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Messege To Humanity

For You Bernie Sanders Supporters

(Be patient, it gets better and there is hope at the bottom of the page.) .

Please. Get over it. How many of you were just as gaga over O Bomb A, back in ’08? This man is a sellout! He sold out the independents to join a group that has been suppressing us all for almost 200 years now. He is a republicrat!!! He is now with the democratic wing of the republicrat party. He is now beholden to them. That is why he is not attacking the other democratic candidates. If he does not win the nomination, which I can’t believe, will he remain a democrat? Think about that for a moment. You independent voters that understand the republicrat party, I’ll bet you have been calling for Bernie Sanders to run for 15 years now…as an independent. I have. Guess what folks, if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, he is either going to stay true to his defection over to the democratic wing of the republicrat party, or he is going to say “fuck you” to the dems, and go back to being an independent. Either way he is a sellout and his soul is lost. That is why I was yelling out, one afternoon, that Bernie Sanders can, and sorry about the language, but that Bernie Sanders, and there were local TV news film crews present and filming me, but that Bernie Sanders can suck my cock. Or dick I might have said. Hey, I was pissed off. And Bernie broke my heart when he sold out to the Democrats, so…I stand by what I said. I cannot hide my anger any longer.

Bernie Sanders, champion of the poor and middle classes, will be a champion no longer. He can’t be, he’s a democrat now. The republicans may be the party of the rich, but the democratic lawmakers and leaders are all rich. If you guys are not COY, than you are truly buried.

Look at the money tied to the democrats. Obomba raised over a billion dollars in his run for president, both times. Now, partly due to citizenメs united, they say it will maybe take a billion and a half to win in 2016. Bernie knows that, so he sold out. He joined the enemy. He has to play their game now. Watch his rhetoric change. If he leaves the dems now, could you really trust him ever again? If he climbs up the standings as Obomba did back in 2008, he too will have to be beholden to the Wall Street interests. You’ll see him at the Bohemian Grove, or a Bilderberg gathering like we did Obomba. It’s still very early in the presidential election season. If he were to win the nomination, he would have to bow to these people. And, there will probably be pressure from inside the Democratic Party to do so, least they lose the White House. That’s why they love the Clintons. Theyメre all about the money.

Bernie may have at one time been able to help us; to do good from the inside, but now that power is gone for good. At one time he may have been willing to charge the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox and do an audit, but I’m willing to bet that today he is not. Sure he can say he is, but once he is in, he will say that it is more difficult than he and his team had imagined. Obomba said he was going to close down Gitmo. So go right on ahead believing that Bernie Saunders is the Obomba you thought you were voting for in 2008, but fell out of love with by 2010. Will you silly people ever take a look at recent history and learn that the same thing will happen again? Sure, you might get your minimum wage raised a few dollars, but you will still be under the capitalistic Federal Reserve $y$tem. Obomba said he wouldn’t bust marijuana dispensaries, but he did and in record numbers. And sure, Bernie knows about the drug laws and the relationship between them and our high incarceration rate, but he will never convince the other 534 idiots that this needs to be done? So...When will you all learn. The money talks, while the bullshit walks. The republicrats are all bought and paid off…you’ll never make change through them. Look who’s in there now. Bernie even yelled out, at the first democratic debate, that “we need a revolution”, with millions of people in the street. Well, he’s right. But then the military man, Jim Webb, turns to him and tells him he’s never going to get that revolution. Why? Because they both know that a revolution is the only way you will make major change and Webb needs to quell that notion, which he did. But Bernie knows, as well as a couple of others up there, that the Federal Reserve is the problem and he will never end it because he can remember executive order 11110 and where he was when he heard that JFK was shot and killed. He’s a politician; he’s going to make you feel good, that’s all.

It does not matter who wins the White House. That person will become corrupt. That person will become a millionaire. Case in point, O Bomb A. Oh, community activist, oh, black man. Yeah, whatever. I too voted for the black man, the activist, but we got the white man, the establishment, instead; the white man that terrorizes the marijuana dispensaries and praises the police, as if they can do no wrong. Well, it was the white side of his family that raised him. So why am I surprised? He is just Whitey still keeping me down.

Please, all you Sanders supporters wake the f#$% up. Please, really see what is going on here. Ron Paul was in congress for 22 years. He got nowhere. His son will go nowhere as well, as long as he is in that party. Dennis Kucinich, got nowhere. Ross Perot, got nowhere. Ralph Nader, got nowhere. You are only going to win if you are a republicrat and are willing to become an oligarch.

