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The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

Above is a video which everyone should watch as soon as possible.  This is  The Biggest Scam In The History  Of Mankind ~ The Truth About The Debt Ceiling.

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream

An Open Message to Police & Military

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Messege To Humanity


Simply getting yourself elected will not make a real change in the government and how it is run.  Case in point, O Bomb A, or Slick Willie; two people who believed they could make a change by getting elected only to learn that their lives depended on them not making any real change.  Those in the $y$tem have been telling us this for almost 50 years now, “if you don’t like the system, get yourself elected and change it from within.”  Just ask the two mentioned above how that worked out for them.  No.  It will never happen.  The only way to make a real substantial change is to simply take back the country from these treasonous politicians and bankers and institute a radical change that will actually feel and look like real change.

The reason why the other uprisings haven’t really worked out for those in the recent rebellions across the world is because they go off halfcocked just taking to the streets with no real plan for the people or their governments.  They know what they want, they just don’t know how to go about to make it happen for real.  (Much like the occupy movement.)  Perhaps they are just stuck in this old way of thinking that has been drilled into their heads that life is not fair and you really can’t make a real change.  Those that say that just want to make a buck off of you, or control you.  This renders those who want to up-rise as rebel-rousers; people going against the stream worthy of being put down like a rabid dog.  Case in point, Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King.  We must not go off like that.  We must tell the population of our plan ahead of time and educate them as to why we are doing this.  Okay, this is one way of doing just that.  And we all must remember, the Republicrat party, both factions, are not our friends; no matter what some of them might say or do.  They are all actors, much like Ronald Ray-gun.  They may throw you an insignificant bone to appear as if they are listening to their constituents, but in reality, they are just playing the sovereign.  Don’t let them fool you, they are working together.

All of us together can restore the government of the United States of America, placing the power back to the people and arresting the bankers, politicians and those in our legal system (police, judges and lawyers) who have been subjugating us under their fascist domain.  This must be an UNARMED action where we win with love, not with arms. 

Those that we are going up against, the people in the “government”, are very regimented.  That is why we need to be very regimented ourselves.  We must have a “central” governing body to give the planed orders to those who will be following us down this path.  I don’t want to hear “no one should be in charge”.  That is just a platitude handed down by the one percenters, to keep the OWS movement unorganized; and it worked.  Sorry, this time we must take the reigns if only for a temporary amount of time.  And the time that we do take the reigns should be temporary.  Do you believe the colonists would have won if they were not as organized as they were or if Washington wasn’t taking and following the orders as they were handed down?  Do you think that Fidel Castro could have taken over Cuba with only 78 men if they were not following his orders?  I trust no one.  Therefore, I will be the one leading from here and the twitter and ustream accounts.  If you give me your consent and follow my plans as if you were getting orders from those crooks in our government, I promise you a way better New World for all which will start here in the United States. 

There is a great need to inform the millions of sleeping people living in this country about what is going to happen and why.  We must wake them up!  A lot of you reading this may think that you are awake, but truly you are not.  You have to wake up and realize that the crux of the matter is that capitalism has to end.  There is nothing to fear.

We can use the Internet, Overpass Light Brigades and even an all out media blitz. I have made a twitter account, a facebook page (which I’m not sure if it is working since it was hijacked by Tim Osmar, a real jerk, of Occupy Orlando, and he locked me out of it), a ustream channel ( and this website. These four social media works, will tell the sheeple and people of our intent of action and when and where it will all happen.  It will convert those that think they are awake, yet have no clue what true freedom is all about.  If you have noticed, new page links are beginning to show up under this page.  Very soon these pages will instruct the individual groups of professions and civilian people, on what, when and where to act.  You have to trust me.  (More importantly, you have to forgive me if you have any hang-ups about any rumors you have heard, but have no ideas of the facts of each rumor.  You have to forget about all those things. They will soon come out if you really needs explanations.  For now, just concentrate on what I offer and not what my actions may have been due to my programing.  If you don’t know me, I will place a bio on this site very soon.)   We will all have an active role in this liberation.  The silliness that if you tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on, will have you informing everyone in the country within a month.  Use these methods to build a movement.

