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Messege To Humanity

To The Trump Supporters

Listen up, because I worked three years for Donald Trump (his casinos are rigged), so I know “The Donald”, and you people really have to grow up.  My guess is that you are the most immature of all the voters, the ones that are the most uneducated and/or mesmerized by his wealth and fame and toys and woman and money.  Face it.  You love it all.  You wish you had the same, but you don’t and you are nowhere close to even acting a little like you had something.  So, for now, until you win the lotto, you will live vicariously though him and his persona; not having a clue what he had to do to get that rich.  And maybe, just maybe, if you vote for him to be president of the United States, you too will all have the riches that he has.  Yeah, right.

First off, Donald Trump came from money, well-established money stemming from the 19th century.  Rumor has it that Fred Trump, Donald’s father, made his millions as a slumlord, but if you investigate him further you will see he didn’t care who he ripped off.  This “Donald” is not as All-American as he would have you believe.

Second, let’s see where he went to high school.  Oh, the New York Military Academy, a nice private school.  Let’s see how much a year it will cost you today…oh, there you go…only some 37 grand to go to that school.  So, how many of you folks out there that want to vote for Trump can afford to send their children to this school?  Who knows, maybe if you vote for him you will all be able to afford it, for now, just wonder what it would be like to even make 37 grand a year when the median wage in the US per person is $26,695.

Oh, but further examination of the New York Military Academy shows that it closed down this year after only 126 years of operation.  And look at that, even John Gotti Jr. went to that school.  Well, they sure know how to pump out those kids.  I wonder who else in history has gone to that school?  Let’s see if we can find out.  I’m sure Donald Trump could have saved this school which gave him such a great education, but it just wasn’t profitable enough.  You see, Donald Trump’s loyalties lie with profits, not education.  He could keep this school afloat, but who needs education?  Or maybe it’s just because he went to that school kicking and screaming as his parents forced him there due to his disciplinary shenanigans.  Oh well, it must not have been that great of a school or else he would have sent his own children there and he would have saved it.

Third, where did he go to college and when?  So, rich boy graduates from the Military Academy and goes to a couple of colleges where he graduates from The University Of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School of Business.  The year was 1968.  Allow me to digress:

    I know what it is sort of like to grow up with money.  Not so much millions of dollars like this kid grew up with, but I am talking about amounts that would guarantee that I lived the middle to upper middle class lifestyle and would never go without.  I could get items buy nagging, whereas, the worse off kid got a smack down for doing the same.  I saw what being a businessman could bring each Christmas.  The presents from the different salesman to my father, who was a buyer, were impressive.  We always seemed to have a little more then the average Joe. 

    I too went to a private school, which cost more then the college I attended.  Only I went just for my freshman year.  But, wealthy white privilege was definitely known to me at a young age.  It started around 8 or 9  years of age, when I learned from school that my black friends used to be slaves to the rich white men.  Oh yes, that type of information definitely brings that feeling of superiority to a very young white boy.  There wasn’t much racism in the house.  Mom wasn’t, but dad came from a once large, all white, town and would let out a crack every now and then.  I’m not too sure he believed any of it though.  You’d hear stuff from neighborhood kids as well.  Perhaps we should stop teaching our blight to our children.  Remember that slavery had not even ended a century earlier at this time.  Most of The Three Stooges, were still alive.  But getting back to that private school I went to my freshman year of high school, good education, but the other students who attended were from the one-percent of those in life.  There were only 25, give or take, students in my class of which we were divided into two classes.  If there was one thing I learned while attending that yuppie larva factory, it was that pompous breeds pompous.  So the fact that this man went to an over priced private high school doesn’t impress me one bit.  I’m sure he came out more stuck-up then when he went in.  (I couldn’t take it so much that left after one year to go back to public school.)  Off to college and draft avoidance, until he graduated.  After graduation he had to come up with some kind of an excuse to keep him out of serving his country in time of war.  He wasn’t going to go into the service of this country willingly.  His plans were to live long enough to become very rich.  He came up with some foot problem.  Ask him today which foot it was and he could not tell you.  It obviously doesn’t bother him today and he seems to have forgotten all about which foot it was.  Dude should have just gotten married like my father did - lot easier deferment.  He wanted to take his time with that, so…ouch, my foot.

Trump’s grandfather (not of good genes), born in Germany as Friedrich Drumpf, later changed to Fred Trump, (and whom Donald could be the reincarnation of) was quite an interesting person, but he died around 1918 during the influenza epidemic.  He had unconventional methods for getting rich, which you can read about here, explaining his influence on his grandson.  His grandmother still ran the business as Elizabeth Trump and Son.  His father, Fred Trump, Jr.,  (the “and Son”) was a multimillionaire when Donald went into and came out of college.  Donald got backing for his business ideas the same way I got my backing for my business ideas: daddy.  He had the leg up from the start and was making multimillion-dollar deals for his father’s company right out of college.  He knew how to make money.  For that he got the keys to the kingdom and renamed the company to, The Trump Organization.  I, on the other hand, had a problem with acquiring money or the keys to my father’s kingdom (he had by then a multi-national importing business), as I had  became a Christian during college and knew that Jesus had said that a rich man can no more get into heaven than a camel could go through the eye of a needle.  Well, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that getting rich wasn’t what life is about.  My father was self-made, Donald Trump’s father got his from his father who gave it to his son.  I was the only true Christian in the bunch.  So when you hear pundits say that Trump is a self-made billionaire, yes, because his millions came from daddy.  But don’t believe he or his father were ever self-made at all.  He is still new money (you can tell by the way he puts his name on everything), but his children are now from old money.  I’d be embarrassed of daddy if I were any of them.  I loved it when Ivanka appeared on Saturday Night Live with her father and when she came out for her part, no one clapped.  No one knows who she is and no one cares.  You would not believe the lifestyle these kids had growing up.  They, and really I mean this, but, they, would rather not be in a room with you, as their father wouldn’t and would have no clue as to what your lifestyle is like compared to theirs.  They just know it is beneath them.  I know this because I observed this behavior my freshman year in high school. 