I do not trust anyone; no person and no party. Parties are violent. They have rules that they will enforce through violence. As soon as they are elected, they will become the king and, well…just click here. The old, “I’ve got mine now you go get yours.” Doesn’t matter who it is. Doesn’t matter which party wins. There is only one party…the logical party. You remember logic don’t you? It says don’t allow a foreign oil company to go to the Arctic Circle and start to siphon out oil from within when your own Department of the Interior says that there is a 75% chance of a major spill there. Why would O Bomb A allow this to happen? Answer: He was paid off to allow this to happen. That’s why on one side he says he will fight for the environment, while on the other he is allowing more destruction of if. Even if he were threatened, he was still paid off in that way. He has no balls. He’s a team player. Just like Bernie will become; a team player. I trust no one but me to take us out of this old and inhumane game of oligarchic monopoly enforced on us through tyrannical means and replace it with a just and righteous nation, which will spread around the world.

Bernie Saunders is going to do no more to lower the prison population, or the number of poor in this country, than Barack Obomba did to closed down Gitmo or end drone strikes. This game we have been playing will continue to be played without any real change. Change? Wasn’t that Obomba’s slogan? Change, or hope or something like that? What will Bernie’s slogan be? I know, “Change One Can Only Hope For.” Hahahahaha. Fools

Please, if you are truly thinking of voting for this guy because he is a “democrat you can trust,” then go back and explore the current POTUS and reread everything on this site. Follow every link and explore, read or watch what you come to. The only difference between a democrat and a republican is nothing other then where they stand on social issues. That’s it. But the economics they all agree on…and you can take that to the bank. Think about all that. So Bernie may bring you one thing that Obomba would have but didn’t, however, everything will keep spinning the same way it has for hundreds of years now. Forget Bernie, write me in for POTUS in 2016 and I will not take America back, but take you into the future.

Update: May 5, 2016

Wow, have you guys fooled the pundits. Not me though. I have met up with many of you and learned of your frustrations. They are the same frustrations that have others on the Trump side, only you are much more humane then them. I know that many of you view Bernie as the “outsider candidate”, but really, look at what you are voting for here.

Bernie has been in both the congress and the senate for some 25 years now. Granted, it was never as a republicrat, but rather an independent, but he has still been there for 25 years, so he knows people. He’s only been a democrat for a year now, and that was just to run for president much like Trump became a republican to do the same. And much like Trump, he too will surround himself with establishment people who have been running the country for decades now. One good observation though, I notice that Elizabeth Warren is the only member of the senate that hasn’t endorsed a candidate yet. Could it be that the reason she hasn’t done that yet is because she knows she will be Bernie’s vp should he get the nomination? You can be your bottom dollar on that. Although, they risk loosing that senate seat to a republican if she takes the job. Now I like these two, but it will be the same $y$tem as we have now.

I think that the democrats know that Elizabeth Warren adds a certain something, with the millennials, that the millennials are looking for. Especially with all that talk about school debt forgiveness. And she adds plausible deniability to the office and the party. She hasn’t been around too long, been in the education field, yup, she will deny truths with the greatest conviction in her heart that her words are truth. Plausible deniability. Meanwhile, the party will be running rickshaw over the pair.

I truly believe that even if Bernie doesn’t win the pledged delegates, he may be given the nomination by the super delegates for the simple fact that he is safer then Clinton. And he is. This election, if it is Clinton v. Trump, will be noting but a mud slinging, bullshit, reality TV show. It will be Trump the outsider v. Clinton the establishment. And really, who do you think is going to win? I would vote for Bernie before I would vote for Hillary or Trump, however, I could never vote for Hillary, so what would I do if I had not worked for Trump in the past and was not writing in myself for president? I’d either sit it out, or vote for the winning ticket because I know Hillary all too well and would rather throw the dice on Donald and see what happens than have her. Like Ben Carson said, even if we don’t like him, it’s only four years. Yeah, only four years. And even though Hillary’s numbers beat out Trump’s, it will be just a matter of time before he has America turned off to her and her husband and those numbers will begin to fall just like they did when Bernie started to get known. A lot of people don’t know Trump at all, so.... If the democratic party is smart, they would get Bernie in line and give him the championship.

That’s another thing I’ve also noticed with Bernie, he has been falling more in line with the dems. He’s talking like he made his decision that if he doesn’t win, he will still remain in the party to help defeat Trump. Or more to the point, to help them put the Hill-da-beast and her crooked husband back in the White House. Oh, yeah, he’ll be a good boy. And what will you voters do? Vote for Trump? Sit it out? Vote a third party? I know I would never vote for Hillary. If you want to vote for the lesser of two evils, Sanders is your man. But we all know what’s going to happen if the choice comes down to the other two. Shame too, cause Your guy could legitimize the democratic party.

