  Now, most of these two million-dollar homes are all in, or near, the blast zone of the pipeline. Dang, Chevy has a tough job. Maybe that is why he got his job with Pegasus.   There is no way anyone with millions of dollars to invest in a horse farm will buy there now.  Yup, gotta suck.

So this shooter ends up getting rammed by a police car and hits a tree. This is were there is no proof of what happened next, but they say he came out of his truck and pointed his weapon at them, so they all shot, multiple times, killing him. Suicide by cop, or conspiracy?  I’m thinking conspiracy.  “How’s that,” you ask? That is something that we will explore next.

Let’s explore what happened on the day following the shooting. First, however, I want to point out that I saw a news report with an officer saying that all the protesters didn’t know whom this gentleman was.  That was on the first day when they all decided to show “solidarity” with the fallen unknown solider.  One in particular who was ringing the bell was Peter Tsolkas, a.k.a. "Panagioti".  He is seen here in this film made by Dylan Hansen, whom we heard about on the Dubbin page.  Interesting too, because Dylan usually takes a week to produce his videos, yet this one was up that evening, less than a day and a half after the shooting.  It’s like they expected it.  There is quite a connection between these two. 

Panagioti is the founder of the Everglades Earth First…whatever.  Not a legal corporation of any kind, yet a fictitious name registered with the state of Florida. He registered it once under his real name, Peter, then under his new…whatever name, Panagioti.  It’s funny, because as his girlfriends change so to do the names of the owners. This is his alter ego: the Earth First Journal. You can tell it is his site by the the donation page here.  He is also the keeper of the Sabal Trail Resistance group; affinity; organization…whatever you want to call it.  But Tukas, as I like to call him, has another love, another passion that he spends a lot of his time with; prisons.

Peter Tukas has spent a lot of his time fighting for the residents of prisons where environmental damage takes place. This damage, of course, being capable of causing disease to those living around it.  Right now, he is trying to cash in on Leonard Peltier’s upcoming death at the Coleman Federal Prison, in Marion County, Florida.  Not by old Sparky, but from natural causes.  He has been up to something with this, this incorporating Peltier’s struggle with the environmental movement.  Not that they aren’t too far off, both being victims of capitalism, but one is a convicted cop shooter and the other will kill us if we don’t stop it. Two different struggles, yet Tukas wants to unite them as one in the same.  Standing Rock was more of a Native American land dispute. Leonard Peltier is Native American. A lot of what was happening in North Dakota was eerily similar to what happened at Wounded Knee in ‘73, so it is understandable that the two would be closely talked about.  One man I knew at Standing Rock was at Wounded Knee and knew Peltier. When I asked him if Peltier was innocent he sort of smiled, or smirked, and said, “they couldn’t get him for what he really did long before that, so they pined the Wounded Knee shootings on him. But as far as being innocent...”, and he smiled.  Nuff said. And now this Tukas has come to the Sabal Trail Pipeline fight to set himself up, get hold of already compiled mailing lists and divert those in the environmental struggle to a struggle to free a man convicted of shooting two cops; a man who will be dead by the end of this year and will die in prison.  The environmental struggle will continue on until we all die from our apathy towards it. Let me ask you members of five NGOs, WWALS Inc., the Our Santa Fe River, Inc., the Sierra Club of Florida, Inc., and the Earth Balance, Inc., all out of Florida, and the Sanctuary of the Earth Mother, Inc., of Bellvue, Colorado,  or anyone who follows them on facebook or twitter, have you been receiving unsolicited mailings about the Free Leonard Peltier movement lately?  Things that make you go hmm.

Leonard Peltier is also serving time for a prison escape from the 80’s that didn’t work out too well for him.  He was all the talk at Standing Rock.  Tukas must have been there and being from Florida took it upon himself to organize actions at the prison along with the Native Americans.  It makes him happy.

Facebook was all-abuzz with talk about the shooting in the various Stop Sabal Trail groups.  Who could he be? Why would he have done such an act?  The news never released his name for a couple of days, so for this period it was time to play speculation.  Much time to spin theories.  But after the name was released the conversation started to change to “did you know him” and “was he ever at any meetings”?  Shortly after this, Nicole Williams came out of the woodwork to defend Mr. Marker.