So go ahead.  Vote for Donald Trump, your hero.  He’s so rich.  He gets the hottest wives.  Jesus, he has a son named Barron.   He’s so good at business.  We need him as our leader.  If we elect Trump, we will all be as rich as he is one day.  If you elect Trump, maybe your child can go to the same high school as Trump’s children attended.  Oh, wait, that school costs over $56,000 a year to attend…guess you’ll keep dreaming of winning the lotto before your child enters high school and then maybe he or she too can get that leg up in life.  You’re never gonna learn, but please try to.  Click on the videos to the right and the links on this page.

Do you people think this is some kind of a joke - a popularity contest?  You don’t see the oligarchy through the plutocrats.  You pick Trump and it is for sure that you will have picked a true plutocrat.  You people need to learn what you are about to do.  Give this guy the power and he will for sure start wars just to enrich his and his friend’s wallet.   Shit, W. did just that, but does Trump have a brother as George has that is a banker like Neil?  Now he’s gone and hired people from the Koch crime family. Are you folks catching on yet?  Are you COY?

Trump says he loves the Jewish people.  Of course he does.  His daughter Ivanka is Jewish.  Meet Ivanka’s husband here and her  father-in-law here. She is also a close friend of Chelsea Clinton, who also is married to a Jew, so don’t ever expect Trump to say anything mean about Chelsea’s mother unless it comes down to the two of them.  And he will never have an  unkind thing to say about the Jewish people.    They are all just a bunch of rich buddies that hang out from time to time.  Trust me, if either of these very rich candidates should win the presidency, the other will gain many riches from this friendship.  Bill and Hillary are worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars and both know they are now in that league of the very rich and want to hobnob with them.  They are also very friendly with Alan Greenspan, the man who regulated the money and his wife, Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC anchorperson.  C.O.Y.?

Get over it.  These people are out of your league.  Each and every one of you will never be as rich as he is.  First off, he is a billionaire.  There are only about 400 (393 last I checked) of those in this country.  And second, because the only way you can become very rich, like the Donald, is by underpaying your employees and/or overcharging your customers.  So tell me, how do you all get to be billionaires?  Are you willing to do such an anti-Christian thing?  Us moral people who don’t even believe in your God would never treat a fellow human being with such disrespect.  Wake up and think about it.  It’s a pipe dream that one could only call the American Dream.

Revolution by evolution is your only hope.  You have to evolve before you can revolve.  Again, the only way to become like the millionaires and billionaires is to under pay and over charge.  Really, you’re willing to do that?  Are you really willing to use your friends and neighbors to get rich off of, while they collect food stamps?  This is why you have to evolve before you can revolve.  Once you evolve and see your fellow human beings as your brothers and sisters and not as people you can make a buck off of, can the revolution begin.

As you can all tell, Donald Trump has a super ego.  It’s really huge.  This should tell you something.  It tells me a lot.  Enough to write an entire book about, no doubt.  But that’s a subject for another story.  Right now, though, we need to talk about this huge ego of the Donald’s and how it kind of borderline’s on narcissism.

Donald Trump was born to a rich white male.  This, of course, increased his chances of becoming rich himself to, well, pretty much in the bag.  He went to the best private schools.  His parents probably over praised the little brat rather than teach him moral lessons.  Although, they did send him to the military school at 13 because he was a bit of a pain in the ass.  He admits that in the first video on the right.  If you were born to a family like that as a white male, who went to the best private schools and learned as late as when he was in the 3rd or 4th grade (around 1953) that rich people like him used to own black people, you too would have manifested that huge ego as well; unless you held a Christian philosophy, then you would be a little embarrassed.  This ego perpetuated his life style, which just added back to his already huge ego, making it even more huge.  It’s self replicating and will never end.  So I see this ego not as an ego born out of being a successfully kind human being, but one born, very early, out of white privilege

Trump’s super ego is dangerous in my opinion.  And his ego really scares me.  Above I spoke about you not being able to see the plutocrats through the oligarchy.  What did I mean by that?  I meant exactly that.  Our government is run by an oligarchy of plutocrats.  Donald Trump is one such plutocrat that is trying to gain control over the oligarchy.  Sure, he says that the rich should pay more taxes, but trust me, he’s got an angle.  And that angle is nothing more then he and all his rich friends getting richer.  “Tax the hedge fund guys but give my class a slight break.”  He’ll be like Michael Bloomburg, who when he became mayor of New York, was worth $8 billion and left office worth $24 billion.  So he made about $16 billion while mayor.  Today he is worth over $34 billion.    Just think what Trump could do for himself as president; he has. That’s why he’s running.  Let me explain in the following digression just exactly how that works.

    Back in 1990 we had a little dispute with Iraq.  H.W. was the president back then.  When Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, Bush cashed in.  How?  He knew what he was going to do.  He even knew Iran was going to invaded before they even did.  With this he instructed his son, Neil, George W.’s brother, to buy as much oil as he could.  Then the invasion, George sits on it for a few days then pow, makes the announcement and oil prices go through the roof.  How much money do you wonder they made off that information and possible political manipulation?  George Jr. did the same thing with his brother.  That’s how these guys work.  Look at Hillary, she has a son-in-law who is an investment banker/hedge fund manager (I’m sure she doesn’t mind the 15% tax rate they pay) and this Trump, he’s got a son-in-law (see what Trump thinks of him here) who got his money like Donald did, but I don’t think that’s going to cut it...unless he owns property that a President Trump would steer government development towards.  See how they do this? He does have a sister on the inside, Maryanne Trump Barry, Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  That’s a lot. You already know what I know about the lawyers.  She was hired by Ronald Ray-gun and promoted to the court of appeals by Bill Clinton.  She even testified on Samuel Alito’s behalf at his senate confirmation hearing.  You all remember that nut case, right?  See how these families are woven together?  It’s funny too, because when you google Donald Trump and his pic and bio pops up on the right, there is no mention as to who his siblings are.  But upon further investigation, we find that The Donald does have an in in the banking industry to place his bets, his sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, was an administrative assistant at the Chase Manhatten Bank in New York.  I have no idea what she does now, but we could imagine.  And the conspiracies run even deeper when you look deep at the Bush family.  I promise you this, that if written in for president, I will have that family arrested and brought to justice.  When you look at what brother Marvin (named after his grandfather Marvin Pierce, Barbara Bush’s father) was doing during 911 you really can get a chill up your spine.  Everyone really should research this family and their ties.