The first actions will be with the lawyers.  These are the people who have kept us under the subjection of the U.S. government and one percent with their so-called “laws”.  You guys started this, you guys keep its secrets from us, so it will be you folks that will lead us all out of this shit.  You can view the plan for the lawyer defections here.  You can get a start on how our fights will look here.  After the new lawyers working for the better world begin working with the activists who will be arrested, a couple of two three months after that, the police, the bankers and lawyers’ goon squad, will begin to defect and come over to work with the new world.  Your plans for the takeover will be placed on this page here.

There will be a Bastille Day.  The plan would be to gather thousands of people to the county jails and state prisons in every state of this country.  We would like to see this take place by October 21st, 2016. (This date, along with the others, are all subject to change to meet the flowing needs.)  The need for timing in this action will be discussed further on down this communiqué.  If it takes two weeks to accomplish that will give us enough time before part two of the plan gets implemented. 

So what is part two?  Well, that is not as easy an answer as it used to be.  Before it used to be this: 

    “We take the county.  We take the state and national capitals, the White House, Supreme Court and all D.C. government agencies and arrest all the politicians and congress confirmed secretaries.  The Bastille Day alone will release over one million people.  The media blitz will have all information about the Bastille Day and a Million Mask March, to be held across the country on November 5th, 2014.  The only problem with this date is that congress will not be in session and on recess that day.  And the prisoners may not be released by then.  But it should scare the bejesus out of them.”

So what has happened to that answer?  Well, number one, it was written a couple of years ago and many things have changed since then.  I can now see a way that we can do this revolution and not even have to show up for it.  I’m not kidding.  But it would take the will off the majority of registered voters to do it.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 million votes to stay at home.  Otherwise, about 5 million can take the country over with the old plan that used to be here but has moved for now.

I do not want this country to fall back into the republicrats control in 2016.  Therefore, I have devised a plan that will give us (especially me) some time to work on it and inform the people as to it.  Our stand will officially begin on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, and be over with by Saturday, November 12th, 2016.

The plan will actually be better then what you are about to read.  It seems that they are going to have next year’s election day on the second Tuesday, November 8th, and not the first one as is custom.  I had all the dates for this action with the first Tuesday as election day, not the second one.  So, this plan is going to be much better then below.  I have gone over this site and changed the dates.  This is gonna be great. 

First the lawyers will defect.  Months later the police defect and months after that, those working inside the government will defect, one week before the general election on November 1, 2016.  On election day, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, we all will write me in for president, thus leaving the republicrates standing all alone.  The plans for up to this day will blow your minds away.  I have known the need for revolution for almost 25 years now and have spent most of the past years trying to figure out how to make it work, only to get caught up in the “what to replace it with”.  The plans for these days and those leading up to and following the Takeover, will be exposed as we come nearer to it.  For now though, it could go either way: either we take it back by write in candidate, or we take it back by amassing millions of people in D.C. and other capitals.  If we win through election, the moment I am sworn in I will declare marshal law and begin to make right what these corrupt men and woman made wrong for us, just for a buck.  If the write-in campaign fails, but we still have over five million in the group, then we physically take the country and that would look like, but not be limited to, the following:

    “With thousands of people gathered at their state’s  and county’s capitals and hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington D.C., the plan is a simple one: to just walk right in and arrest everyone, placing them in the empty jail cells gathered from the week before.  For this we will need our military.  Those locked up will be dealt with according to reputation.  Folks like Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich (who is currently not in office, but will be arrested along with the former lawmakers), Elizibeth Warren and Joe Biden, will be dealt with first, while those like Daryl Issa, Mitch McConnal, Eric Cantor, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and John Boehner will be dealt with last.