There’s another thing that needs to be mentioned here, Sander’s meeting with the Pope. How cool was that? He get’s an invitation to the Vatican, then a “chance” meeting with Pope Francis the next morning. Sure it was “chance”? The Pope is on Bernie’s side when it comes to the environment and income inequality. It’s a sad state of affairs when we can truly say that it is strange how the only person acting like a Christian in this race at all, is Bernie Sanders, a Jew and the Pope would want to meet with him? Well, Jesus was a Jew; why not?

It has been over five months since I last wrote in here, and as I sit here the only thing I can think of is still how much Bernie has you all fooled. It is obvious that the Dems have it in for him by the way they have tilted this race to favor Hillary Clinton. But even with his being seen as an outsider and all his rhetoric of a “political revolution”, Bernie Sanders is fooling you all. There is gong to be no revolution even if he wins the White House. Why? Because he is a democrat. He is still an establishment candidate. Not as much as Hillary, but still... He will play the game according to the democrat play book. Sorry folks, but that’s how it goes.

Here is where Bernie lost it. At first, he came out with the talk of a political revolution, the need to raise the minimum wage and student loan forgiveness. All very popular with progressive liberals, but not with the establishment. See how Donald Trump said something that pissed off the establishment base, but was true and had to be said by someone, that George Bush didn’t keep this country safe as 9-11 happened during his watch? Bravo Mr. Trump, but could Bernie ever say something like that about a democrat and stick to his guns? Would he even try to? Bernie was an independent all those years because he understood how the republicrat party worked. He’s not talking about jailing the corrupt politicians. That’s why he lost the pledged delegates race, he didn’t talk it up good enough.

It truly has to be said that your candidate has the most enthusiastic followers. More than Trump, it’s just that you guys have more control then the Trump supporters...well, inside, at least. Outside at the Trump rallies are another story. I know what you are really seeking is a leader like me; one who will bring to justice those who have tyrannized against the American people and the world. And a leader with the vision like I have of a more just world; a world where we all become one and take care of each other. I just hope that you agree with the plan.

Your man is a pretty good guy, it’s just that he really is part of the establishment of the republicrat party. The lesser of two evils yes, yet still a part of it nonetheless. I really hope he beats Hillary. Not really, because I have a pretty good feeling that if it comes down to a Clinton v. Trump, there very well could, and should, be a revolution; a real one, not some political revolution like Bernie speaks about. Or the dems can give it to Bernie and the people will be content with a “good-guy” in office. That’s what’s going to happen if they put up Sanders against Trump. Sanders will pacify the people who will vote for him and make no further waves. That, in turn, would have the dems doing whatever they wanted. But the people will pick Bernie over Trump, number one because I will see to it should I choose to, and number two because Bernie will also be seen as and outsider, and in this contested battle over the soul of our country I believe the people will choose an outsider with a little experience and offering social (Christian) programs over an “outsider” who has spent his life making money for himself and never considering the plight of the 99% or what politics really entails. Because Hillary is the same as Trump, but Bernie is not. They will want to because Bernie has no skeletons in his closet, at least we haven’t heard of any...yet. But have it the other way around and I am quite sure the people will choose Trump over Hillary, any day...well, those under 45. Good luck to you and your man.

Update: May 26, 2016

Yesterday, I uploaded an update on the Clinton page, where I stated that Bernie would out wit Donald Trump in a debate. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel, and this afternoon, at his first press conference after gaining all the delegates needed to win the republican championship, Donald Trump challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate. This is good for the Sanders supporters. This is designed to knock out Clinton. Trump doesn’t understand that a contest for president against him and Sanders would be a fight for the soul of our country. He thinks the country will be on the side of greed over humanity; Christianity. This is why he is going for it. If this debate was to happen before June 7th, which I’ll bet he is gearing towards, and even if this debate was to just happen before the conventions, it could show the democratic super delegates that this race would definitely be a different race than if it were with Clinton, and that may get the super delegates to change their votes from her to Bernie. I wonder if he will have the courage.

Update: June 5, 2016

Okay, so Trump wiggled out of the debate. He can read the writing on the wall. It is now two days before the California primary. It doesn’t appear that Guccifer has gotten known to the American people yet. It could be part of a conspiracy, or maybe not. In either case, I still believe that Bernie Sanders can get three million more votes then Hillary, in California. Bernie is more eco-friendly to the mother earth. Bernie is against fracking, whereas Hillary is a “drill, baby, drill” kind of gal. There has been a run on democratic voting ballots in California. You think the millions registering as democrats are registering to vote against Bernie? They can only vote democrat. So, in either case it will be Hillary or Bernie, against Donnie. If everyone in the news is already saying that Hillary will be the next democratic presidential candidate, then what reason would they have to vote for her on Tuesday when she will be on the ballot on November 8th, and it is that vote that really counts? No. The millennials are lining up to give it to Bernie. Ha, ha. Everyone in college today did not vote for president in 2012. How many college students, under-grads, do you suppose are in California? Three million maybe? I have no idea, but we will see. Bernie will not only win California, but will emerge with the most number of total votes cast by the people voting in his race. He will have won more of the pledge delegates by popular vote, but Hillary will claim the super delegates make her the winner and this is where the fun begins. I have a feeling that no matter who has more pledged delegates come the convention, the country will probably know who Guccifer is. Let’s all grab some popcorn and watch this movie; see how it unfolds. Enjoy the ride. I’ll hit you up next week.