Who’s to say it will really happen anyway?  We all know how much these guys will say anything to get elected.  Give Trump the reigns and in eight years he will leave the White House worth between 30 and 50 billion dollars, which will only grow from there.  So how will he do that?  Well, that is something Chris Hedges explains in a youtube video entitled “Inverted Totalitarianism”.  I’m not sure when it was recorded, but I think it was pre Trump2016, even though it was published on youtube in June of 2015.  In this lecture he explains the meaning in Sheldon Wolin’s  work, “Inverted Totalitarianism”.

Chris Hedges didn’t know it then, but it is Donald Trump that he was speaking about in this society of Inverted Totalitarianism where the society goes for new kind of fascism.  This fascism is not born from a charismatic leader of Classical Totalitarianism, but rather from corporate nationalism.  In Inverted Totalitarianism the leader is a product of Classical Totalitarianism.  By my observation, this is evident in the elections of Bill Clinton, Barock O Bomb A and to some extent, even George Jr.  The United States is already in a state of Inverted Totalitarianism and Trump is the richest with a huge superego.  And he is already talking like a Hitler, dividing the country into the mean who want to break up families and deport an unrealistic amount of “Mexicans” back to Mexico and those who just want to act like a Christian and show these same people understanding.  Because of his television show and casinos and playboy appeal, he is very “charismatic”, but then again, so was Hitler.

You make Trump president and he will become like Hitler, because you will allow it.  He is already talking in Hitler’s anti-Semitic type talk, only with the Mexicans, not the Jews.  And now he has found is anti emigrating base with the Muslim and first amendment haters.  He’s willing to put all the Muslims in a database like Hitler did with the Jews? He wants to bring back water-boarding?  Is this thinking for real?  He says he will bomb Iran and take (steal) the oil.  Is he for real?  Do you really want to kill innocent (and by innocent I mean civilian men, women and Iranian children and those who join our military not knowing they are nothing more than oligarchic pawns) people to steal their oil when there is no need for it in the first place?  Do those of you who cheer those remarks have any clue of the geopolitical and military ramifications of doing such a thing?  Doesn’t this guy and you people know about the deal that was just signed by our country, along with seven others and Iran?  This guy does not live in reality.  His plan to export 11 million undocumented people and his plans for Iran are just lunacy.  It is like when Michele Bachmann went up to the president and told him to bomb Iran and he had to explain it to her.  To a total totalitarian plutocrat, these questions are never pondered.

He really is nothing more than a high school bully.  He is definitely a misogynist.  You can tell that by the women he surrounds himself with, the last two at least and how he got his first wife.  He does not like unattractive women.  What he said about Carly Fiorina’s looks is proof of that.  Of course she is not attractive to me at least, but you keep your preferences to yourself.  Unlike “The View”.  I’m sure this woman was teased in school about her looks and I am even willing to bet that Secretariat was a nickname they gave her in college because she does look like a horse, to me at least.  Maybe also by others in the past and that was why she chose that code name.  Kind of rub it in that Secretariat is now president.  That would be like me running for president and being asked what my code name would be and me answering, “Scoop” or “Martian or “Joe Rock Star.”  And now Trump is picking on Ben Carson.  That is not going to be good for him.  Not yet at least.  All Trump does is talk and talk and talk and not about the issues but about the other candidates.  When asked about the issues all he says is that he will be the best at it.  See, what you’ve got there is a bully, a real hatter and egomaniac. 

I know most of you Trump supporters out there just learned of him from watching a stupid “reality” television show called, “The Apprentice”.  I have only seen less than 2 minutes of it.  I can’t stand the man.  Others have known him from his casinos before “The Apprentice”.  And yet others have known of him for a much longer time as a real estate developer from the 70’s.  He’s been well known for some time now.  In fact, 25 years ago, I even wrote a book about his casinos and how he made his money.  See, back then my paychecks were signed by none other then, Donald Trump.  That’s right, I used to work for, The Donald.  For three years I was a craps dealer in his highly successful, yet now defunct, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.  Now, at the risk to my own life, I share this story with you.

This Donald Trump is as evil as they come.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  First, he is a billionaire.  You have to be evil to want to become a billionaire from the mere fact of what one needs to do to become one.  At some point in life you would truly learn what it takes to become a billionaire and if the person chooses the money, they choose the dark side.  That is why Stanley Meyers turned down a billion-dollar offer to buy his water fuel cell patent.  He knew they would just sit on it.  He didn’t want that.  He could have had a billion-dollar windfall.  Rather, Stanley said no to big oil and paid with his reputation and life

Donald Trump is no one to be admired.  He made billions stealing it in his Mafia run casinos.  That’s right, I said it.  Donald Trump’s, Atlantic City casinos were all rigged and every dime he won, he stole.  I know, I used to be a casino dealer for seven years, three of which was spent working for, The Donald.  I wrote an exposé on the industry of which I spend three terrifying years with The Trump Organization.  I even named a chapter after him for all he’s done.   So if you really want to learn the truth about how casino moguls like Donald Trump. Sheldon Adelson or even Steve Wynn, who hosted this year’s democratic debate in Las Vegas, make their money, click here to read “Without A Gun”.  And it was Sheldon Adelson who was behind the defeat of the Florida medical marijuana vote.  Why do you think he did that?  Go read all the articles and figure it out for yourself.  Hint, it has something to do like Trump did when he tried to bribe Governor Bush to get casino gambling in Miami.

Trump’s ties to organized crime are large, but well hidden or explained away.  You can either read my account here, or a CNN article about his mob ties here.  I have no doubt that some ties may still exist.  Another man has 21 questions for Trump to answer.  I suggest that you all read them. 