One such spin session is here. This is the video done by Dylan Hansen and was produced and up within hours of the taping. Dylan produced all this under the 501c(3) nonprofit corporation he started in 2013. Let’s take a closer look at our self-proclaimed environmental videographer.

As stated on the Adam Dubbin page:

    Dylan Hansen is the president of Balance For Earth, Inc., a 501c(3). He is also the golden child of a Real Estate dynasty and is the registered agent of BEACH REALTY 24-7, LLC as well...”

Oh, but there is more. Remember our high end home seller above, Chevy Mathews and how he is working for Sotheby’s International Reality? Guess who else works for that same corporation? You got it, Dylan Hansen. He is currently selling a house for 2.6 million dollars, while he is telling everyone he is no longer in that business. Look this Sotheby’s page over closely and notice who made the listing on the bottom. Look at this million dollar listingThis is his address. This is where Ballane For Earth, Inc., is ran from.

Dylan is also working with a brother who goes by the name Lowell Everly. This guy is a joke. In January, he showed up with Dylan at a grassroots meeting on the pipeline in Brevard and started dictating, with white male privilege, how this two-year-old group was now going to run things. They were chased out, but refused to go quietly.  And this was told to them after being told not even to bother coming in the first place.  So just who is this Lowell Everly.

If you clicked on the last link, you were brought to his LinkedIn Page. I’ll even put a pdf copy here.  Check out his current position, CEO of Primal Productions, LLC, which he lists being in the Melbourne, Florida “Area”. Funny thing though, Primal Productions, LLC doesn’t exist in the state of Florida. It exists in Colorado, Delaware and Nevada and even in Santa Cruz, California, but not in Florida. Most of them make porn. So neither this position nor this company exist. That makes Lowell a liar, a deceiver and therefore someone not to be trusted. Even the business he lists under his, has nothing to do with Primal Productions, LLC, which doesn’t even exist. It has no reason to be there. Bascom Communications & Consulting LLC, is just listed as some experience he had, probably with one of the women there.

Lowell is just trying to reinvent himself with his LinkedIn account. He had a twitter account that was just posts about music until October 17, 2016, when in his last post he tried to solicit money to get him to Standing Rock. That account has since been taken down, bet he never went. After that, nothing.  His Instagram page is all Lowell ego. The pictures are all of him. Vain. I’ll bet he picks a mean guitar though. He also claims to be a Water Protector.

The big scam Lowell is working on is his documentary. He started this Born of Water documentary on August 19, 2016. He is even soliciting for funds to make this film...well, you know, video.  Even has a page devoted to it on Instagram.

I’d stay away from him folks. After the state learns what this man is doing he might not want to be found by them. Another opportunist taking advantage of the Standing Rock struggle. Another one, like Adam and Jim.

Things that make you go hmm? Sure does to me. So in this death, so far, we have two people who work for the same corporation, one who reported the shooting that got James Marker killed and the other who was there the next morning video taping a “memorial” for someone they all claimed they didn’t know; both working with each other? Hmm. Chevy’s story of what happened just doesn’t add up.  We will dissect this video in a video I plan to publish, discussing Chevy Mathew’s statement, very soon and place the link here.

Okay, so we have one dead guy who shot up an empty pipeline. We have one high-end real estate agent whose call to the police got the shooter killed.  On the next day we get fellow Sotheby’s high-end home seller employee Dylan Hansen, who arrives to take video of an ad hoc, “protest”, honoring an “unknown” shooter. And then, we have two men with the anti-pipeline protesters “trying” to bring attention to the shooter and what he did. One is Tukas, the other is a man named Pete Ackerman.

I met Pete Ackerman, along with Cindy Noel and Mike Roth, at the Water Is Life Camp (now called the Water Is Life House), in Branford, Florida, on January 13, when I showed up for an action planing lecture being given by Akerman for the Martian Luther King Jr. weekend actions.  They had no idea it was the holiday weekend. He was the full-time paid camp manager for the Water Is Life Camp; probably the house now.  I introduced myself as Gnome, a nickname given to me 25 years ago and the name a lot of my work is published under and I am known by.  Pete was to give the lecture. They were talking civil disobedience. My forte.  And the last arrests this group took in Gilchrist County, has a bunch of three-year-olds taking the collar and not knowing how to deal with the consequences.  I had to find out if this group had learned anything since that action in November.