Update June 10, 2016

Hahahahaha. Wow was I wrong! I kind of knew I would be. I have no idea how many people vote in Californian and I know the democrats are not going to give the championship to someone who just became a democrat just to run in this race they had already anointed to Hillary Clinton, years ago. The supers will never switch their vote to Bernie unless there is something that happens between now and the DNC. Guccifer could pop his head back up at any time, so you’ve got that to hope for.

Bernie is going to stick to the plan the democrats drew up last summer. What I mean by that is that he will not only campaign against Donald Trump, but he will support Hillary, which means he supports fracking and any stupid vote Clinton made for any war. So you see, you’ve already lost. Sure, anything could happen between now and the next month and a half, but if it doesn’t, you are going to see Bernie truly sell out. There is no way I could ever support anyone who supports fracking. But Bernie will. I am willing to bet that Bernie knows the real Hillary Clinton and knows just how dangerous it will be for this country if they put another republicrat in office and he is not going to tell you. He is going to dummy up and allow it to happen. I will, however, offer Mr. Sanders a shot at redemption.

Let’s say something happens with Guccifer and we find out that of the many E-mails he downloaded when he hacked into Clinton’s server, many have been deemed classified since. You see kids, that is why it is illegal for anyone to do what she did. Maybe the rest of the people will learn why this is not a kosher practice. If this E-mail thing should surface before the convention, they will give it to Bernie who will name Elizabeth Warren as his running mate and the activist community will breath a sigh of belief and stop protesting as much. They will believe that a pair of democrats will change the world...yeah, right. You know what, the earth may just respond in kind. But, “the chance of that happening is slim to none and slim is out of town.” If that were to happen after the convention, but before the election, then you are in a pickle. She will definitely loose no matter who her running mate is and you will have Bernie to blame for this. Doesn’t matter who wins anyway, Clinton or Trump, the country is screwed. And should this come about after she has been sworn in, it will be an embarrassment to the nation. But that is not what you should be worried about. What you should be worried about is what will happen once you put one of those hawks in office. There will be much suffering.

This is my proposal. Bernie, if you are reading this, leave the democrats and return to being the independent I’ve known and loved up to the day you became a democrat. Announce you are running as an independent and name me as your running mate. I guarantee that the team of Sanders and Levite will win, over any other candidates out there. Let me explain.

I believe that this democratic socialism Bernie speaks of is exactly what is in this web site. I have been an activist at heart since the 70’s and a full-time activist since the age of 26 when I worked for Trump and organized a bus trip from my school to Washington D.C., to march in the anti-Gulf war march in January of 1991. (I know, we were about 10 days too late. So what?) I even got bet-up over doing that by another Trump employee. Most of my experiences and what I have been doing and the knowledge I have learned over my years are written down here in this huge web site. You would have to admit that this is the plan all you Bernie supporters would be into if you knew it existed. So let’s do this.

This movement that you guys have built is huge. You Bernie or bust folks already give him enough support that he could get in the presidential debates against Clinton, Trump and probably Johnson. With me on his ticket, what will Trump say or do? Remember, I used to work for Donald Trump at his flagship casino in Atlantic City, the Trump Plaza. My book, will really bring about interesting debates. We would pretty much put the fire out on the republican party candidate.

Another benefit of a Sanders/Levite ticket is this web site here. Again, I am not, nor have I ever been, an elected office holder. So what could the press say about it...espically after they read the logic contained within? Like Trump, I can say and do things that the politicians cannot. And Bernie has no party to appease, so to say that I want to arrest the republicrats, well, I’m sure that is a feeling that Bernie might not say, but shares as well. The press has always given Donald Trump a break when it comes to the bullshit he says; they will have to do the same with me. And trust me, I know this site is full of anger towards a lot of people and you guys are wondering if I would be stable enough to be the vice president, but you must understand that all the anger comes from having to live in a hypocritical, lying, republicrat world of tyranny enforced through capitalism. Bernie does this and my anger will disappear like water in a cup left outside for a week. After 16 years you will have the world I write about here and all without ever having to resort to a violent revolution. The two of us, along with you, will see to that.