If Donald Trump is the all American boy, then America is full of shit, since he is.  He is also ruthless.  You have to be to become as rich as he is.  All the billionaires and most of the millionaires are. This man has cut corners ripping off his customers.  He broke many laws in his quest and was sued for it.  He has admitted to taking every tax break he could find.  Why?  Because the United States is not worthy of his money.  That is not what this game of monopoly is about.  It’s just the opposite.  It’s called, “every man for himself”.  Trump knows the role of the government and he really did try to bribe Governor Bush to get casino gambling to Miami.  He knows that’s what you do to become rich and he wants to be the one to be taking the bribes.  Trump is doing nothing more then using the American government and people to make a buck off of. 

So there you have it, my rant on Donald Trump.  After clicking on all the links above and in the margin to the right and exploring the articles and watching the videos, you should get a pretty good understanding of the Donald and go from being asleep to waking up and finally awake.  This man is a joke.  He lives in constant fear that you will all one day wake up and know what it is I have known for over 30 years about him. He fears that you will read this entire page, connects the dots, learn the truth and turn your backs on him.  That, will kill him.


12/2/15 - Donald Trump has been on the news shows this past weekend telling Chuck Todd that the thousands of people he saw celebrating the fall of the World Trade Centers is true because he has the “world’s greatest memory”.  That’s interesting, because he also told his followers that the man he was making fun for his physical handicap, he never met.  Then this man tells the world that he and Donald were on first name bases and had met around 20 times.  Then Trump tells his followers, that was in the 1980’s, how is he supposed to remember that from the eighties?  So which is it asshole?  Do you have the world’s greatest memory, or is that you have the world’s greatest memory in the 21st century and not the last?  You’re such a fucking liar.

Well I have to say it, Donald Trump, and his hardcore supporters, scare me. 


5/4/2016 - It has been five months since I last wrote, and I must say, those five months have been a hoot!  Can you believe it?  Trump has defied all the pundits who have been saying that Trump would never win the primary, but I, however, was never fooled.  It was simple to see coming.

I am not a paid mouth piece of some news show with a secret agenda spitting out bullshit that matches what they want you to hear.  I am a real person.  And by a real person I mean just that.  Real. Like when I make a mistake I can admit it, unlike Heir Drumpft.  I tell it like it is.  I smoke marijuana and love it.  I am a biker, having gone to many biker rallies, Daytonas, biker bars.  I have rode with bike clubs (biker gangs to you) along side of Jimmy Hearing of Widespread Panic just after his tour with the Grateful Dead.  Forest Gump shit.  And speaking of Jimmy (who I saw play with the Grateful Dead in Tampa in ‘09), I am a hippie and a Dead Head.  I have been to over 150 Grateful Dead shows and inside somewhere around 80 of them.  I have eaten a lot of acid and danced with millions and millions of my fellow Biker, Head, Rainbow and Hippie families.  I order from eBay.  And when I get pissed off at a company I go after them, like with Victory Motorcycles  I complain to customer service and I pump my own gas. I get ripped off left and right but I fight that corruption.  And I fought the corruption brought to me, time and time again, as I got harassed by the police for not hurting anyone.  I have been with many activist organizations and marched at many rallies.  I wear jeans and a t-shirt.  I have driven cars that I bought for a couple of hundred bucks to a new Jaguar and have ridden in a Bentley on my way to a 5 star hotel in Hong-Kong.  I have been at many black tie affairs and have eaten out of many dumpsters.  And I have been to jail.  And in this entire time of my life I have never wished harm on anyone I’ve met nor fucked anyone over who didn’t have it coming to them. I have my pulse on America.

So what is the difference between a real person like myself and the perceived real person of Donald Trump?  Answer:  I don’t hide from the real me.  I haven’t spent my entire life with a silver spoon in my mouth.  I have feed the homeless in the New York subways and I have slept on the streets there and in other cities as well.  Has Trump?  I don’t think so.  He has no experience with the 99%.  He has spent his entire life removed from them, only learning that they are only there to be used to make him more money.  I am a real person, he is a fake.

After watching the race over the past five months, I can say I am still a little confused as to the Trump supporter.  To explain, I see a lot of you as people who are fed up with the standard politics of this nation, whereas, I see a lot of you as racists as well.  I am a cultural anthropologist trained in observations of others.  So these things are real to those like myself.  And it has always been my axiom that if evil exists in a thing, that thing is inherently evil.  Let me try to explain what is going on here.

What I saw at the Trump rallies scared me.  Not so much the people who where there to protest, but the police who were there and just stood by while you supporters attacked the protesters.  And Trump thanks them.  Praises them.  They love him.  They are just as racist as he is.  He is their man.  Let me tell you all something, if Donald Trump becomes the next president, it will b open season on the counter culture.  Mark my words, the police in the country will become 10 times more deadly then they are today under a President Trump.

You Trump supporters are right to be angry at the government, but it is not just that government that has done all the harm to us.  Remember, the government is the people.  People who know people.  It is those people who control them.  And who are “those” people?  The one percent.  People like Donald Trump who supply the cash to the politicians to do the bidding for them.  To make laws to make it easier to now have his ties made in China and imported here, rather than have them made in an American dress factory.  And btw, I was/am a member in the ILGWU, now called something else.  Donald could have his ties made here in America, but to do so would increase the production cost.  Trump’s team has already determined the retail price for each tie and found it to be cheaper for Trump to manufacture his ties and import them, rather than have them made here.  See, it’s not like The Donald couldn’t make a good buck off each sale of an American Made product, it’s just that he is so greedy, he’d rather pay a foreigner fifty cents an hour to make his ties, than pay an American worker around fifteen dollars for the same.  He doesn’t care about the American people.  All he cares about is the bottom line: how much cash he can acquire.  What is his excuse?  Oh, yeah, the Chinese reevaluates it’s money and makes it hard.  WTF does that mean?  The same as he “can’t” show you his tax returns because they are in audit.  Bullshit.  Let’s see the copies and what you claimed you made.  I’ll bet he wont show them because he always claims a big refund.  I bet he pays no taxes and that is why he is always audited.  Jerk.