When I got to the Water Is Life Camp, there were things I had noticed. One was there were no other cars there, another was the size of the property. The camp was around 300 feet from the Santa Fe River divided by a road. On the other side of the road was Cindy Noel and Mike Roth’s house with the river about 200 feet beyond that. The camp side of the property had a port-o-let or two and many brand new looking tents. Many tents, but no people in them.  I saw a canopy with a makeshift kitchen under it. Like the tents, it too was pretty much brand new. Big shinney pots and pans. I wonder who paid for all that? I wonder who gets to keep it when they shut down?  I’ll bet the tents were all supplied with sleeping equipment.  They had all you needed for the anyone of thousands of homeless people who flock to the Sunshine State for the winter. All anyone had to do was show up, hold a sign for a photo op, get arrested, “let us bail you out” and it’s “see ya later”.

While there I saw about four hippie types get out of and around a tent, but they never came to the lecture.  Myself, my four friends and a few other people were present for the “action training”.

Pete Ackerman mostly discussed where the action was to take place, but not all of it.  There was a secret plan a secret subgroup of this group was planning. He talked about three groups that this action will be divided into. I’ve seen this before; the green, orange, red groups. Who will go to jail, who will not, who will fuck with the police then run before and illegal action has been made.  A red team? And just what is your plans following that?

Pete had no plan. It was like, “ahh, we suggest everyone get a public defender.” What the hell is he saying? What I got out of this “action” “legal” training” was that this group wanted everyone in one location at a certain time because there would be a plane flying over the area containing Dylan Hansen, who will take a photo of the protesters gathered.  This was nothing other than a photo op. People were asking questions I was more suited to answer, yet Pete had little answers.  I mentioned that those who get arrested on Saturday, and don’t bail out, will have to sit in jail until Tuesday, before they will see a judge. Pete was like, “yeah, good point”. I’ve played head and feds before my brother. And even though I mentioned it to the crowd which had a few more people by this time (even Dylan showed up, but didn’t stay as he forgot his battery packs to his cameras and was more concerned with reuniting with them), it wasn’t my action to takeover, so I just sat and listened.  Like these people should have done with they first came on to the scene. When it was over, I was filled with dread for those who came to get arrested. After the meeting and while walking back to the car, I softly spoke to one young sister and told her not to get arrested. I told her she was young and they had no plan for her for court.  What I saw were amateurs and I was scared. I’m serious, you could win this if you just follow my strategy.

I spoke with one friend from my OWS days as soon as were were out of earshot of everyone. “What do you think”, I asked. He answered, “they’re like leading the sheep to the slaughter.” “Exactly”, was my response.  All they wanted were bodies to show up for a photo op because this fight is so unknown they think that by getting arrested and having an ariel photo of large numbers of pipeline protesters blocking trucks will get them in the news and the attention they are seeking. Only, the company knew about this action a week in advance as it was announced to the entire world via facebook. They built another road to get in and out of, so they were never affected by the protesters...water protectors...whatever you want to call them.  And the typography of the land made the angle of the photo nothing they could use, so...

They didn’t take any arrests on Sunday, but they did on MLK day, spending only one night in jail. As soon as the people got arrested, the bail funds began to pop up. Now, Our Santa Fe River is collecting for a legal fund for what, I’ll never know.  I know one thing, many people of the 501c(3)s have property and businesses not only along that river, but hosting the Sabal Trail Resistance Camp at their house under the name Water Is Life Camp.

Jim Tatum is on the Board of Directors for the Our Santa Fe River, Inc., a 501c(3) registered in the State of Florida. Jim Tatum also owns a $400,000+ home directly on the Santa Fe River. The photo in the margin to the right is of Jim and a woman named Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson. She also lives right on the river in an expensive home.  She was the president of Our Santa Fe River, Inc.. She has since left and taken up work for the Sierra Club of Florida, Inc.. Jim, as most board members for OSFR do, has listed his address as the same which is the address for the Kayaking business owned by Merrillee and is also the principal address for Our Santa Fe River, Inc.. Hmm.