    Now, some of the people I have discussed this with say, “you’re crazy, ‘they’ll’ kill us all.  Didn’t you ever hear of Kent State?”  To witch I tell them that if they believe that their own government would act like the governments of those “we” helped put down in the countries that have been revolting, then that is exactly why they need to be there.  And Kent State happened 40 years ago before we had the Internet and live streaming.   I have no doubt that the military has our back.  And we will have former military get with Occupy Marines.  I am just not too sure the police will have the same attitude and that is why we will have former police officers get with the Occupy Police to talk to these people before we make our move.  I am sure, that if there are those still employed as “peace officers” that are sympathetic to our cause, they will see those who will try to hurt us and have our backs.  They will in essence take out those officers or military trying to take out us.

    Are we all to expect that O Bomb A, would simply give the order for a few thousand police and tens of thousands of military personal to just kill us all?  Really?  These are our fathers, our mothers, our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our cousins and friends.  Do you really believe that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of unarmed people walking right into these government buildings would just be fired on rather then those troops see to the will of the people?  Will the “government” just have a massacre?  Five percent of the colonists took part in the Revolutionary War; we don’t need that many to do this today.  Maybe five million will be enough.  That is less then 2 percent of the country.  Of course, a general strike with millions of people going on strike the week of the 5th of November, will help out a lot as well.  That is why we will need union leaders in this struggle as well.

    They (the government) will not do anything because this is how we approach; First and foremost we approach with love as seen here in this video from the fist Occupy National Gathering held in Philadelphia on July 4th of last year.  Check out the chant at 4:15, 6:00, 18:38 and 26:36 in this video from last year’s Occupy National Gathering.  And it will be lead by the women and children.

    That is how we attack and do it unarmed; one: the women and babies followed by the children first, two: the teens, three: the elderly, four: the sick and handicap, five: the able bodied men, and last: the vets for peace who may or may not be armed.  This is a trick I learned from Gene Sharp.  They would never shoot at unarmed women and children, and if they decide to arrest, let them, what are they going to do, lock up women with babies, then little kids, then big kids then grandma and grandpa?  They wouldn’t have enough jails to hold everyone and we will just keep coming.”

Now, in either scenario, either a takeover from write-in, or a psychical takeover trough walk-in, the elected officials will all be arrested and sorted out at a later date.  So, after the arrest and incarceration of these people, what will happen next?  The “straights” of this country will resist this Takeover like the 95 percent did during the revolutionary war.  Only, unlike those from the past who resisted with noncompliance, I feel that today’s resister may do it with violence.  That is why we have to inform the sheeple of our plans and our solutions to the problems and the outcomes we expect.  The most important of witch will be their financial (economic) situations and how this will effect them.  This we do prior to the action with the social media.  You can all view the new economic plan here, as soon as I get the rest finished first.

There are about 400 billionaires and over 7 million millionaires in this country that will not like the fact that things are about to change.  The only thing that makes a millionaire think he is better than the over 300 million other people, who are not, is the fact that he has all that money.  They find it appalling that their tax dollars go to feed the hungry, heal the sick or house the poor.  To them, those people are just lazy, but those people, along with the unions, people of color, kids under the age of 25, etc., are our army and we must get it through to them.

I have come up with a plan to replace this game of monopoly we play; capitalism must go.  What we will replace it with is something that has never been tried before.  This will be a temporary fix until we can educate the masses on a resource based economy.  My plan for this is so simple that I feel that a few economists can have the new rules down in a week.  Basically, it is a type of Marxism meets Capitalism meets fairness.  In short, Reaganomics.

Now, the next words which will appear below in white, were written and published during August of 2013, when we still had time.  Now, it is too late.  What it will now have to come down to is basically us, the U.S., defaulting on the money.  We could still pay off the foreign creditors, but the guarantee that the FED will not end anytime soon is over.  So, the world will just have to eat it. Again, the next words you read will have to be integrated into the reality on the ground at that given moment.