Donald Trump has definitely put the republican wing of the republicrat party into a frenzy.  He’s not a republican.  The last time he ran for president he ran in the reform party.  Look that one up.  So, he’s just using the republican party for the money.  He saw what was going on with the discontent, and being the big T.V. star, took advantage of that to gain your trust.  And you bought it.  Still are.  But there is way more going on here than I have time for.  Maybe another time when I am feeling board.  All the crazies have come out for Trump.  My favorite was Sarah Palin.  Now that’s a bunch of nuts.  And I’m willing to bet that Donald would love to have her as a running mate, but it’s too late now as she pretty much ruined it.  I don’t want to get into that shit either.  But one thing I would like to get into is how the republicrat party should work.

First off, these parties are just that, parties.  We know the big two, but there are many others.  When you belong to a party, and you win certain contests, your party gets money from the “government” for you to use on your campaign.  He know that.  That’s why running as a republican.  He says he is “self-funding”, but that is a lie.  Now that he is the presumptive, he will use the PACs and the over billion and a half dollars the republicans will need to win and will spend on him.  All those that voted for Trump because he is self got Trumped!  So parties have their advantages.

Donald Trump has been whining about the republican rules.  Too bad.  You should have read them before you joined the republican party.  Here’s something funny, two of his very stupid kids didn’t get to vote for him because they are so stupid they forget to register for the elections.  Why was that?  Why weren’t they already registered republicans?  Have they ever even voted at all?  These are the rules.  The independents are lucky they allow them to vote in the primaries at all.  It should be closed to members of the party only and the party members should know the platform.  If Trump doesn’t like it, than he can go start his own party and make his own rules. 

Another problem is that Trump never read the Con-stitution.  Had he, he would have never started this whole “birther” movement thing. What a joke.  First off, there is nothing in the constitution that says a person must only be a “natural born citizen” to be president.  That would be so non inclusive.  In fact, the Con-stitution states in Article 2, section 1:

      No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Look at that shit.  What does it mean?  Exactly what it said.  I was always under the impression that I once read where one had to have a high school diploma, but it’s not there.  What that says above is that to be president all you have to be is either “...a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the Unite States...” and “...have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

So, Jose Humanize comes to this country during 2000 from Mexico at the age of 21 and sets up residency in California.  In 2006, at the age of 28, he becomes a “Citizen of the United States” having rejected his Mexican citizenship, or whatever.  At the age of 36 it is 2016 and he has had residency in California for 15 years. So, what is the problem of him running for president?  Donald is such an idiot.

I love the way he knocked off each of his competitors.  Just like a for real “Survivor” episode. I sure hope you all have been watching this show.  Because that is what Donald has turned this presidential race into.  It’s nothing more then a for real Survivor show.  And this week the last contestant gave in and Trump won.  Just like on the TV.  Same rules: build yourself up; make the others look bad; tell judges or others what they want to hear.  He figured it out, while the establishment stood there and scrached their heads. 

I find it hard to believe that the republican party ddn’t see this coming.  For years they have been dumbing down this country and when they are finally what they want the republicans act supprised that the American people are not smart enough to pick a good canidate?  Nope.  This is nothing more than the chickens coming home to roost.

And Trump has an image issue.  So much so that he realizes that he needs to work on that.  So what does he do?  He goes out and hires a man named Paul Manafort.  So who is Pau Manafort you may ask?  This guy’s a real treat.  So much so that I will let Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” explain it to you.  Click on the photos below and watch for two minutes starting from the 7 minute mark.

Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort Dictators

Yesterday while out riding my motorcycle, I came  upon a woman selling tie-dyes and jerky along side the road.  Well, I just had to stop.  As we talked, I found out she really wasn’t a hippie after she asked me what I did and when I said I was an activist she asked “what’s that?”  She really had no idea what an activist was.  Her work was great, but this 64 year old woman who had been dying for 25 years did not fit the part. Smoked pot twice, didn’t like, never again.  And she was voting for Donald Trump.

Much like the Trump voters I meet whenever I’m out, she also found Trump’s “outsiderness” refreshing.  But as I talked to her I could tell she was a republican.  She would never vote for Clinton, but she also didn’t want a socialist in office.  She claims to be a Christian, yet believes in capitalism and has no idea how one really gets rich.  Here is how fooled she is by what he says today.  When I told her how Trump told everyone it was none of our business what his taxes are, she said others don’t show their taxes.  When I asked her to name one she couldn’t, other then Mitt Romney, which I informed her was incorrect.  When I told her that Donald even told everyone during that race that Mitt better release his tax returns, she told me she didn’t believe that.  Now that I show her the proof, will she still be in love with Trump?

I don’t think there is anything I can say that will make you people who don’t really know the man, like I do, respect him any less.  Our ignorance will be our undoing. One thing, though, you guys got it in the bag.  If the republican party gives this to Trump, and the democratic party gives it to Clinton, then I truly believe that your boy will win, but not by much.  However, I don’t think you guys stand a chance against Sanders.  I will explain next week.  Signing off 5/16/2016.

Update: May 26, 2016

Yesterday, I uploaded an update on the Clinton page, where I stated that Bernie would out wit Donald Trump in a debate.  Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel, and this afternoon, at his first press conference after gaining all the delegates needed to win the republican championship, Donald Trump challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate.  This is good for the Sanders supporters.  This is designed to knock out Clinton.  Trump doesn’t understand that a contest for president against him and Sanders would be a fight for the soul of our country.  He thinks the country will be on the side of greed over humanity; Christianity.  This is why he is going for it.  If this debate was to happen before June 7th, which I’ll bet he is gearing towards, and even if this debate was to just happen before the conventions, it could show the democratic super delegates that this race would definitely be a different race than if it were with Clinton, and that may get the super delegates to change their votes from her to Bernie.  This guy... I wonder if he will have the courage.

Update: May 27, 2016

You know...I believe I now have “The Donald” figured out.  An earlier observation made as to why Donald Trump would be running has now come to a conclusion and that conclusion is that Donald Trump is running for no other reason then himself.  I’m not just talking about him being there to make more money for himself, that is a given.  The real reason why Donald Trump is running is to get you to believe that it is a great thing to be disgustingly rich and you should be as well.