I am very sorry that you do not know my name like you do Bernie’s, that is probably my fault. I put my trust in a person I thought would help lead this revolution and she turned out to be either a confidential informant, or the dumbest person in the world. My plan has failed due to this person who is making sure that the entire world does not read of this plan for a better New World. Okay, so I screwed up. This part of the plan will now never happen. However, if one or two of you Sanders fans agree with this update then make sure he reads this. Thanks to Donna, I’m not doing 24/7 live streaming, so you really have no idea what my personality is like. I know it’s too late to start now, plus I have no help and without another person here excited to help out it is not going to happen. My only wish is that enough of you have been reading this site and discussing its merits. By that I mean someone who has Bernie’s ear.

Bernie Sanders can remain and act like a democrat up to the convention. He can go through the motions as if every thing is purring right along. He can wait to see if Guccifer pops up. But should he not pop up, and should Bernie not be able to switch the supers, then it is then that he should seriously consider leaving the party and running as an independent write-in candidate. It would be the right thing to do. At that point he contacts me and the healing begins. We go over this web site and discuss what was written and how any of the statements could hurt us and make plans for what to do if they should be met with any resistance. He then makes the announcement and we run.

This announcement that Bernie will make will have to be made with truths. He must state why it was he entered the contest (his knowledge of Clinton and desire to bring peace to the world) and make the statement that if elected as president we will work 100% at ending fracking, drilling, digging and excavating for fossil fuels. This is what separates Bernie and myself from the rest of the field. It is obvious that the democrats have no anti-fossil fuel plan that acts as if this is a moral imperative, which it is. So if Bernie is serious about ending fossil fuels, raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour, or ending the militarization of the police, private prisons with record prisoner populations, or even legalizing marijuana, all of which have been discussed in this site and logically show the benefits from doing all of this, then he has to grab his balls and tell the truth; the truth that he never agreed with the republicrat platform in the first place and only joined to run for president and make himself and our platform known. He does this, he gets my admiration, support, commitment and apology. He does this and he will get the White House as well. Together, we will ease everyone out of representative tyrannical capitalism and into the new democratic economic $y$tem I call Christianity (you can call it democratic socialism or whatever else you wish).

There is one thing that concerns me with that meeting that Bernie had with the president and vice president yesterday and that is what was really said. I am quite sure that Joe Biden is just the democrats “token” member. In that, he is really not in on the secrete reason for their platform. He really thinks he is doing good and he has plausible deniability for what he does or says. So I am willing to bet all he did was put a guilt trip on Bernie about him being a team player. O Bomb A, I’m not too sure of. He may have threatened Bernie. If he did, then Bernie needs to come clean and tell us. There is no way no one would not believe him. And if this is just me being paranoid, then what does he really have to lose and all to gain?

So to Bernie and his followers I say this, we can win this. We really can, but it will take Bernie being honest with the American people. He will definitely have high enough national polling numbers to enter him into each and every presidential debate. With that, I will be in each and every vice presidential debate. And with me, Bernie and these words of wisdom contained here in, we will win every debate and on November 8, 2016, the election. The meek shall inherit the earth. You just have to help it out, there will be no savior. What do you say?

Update: Later that afternoon.

While updating the Clinton Supporters page, I realized something that I didn’t realize yesterday when I wrote the earlier update. If you take the super delegates away from Hillary and give them to Bernie, he still doesn’t have enough delegates to win the nomination. So in any case, she wins the championship and advances to the super bowl.

Today, while working on the Clinton update, I wrote this: Yesterday saw quite an attack on Donald Trump by the surrogates of Clinton. This is not going to be an easy win for Trump, yet I still believe he will win. We’ll see. They hit him hard and Trump really didn’t quell it today. Then, we find out that yesterday’s heroin met with today’s presumptive democratic nominee. Looks like Hillary has read the writing on the wall and realizes that the only shot she has with beating Trump is with either Sanders or Warren (to make her appear more to the left than she really is) on her ticket. And you guys wanna know something? Just because a real democrat like Beth is on the ticket, doesn’t mean it is going to be a good presidency. All the v.p. does is attend state funerals, dinners and waits, as a stand in, “just in case’”. Those are the vice president’s only functions. Anything else they may do, like on the job training, is up to the pleasure of the president. In fact, I’ll bet a lot of you didn’t know that their is no law, or any rule, that says the president has to have a vice president. So who would jumped in if anything ever happened to the president? Why the speaker of the house, of course. They really run the country. But I am willing to bet that Hillary will choose Beth, and it will be up to her to decide, “Do I accept this offer and work with this evil person who is a shill for Wall Street, do I finally leave this corrupt party and join with Bernie in a truly independent ticket, or do I just decline to say I want to keep my senate seat?” Think about it. Hahaha. Tell you what though, if Beth decides to sellout because it sounds easier, Bernie and me might just run. Don’t worry, we’ll leave Beth out of it.