    The one hundred-year lease on the Fed and the federal reserve note (FRN) ends on December 23rd, 2013.  This is how we end the Fed.  We simply make our move before they can renew the lease and it will expire on that date.  The first thing we do is an inspection of Fort Knox and implement student debt forgiveness.  We also freeze all the bank accounts of anyone with over 250 thousand dollars in cash, leaving them with that amount until the end of the FRN.  At that time the money (FRN) will be worthless no matter where it is.  All those with their accounts frozen will have to pay off their own personal debts.  The excess will be used to pay off the national debt. This money will be used to pay off the countries and foreign nationals expecting FRNs.  This way, no one has an excuse to attack us.  All this has to be concluded by December 23rd of this year.  We take what is left and pay off the debts of the Americans who owe foreign banks first, then the U.S. banks.  Credit cards, auto and home loans, personal loans, this will all be paid off; so in essence it will be like everyone is getting a debt pass.

    A revolution to change the government and those in it is not sufficient enough to liberate us.  Our financial $y$tem is what really has us bound to it.  Our work must be quick.  From the time of takeover until December 23rd, the new system must be built. 

    The banks of this country will now become “national” banks called The Civil Bank, or whatever.  All adults will personally go to one of these banks and sign up for a national debit card or whatever it is we have that would work much better than that.  Each card will carry all information of the cardholder and their purchases.  Each cardholder will then be electronically issued, on December 24th, 100,000 New American Dollars herein called NAD.  (What we call it at this point is just semantics.)  This will be for every adult.  Weather it is Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Payton Manning, Toby Keith or the homeless living in the subways that I used to feed in the early nineties, all will get $100,000.00.  If two thirds of this country are adults, that would be roughly 20 trillion dollars between them.   At moment I believe there is something like 1.2  trillion FRNs in circulation.  Each person, who has obtained the age of 18 after December 23rd and upon having a High School diploma, will also be issued the same amount as we play this new game out.  Also those serving time for crimes against the citizens of the planet will also be eligible for this pay-out once out of lockup and the system.  No longer will society either look up in awe, or down in pity, at people just because of the size of their bank account.  No longer will either class feel they are entitled to something just for being in a particular position in life because both will cease to be. No need for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, it will now just have to be Lifestyles of the Smart and Famous.  Everyone will get what he or she needs to thrive.

Society will be divided into two classes: working and non-working.  Each class will have a guaranteed income regardless.  Those who want to work will get a job, if even planting flowers in their towns.  No one, who wants a job, will be without a job.  Now the next numbers I am just throwing out there, but it would be something like this: whatever the working class gets the non-working class will get half that amount.  So if the working class gets paid $60,000 per year, then the non-working people will get $30,000.  Or better yet, the working class can have an income starting at 60 grand, with a maximum salary of 75 grand per year.  The owners can get a very small percentage of any profits while talent can get “perks” for taking some jobs.  Non working people would be those that are on SSI, stay at home moms, retired people, the unemployed (for any reason), retired folks (which will be discussed during transition) or just folks that just don’t want to work.  We have so many unemployed people in this country that there is no need for everyone to work, or for anyone to work, a 40-hour workweek.  If you are someone who does hard work, you can go to a 20 or 10 hour workweek and share the work with others.   Actually, the harder the work the less hours you be required to work, while the easier the work the more hours you will work.  And that will be with all work, both mental and psychical.  This amount will all be tax-free.  Property taxes will also end for private individuals.  The IRS for personal income tax will be abolished.  Health care will be free. Doctors will also get the working class wage.  School will be free for them, so the doctor who is really a businessman in disguise, who only became a doctor just to become a millionaire, will no longer exist and only those who truly became a doctor to help people will prevail.