Also listed as Board Members and officers are Cindy Noel and her husband Michael Roth. Cindy and her husband, you may remember from the Adam Dubbin page, are the ones hosting the Water Is Life Camp on their property in Branford and are both listed as Board Members.  Mike Roth is not just a Board Member, but the Treasurer of OSFR. That’s what the website states, but not their annual report. It appears their camp was set up by Dylan Hansen and his “Water Protector Alliance”, his Balance for Earth, Inc.,  and with the help of Tukas.  Tukas; with his Everglades Earth First group and radical activism.  And it was set up with the help from Adam Dubbin himself, as Cindy was talking to him about me personally, while I was there in the Roth is a CPA, so he should know if there are any laws being broken by his 501c(3).  You diverting funds from the corporation to personally benefit officers and the directors of the board.  Cause if that’s illegal, they’re effed.  Hope they have been following these rules, or these rules here, but if they have been doing this here, uhoh.

For all those following this movement you have to believe that there is a conspiracy being unveiled here.  These people on this page and the Dubbin page are all trying to rip you off for their own survival.  There are three GoFundMe accounts by two individuals asking for $220,000 to set up standing rock like “prayer camps.” There are the two from Jim Petruzzi with the help of Adam Dubbin that we discussed on Adam’s page, but there is another asking for 50 grand to set up prayer camps. In this campaign, a woman named Sherrie Lewis, is asking for 50 grand to set up a prayer camp.  Let’s take a look at what the money would be used for.

Sher Lewis GofundMe needed for

#1. Security. So, do they need money to buy guns and other weapons to defend their camp? And Proper Waste Management. Okay, some port-o-lets and a dumpster. What could that cost for a few months?  #2. Kitchen and Medical. I can bring my own or either borrow some equipment or just take food that I don’t have to prepare, so no donations needed for that.  #3. Please be self-sufficient. How do you use money for that? If all those who are asked to come, come self-sufficient, than there would be no need to ask for $50,000.  #4. Now we get into it. The Traveling Team. The statement under that makes no sense, other then they want to drive around and tell people just about the major pipelines, not the minor ones.  And #5. Court costs that their free attorneys will need, but nothing specific as to what the lawyers will be doing.  I don’t know folks, sounds like a scam to me.

Who is Sheri Lewis? Sherri Lewis owns a beauty salon in Naples, Florida, called Green Difference Spa. (Not sure if there is an actual brick and mortar.)  The facebook page is here, quite pricey, and here. Her web site is here.  Her twitter account is here.  It uses Standing Rock to sell pricey products and solicits for Sheri’s GoFundMe campaign asking for 50 grand.

Folks, this girl lives in Naples. Only millionaires live in Naples. She used to own a 50,000 square foot athletic club that she sold. Oh, yeah, she has to be a millionaire. She could probably kick down the cash herself, but why when she can funnel other peoples money through her non profit that she owns called, Kid Difference. However, further search of incorporation with Florida has proven frustrating. Sheri has had a lot of businesses in Florida, but she has never registered a 501c(3) non-profit corporation with the state of Florida as stated on her LinkedIn page. No such corporation named Kid Difference, Inc. exists. She is a scammer. Don’t trust her. She is just going to take your money.  I will let her correct me if wrong.

I first learned about Sheri Lewis and her GoFundMe page while watching an Adam Dubbin video of a podcast he was doing for someone. In it, he claims all the donations on his page have been vetted by him and are all real and then he mentions Sherri and her page. I see a link to her page on Adam’s donation section in the margin and I click on it. I was appalled, especially after finding out this rich American business owner was using the incidents at Standing Rock to sell her pitch for your money. This is her ad as first posted. I donated 5 dollars and left a comment about the page. She responded with the following:

Sheri Lewis Update 7

Well...there is a lot with that response.  Big deal, you got in touch with Adam and told him to take down your GoFundMe link after you read what I left and investigated for yourself. You and Adam and Jim all met in Colorado, back in January. Who are you kidding? Native American girl? No way! So what, you got back in touch with your ancestry, but you haven’t been following it one bit. You went to American schools, had American for profit corporations and played the game’s existence to the end. You’re not kidding me. You might be kidding the bleeding hearts out there, but not me. I see right through you. You, Adam, Jim and even Kevin, there’s another person not to well liked in Florida. We are suspicious of Kevin’s numerous GoFundMe accounts. Are you still involved with him? You should have contacted the Stop Sabal Trail people who have been working on this for over two years. They could have told you what you can do with your water protecters. They lost at Standing Rock and they would lose here if this “prayer camp” is for real. You have been asking for money for three months now.  The pipeline will be finished in a month or two.  Three months and less than 3% of the 50 grand needed to set up this camp? At that rate you will have your money to set up your camp in 8 years. We’ll be all dead by then due to your life long apathy toward those who allow this, our government, and your refusal to overthrow them.  And from what I hear, you are moving it to the Everglades, so...not even near the pipeline, but you will be near Tukas’ group.  I’ll bet he is involved with the Love The Everglades, Incorporated movement located in the Big Cypress. Melissa Nicole Williams is involved with that group and was on James Marker’s friends list on the facebook. She has since removed herself. She is also friends with Huston Cypress, the owner of the website for Love the Everglades, Inc.. The forces of a true grassroots movement cannot be made with NGOs and/or people with ill intent.

I don’t mean to embarass Miss Lewis, I just want to keep her honest. I cannot wait to read her next response to my comment I will be leaving on her $50,000 GoFundMe account page.

Now Tukas, he and Dylan’s water protector resistance group had an organized camp out at the end of February from the 23rd to the 27th.  (I wonder if James Marker ever made it there.)  So too did Our Santa Fe River, Incorporated.  On the second page, the folks that are putting this on, the Sabal Trail Resistance folks, who were really planing something for the Leonard Peltier prison action the day of the shooting and the next, states that this is all sponsored by Our Santa Fe River, and gives a link to the Our Santa Fe River, Incorporated, which is accepting donations for this Sabal Trail Resistance.  I wonder what the IRS would say to that?  Maybe I’ll ask Mike. Maybe I already know. This action can be viewed here.

This cabal from Standing Rock, that has hit Florida in the past six or seven months, has done nothing but raise money to be used to benefit people’s personal pockets. The same people that have brought this scam into their non-profits to collect money to be personally used for the board members of Our Santa Fe River, Inc., and the Sierra Club, Inc., whom all seem to have members on the Board or working for them that live or have businesses on or near the river and close to, if not in, the blast zones.   Wow. How much people jump into action when it’s their own lives on the line. I wonder who is paying for the lawyer Cindy Noel is using? Everyone else is using public defenders, but not Cindy. She hired her own. She’s a little scared.  Other’s that are personally benefiting are the Balance for Earth, Inc., Sierra Club, Inc., Sanctuary of the Earth Mother, Inc., Save Florida Waters Now, Karrie Ford, Nicole Williams, Peter “Tukas” Tsolkas, Adam Dubbin, Sheri Lewis, and the others I just didn’t write about.  No one should ever follow anyone who says they will help out if you just give them money, especially when those that are asking have no experience, or a personal agenda, when dealing with the cause. It cannot and will not ever win.

I’m going to take time her to write about another person with a legal fund campaign that I just found out about when I was just ready to publish. Her name is Kaithleen Hernandez and her solicitation for money to be used for her defense, is here.  If you go to the actual link here, you will notice the URL.  Also notice the link where is says “Benefiting:”.  Our Santa Fe River, Inc.  Click on it and look at the URL then.  The money goes right to them which they will use in these cases.  Only, from what I hear, they all have public pretenders, so...  I found out about this yesterday while writing this page. They are getting money every which-way they can.