Update: June 16, 2016

The following was posted at this time as well and is placed on The Plan page.

Change in plans; and this one is even better than above.

How to explain…

Bernie Sanders will lead #ourRevolution. It’s perfect, and neither side will have to fire a shot. I have been a big Bernie fan since the 90’s. People would always ask me who I would chose for VP if I were to run for president. They really liked me. I used to say Bernie Sanders. Not as much lately though. That ended in the last decade. I just felt that even though he was an independent, he had been there too long and would probably do nothing about the corruption there. Even though I have been saying some awful things about Mr. Sanders, now I’m starting to #fealtheburn.

Bernie has built a huge movement. Even though he will not be able to get on the ballet before November, he can still be written in. That’s democracy at work. Bernie will work for the Democrats and wait it out to see if anything should happen with Hillary by that time that they would give it to him. So he stays in and waits. I don’t really want Bernie Sanders to run as a democrat for president and neither do they. I am sure that in any situation with Clinton, they will either give it to her, or some other establishment candidate; my guess, Hillary. So then what?

This is where we make our move. Bernie announces after the convention that he will be running a write in campaign and names me as his running mate. And we can win. This is genius. The Bernie or Bust folks will definitely be able to pole high enough to get him into the debates with Trump and Clinton, and possible Gary Johnson, who just needs six more points to make it in. That’s beautiful, because it will also enter me into the VP debates. Me, being an ex-Trump employee and having written a book on him 24 years ago, will neutralize him. And since I am not a politician like Bernie, this web site will bury Clinton, especially after what I heard and did some investigating on. If this isn’t mainstream before the convention, it will be afterwards. This is going to be perfect.

The revolution is over and done and without a gun. Bernie will transition us out of the tyranny, give me on-the-job training, introduce me around, while as VP I will work on the new economic plan to be instituted by the end of the term, meet with other world leaders and help with prosecuting the corrupt government employees. The plan for me is to be out of Washington and back to living my life hopefully by the end of the Sanders presidency. I’m not too sure I’d want to run for president. I still want to lock everyone up, but this plan sounds like something that we can at least all agree with. It really would be an embarrassment if we had to do it like above this update and take to the streets like Gene Sharp teaches. I feel it coming though, peace. There’s gonna be a new sheriff in town, if we all pull together as a team. It’s now up to Bernie to do the right thing.

Update: July 8, 2016

Bernie, you’re scaring me.  I don’t feel like I need to keep writing, yet my core belief tells me that I could be completely wrong.  My new belief tells me this is really happening, but the core one tells me it never could.  I do not want to be wrong, so I keep writing hoping that this is the last thing I will have write to get your attention.

What I am going to do here is make my pitch to you for my running with Bernie Sanders as his vice presidential pick.  There are many people for him to choose from and many of you may be thinking Jill Stein, but Jill is a Green Party member who has her party’s nomination.  Her party will not allow Bernie to run with her and I doubt she will leave her party to be with him.  No.  Our only hope for saving this world would be if Bernie left the Democratic Party, went back to being an Independent and ran for president under a write-in campaign, naming me as his running mate.

This year’s election, as it stands now, will be a pick between the lesser of two evils.  It is not, I like Trump over Clinton or Clinton over Trump because I like what they are saying.  Most of the people know the evils both would bring to the presidency, but those that I have talked to have said to me that they know Trump is an evil s.o.b., but they know Hillary all too well and even if they don’t know what exactly Trump will do, they are sure they know what Clinton will.  So do I.  Other than the other’s base being disturbingly pro candidate, the other Americans out there cannot stand either one.  They are truly the number one and number two, when it comes to presidential candidate dislikeability, in American history.  That is saying a lot about this election.  Mostly, that the voters will vote for the one they like the least, rather than what they like in the other guy, or just filling out an empty ballot thus showing their disgust with the choices and asking for a do over.

If it had not been for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton would not have taken the positions she has since the start of this race.  She has now stated that she want’s to raise the minimum wage above 10 dollars.  Still a pittance, but at least a start.  She cannot say she want’s to raise the minimum wage over 4 dollars an hour because that would put Wal-Mart, who makes around 7 grand per employee, out of business and she used to be on the board up and to the point when she became first lady.  Just think about that and what that could mean for a minute or two.  Also, she has finally came around to opposition of the TPP.  That took a very long time for her to come around to.  See, the deal is bad for America, but not for her.  I still believe that her saying she will leave the TPP is a lie, as she will support the “Gold Standard” of trade deals, as she put it, that  President O Bomb A is so corruptly pushing for.  But the big trade off she made this past week was for the party to embrace free tuition to public run colleges.  I’ve been calling for that since I wrote my book Justification for the Fourth American Revolution, over 20 years ago.  I’m sure Bernie has been as well.  May be even longer.  However, I believe one of the reasons for these “compromises” was to get Bernie’s ringing endorsement.  More importantly, the main reason for these compromises (which is the way the democratic party should be) is that Hillary and the other democrats don’t want Bernie Sanders leaving the party (even though they didn’t want him in the party in the first place) and taking all his voters with him.  That would kill them as a party, especially if Bernie decided to run as a write-in.  So just remember, Hillary Clinton and Little Debbie acquiesced to Bernie Sanders, kicking and screaming the entire way.  Don’t ever forget that.  And don’t ever forget that they tried to have only three democratic debates in order to eliminate him...and it worked.