The amounts above, again, are tax-free.  So, someone making 60 grand a year will now have the purchasing power of someone making $100,000 a year.  (We can have a sales tax to help pay for certain services.)  That is plenty of money given that most Americans currently make under $30,000 per year before taxes.  Only now, there will be certain things you will no longer have to pay for.  Health care will be free.  Schooling will be free.  Electricity will be free through the use of the Tesla coil.   Cars will be converted and now built to use it.  Oil will no longer be used to manufacture gasoline or home heating oil.  The price of oil will bottom out. There are other inventions for internal combustion engines that run on compressed air, hydrogyn or water.  These can also be used to convert the oil burning furnaces.

The only ones paying taxes will be businesses and the consumption tax at points of sale.   Corporations, as well as personal property tax, will be a thing of the past.  All the stockholders of those companies will now enter into a collective and have to take personal liability.  In fact, everyone will have to take personal liability.  No more hiding behind a badge or piece of stock paper, or a governmental agency.  Each and every person will take personal responsibility for the damages they do to the planet and/or those on it.  And this is where it gets fun.

As you make a purchase, your debit card is swiped.  All the information as to your personal bank account and what you purchased will be on that card.  Likewise, all the people purchasing items from individual business will have their purchases recorded with that business.  So, at the end of each year, after the accounting has been done and the businesses have paid their taxes, the profit will be returned to the customers of that business in proportion to the price of the items purchased.  So, if you buy a washing machine from GE (which will no longer be a corporation but a collective) for say 500 NADs plus admin fees (taxes) and the profit for GE on that machine, after taxes have been paid, is say, $100.00.  That $100.00 will be returned to your account.  In essence, everyone will be paying cost plus a small percentage (to be figured out later) for the goods and services they purchase.  The small percentages will go to the owner(s) of the companies.  No one will be able to charge a 500% profit margin.  Businesses will be in business just to keep those occupied and/or to keep egos satisfied and for the betterment of society.  (Help with starting a business will come from governmental organizations.)  There has been a media blitz to make everyone believe that this is New World order stuff and in a way it is.  This is a New World order of peace and love I propose to all.  Hopefully the rest of the world will jump on board with us.  Oh, and loans for interest will be a thing of the past (like they do in Islam) as they will now be made by the people’s bank. 

By ending the FED we will put the FRN out of circulation; this means that those who have FRNs gained through illegal activities or conquest, like the billions missing in Iraq, will have worthless pieces of paper.  It doesn’t really matter whom the masters are that are pulling the political strings, they will no longer have any power to influences anyone.  Only American citizens will be eligible for the 100,000 NAD payout.  Any legal foreign nationals working in this country will be given the same amount as the working class.  With no cash and no one being able to really get rich enough to influence politicians, things will purr right along.  We will make rules for foreign nationals later.  The economist can figure out how we deal with foreign countries and weather or not we even have to.  And we must not forget that it is just a game and not to take it so seriously. 

There will also be a major overhaul of the justice $y$tems in this country.  The police will be taken off the street and the military will be placed there temporally.  This is not martial law.  We will place someone like Judge Andrew P. Napolitano as Attorney General.  (In fact, our plan will have names of all the replacements for all the heads we will be taking out of office.)  All non-investigative police officers will be suspended pending a citizen’s review of each and every patrolman.  This will be done by our defectors and victims.  (Read more about it here.)  Those that have been found to be corrupt or to have violated the rights of the citizens will be held for trial.  Those who have been straight up with the citizens will return to the streets.  Statutory crimes will no longer be enforced and all future lawmakers will begin to repeal statutory laws once created.  Those military people asked to take over the temporary law enforcement of the streets will ignore everyone not hurting anyone.  Those that have succumbed to the police brutality and corruption will get help from all the lawyers who used to be members of the American Bar Association.  Things are gonna change.

Education will be overhauled as well.  K through 12 will no longer be where the job of the educator is to get the student to read enough and know just enough addition and subtraction so that the graduate can fill out a tax return.  Most of the teachers will be taken from the anthropologists, scientists, historians, mathematicians and artist of the world.  Even the now unemployed lawyers (if not in jail) will have something to teach.  And secondary public schools will be free.  Teachers will be reviewed every year to make sure only the dedicated remain employed.