Donald Trump is not a stupid man.  He lived through Occupy Wall Street.  He sees the writing on the wall.  So does Clinton.  When she was Secretary of State, the United Nations sent her a letter asking her, and I’m paraphrasing here, why the militaristic clampdown on OWS?  She never answered.  She too, has to protect herself and her hundreds of millions.  Trump didn’t like OWS either.  Bernie, was their bro.

Today, Donald backed out of the debate with Sanders...the pussy.  Perhaps someone in the republican party thinks the same thing I wrote about yesterday?  “Bernie would lose?”  Give me a break.  At least with Clinton, she wont make Trump feel “guilty” for being so rich.  And that is Trump’s selling point: that he is so rich and it is so great and you should be too.  Bernie understands.  Huh, Trump...what a coward.

Update June 5, 3016

Hillary’s speech attacking Donald Trump’s foreign rhetoric this past week was brilliant.  Donald could not hit back.  I’m sure he has his people putting a similar ad together with Hillary’s gaff’s; the Iraq war vote; not knowing Billy was getting serviced in her own house while she slept; pretending she didn’t know she couldn’t keep a private server for governmental business at her private home.  He will have the Clinton scandals on there as well, but what negative things can he say about Bernie Sanders?  What, that his $y$tem sounds “crazy”?  Crazy Bernie.  He has nothing.  Bernie would show Trump’s greed.  This move by Clinton was for nothing more than getting the California voters on her side.  A preemptive against Sanders.  But if I were you Trump Supporters, I would be worried on exactly what my candidate is saying about the world and the people in it.

Update June 10, 2016

Last week saw quite an attack on Donald Trump by the surrogates of Clinton.  Pocahontas was the best.  This is not going to be an easy win for Trump, yet I still believe he will win.  We will see.  I always reserve the right to be wrong.  They hit him hard and Trump really didn’t quell it.  Then, we find out that yesterday’s heroin met with today’s presumptive democratic nominee.  Looks like Hillary has read the writing on the wall and realizes that the only shot she has with beating Donald Trump is with either Sanders or Warren on her ticket.  It is definitely not going to be Sanders, and Pocahontas sure does get under Donald’s thin skin.  Warren will bring the progressives to vote for Clinton.  You guys might lose your Sander supporters who will never vote for Hillary.  They might not vote for Hillary, but they would vote for Pocahontas.  “I want to breed her.”  But just because she is on the ticket doesn’t mean I would vote for them.  I won’t vote for any republicrat.

We learned this week that Donald spent $55 million on his quest for power.  That’s not bad.  That is like under four bucks a vote.  That has to be some kind of record.  Just think how much Jeb spent on each vote.  That could work out for Trump in the general election.  How much did Hillary spend on each vote she won?

We also already learned that a casino buddy of Donald’s, from Vegas, is giving him $100 million for his campaign.  And this week he started dialing back on his rhetoric that he cannot be bought because he is self funding.  You guys got Trumped!  Hahahahaha.  He is now an establishment candidate.  You still going to vote for him now.  Oh, yeah, there is this too:    

I know how much the establishment is complaining about Trump.  And Ryan is now out. But that is just to save face with the populous.  Trust me, he will pull the lever for Trump on November 8th.  Trump is a business man and so are the republicans.  He will line the courts with appointments that are corporate friendly.  Your man will win, but you will all lose.

I want to make one more observation before I sign off for a while (I’ve already said all I can about his asshole, the dems got it covered from here): Trump is most certainly a racist.  His comments last week about the judge in his “Trump University” case, that he is a Mexican and wont judge him fairly because he is building a wall, is like calling him a black guy, if his was, because he [Trump] is pro police and the police are anit-black.  It’s laughable.  His speech tonight about how equal justice under the law means that no person should be judge by their race and all that, well, he means the judge shouldn’t judge him for being a white boy wanting to build a wall, not that he doesn’t judge this judge on his ethnicity.  It was just smoke and mirrors.  Here is how you can tell a racist and that he thinks he is better then who he is prejudice against.  A normal person would say something like this, “Sorry I’m late but my car got a flat tire.  Lucky for me there was this guy who stopped to help me out and got me moving again.”  But a racist, he would say, “Sorry I’m late but my car got a flat tire.  Lucky for me there was this black guy who stopped to help me out and got me moving again.”  It works the same way with the black racists as well.  Now he probably wouldn’t say this in front of black people. That is what makes him a racist.  When we as humans talk to each other about each other, as humans in normal conversation, there is no need to point out any physical descriptions of that other person.  So rather than say, “boy this judge is bad.  He made this bad decision or that bad decision, he say he is losing his case because this judge is a “Mexican”.   Donald Trump, might have a grip against this judge, but to say it is his race not being human, that’s racist.

Of course there is supposed to be equal justice under the law, but we all enter adulthood  with a certain predisposition on life.  Donald Trump has no basis to suspect that this judge does not like him because he is “building a wall”, “I’m building a wall.”  Trump has no idea how this judge views the Mexican people.  He has no idea what this judge was taught as a boy by his parents.  Maybe this judge thinks Mexicans are all drug crazy since the drug smugglers tried to kill him and he doesn’t care what Trumps says about his wall.  He probably knows this wall cannot be built without the consent of the senate and the congress and that Trump is just talking out of his ass to trick voters.  What if that is the reality?  You see kids, Donnie’s mommy never taught him to never judge a book by its cover.  And that is what racist are all about.  Now, if this judge didn’t give a shit about Trump’s comments, he might now.  He is bound by the law to not be prejudice.  Although we know they are all not.  This comment not only goes to show the white superiority complex that Trump has, but should show how people view the very bias courts.  As a person who has been sued over 3,500 times over the past 30 years, he should has been in court a lot and should know the prejudices, especially the one where the corporate judges are prejudice for the businesses.  He just wants to make them all like that. 

I’m tired of talking about this ass.  I have other pages to work on, so until the convention...

Update: June 14, 2016

I know, I said I wasn’t going to write again for a while, but this guy seems like he truly want to lose the race to Clinton.  First, he not the nominee.  I saw a commercial, from one of his super pacs, stating that he was the nominee and to send money to help him defeat Hillary Clinton.  Please.  You guys just holler the great deceiver. 