That is one of the reasons why people feel they cannot trust Hillary Clinton.  Another was what we all saw from the FBI this week on her server controversy.  Facts are facts.  Hillary Clinton did violate the law for reasons the law was put in place.  She lied to everyone about never sending or receiving any classified materials and the FBI has no clue who might have gotten in that server, downloaded all those emails and read them.  Blackmail city.  No blackmail with me and Bernie; no sir.  I’m sure Bernie has no skeletons in his closet and I’m not ashamed to admit mine, so we could never be extorted.  Hillary?   Donald?  Lots of skeletons there.  Hillary cares too much about her reputation that if someone had the goods on Chelsea being Web Hubble’s daughter, Hillary would invade a country at the cost of thousands of lives just to keep it a secrete.  Not that she would go to jail over it, it would just embarrass her.  And think about all the criminality she has been accused of.  What if just one of those is really true?  I have explanations for everything I done in life, so bring it on.  I have no shame.  No one should.

Bernie Sanders will be telling us, with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, that she is not only a better-qualified candidate than Donald Trump, but that she is someone we can trust as well.  But to that I have to say, poppycock.  I don’t believe for a second that Bernie Sanders is willing to do that.  I’m sure Rosario Dawson and Susan Sarandon, or even Trey, do not believe that as well.  The democrats are lying to themselves if they think that Hillary can beat Donald Trump with or without Bernie’s help.  Donald has this election if Bernie stays a democrat. He believes it and Bernie better as well.  I am telling you, I have talked to many people who are voting for Trump just to give the finger to Hillary.  These are our people.  When given the choice of the lesser of two evils they will go with the television star (Ronnie Ray-gun, Jesse the Body, to name two) they don’t really know but don’t mind, over the devil they know and hate.  But throw in a third candidate speaking the hopes of the future of economic freedom and a crackdown on government corruption and that is what is on everyone under 45’s mind.  Do that and we’ll have a whole new ball game.  Who do you think would win that?

Bernie knows as well as the rest of us that Hillary is not qualified for this job.  She has made the wrong choices over the past with her vote to go to war with Iraq, to her stance on the TPP, to her view on the minimum wage.  And of course, her setting up a private server in her own home which I really don’t have to get into right now on why that was just wrong.  If  Bernie endorses her he endorses her and I really doubt Bernie can endorse this fraud.  Enter the team of Sanders/Levite. 

The advantage of choosing me as a running mate, over anyone else, is this web site right here and all I have done over my years learning how to lead people, not simply managing them and the land, much like they teach in college and the republicrats love to do.  Bernie is on the same wavelength as me, only he is in public office and too scared to say what it is I do on this site.  Trust me (I really hate saying that…believe me…nope, same thing), we are what true American’s want.  Bernie can say, “Mr. Levite has had many problems over the decades when dealing with the police and court systems and has gained much experience from that.  However, his experiences are not mine, or yours probably, yet they do exist and many of you know about it.  I can understand why Lou does not trust the police and he has a point, but his views of law enforcement as a whole are not shared with me.  But of course we both went in different directions with our activism, and appearances, and unfortunately his appearance is looked down at by the police.”  Now, if that doesn’t sound like Bernie Sanders, I don’t know what would.  I am the alter ego of Bernie that he wants to release.  But first we have to get known to the American people.  Level headed Bernie and screaming Lou (not literally), they might say. 

The most important facts about this web site is its none partisanship.  If Bernie stays a democrat the people will never learn of this site, other than those who find it in a search engine.  I have sent out links to this site to Bernie, Hillary, Donald and just about every news pundit and news organization out there.  They should all know about this, yet the rest of you never found out.  Well, not until Bernie directed you here.  But Trump would never direct you to the Clinton page, because his page is just as disturbing.  Same way Hillary won’t direct you to Trump’s page because she doesn’t want you to read her’s.  And the press will not direct you to either page because they are guilty for these two being made nominees.  Not only that, but there is my first book.  How will they deal with those accusations?  What would the people do to Trump?  It’s not like they never suspected anything like that, it just they don’t care.  This election will be one for the soul of America.  The choice is simple, republicrats evil, libertarians and greeners don’t go far enough, right on, a choice I can live with!  See, it’s that simple.