Just about every license forced upon the people will end charging fees.  Those for businesses will continue to charge fees for doing business in this country. 

In my book “Justification For An American Liberation”, I explained that a “license” is just the “kings” rules to keep everyone chasing the FRN and keep them enslaved to the “$y$tem” and his/hers/their authority.  This is a practice of tyranny on the people.  Things such as the DMV will remain, but the charge for a driver’s license will no longer exist nor will the renewal of the license or car registration.  Once you have demonstrated that you know how to drive and the rules of road, you will be issued a license that states that.  Or better yet, it gets added to your debit card.  You get issued a “license”, free of charge if you are a minor and for a small fee if you are an adult and without ever having to renew it.  Not only that, but personal driving will no longer be suspended or revoked for any reason whatsoever.  That is what a “free” country is all about.

This will all be funded by the p.o.p. (point of purchase) taxes collected for the automotive category.  So you ad say a 20 percent pop price to a set of tires you just bought and that money goes into the transportation department.  The transportation department would consist of the DMV’s, highway patrols, highway maintence...any money that would be spent on maintaining the roadways would fall under the transportation department.

Now, all the different Offices, Commissions, Bureaus, Agencies and Departments will be reviewed for usefulness.  Those deemed to be harmful will be terminated.  Those that have purpose will remain.  And we will make a whole new number of departments.  Like the Department of Employment, or the Department of Fun.  This is OUR country, let’s all enjoy it.  Let’s bring the American family back!

The final goal of our new system will be to rid us of a representative government and head towards an anarchistic society with direct democracy and a resorced based economy.  The entire planet will have to be on board for that.  I am sure once the other countries see what is going on in this country they will want to follow suit.  (In fact, how would I know that other countries haven’t been reading this and taking it very seriously and are following these instructions to take back their own countries?)  This will all be secured through the education system we set up and may not come into existence for some ten to thirty or forty years. It truly will take this long.  We have very old people who have been heavely programed by a captalist oligarchy.  We can teach the young, but the old we will rally have to wait for them to die out, bringing their old ideas, which they believe to be the God’s honest truth, with them.

The new $y$tem is not communism, but a socialistic form of capitalism where the capitalist really makes no real profit but works just for the enjoyment of the job, betterment of society, or fulfillment of ego.  I never said this would be a walk in the park; there will be some setbacks.  But they will be minor and we will find the solutions.  I hope you all will join us in this most radical and humane endeavor.

There is one other real thing I would like to mention here.  I want you to know that this plan is really contingent on whether or not you all can really wake up and realize that your country has been a deceiver to the world. You must grow up.  You have to realize that all those that have lead in the past, have been, or still are, as corrupt as the night is long.  Even Jimmy holds some of the blame, but not much.  So you all have to realize that many of what you thought were great things done in this country were really done for sinister reasons that you are just now finding out about.  It’s okay to admit it.  You were fooled.  You won’t get fooled again.


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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Civil Disobedence
paper money
Bowe Berghahl 2

He may have said he is ashamed to be an American, but he never said he is ashamed to be a human being.

Bowe Berghahl 1

 "I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election... It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States!"  

     ~ George W. Malone, U.S. Senator from Nevada, speaking before Congress in 1957

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

       ~ Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company

Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.

Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.

O Bomb A Care - What you're not being told.

I you love President O Bomb A, you really need to watch this.  O Bomb A care is just Romneycaere without telling the American Public.  It is not socialized health care; it is a windfall for the insurance companies.  That was what Mitt Romney was doing when he made the people of Mass have to buy this product.  O Bomb A could not get single payer, so he gave them what the republicans gave Massatuccis, forced gambling that you will get sick and “need” insurance.

Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.

Countries With Universal Health Care And Their Start Dates
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on Capitalism
Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.

Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.