Getting back to the rumors about the morning of the Leonard Peltier protest, participants say that Tukas was late to arrive.  Very late. Maybe he was with Chevy and James Marker getting them set up. Maybe James was at the Peltier camp and that is where those guys talked him into shooting up the pipeline. Maybe they had planed for him to get arrested, but he took off. Maybe he’s not really dead. They refuse to show the video. A bunch of cops shoot up a man they say was pointing a gun, yet they wont prove that? Hmm. Maybe he is still alive and this is a plan by the government to gather information and he is being held for debriefing.  I cannot find any obituary on this guy and the only person that said anything about him to the news that knew him is this girl named  Kittie Schwebel. I found her facebook account and left her a message. She is still to read it. So is she real? Beats me. And of the six or seven facebook friends the shooter had, Nicole Williams is one of them, or was, she took herself off. And by the way she was talking about him after they released his name, we seem to think she may have had a sugar daddy.

Both Nicole Williams and Karrie Ford, cannot be seen at any pipeline protests due to the conditions of their release.  But that wouldn’t prevent them from being at the camp in February, or at the Peltier protest. I am almost willing to bet my life that this James Marker was at the camp before the shooting. It is known that he was at the Water Is Life House when it opened, and while there in the pressence of a member of the Red Warrior Society talking about violent actions. Mayber the him and the same guy was at the camp the day of the shooting.  He is from the Everglades where Tukas and Nicole Williams are involved with the save the Everglades movement or whatever it is called. This shit is intricate. So James, Nicole, Tukas, Karrie, and Dylan are all at this “Water Protector” “Sabal Trail Resistance” “Free Leonard Peltier” action camp. They convince him to shoot up the pipeline, telling him that he has to get arrested for the cause. He agrees, but changes his mind because after those four got done with him, someone else put it in his ear that it was easier to die than go through the court $y$tem. These four either tell him, or keep from him, that this action will create a large news gathering that would be great for raising money for the movement. They either tell him, or figure, that they will raise bail for his release which he will get back at the end of the proceeding. Or whoever bails him out of jail. They probably omit that fact. He has a nice new duly. Perhaps a gift from the folks at Sotheby’s for doing this to help save their expensive neighborhoods that will soon be worth nothing? I don’t know about you guys, but I smell a rat.

To the kids who got arrested at any of these actions put on by the Sabal Trail Resistance and it’s subsidiaries, and all those who want to become activists or revolutionaries, don’t follow anyone with a GoFundMe page unless it asks for something specific. Never follow anyone without an endgame.  Google those who want to lead. These, “you’ll get arrested but don’t worry we’ll get you out of jail, but once you are out you are on your own,” types, can suck it. They piss me off. All these “I am an activist so give me your money”, types also need to disappear. You don’t need money to start a movement. All you need is a group of dedicated people who have sworn their allegiance and their personal fortunes to each other. Like is written at the bottom of this page. They will pool their resources together for the cause and with their work becoming visible, people will donate things and money on their own without having to be asked. This is true grassroots activism. If you cannot contribute anything other than your time, you have a problem. Wouldn’t you say? Maybe you are homeless, then finding shelter is priority number one, not protesting a pipeline. The pipeline will be built and the job will be over and you are still faced with priority number one. We should not have to feed you, or give your shelter, just so you will show up and hold a sign or get arrested for a photo op. There is something underhanded there. People should all show up as in Sheri Lewis’ #3, to all be self-sufficient. It’s that simple.

I know more about these people, their families, friends and employers, the companies they own, websites they own, groups they run and donations they solicit, than I really want to or have time to write about. You follow one link, which leads to another link, then another, and you learn all the players and most of the angles. I even know about Tukas getting arrested at a city council meeting because he was acting like such an ass, they ran a check on him and found a warrant. Fool. I have copies of pages I printed that shows enough to get most of these people locked up while their 501c(3)s lose non-profit status. What a bunch of criminals.  If anyone would like to file a complaint about anyone written above, you may do do so by clicking here and fillig out the form.