The republicrats will never unify this country.  The division is too great.  Each side takes the position that favors their party.  One year they are saying something about something having to do with their side, then the next year, when the shoe is on the other foot, they are claiming the opposite.  It is whatever suits them.  Hillary lies.  David Petraeus gets charged for giving classified information to his biographer, who he had an affair with, but Hillary doesn’t for giving classified information to her lawyers, because why?  Bernie, do you agree with this?  Republicans complaining about filibusters when they did they very same thing years ago.  It is whatever suites their purposes at the time.  No truth in what either side says.  Never!  That is why two very independent candidates who can tell the truth about both sides, giving jeers and cheers to each side equally, can only gain the trust of not only the American people who just want to live their lives without all the political fallout they live under, but those who belong to any party as well. 

As president, Bernie will do all that is expected of a president and leader and not of a manager.  As vice president I will do my basic duties: attending state dinners and funerals, be president of the senate and NASA, and continue being the activist I have always been.  With my team I will put together a road map of the future.  We will even make a computer game based on it to show the public how it would work and I will complete this section here.  You will lose your fear of the government.  We will lead you to a better life.  One of where the government will begin to fear you, rather then what we have now.  After four years it will be your choice if you want to follow my new discipline, or continue with what you know, and don’t really fear?  You fear the unknown.  I say, give us a shot.

It has been stated that Bernie Sanders plans to meet with Hillary Clinton this Tuesday, July 12th.  It is said that this is where and when he will give his blessings to her.  That is scaring me.  Really, I cannot believe, as well as the Sanders supporters probably cannot believe, that Bernie would remarkably to do this and not run as an independent.  If he does this, he supports Hillary’s positions on fracking, drilling, digging and stripping for fossil fuels.  I do not care if he agrees with her on the TPP or free tuition, the evil she brings to the office overshadows, even negates, any good she might bring in.  He cannot bring up the Wall Street transcripts.  She will continue O Bomb A’s drone bombings, in his and our names, and I guess he would be fine with it.  But I am willing to bet my life that he will not do that.  He broke my heart once, I doubt he would do it again.  But should he, I wouldn’t want to live.  This is the last election we get before the destruction of the earth is irreversible.  If Bernie really cared about saving the planet and those on it he would give the dems the finger and run with me as true independents. 

So why am I “screaming” as loud as I am?  Because, even though I do not like many of you, I still love each and every one of you.  That’s my problem.  Not only that, but as the cultural anthropologist and human being that I’ve been this past half century, I understand you as well.  Some things I don’t understand.  I am not gay, so I do not understand what it is like to be attracted to another man, but I have friends in both sexes who are.  Unlike the “Christian” politicians who make laws to prohibit that “behavior”, I would never ask for such laws just because I do not understand it.  To quote Dan Aykroyd, “we mock what we don’t understand.”  I could only love you the same as the next man, or woman.  I might not like single mothers enough to fall in love with one, but I still love them as the misguided (in this society) people that they are.  My daughter is a single mother and my beliefs in single motherhood started long before she made me a grandpa.  As your vice president, I will host weekly, or biweekly, or even for an hour each day, a live stream broadcast where I will address your concerns and help you to deal with those in our governments.  I am also “screaming” this loud because I know the time is short and this is our last chance.  The responsible grownups better take control or the greedy little kids will ruin it for us all.  I hate to say this, but didn’t the Bible story about the great flood go that it was created by God to kill off just a few corrupt individuals who corrupted the people and start over?  Hope not.  So you see why this is important to me.  My core beliefs are again telling me that it will never happen, while my new beliefs are telling me to relax, it’s all going to happen.  And if it doesn’t happen, and I find my self all alone next week, it is for sure that I am dropping out of society to enjoy the last years (or even months) this country has left.

Here is how I feel Bernie should handle his meeting with Hillary on Tuesday.  He needs to tell her that her position on the environment just wont do for him or his followers and therefore he will be withdrawing from the democratic party to run as an independent.  After which, he makes that announcement to everyone else.  He states that his running mate will be disclosed very soon.  Get on a plane and go phishing with me.  Text me and I will tell you where to meet me.  We announce at the second of two shows, party with the heads, and we got a movement.  Remember, I have danced with millions.  Over and done, and Without A Gun.   The rest of us will all meet up for introductions in August.  Peace to you all.


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Gene Sharp

Above is a link to the movie, “How to start a revolution”.  This is Gene Sharp’s techniques for waging a successful revolution.  My plan calls for a tactic by Gene Sharp that I have been calling for, but that most are afraid of.  In this film, a man explains how it worked between 32 and 39 minutes into the film.  It is in Portuguese subtitles.