It has been a couple of days since the Orlando massacre.  Yesterday Donald said some very stupid things.  Today even more stupid. I think Donald is having second thoughts.  Maybe he doesn’t trust his kids to run things for him. 

Update: June 26, 2016

Again, I know.  But just now, on MSNBC, I saw one of those Trump surrogates talking to Alex Witt.  What made me bust a gut to the point of taking to writing this right away, was a comment the two made about Donald Trump.  Some Trump surrogate named Paul, was discussing with Alex, and the rest of us, that it was Donnie Jr. who actually fired Cory Lewandowski and that Donald went along with it because he listens to his family and, “family is very important to Donald Trump.”  Then Alex agreed with him.  If I were having that conversation with this surrogate, I would have had a couple of questions for him.  One, which family is very important to Donald Trump?  He has three of them.  He has five children with three different baby mamas.  His son Donald is from his first family.  If family is very important to Donald, why would he break up two of them?  And here’s a twist.  What if Lewandowski was kin to his second family?  Let’s say he and Marla were cousins and that is why Trump hired him, because family is important to him.  Then, his first family wants this guy gone.  Which family “trumps” the other?  And how does his third family feel about this spectacle?  Sure am glad I don’t have three families while claiming that they are all very important to me.  Seems to me that the first two Trump families are not as important as the third, otherwise the third would not be in his life, nor would the second have been, and he would have stuck with the first.  But Alex missed her mark.  Or did she?  Is she covering up for these #TrumpTruths? With her next guest, they were talking about Trump’s cash on hand.  I’m quite sure she meant personally.  However, the surrogate says, “of course has no cash on hand.  He still has to raise money...”  Blah, blah, blah.  It was quite obvious that Alex was talking about his personal cash that he said he would be running with.  But she let the surrogate’s misdirection, “deception”, fly.  Alex Witt is working for Traaaaump.  Alex is working for Traaaaump.

Uptate: July 20, 2016

Again, I don’t want to spend any more time on this jerk and his white-trash family, but here we go again.  The Donald is showing us his new, true, name: Teflon Don.  I’m going to show you how this entire plagiarism fiasco is a testament to why you should never trust Donald Trump. 

First, Trump has stated on many occasions that he only, “hired the best people.”  His wife is a ditz.  She dropped out of college her freshman year and took up modeling.  Do you know what one has to do to make $10,000 an hour as a model?  It’s that look.  Not that, “wow, isn’t she sexy,” look.  It is more the freshly phucked look.  That look that says the model is either getting fucked at the time of the photo, or just got finished.  That, and a pretty face, is all you need to make 10 grand an hour as a model.  That is their secrete.  Now you know.  Personally, I think Melania Trump looks like the love child of Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.  But 20 to 25 yeas ago, yeah, she had that look.  English is not her second, or even her third language, as she knows how to speak five.  So Donald Trump had to hire the best speechwriters in order to make his wife look good.  He hired a team of writers who delivered the speech to the Trumps, two months ago.  The pair never heard back.

Second, according to the Trump campaign, Melania didn’t like it.  Rather than calling the writers back to rewrite the speech, they claim that Melania asked her “friend” Meredith McIver, to help her rewrite it.  Why not stick with the best?  Sure, this ghostwriter did write a number of best sellers for Trump, but again, why even go outside the campaign to hire someone who works for the Trump Organization?  I don’t think thing are as they are being told.

I refuse to believe that the Trump Campaign decided to fire the writers without paying them or letting them know they were not using their speech and hired Meredith McIver to write the new speech.  Could Paul Manafort have known this?  Who knows, but he seems to be playing the ignorant.  I’m going to tell you what my beliefs are about what really when down.

I think Meredith McIver had nothing to do with this speech.  First, she is a democrat, so that is probably why she is their friend and why she is not on the campaign team.  Second, she is an experienced writer.  Really though, over the phone?  Fine, let's say that is how it happened.  Did Melania Trump truly say she admires Mrs. O bomb A?  Did she really give Meredith McIver the “lines” over the phone?  These folks must think you are stupid.  You appear to be, but you are not, you are just fooled by the great deceiver. 

Here’s what I think happened.  They got the speech, but at the last minute either Melania, or Donald, didn’t like it and wanted it changed.  They decided that they would write the speech together.  Melania did tell Matt Lauer that she wrote it herself with a little help.  Donald smirked.  That smirk was him admitting it was he who helped.  I’ll bet the plan was to tell everyone, after the convention, that the two of them wrote it together.  They began to google, “first lady speeches”.  None in particular, a governor’s or mayor’s wife.  They came upon this speech that was credited to the writer, but not Mrs. O bomb A.  They did a cut and past, then a quick edit to break it up a little.  Never did they really check the credits.  But they got caught.  Now what do they do?

They send Paul out to tell everyone we are crazy, that this isn’t plagiarized, there nothing to see here folks, keep moving.  Here is what I believe.  The Trumps called Meredith McIver to cover their asses.  They called and told her what happened.  They asked her if she would fall on the sword for them.  After negotiating a price for this career-ending move, they came up with a story, she was paid and that’s the story they’re sticking to.

This should show everyone that Donald Trump is full of shit.  He hires the best people?  No one can deny that this Meredith McIver is not the best speechwriter or even a speechwriter at all for that matter.  So why would Donald hire her?  He didn’t. He paid her to take the fall.  He had to cover up the fact that he doesn’t take his time to do a job.  There is blackmail in his future.  Melania must be screaming at him every time she sees him. 

It’s okay if you want to vote for Trump because you believe Hillary has to be stopped at all costs, as long as you know the real facts.  And even then...  But to be for this asshole because you believe that he is telling the truth and is going to make a change in Washington is just foolish.  I could get into Mike Pence, but I really don’t have the time. We are all going to die by February, so...  I would say you are all stupid but again, you are not.  It’s just that you have all been fooled.  I understand that.  Wake up, and let’s all make the change without the ruling elite.  Or believe this story concocted by Trump and continue to support him and he definitely deserves the nickname “Teflon Don”

Update: Below is the author’s description of the film, “The Mad-Mad World of Donald Trump”.