I hope the IRS, the FDLE, the Florida FBI, the federal FBI and the prosecutors for the state of Florida and in particular the counties of Marion and Citrus, all do extensive investigations on this shooting and everyone written about in this and on the Adam Dubbin page.  Something is going on. It is your job to figure it out when there are things with the story that make you go, “hmm”.  You have better resources to be able to connect everyone spoken about.  I’ve written enough. I’m done. March 25,2017

Update: March 29, 2017

On Sunday, March 26, I wrote Miss Lewis on a comment she made over my “donation” and requested a refund for the donation I left HER in January, stating that at her current collection rate it would take her over 8 more year to reach their goal of $50,000.  Since the pipeline will be up and running in 2 to 3 months, it is quite obvious that she will never reach the the goal and thus never be able to set up her camp.  She changed the reason for the money, mid stream, to say they were setting up in the Everglades, an area hundreds of miles from the pipeline, so it is obvious the money would not be used to set up any Sabal Trail encampment.  Her response was quick.

She deleted the comment (probably the one she left for me when I donated as well) and blocked me from ever commenting or donating. Jim Petruzzi did the same to me. All this after she invited me to respond. Immediately, I sent this complaint to get my money back. I tried to give her the chance to do the right thing, but she wouldn’t, so I did what I had to do to get my money back from this fraudulent request for money.  Sheri Lewis, is so full of shit.

Also, I had communication with someone who was at the Water Is Life House. This person was present and told me the skinny that the rest of the 15+ attendees will not admit and would probably lie about if questioned by the authorities. The witness stated:

  • James Marker was present at the Water Is Life House, on February 18, when the witness showed up and was still there after the witness let the meeting.
  • Witness has no idea how Mr. Marker arrived. (Did he have that new truck then?)
  • James Marker brought an older lady with him who didn’t say a word the entire time and appeared to be “clueless” as to what was being discussed.
  • James Marker sat next to Cindy Noel the entire meeting.
  • Meeting started 90 minutes late due to Tukas and the Red Warrior Society being late. Upon arrival, Peter “Pangioti” Tsolkas, or “Tukas” as I refer to him then:

      “The red warriors came to the Feb. 18 water is life house meeting in the company of Panagioti, but were hour and half late. The meeting started at 4 pm.  They all showed up close to 5 30. The 4 red warriors that came all had their stories of horror to share. but they bragged that they stopped the keystone initial path which was north east of Bismarck ND have to forgive me I don't remember the tribe or nation they mentioned but they did say they stopped it dead in its tracks in Canada before it even came to the US. After the 4 of them finished up, Panagioti passed around a hat and suckered everyone in attendance to put in some "gas money" for them, then we all, one-by-one, introduced each other.”


  • The only words spoken by James Marker, came at the introductions when he said, "’Hi. My name is James and I am here for support’. He was sitting directly to the left Of Cindy Noel the whole night. in fact I was early and he was there with them.”
  • Witness stated that a photograph exists that shows James Marker about the crowd. When this was pointed out to the Water Is Life House, after the shooting, it was taken down.

If anyone has that photo of James Marker at the meeting, please send it to me here.

The Our Santa Fe River, Inc., is promoting the arrests of Karrie Ford and the other guy. In this screen shot of the news article on their website, they state...well, look here.  So you see, someone mentioned it.  Four days later and Karrie is in the tube refusing to come out. Four days following that, the shooting at the same exact site where Karie and her friend were in the pipe, in front of Bel Lago. Hmm.  You come to your own conclusions. I’ll be back with a story about Mitch Allen.


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Water is Life SST Light Boards
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson and Jim Tatum
Merrillee Kayak OSFR

This is Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, standing at her business along the Santa Fe River. On July 17, 2015, Merrillee and her live in boyfriend who was V.P. of OSFR, stepped down as Pres and Vice Pres, while at the same time donating her business’ building as the new principal of business. Conflict of interest, so they stepped down. Merrillee went to work for the Sahara Club, where I am sure she continued creating river trips for her business to benefit off of.  You know Merrillee, you’re going to think life is just a dream when you find yourself in a nightmare tonight. March 29, 2017

Sheri Lewis, Josh Fox, Betty Osceola

Sheri Lewis, Josh Fox, Betty Osceola...doesn’t she look like a real Indian? Maybe not, but she does look somewhat like a Native American. Her western look allowed her to blend in and succeed in the white man’s world. She did it by never mentioning the fact that she was NA. Now, it’s stylish.