    “Matt Frei enters the colourful and mad world of presidential hopeful, Donald Trump - whose meteoric political rise comes amid one of the most controversial political campaigns America has ever seen. Trump’s plans to ban Muslims from entering the States and to build a wall to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out have outraged many in the States and beyond.

    Discover the man behind the brand, from the multiple divorces, the bankruptcies, the public insults aimed at women who crossed him to claims of bullying Scottish residents who stood in the way of his golf resort. It’s the all-consuming story of a privileged multi-billionaire tycoon who has now decided to use his considerable resource to become the most powerful person on the planet

    Frei is also on the campaign trail, meeting those who oppose Trump as well as his fervent supporters who believe he is the epitome of American success and will deliver on his promise to “Make America Great Again”. Leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination Frei asks if “The Donald”, as he is known, can really go all the way and make it to the White House.

    Presenting the film is Matt Frei, who says: Whether or not ‘the Donald’ goes on to win his party's nomination or indeed the White House his dominance in the polls and his bare knuckle style encapsulate America's journey from hope and change to fear and loathing… He is a one man herd who thrives on trampling over America's most sacred sensibilities knowing that the outrage of New York, Washington and Hollywood only swells his support amongst Americans who feel left behind and unheard”.

Update: March 19, 2017

Well, long time, not write. I told ya so.

Wait, you all just wait. You’ll see. Today I saw a video by my personal hero, Chris Hedges.  I haven’t seen anything from him in a while and was happy to see this.  He pretty much sums up what Trump has done since taking office not two months ago. WARNING: This is very scary as most things that are true are.  Click here on on photo to view.

Trump Sister

This on the left is Judge Elizabeth Trump Barry.  She is one of President Trump’s two older sisters.  She was a federal court judge appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton in 1994. Now I’m no rocket scientist, but I do know a few things.  Like how Donald Trump comes from and runs a crime family. So too, does Judge Trump come from and belong to that same crime family.  Knowing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, if I were the FBI I would be looking into her decisions that made no sense. The ones that make you go hmm. I would want to know if she has ever been paid off for a decision in the defendant’s favor.

As a federal court judge you would think she knows some slick lawyers that could defend her brother in this Russiagate.  Why do you suppose she is laying low?  Why is she not hooking up her brother with a good lawyer? And most importantly: why is the news media not reporting on any of this? Hmm… She must be really embarrassed of her brother…


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If you are “old” enough to remember Charlie Chapman, or if you even love Charlie Chapman, click here.

If you were born after 1945, click here for a message to humanity.

Below is a film which was produced in 1991, around the same time I quite working for Trump.  You’ve all got to watch this.  Journalist Sydney Schanberg is seen on it stating that Trump has no character.  Remember, there was no Internet back then.

Trump What's The Deal

From the publisher:

The film was commissioned in 1988 by Leonard Stern as the first of a series on celebrity businessmen and finished in 1991. Back then, the only way for a film to be seen was on television or in the theater. Donald threatened to sue any broadcaster or distributor that took on the film. In effect, it was suppressed.

Now that Trump is running for president, it is time for the American People to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. The old Trump and the new Trump?  They're the same Trump.

Donald Trump, All-American Billionaire

Above is a 2010 documentary production by the BBC. This is a look at Trump by foreign observers as foreign observers.  It’s more like a laugh at the silly American.  His ego and tall tales like, “we’re gong to build a wall,” bull crap shines in this film.  As the host says at the end, “the only thing Trump ever sold, was Trump.”


The New York Daily News had a cover mocking Trump for questioning Sen. John McCain's war record.

Born Rich: Children Of The Insanely Wealthy

Born Rich

Above is a movie also produced by James Johnson, of the Johnson & Johnson fortune.  This is a look inside the children of the families of the very rich.  Ask yourself, does this sound Christian?

Catching On Yet? C.O.Y.?

You've Been Trumped

Above is the 2012 documentary, “you’ve been trumped”.  This is another good look into the mind of developer Donald Trump and what he is most recently willing to do to steal land for his own personal gain.  This is about Trump’s quest to build a golf course in Scotland and what he did to his future neighbors to take their land.  Trump’s illusion that he has an entitlement to everything can be seen here, as well as all the other documentaries.  Everyone should watch this one.

Does Donald Trump have a borderline personality disorder?  Click here to determine for yourself.


Chris Hedges on Occupy, Black Bloc, conservatives and more. - Click above, or here, for a short video on what Chris has to say.  This was published 3 years ago and speaks of “proto-fascism” which Donald Trump and his supporters are bringing us today.  This is trippy/strange.

Chris Hedges - Empire Of Illusion "Shutdown Your Electronic Hallucinations"


Click above to view a video that was recorded in March of 2013. This is Chris Hedges giving an in-depth lecture on capitalism.  This again sounds eerily similar to what Donald Trump and his supporters want to bring to us.

Chris Hedges:  Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over (2013)


The above video is a lengthily conversation with Chris Hedges on Sheldon Wolin and the end of capitalism.  Chris is probably the most intelligent speaker I have ever listened to.  He speaks like a founding father of this great country.  If you truly love America and you are a truthful patriot, then I suggest you listen to this with great attentiveness.  


Fuck You Donald Trump  Mr. Criminal

Without A Gun

Above is the 1991 book “Without A Gun”.  It is an in depth look at the corruption of the casino industry and those who run it.  Read all about Donald Trump and how he rigged his casino games here.


YG & Nipsey Hussle "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

The danger with this guy is that if he wins, he wins knowing he lied his way to the White House. He will show you no quarter for that and take whatever he wants.


What is the difference between Trump and the Carrier company?

Without A Gun

Above is the 1991 book “Without A Gun”.  It is an in depth look at the corruption of the casino industry and those who run it.  Read all about Donald Trump and how he rigged his casino games here.

The Mad-Mad World of Donald Trump

Trump Mad-Mad World

Chris Hedges Delivers the Ultimate Trump Takedown

Chris Hedges Trump Takedown